'Soccer In Your Area' (March 2010) Issue 3 : Page 4

‘Soccer In Your Area’ e‐Mag were present at the Region A Tournament at the Royal Oaks Park—Sat March 6th, for the Boys U11 & 12 Divisions. We hosted a juggling competition with a mini‐soccer ball. The 1st and 2nd place listed below in each group has won the juggling competition in their respective age groups and receives a Nike mini– soc‐ cer ball. BOYS U10 ‐ U11 NAME Mark Garrigo Alejandro Nunez Teo Papazin Marvin Alvarez Thomas Rodriguez BOYS U12 ‐ U13 NAME Francisco Lombo Tyler Hall Aaron Kleinert Christopher Finnein Frank Gonzalez Michael luna Jefri Lopez John Dennis Jimmy Trejo Anthony Rodriguez Pedro Almeida CLUB Pinecrest Key Biscayne SAA Real Madrid Key Biscayne Mako Soccer CLUB Weston FC Boca United Boca United Real Madrid HSA Miami Lakes Miami Lakes Miami Lakes HSA Miami Lakes Mako Sharks 4. ‘Soccer In Your Area’ E‐Magazine ‐ March 2010 # of JUGGLES 42 27 18 17 15 # of JUGGLES 188 98 72 39 24 18 16 15 10 6 6

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