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Wire and Cable Technology International September/October 2015 : Page 48

Welcome to Atlanta! IWCS 2015™ Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA   October 5 to 8, 2015 • • #IWCS15 by: David Kiddoo, CEO/Director International Wire & Cable Symposium, Inc. (IWCS, Inc.) 644 Shrewsbury Commons Ave, PMB #250 Shrewsbury, PA 17361 USA Your IWCS 2015 International Cable • Connectivity Symposium has a number of exciting enhancements this year that will provide you an excellent learning and networking experience! After 10 years of rotating between Providence, Rhode Island and Charlotte, North Carolina, we had feedback from our attendees to try different locations every so often. We selected Atlanta, Georgia, for its convenient international and domestic logistics, and trust you will have a smooth travel experience. We certainly hope that you enjoy the “southern hospitality” of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta , which is both the venue of IWCS 2015 and our host hotel. In addition, 2015 will be the first year that our Conference will be held in October, one month earlier than our traditional date in mid-November. We hope that this change will be beneficial for our attendees and allow for fewer conflicts with the hectic end-of-year work demands and holiday schedules. This is the 64 th annual IWCS Conference, which is a testa-ment to the value that we continue to bring to you and your international cable and connectivity industry colleagues. The vitality of the IWCS is demonstrated through the strong support coming from industry, both in terms of sponsorship and attendance, but also in the rich content for the Techni-cal Symposium portion of the program. Our 2015 program contains over 130 papers and presentations in 18 compelling sessions right through Thursday afternoon. The Suppliers Exhibition continues its two-day program, providing plenty of opportunity and incentive for all attendees to visit the exhibits. The Executive Track presents important information you need in managing your business. Views of the marketplace and the economy are keys to the planning process. Together with vital industry data, this year’s Executive Track program will feature speakers from the critical supply chains serving our industry. We will hear from experts in the fiber, copper and materials markets, provide vital economic outlooks, along with guidance on strategic planning and business analysis. We will also have industry experts brief you on the implica-tions of bandwidth growth and power over emerging network infrastructure. Valuable door prizes will once again be provided during the Conference. Win a GoPro Hero 4 or an iPad Air! All symposium registrants attending the Wednesday Poster Paper Session/Exhibit Hall and the Thursday afternoon Technical Sessions are eligible to win. Must be present to win! We recognize that networking is a critical element of any 48 Wire & Cable Technology International/September 2015 industry gathering, and we plan for plenty of opportunities at IWCS 2015 . On Tuesday, IWCS will host a hospitality hour in the exhibit hall with your suppliers and customers. After the exhibits close, the Wire & Cable Industry Suppliers As-sociation ® (WCISA ® ) will join us to host a reception to honor our industry’s young professionals, new visitors to IWCS and students who are showing interest to join our industry upon graduation. Plan to join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres prior to your evening dinner plans. Thank you, for joining us at IWCS 2015 . Our most im -portant goal is to meet all of your expectations for a valu-able learning and networking experience. We look forward to meeting you and hearing of any suggestions you have to further improve your IWCS Conference in the years to come! Professional Development Program This year, a variety of strong Professional Development Courses will be offered on Monday, providing a great learning opportunity from renowned industry experts. For the eleventh year, IWCS will present the core courses of Copper 101, Fiber 101 and Materials 101. The three core courses will provide those new to our wire and cable industry with basic technol-ogy information. The elective courses will deliver current, leading-edge topics geared at providing information on new areas of interest to engineers, scientists and other wire and cable professionals. Over time, students completing those courses, along with two electives, will be presented with an IWCS Professional Development plaque. The courses will commence on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 8:00 AM with four concurrent sessions. Five more concurrent sessions will continue at 1:00 PM. Scheduling of these courses allows for participants to take up to two courses. Technical Symposium The cornerstone of our Conference, the IWCS Technical Symposium is recognized around the world as the premier technical symposium for wire and cable. In our 64 th year, we will present well over 100 new and previously unpublished papers on research and development for wire and cable and connector/interconnect technologies, designs, components, materials, fabrication, performance, testing and applications. Compelling sessions this year will also include topics such as Global Codes & Standards, Power Over Communications Cable, Data Centers and Micro-Cables. Symposium sessions will begin on Tuesday morning and end in the late afternoon on Thursday. Continued...

