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The No. 1 Engineered Housing Technology Transfer Magazine for Manufacturing and Marketing Best Selling Engineered Homes Featured Inside! Rene Henry tells how Haiti needs U.S. housing now Bob Allison, World Homes, left, and Bob Hol- liday, Chariot Eagle Homes, cooperate on Haiti home plans loaded with innovations Chariot Eagle plant builds self- sufficient home with water and other facilities for Haitians Max Ware, CEO, left, stands by stack of unique DuraSip panels made of EPS foam cores and super-strong fiberglass skins. Photo at right shows workers assembling a 620 sq.ft.home’s basic floor, walls and roof in one day Circulating around the world AB now offers you a choice of 51 lan- guages to switch to enabling you to read any or all AB text! Check out our advertisers web sites -- most will deliver where you live! Latest Modular Lifestyles’ home shown at California Green Expo was energy conservation epit- ome, creates own electricity, uses gray water in garden and disposes of its own sewage Internet Edition No. 8 May 2010

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