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A Guide to the MBA Spring Tour 22. Tim O’Brien Homes, 1079 Pine Ridge Court, Oconomowoc, timobrienhomes.com 1-2 23. Trustway Homes Inc., 1441 Blazing Star Drive, Oconomowoc, trustway.com 24. Bielinski Homes, 1411 Prairie Creek Blvd., Oconomowoc, bielinski.com 25. Kaerek Homes, Inc., 1331 Prairie Creek Blvd., Oconomowoc, kaerekhomes.com 26. Miller Marriott Custom Homes, LLC, Lot 6; 422 Park Court, Hartland, millermarriott.com 42 Orange = Single-Family Home Green = Condominiums Purple = Lot Blue = Remodeling Project 3-5 53 47-52 21-25 26-29 30-33 34-36 37-41 43-46 40. Homes by Towne, N47 W22268 Woodleaf Way, Pewaukee, homesbytowne.com 41. Korndoerfer Homes, W197 N5629 Powell Court, Menomonee Falls, korndoerferhomes.com 42. Kings Way Homes, LLC, 5215 S. 37th St., Greenfield, kingswayhomes.com 43. Carity Land Corporation, Lot 14; W227 N3512 Wyndemere Court, Pewaukee 44. Carity Land Corporation, Lot 30; W228 N3620 Sterling Court, Pewaukee 45. Carity Land Corporation, Lot 32; W229 N3655 Sterling Court, Pewaukee 46. Carity Land Corporation, Lot 33; N36 W22931 Wyndemere Drive, Pewaukee 47. Bielinski Homes, W137 N6177 Weyer Farm Court, Menomonee Falls, bielinski.com 48. Halen Homes, LLC, W137 N6148 Weyer Farm Court, Menomonee Falls, halenhomes.com 49. Kaerek Homes, Inc., W137 N6161 Weyer Farm Court, Menomonee Falls, kaerekhomes.com 50. Korndoerfer Homes, W137 N6153 Weyer Farm Court, Menomonee Falls, korndoerferhomes.com 51. Tim O’Brien Homes, W139 N6111 Weyerhaven Drive, Menomonee Falls, timobrienhomes.com 52. Trustway Homes Inc., N61 W13790 Weyer Farm Drive, Menomonee Falls, trustway.com 53. Joseph Douglas Homes N88 W18566 Duke St., Menomonee Falls, josephdouglashomes.com 20 19 18 17 16 15 13 12 11 14 27. Miller Marriott Custom Homes, LLC, Lot 17; 466 Park Court, Hartland, millermarriott.com 28. Trustway Homes Inc., W297 N3375 Woodridge Circle, Delafield, trustway.com 29. Victory Homes of Wisconsin, Inc., W298 N3368 S. Imperial Drive, Delafield, victoryhomesofwisconsin.com 30. Aspen Homes, Inc., 1610 Whistling Hil Circle, Hartland, aspenhomesinc.com 31. Belman Homes, Inc., 1609 Whistling Hill Circle, Hartland, belmanhomes.com * Map subject to change. 10 6-9 1. Homes by Towne, Lot 69; N37 W7880 Prairie View Road, Cedarburg, homesbytowne.com 2. Homes by Towne, W77 N449 Prairie View Road, Cedarburg, homesbytowne.com 3. Tim O’Brien Homes, 10941 N. Highlander Drive, Mequon, timobrienhomes.com 4. Veridian Homes, 10805 N. Firefly Drive, Mequon, veridianhomes.com 5. Victory Homes of Wisconsin, Inc., 10901 N. Highlander Drive, Mequon, victoryhomesofwisconsin.com 6. Allan Builders, LLC, W129 S8823 Boxhorn Reserve Drive, Muskego, allanbuilders.com 7. Homes by Towne, Lot 21; W129 S8726 Boxhorn Reserve Way, Muskego, homesbytowne.com 8. Homes by Towne, W128 S9052 Boxhorn Reserve Drive, Muskego, homesbytowne.com 9. Korndoerfer Homes, W129 S8777 Boxhorn Reserve Drive, Muskego, korndoerferhomes.com 10. Tim O’Brien Homes, S86 W22680 Lake Park Drive, Big Bend, timobrienhomes.com 11. David & Goliath Builders, Inc./DG Remodeling, 1607 Fox River Run, Mukwonago,dg-family.com 12. Korndoerfer Homes, 1325 Regees Road, Mukwonago, korndoerferhomes.com 13. Kings Way Homes, LLC, S60 W30192 Fields Crossing, Genesee, kingswayhomes.com 14. J & J Contractors, LLC, S63 W22985 Townline Road, Waukesha, jjcontractorsllc.com 15. Kings Way Homes, LLC, 1431 Mohican Trail, Waukesha, kingswayhomes.com 16. Bielinski Homes, 2921 Makou Trail, Waukesha, bielinski.com 17. Kings Way Homes, LLC, W248 N2156 Kettle Cove Court, Pewaukee, kingswayhomes.com 18. Belman Homes, Inc., 3506 Hawthorn Hill Drive, Waukesha, belmanhomes.com 19. S.J. Janis Company, Inc., N23 W28806 Louis Ave., Pewaukee, sjjanis.com 20. Kings Way Homes, LLC, 1717 Gold Medal Drive, Oconomowoc, kingswayhomes.com 21. Korndoerfer Homes, 1311 Bluestem Trail, Oconomowoc, korndoerferhomes.com 32. Victory Homes of Wisconsin, Inc., 1683 Whistling Hill Circle, Hartland, victoryhomesofwisconsin.com 33. Tim O’Brien Homes, W275 N6930 Steepleview Lane, Merton, timobrienhomes.com 34. Kaerek Homes, Inc., N73 W24608 Peterson Road, Sussex, kaerekhomes.com 35. Halen Homes, LLC, W235 N7328 Craven Drive, Sussex, halenhomes.com 36. Kaerek Homes, Inc., N72 W23612 Butler Drive, Sussex, kaerekhomes.com 37. Allan Builders, LLC, 5728 N. Little Star Court, Menomonee Falls, allanbuilders.com 38. Veridian Homes, N60 W21555 Legacy Trail, Menomonee Falls, veridianhomes.com 39. Homes by Towne, Lot 5; W220 N4731 Woodleaf Way, Pewaukee, homesbytowne.com 84 M | April 2017

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