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FEATURE STORY SMITH BUCKLEY ARCHITECTS A fine bromance by Phyl Newbeck BR AD PET TENGILL T he field of architec-ture has changed since Israel Smith and Cleary Buckley started out, and they believe they can tell the difference between someone who learned to draw by hand and one who started out on the computer. “There’s a certain sensibility that we bring to our use of technology,” Smith says. They have seen the tools of their trade expand to include 3D virtual real-ity glasses that allow clients to visualize buildings before they are constructed. For Buckley, the new technology is chal-lenging but fun. “It brings me back to what I love about architecture,” he says. Smith enjoys the new 3D glasses but is more than willing to take out a pencil and paper. “I was a draftsman before I was anything else,” he says. The two met while working at TruexCullins Architecture in Burlington, but their friendship solid-ified on the ski slopes of Sugarbush. Smith was the first to leave the firm, but eventually Buckley also departed, and in 2011, they set up shop to form Smith Buckley Architects. Growing up in Schenectady, New York, Smith had a head start in the field because his father was an architect. “My father had me take a drafting class, and I started working for him when I was 14,” he recalls. He studied engineering for two years at Hudson Valley Community College before earning his master’s in Cleary O. Buckley (left) and Israel Smith formed Smith Buckley Architects in 2011. They’re pictured near Burlington’s New Moran, for which they are the architects. 12 BUSINESS PEOPLE–VERMONT • MAY 2017

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