'Soccer In Your Area' February 2010 - Issue 2 : Page 22

DADE COUNTY WEST KENDALL SOCCER CLUB The West Kendall Soccer program is a non‐profit organization serving the Kendall Community in Miami. The program is staffed by volunteers that are members of the community. We offer a quality program for boys and girls ages 4 to 18. We have a Rec‐ reational Program that provides a posi‐ tive learning envi‐ ronment, empha‐ sizes Fun and every child is guaranteed to play at least half a game. We also offer a Competitive Programfor players who want to play at a higher level of soccer. SAA REAL MADRID E‐mail us the info by 27th of each month admin@almsports.com Subject: FREE HALF PAGE Welcome to SAA – Real Madrid‐Miami: The Board of directors, players, parents, coaches, volunteers, and employees of the club would like to cordially welcome our West Palm Beach Academy ‐ LAKE WORTH SHARKS along with all our new mem‐ bers who with their tenacity and enthusiasm will continue forward with this project. We congratulate all of our new players, parents, volunteers, and staff and especially want to thank Alejandro Pinto and the valuable teamwork of par‐ ents who have worked very hard on this project. Best in soccer…… Hala Madrid Dr.Ismael Roque‐Velasco President, Board of Directors SAA Real Madrid took home the most Team points in the Naples Tournament; see page 14 22. ‘Soccer In Your Area’ E‐Magazine ‐ February 2010

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