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Top Panel Companies SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION ••• a Quirk’s resource guide 21 TOP Panel Companies The Internet has made many things in this world easier, including marketing research. When you need to reach a large number of respondents or reach a very specifi c group of respondents, the best place to fi nd them is online. Online research panels give you the convenience of having pre-screened respondents at your fi ngertips who are ready and willing to participate in surveys, studies or other types of research. Having these respondents on-hand lets you recruit large groups of participants quickly and easily in a wide variety of industries and specialties, either locally, nationally or globally. Whether a general audience is needed or a niche audience with specifi c ethnicities, occupations or age groups, this large reach allows you to choose from different types of respondents, from consumers to professionals and experts, to diffi cult-to-reach or diffi cult-to-fi nd respondents. Online panels let you target specifi c respondents, making the research more relevant and personalized. The respondents also benefi t from online panels through the ability to respond conveniently on their own time, enabling well-thought-out, specifi c answers that lead to better survey data. Here are 21 top companies offering online panels and other online research services. Branded Research Inc. Founded 2012 | 19 employees Matt Gaffney, CEO Branded Research Inc. is a leading on-line panel and technology services pro-vider. Through our proprietary research quirks.com/articles/2016/20160633.aspx 60 Quirk’s Marketing Research Review // June 2016 community MintVine®, our panelists provide companies the consumer and business insights needed to make definitive decisions about their products and services. How do we do it? We start by taking a unique, communi-cative approach. Our panels are founded on core principles of social www.quirks.com

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