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tylertoday tyler tomorrow Payton Wages Learning the Law by Robert Marlin sales representative. Together, they have instilled a strong sense of duty in their boys. Since they were old enough to walk, the entire family has been involved in community service activities, which has included helping out with Meals on Wheels, Therapet and the Boys and Girls Club of East Texas. “Our grandmother was a social worker; that probably had something to do with the family being involved in so many volunteer projects. I have always enjoyed volunteering because it gives me a great feeling to know I have done something worthwhile with my time. Helping other people is important,” Payton says. “I will be working at Rose City Summer Camp as a counselor this summer. I have been participating there for the past three years, but this is the first year I am old enough to be a counselor. I am looking forward to that.” A little over a year ago, when Payton was starting his freshman year in high school, his physics teacher, Mrs. Amanda Adair, urged him to join the Debate Club. “I didn’t know anything about debate, but I went to one of the practices and it was interesting,” Payton remembers. Since then, he has become astute at debate, competing at the District level and then Regionals. “Last year, we did not win at Regional. It was much harder than District. But this year, we competed at John Tyler High School and we were Regional finalists.” On March Payton Wages is a tall, gangly, slightly shy, sixteen-year-old sophomore at Chapel Hill High School. His best friend is his brother, Caleb, who is sixteen months older and one year ahead in school. Caleb is not quite as tall as Payton, which gives the younger brother a slight bit of satisfaction. “We share most of the same interests and friends, but Caleb is very different from me,” Payton says, “He is more extroverted. Whenever we are together, we contrast each other. He pushes me out of my comfort zone.” Caleb plays football and lacrosse. Payton runs crosscountry and is co-captain of the golf team. He is also in the Student Senate, is a member of the International Club and is part of the Culinary Management Team at Chapel Hill High. For three years, Payton ran a dog sitting business, taking care of neighbors’ pets when they were away. He also worked as a fry cook at Crawfish Barn in Mt. Selma, near Bullard. “I liked the fry cook job. The people were interesting.” As he got busier at school, he has given up his part time jobs in favor of his volunteer work and school activities. Payton’s parents are Misty and Todd Wages. Misty is the General Sales Manager at KLTV and Todd is a pharmaceutical 78 APRIL / MAY 2017 Caleb, Misty, Todd and Payton

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