Welcome To Atlanta! IWCS 2015™

David Kiddoo

Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA<br /> <br /> October 5 to 8, 2015 • • #IWCS15<br /> <br /> by:<br /> David Kiddoo, CEO/Director<br /> International Wire &amp; Cable Symposium, Inc. (IWCS, Inc.)<br /> 644 Shrewsbury Commons Ave, PMB #250<br /> Shrewsbury, PA 17361 USA<br /><br /> <br /> Your IWCS 2015 International Cable • Connectivity Symposium has a number of exciting enhancements this year that will provide you an excellent learning and networking experience! After 10 years of rotating between Providence, Rhode Island and Charlotte, North Carolina, we had feedback from our attendees to try different locations every so often. We selected Atlanta, Georgia, for its convenient international and domestic logistics, and trust you will have a smooth travel experience. We certainly hope that you enjoy the “southern hospitality” of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, which is both the venue of IWCS 2015 and our host hotel. In addition, 2015 will be the first year that our Conference will be held in October, one month earlier than our traditional date in mid-November.We hope that this change will be beneficial for our attendees and allow for fewer conflicts with the hectic end-of-year work demands and holiday schedules.<br /> <br /> This is the 64th annual IWCS Conference, which is a testament to the value that we continue to bring to you and your international cable and connectivity industry colleagues. The vitality of the IWCS is demonstrated through the strong support coming from industry, both in terms of sponsorship and attendance, but also in the rich content for the Technical Symposium portion of the program. Our 2015 program contains over 130 papers and presentations in 18 compelling sessions right through Thursday afternoon. The Suppliers Exhibition continues its two-day program, providing plenty of opportunity and incentive for all attendees to visit the exhibits.<br /> <br /> The Executive Track presents important information you need in managing your business. Views of the marketplace and the economy are keys to the planning process. Together with vital industry data, this year’s Executive Track program will feature speakers from the critical supply chains serving our industry. We will hear from experts in the fiber, copper and materials markets, provide vital economic outlooks, along with guidance on strategic planning and business analysis. We will also have industry experts brief you on the implications of bandwidth growth and power over emerging network infrastructure.<br /> <br /> Valuable door prizes will once again be provided during the Conference. Win a GoPro Hero 4 or an iPad Air! All symposium registrants attending the Wednesday Poster Paper Session/Exhibit Hall and the Thursday afternoon Technical Sessions are eligible to win. Must be present to win!<br /> <br /> We recognize that networking is a critical element of any industry gathering, and we plan for plenty of opportunities at IWCS 2015. On Tuesday, IWCS will host a hospitality hour in the exhibit hall with your suppliers and customers. After the exhibits close, the Wire &amp; Cable Industry Suppliers Association ® (WCISA®) will join us to host a reception to honor our industry’s young professionals, new visitors to IWCS and students who are showing interest to join our industry upon graduation. Plan to join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres prior to your evening dinner plans.<br /> <br /> Thank you, for joining us at IWCS 2015. Our most important goal is to meet all of your expectations for a valuable learning and networking experience. We look forward to meeting you and hearing of any suggestions you have to further improve your IWCS Conference in the years to come!