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MIAMI DADE COLLEGE COLLEGE In the historic elections for U.S. president, Miami Dade College has been in the national spotlight from the very beginning. Fittingly known as “Democracy’s College,” MDC has served as the launch pad of presi-dential candidacies and the center of a presidential debate, a White House forum, and numerous politi-cal rallies and speeches, all providing students the opportunity to witness U.S. history in the making. Most recently, President Barack Obama addressed students on the Affordable Care Act at Wolfson Campus (see story on Page 6). For-mer U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore spoke at Kendall Campus. Early this fall, the eyes of the nation turned to MDC in September when Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump spoke at MDC’s Koubek Center, Green Party Candi-date Dr. Jill Stein spoke at Wolfson Campus, and Democratic Vice Presi-dential Candidate Tim Kaine held a rally at Kendall Campus. In the spring, Kendall Campus also served as host site for the March 9 Univision-Washington Post Demo-cratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders . Earlier that very day, Republican presiden-tial hopeful Ted Cruz held a rally at Wolfson Campus. Running up to the presidential race, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush both chose MDC to formally an-nounce their White House bids. Before President Obama’s histor-ic visit to Cuba back in March, U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes discussed U.S. goals for relations with Cuba at MDC’s Wolfson Campus. Miami Dade College not only at-tracts a record number of politicians but also inspires record numbers of students to get out and vote. To learn more about those efforts, see Page 10. IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL Miami Dade College Is Site of History in the Making f orum November 2016 • Volume 20 • Number 5 COLLEGE forum 1

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