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Livin' It, Lovin' It Oh, the City Life! by Terre Gorham How many people get to take the trolley to the grocery store and to dozens of award-winning restaurants? How many get to walk to the dentist, dry cleaners, Broadway plays, and major sporting events? Or bike to live music venues and happy hours? Or stroll to their job next to a river that just keeps rollin' along? WELCOME TO DOWNTOWN LIVING! As with any move to a new neighborhood, there'll be a few adjustments here and a couple of learning curves there. But before you can say "cosmopolitan" (or drink one), you'll be city-slicking with the best of them and wondering what took you so long to find this paved paradise that so many called home. Parking Let's get this biggie out of the way first: Parking in the city — and I mean in every city — can be a hassle. Until you get used to it, that is, and think nothing of it. But at first, your visitors may grumble about it — and you may, too (on occasion). So here's your 12-step program in 6 steps (because Downtowners don't like to dawdle). Ditch the car for all Downtown commutes within, say, a 2-mile radius. Walk, bike, trolley — all it takes is a bit of time-management practice and an Emerson-esque mindset that "life is a journey, not a destination." Start slow with this — two days without your car 8 DOWNTOWNER MAGAZINE | MAY/JUNE 2017 per week. Then three. Then ease into four and five days — and before you can say "Feed the meter!" you've developed a new habit that saves money, provides exercise, acquaints you with your neighbors and neighborhood, and blows an eco-friendly kiss to the environment. Now that your car is gathering dust, here are a few considerations for when you DO need to beat feet on wheels. Buses (, Uber (, Lyft (, Zipcars (, and other carpooling and car-sharing services are a start. And there's no shame in taking a taxi, which is still much cheaper (and less stressful) than owning a car. On the rare occasions when you DO dust off your car, pick the closest parking garage or lot by visiting the Downtown Memphis Commission's Rolling carts make Downtown living much easier. You can find them at Walmart, Target, and on Amazon.

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