<br /> <br /> Professional Development Program <br /> <br /> This year, a variety of strong Professional Development Courses will be offered on Monday, providing a great learning opportunity from renowned industry experts. For the eleventh year, IWCS will present the core courses of Copper 101, Fiber 101 and Materials 101. The three core courses will provide those new to our wire and cable industry with basic technology information. The elective courses will deliver current, leading-edge topics geared at providing information on new areas of interest to engineers, scientists and other wire and cable professionals. Over time, students completing those courses, along with two electives, will be presented with an IWCS Professional Development plaque. The courses will commence on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 8:00 AM with four concurrent sessions. Five more concurrent sessions will continue at 1:00 PM. Scheduling of these courses allows for participants to take up to two courses.<br /> <br /> Technical Symposium <br /> <br /> The cornerstone of our Conference, the IWCS Technical Symposium is recognized around the world as the premier technical symposium for wire and cable. In our 64th year, we will present well over 100 new and previously unpublished papers on research and development for wire and cable and connector/interconnect technologies, designs, components, materials, fabrication, performance, testing and applications.<br /> <br /> Compelling sessions this year will also include topics such as Global Codes &amp; Standards, Power Over Communications Cable, Data Centers and Micro-Cables. Symposium sessions will begin on Tuesday morning and end in the late afternoon on Thursday.<br /> <br /> Plenary Session to Showcase the Rapid Pace of Technology <br /> <br /> The Plenary Session will feature the keynote address, Optical Solutions to Meet the Future Demands of ‘The Internet of Things’, presented by Michael A. Bell, PE, Sr. Vice President &amp; General Manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions, Corning Optical Communications. Bell will address his unique perspectives and vision on the topic, which promises to be a highlight of the 2015 Conference.<br /> <br /> The plenary session will also feature recognition for the best papers and presenters of 2014. The session is open to all Technical Symposium registered attendees.<br /> <br /> Suppliers’ Exhibition™ &amp; New Product Presentations <br /> <br /> The IWCS Suppliers’ Exhibition™ will include over 100 exhibits providing interaction among various levels of the Wire and Cable Supply Chain, to learn about the wide variety of product technologies and user applications. Also, New Product Presentations provide an opportunity for suppliers to report on new commercial product developments. The schedule for these presentations will be included in the registration package at the Conference. The two-day program on Tuesday and Wednesday will provide plenty of opportunity and incentive for everyone to visit the exhibits and maximize your networking opportunities.<br /> <br /> Conference Registration <br /> <br /> Registration for all aspects of the IWCS International Cable · Connectivity Conference and Technical Symposium can be accomplished through our web site (, by facsimile or mail, or in person at the Conference. Specific information on both registration and hotel reservations is included on the IWCS website.<br /> <br /> Tuesday Night Hospitality <br /> <br /> All Conference attendees are invited as our guests to a cocktail reception being held on Tuesday, October 6, from 6 PM to 7:30 PM, immediately following the Suppliers’ Exhibition. This reception is co-sponsored by Wire &amp; Cable Industry Suppliers Association (WCISA) to honor scholarship recipients and students aspiring to join our industry. We hope you will join us to enjoy drinks and light hors d’oeuvres with your colleagues to wind down from a full day, prior to your dinner plans.