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tylertoday home Coordination Between Architect and Builder As the “We’re thinking about building our dream house,” turns into the reality of “We are building our dream house,” you, as the dreamer, must come to terms with the fact that two things must coordinate with one another to ensure you are building a house that will become the home of your dreams. The two most important things are really simple, and they are closely related to each other: the quality of the design and the quality of the construction. The two leads you must work with are the architect on the design side and the builder on the construction side. If the builder and architect are in-sync with each other, and both of them are equally committed to your vision as the homeowner, you have likely achieved fifty percent of what you need to ensure the success of your project. It is important that the architect and the builder both get engaged at the earliest possible stage of the project. That way, as you talk about your vision with the architect, which in turn becomes a drawing on paper, the builder can then provide the necessary reality check concerning what is achievable within the prescribed budget. By conferring, the architect and the builder work together to overcome obstacles, or make adjustments during the design process to ensure that turning the vision into reality is actually doable! You may ask, “But, what if I don’t know a builder or an architect; how do I put such a team together?” That is a reasonable question to ask. A person you might want to consult first is your realtor. If your realtor helped you find the location where you are planning to build, it is more than likely that your realtor is familiar with who has been building in that particular area. If you confide in your realtor about the type of house you want (the style, Building Dreams by Eddie Clark Owner, Eddie Clark Contractors, LLC how much you want to spend, specific amenities, etc.), in all probability, the realtor will know several architects and builders who will fit the bill. A good realtor is also a good sounding board during the design phase of the project. The architect and builder may not be as in tune with what buyers are looking for in a home; therefore, they tend to design strictly according to your vision. A realtor, on the other hand, will look at your plans with a critical eye—focusing on resale possibilities down the road. The realtor can be extremely helpful in putting the two primary team members in place (the architect and the builder). In turn, they will handle making the necessary arrangements for all the subcontractors needed to complete your dream home project. When you have a team in place, the other fifty percent of your project will fall into place. The result will be the home of your dreams! 114 APRIL / MAY 2017

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