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May 2010 Volume 1, Issue 4 It’s about TIME! Montessori Teacher AssistantWorkshops 15 Clock Hour Certi ficate Convenient Locations Weekend Schedule Montessori SCOOP for Heads! SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION Details Inside! Montessori Leadership Forum TIME is pleased to annouce that Judi Bauerlein will be visiting Houston, TX on October 1, 2010. She will lead the panel for the upcoming Leadership Forum. This Constructive Triangle Luncheon will focus on the teacher and her vital role. The event seeks to be a catalyst for dialogue and acti on on topics and issues that foster achievement in Montessori development. This luncheon is a unique opportunity for Montessorians of all levels to engage in stimulating, forward looking discussion to shape current thoughts and perspectives in Montessori education. Photo: ©2010 Frida Azari Teachers, e-mail questi ons to us that you would like addressed by the expert panel. and would like to serve on the panel, please contact us with your interest. If you are a certi fi ed Montessori teacher Judi Bauerlein, the American Montessori Society’s 2010 Living Legacy, is a Montessorian top to bottom, left to right, through and through. Her classroom experiences include early childhood, elementary, and secondary programs. She currently serves as a Montessori teacher educator. San Antonio September 10 - 12 Montessori School of San Antonio Houston September 24 - 26 TBD Dallas October 8 - 10 Country Day School of Arlington Austin Montessori School Mark Your Calendar and Register Online! Inside this Issue: Our Services Back to School Conference Overview and Workshop Details 3 Key 4 - Observation 8 TIME’s Going Green! 10 ETC Consulting 11 October 15 - 17 Hawthorne 2

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