<br /> <br /> PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES <br /> <br /> Within the program of the IWCS Conference, an opportunity is presented to advance the knowledge and education of industry participants through Professional Development Courses, led by industry experts. The offerings include basic concepts in core courses related to copper, fiber and materials. Additionally, courses are offered in the latest technology issues facing the industry, allowing participants to be fully briefed on current issues. For the tenth year, IWCS will present the core courses of Copper 101, Fiber 101 and Materials 101. Over time, students completing those courses, along with two electives, will be presented with an IWCS Professional Development plaque. The first students to successfully complete the program were awarded such plaques at IWCS in November, 2008. Please check the IWCS website for further or changed offerings in the curriculum, <br /> <br /> The Courses will commence on Monday, October 5, 2015, at 8:00 AM with four concurrent sessions. Five more concurrent sessions will continue at 1:00 PM. The Professional Development Courses will conclude prior to the opening of the IWCS Technical Symposium, allowing attendees to participate both in the Courses and in the Symposium. Lunch will be provided to registrants of the courses on Monday. Scheduling of these courses allows for participants to take up to two courses.<br /> <br /> MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2015 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM<br /> <br /> • CU101: Fundamentals of Copper Conductors &amp; Metallic Cable Design &amp; Applications<br /> <br /> • FO101: Fundamentals of Optical Fibers &amp; FO Cable Design &amp; Application<br /> <br /> • MA101: Selection &amp; Use of Materials in Wire &amp; Cable<br /> <br /> • MA201: The Art and Science of Extrusion for Wire and Cable – Part I <br /> <br /> MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2015 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM<br /> <br /> • FO206: Bend Resistant Single-Mode and Multmode Fibers<br /> <br /> • MA202: The Art and Science of Extrusion for Wire and Cable – Part II<br /> <br /> • CU202: Copper Cabling Technology–Advanced Transmission Line Theory and Measurements<br /> <br /> • CU205: Advanced Balunless Measurements<br /> <br /> • CN203: Connectors and Connectorization: Fiber <br /> <br /> TECHNICAL SYMPOSIUM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2015 8:00 AM – 11:50 AM <br /> <br /> SESSION 1: EXECUTIVE TRACK <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Robert M. Canny RSCC Wire &amp; Cable LLC, Connecticut, USA<br /> <br /> • The Global Fiber Optics Market: Running Faster than 40,000 km per Hour<br /> <br /> • A Review of the Metallic Cable Market with a Focus on China<br /> <br /> • Global Supply Trends for Plastics<br /> <br /> • Optical Fiber Market Trends BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Implication of Bandwidth Growth on Network Deployment<br /> <br /> • HDBaseT: Solving the Power Game<br /> <br /> • Perspective on the Future of Power Over Ethernet<br /> <br /> • Economic Outlook <br /> <br /> SESSION 2: FTTX &amp; ACTIVE COMPONENTS <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: David Pheteplace Bishop &amp; Associates, Inc., Colorado, USA<br /> <br /> • Development of Aerial 8-Fiber Optical Fiber Cable for Rural Area<br /> <br /> • Development of Highly Functional Optical Indoor Cables<br /> <br /> • Micro Fiber Pathway and an Easy Access Fiber Drop Cable for Single Family Unit and Multi- Dwelling Unit Applications<br /> <br /> • Review of Progress in Optical Ring Resonators with Crosstalk Modelling in OADMs <br /> <br /> SESSION 3: COATINGS <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Ad Abel DSM Functional Materials, Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands<br /> <br /> • Investigation of Cure Behavior of UV Curable Coatings for Optical Fiber by UV-LED lamps<br /> <br /> • Estimation of Long-Term Change in Physical Property of Optical Fiber Coating Considering Effect of Humidity<br /> <br /> • Research on the Optical Fiber Drawing-Coloring Integration Technology <br /> <br /> PLENARY SESSION LUNCHEON <br /> <br /> TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2015, Regency Ballroom VI-VII 12:00 PM – 1:45 PM (Lunch Included) Registered Technical Symposium attendees only (Seats are Limited) <br /> <br /> Announcements/Greetings<br /> <br /> • Robert A. Wessels, Jr., Chairman, IWCS, Inc. Board of Directors, CommScope, Inc., Claremont, NC, USA; David Kiddoo, CEO/Dir., IWCS, Inc., Shrewsbury, PA, USA.<br /> <br /> Keynote Speaker<br /> <br /> • Michael A. Bell, PE, Senior Vice President &amp; General Manager Optical Connectivity Solutions, Corning Optical Communications, North Carolina, USA.