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Wire and Cable Technology International July/August 2016 : BB 1

RichardsApex is ready to serve your needs with the highest quality products and experienced techni-cal support. From our U.S. based headquarters, our 8. EDVHG VXEVLGLDU\ 
5LFKDUGV$SH[$XVWUDODVLD&#0f; to our international network of Distributors Agents, and our global manufacturing sites we’re committed to being the worldwide lubricant supplier of choice to the wire drawing and hot rolling industries. $GGLWLRQDOO\&#0f;ZHR൵HURQ
VLWHVXSSRUW&#0f;WHFKQLFDOVDOHV assistance, and a responsive, knowledgeable customer VHUYLFHVWD൵:KHQ\RXIDFHDFKDOOHQJH&#0f;RXUWHDPRI experts respond quickly with creative, innovative solu-tions that can improve your productivity, enhance your quality, and lower your costs. RichardsApex, Inc. , now in its fourth generation of family ownership and 114 years of continuing operation keeps rein-venting ourselves as the industry changes. This keeps us ex-SHULHQFHGLQ\HDUVRIRSHUDWLRQEXWÀH[LEOHDQGFXWWLQJHGJH when it comes to the latest technology and advancements in the industry. The corporation was formed in 1997 by the PHUJHURI*:KLW¿HOG5LFKDUGV&R&#0f;IRXQGHGLQ&#1c;
&#0f;DQG $SH[$ONDOL3URGXFWV&R&#0f;IRXQGHGLQ&#1c; With the unbroken continuity of family management, we feel that we have a special perspective on what is really important when change occurs. RichardsApex, Inc. 4202-24 Main Street Philadelphia, PA 19127-1698 USA Tel: +1 215 487 1100 Fax: +1 215 487 3090 Email:


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