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December 2015 TM LOCATIONS 515-545-3145 515-542-3221 Blairsburg 515-325-6252 Blencoe 712-433-2490 Bode 515-379-1754 Clare 515-546-4265 Coon Rapids 712-999-4660 Cooper 515-386-3239 Correctionville 712-372-4433 Dows 515-852-4136 Duncombe 515-543-4245 Fort Dodge 515-955-2040 Glidden 712-659-2227 Hornick 712-874-3211 Humboldt 515-332-3374 Knierim 515-463-2331 Knoke 712-468-2893 Lanesboro 712-656-2225 Lanyon 515-879-2711 Lidderdale 712-822-5211 Lohrville 712-465-3145 LuVerne 515-882-3221 Mapleton 712-881-1490 MAPS 515-955-9030 Onawa 712-433-1575 Otho 515-972-4471 Palmer 712-359-2294 Pierson 712-375-5611 Pomeroy 712-468-2222 Rands 712-297-7579 Roelyn 515-549-3316 Rowan 641-853-2201 Sloan 712-428-3331 Turin 712-353-6336 Vincent 515-356-4185 Washta 712-447-6136 Whiting 712-458-2451 Woolstock 515-839-5531 Badger Barnum MEETING WITH THE MANAGER LOOKING BACK ON 2015 This harvest was certainly a pleasant surprise when it came to yields; unfortunately commodity prices continue to re fl ect that as well. We were blessed that the crop came in dry, and that both corn and soybeans had great yields, which doesn’t happen all that often. By the end of harvest four locations had grain piled outside, which we haven’t experienced for many years and fall harvest receipts set new records for both corn and soybeans across most By Dan Dix locations though out the company. Today we have fi nished up with the merger of Western Iowa Cooperative and operations are going very well through the fi rst three months of our fi scal year. Much time will now be spent achieving the ef fi ciencies gained with merging the two companies and potential projects are being explored to bring more value to the combined membership. This past year a record amount of capital investment was put back into the company with projects in Rowan and Roelyn being the major share of that investment. The new green-fi eld site in Rowan met expectations this fall and the last addition, construction of a UAN storage tank at that location, is currently wrapping up. The support this fi rst fall was outstanding and we look forward to serving those members for years to come. The fertilizer terminal in Roelyn continues to progress with an expected spring start up date still expected. This new plant will give NEW much more fl exibility in purchasing product as well as bring additional ef fi ciencies to our fertilizer application business. Our new Cooper location also fi nished its fi rst fall season and exceeded expectations in fertilizer sales and we certainly appreciate the support of the growers in this new trade territory. NEW fi nished up this last year with local earnings of $19.5 million on sales of $650 million, providing for another fi nancially strong year; slightly better than last. This success is due to the tremendous member support, and we certainly are reminded of that as each season passes. This fall’s large harvest and dry weather pattern certainly taxed our locations and employees to keep up with the speed and space needed to handle such a wonderful crop. These people’s dedication to serving our membership continues to be outstanding and is the key to our success. Finally, on behalf of NEW we wish you the best this holiday season, and always know, we don’t expect your business, but we always do our best to earn it. YOUR PARTNER IN THE FIELD

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