Automated Builder February 2010 : Page 13

The No. 1 Engineered Housing Technology Transfer Magazine for Manufacturing and Marketing Kimbo Godwin’s steel system in Phoenix, AZ is turning out steel trusses which replace multiple self-tapping screws joinery with single bolts. System would enable remote areas to assemble structures without pneumatic air or electricity, or even with wrenches.At right is an Arizona military base entry way nearing completion At the IBS Show Manning the LiteSteel Beam booth were Keith Foxx, left, and Jerry Murphy. The LSB functions like regu- lar steel or wood beams but is 40% lighter and can be prepared with regular wood tools Gerry McCaughey, Europe’s master panelizer, plans to market his system in the U.S. Above is one of the European framing machines used in his 15 plants to help produce 8,000 homes annually Did you know you can access back issues of AB by going to Click on the back issues you want to see to August 2009. Printing the pages you want is FREE! Since 1964* Edition No. 464 February 2010 * = Our 46th Anniversary!

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