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The No. 1 Engineered Housing Technology Transfer Magazine for Manufacturing and Marketing International Builders’Show Coverage Part II International Builders’ Show unveiled Emergen solar power units by Certainteed (left), dust-free sander by Fein (center) and secure bath tubs by Safety Tubs (right) Arch Wood Protection Products’ treated wood enables building in Haiti or in any jungle region Health 2 U Technologies offers ‘Fresh Air’ purifier (left) to kill about all germs & allergens and ActivTek Induct 2000 to keep HVAC ducts clean and germs and allergens subdued Circulating around the world AB now offers you a choice of 51 lan- guages to switch to enabling you to read any or all AB text! Check out our advertisers web sites -- most will deliver where you live! Internet Edition No. 6 March 2010

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