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The No. 1 Engineered Housing Technology Transfer Magazine for Manufacturing and Marketing International Builders’Show Report Inside! SunsetBreeze house designed by Michelle Kaufmann is super eco-friendly At the IBS Show Gregg Holladay and G.E. shows off the new hybrid wa- ter heater which uses a heat pump to capture outside heat to help heat the tank. It saves up to $320 per year! Kevin Morris and Candace Bucek showed the Broan solar-powered attic ventilator which ends hot attics, earns a fat tax credit Did you know your ad costs in AB have been slashed by 38%? And the house agency fee went from 15% to 20% for advertisers? Plus points jump up for advance payments! Internet Edition No. 5 February 2010 The Prairie View, part of Excel Homes new Starting Line Up home series, sells for under $100K At the IBS Show

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