<br /> <br /> Title: Optical Solutions to Meet the Future Demands of “The Internet of Things” <br /> <br /> Awards &amp; Recognition <br /> <br /> Presented by Guy Castonguay, Chairman, IWCS Symposium Committee, Corning Optical Communications, LLC, Glendale, AZ, USA.<br /> <br /> Jack Spergel Memorial Award for Outstanding Technical Paper William C. Hurley, Corning Optical Communications, Hickory, NC, USA (Titles will be posted onsite) <br /> <br /> HOSPITALITY RECEPTION Regency Ballroom V 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM <br /> <br /> WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2015 8:00 AM – 11:50 AM <br /> <br /> SESSION 4: SPECIAL APPLICATIONS <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Markus F. Kemmler Kemmler Consulting GmbH, Denkendorf, Germany<br /> <br /> • Bend Insensitive Optical Fibers for High Radiation Environments<br /> <br /> • Installing Sensor Fibers or Cables for Power Cables<br /> <br /> • Optical Fiber Cable Design for Distributed Pipeline Sensing and Data Transmission<br /> <br /> • Accelerated Degradation of Balanced Twisted Pair Performance Due to the Use of Remote Powering (poE+) BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Data Communication Cables with Functional Integrity During Fire Influence<br /> <br /> • Optimal Position of Fiber in Power Cable for Sensing Application by Using Finite Element Analysis <br /> <br /> SESSION 5: POWER OVER COMMUNICATIONS CABLE CONSIDERATIONS AND COPPER DESIGN/MODELING <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Eric Lawrence Berk-Tek, Pennsylvania, USA<br /> <br /> • Initial Developments in the 2017 NEC® for Data/Comm Cables<br /> <br /> • Methods of Evaluating Cable Heating for PoE Applications<br /> <br /> • Twisted-Pair Data Cabling Reach Considerations for Power Distribution<br /> <br /> • Temperature Rise of Ethernet Cable Bundles from Power Delivery BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Update on Industry Study of Powering Over Data Cable<br /> <br /> • Cable Measurement Assessment using the Feature Selective Validation Method<br /> <br /> • Impact of Quad Cable Manufacturing Tolerances on NEXT<br /> <br /> • OFDM Based Ethernet Transmission over Copper Cables <br /> <br /> SESSION 6: FIBER DESIGN, MEASUREMENTS &amp; PREFORM PROPERTIES <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Dr. C. Bertil Arvidsson Fiberson AB, Hudiksvall, Sweden<br /> <br /> • Measurement of Bend-Insensitive Fibers with Low Index Coating<br /> <br /> • Research on the Small-Size Ultra-Low Bending Loss Optical Fibers<br /> <br /> • A Single-Mode Fiber with Ultra-Low-Loss and Large-Effective-Area<br /> <br /> • Microbending Loss Characteristics of LP11 Mode in Two-Mode Fiber<br /> <br /> BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Impact of Air-Hole on Core-to-Core Crosstalk Suppression<br /> <br /> • Improvement of Drawing Tension Induced Stress Corrosion Parameter<br /> <br /> • Study of the Effect of Preform Extending Condition on the Preform Geometric Performance<br /> <br /> • Study on Influence of Fiber Preform Tapering Ways and the Equipment Technology on the Taper <br /> <br /> SESSION 7: COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS FOR MATERIALS &amp; PROCESSES <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Mehdi Emad, Solvay Specialty Polymers, New Jersey, USA<br /> <br /> • Genioplast® PELLETS - Performance Additive for Cable Compounds<br /> <br /> • New Applications Identified for ECA Resins<br /> <br /> • New Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tray Cable Jacket Materials with Enhanced Properties Product Design and Process Optimization<br /> <br /> • Faster Processing FireCon™ CPE for Increased Profitability BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Engineering Plastics - Influence to Processing for Wire and Cable Applications<br /> <br /> • Online Monitoring of Loose Tube Production Process<br /> <br /> • New Aramid and HMPE Materials for OFC Reinforcement <br /> <br /> EXHIBITS – Grand Hall 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM <br /> <br /> WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2015 1:00 PM – 4:25 PM <br /> <br /> SESSION 8: FIBER CONNECTIVITY &amp; SPLICING <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Guy Castonguay Corning Optical Communications, LLC, Arizona, USA<br /> <br /> • Ultra-Compact MPO Connector for Data Center<br /> <br /> • Ultra-Low Insertion Loss of Singlemode Ferrule- Less Connectors<br /> <br /> • High Density Optical Connector with Lensed Ferrule<br /> <br /> • Splice Loss Criteria for Outside Plant Cable SESSION 9: FTTX &amp; NETWORK CHAIRPERSON: Helio J. Durigan Furukawa Industrial S.A., Curitiba, Brazil<br /> <br /> • Firetuf™ Central Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cables<br /> <br /> • A New Fiber Optic Cable with Central Strength Element for FTTH Access<br /> <br /> • Bend-Insensitive Low-Loss Cable<br /> <br /> • Optical Fiber Cable and Connectivity for High Capacity Single- and Multi-Mode Optical Home Network BREAK (2:40 PM-3:10 PM)<br /> <br /> • Cable Stiffness: Analysis and Optimization for Special Applications<br /> <br /> • Network Monitoring: The Next Piece to the Intelligent Network Puzzle<br /> <br /> SESSION 10: DATA CENTER &amp; MULTIMODE FIBER <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Peter Pilon OFS, Massachusetts, USA<br /> <br /> • Optical Interface Study of SI Type PCS Fiber for a Gigabits Network Application<br /> <br /> • Standard and Bend-Insensitive Multi-Mode Fiber Connection Modeling - A Vectorial Full-Wave Approach<br /> <br /> • New Generation Wideband Multimode Fiber for Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing in Datacom Links<br /> <br /> • Extended Reach of 40G and 100G Transmission on OM4 MMF BREAK (2:40 PM-3:10 PM)<br /> <br /> • Characterization of Modal Dependence of MMF Chromatic Dispersion for Wideband MMF<br /> <br /> • Wide-Band OM4 Multimode Fibers for Future 400Gbps and 1.6Tbps WDM Systems<br /> <br /> • Optimization of MMF Links to Increase Capacity × Distance using New Transceiver and Fiber Metrics <br /> <br /> WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2015 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM <br /> <br /> POSTER SESSION GRAND HALL <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSONS: Eric Whitham, OFS, Georgia, USA, and Professor Alistair Duffy, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK<br /> <br /> • Cables at Threat from Attack by Rodents and Termites<br /> <br /> • The Mechanism of Fiber Breaking During Optical Fiber Cable Manufacture Processing and Method to Decrease<br /> <br /> • Application of Woven Continuous Basalt Fiber Tape in ADSS Cable<br /> <br /> • Quality Variability in Commercial Polyethylene Cable Jackets as Determined by the Physical Properties and Aging Performance<br /> <br /> • A New Flat Indoor/Outdoor Drop Cable for FTTH Applications<br /> <br /> • Design and Develop of Sensor Optical Fiber Cable used in Oil/Gas Submarine Soft Pip<br /> <br /> • Measurement Study of Macrobending Test for ITU-T<br /> <br /> G. 657 Fiber Under Small Bending Radius by Singlewave-length Light Source and Optical Power Meter<br /> <br /> • Design and Characterization of Optical Fiber For Next Generation Multi-Dimensional Multiplexing<br /> <br /> • The Application of Small Specification Radiating Mode Leaky Cable Indoor<br /> <br /> • Shrinkability of the Nonhalogenated Flame Retarded Heat-Shrinkable Tubings from Elastomeric Polyolefin Blends: An Empirical Overview<br /> <br /> • Novel Design and Analysis of Orbital Angular Momentum Transmission Optical Fiber<br /> <br /> • Development and Application of the Invisible Optical Cable in FTTx<br /> <br /> • Introduction and Application of the Multicore and Flat Parallel Optical Cable<br /> <br /> • Rayleigh Scattering Loss Reduction by Rapid Quenching in Glass Transition Region for Optical Fiber Drawing<br /> <br /> • Investigation and Development on U-Tube Air Blowing Micro Cable &amp; the Measuring Method of Binder Yarn Dynamic Payoff Tension<br /> <br /> • Several Test Methods of the Performance of UV Color Ink in Cable<br /> <br /> • Development of 2000-Fiber Ultra-High Density Underground Optical Cable<br /> <br /> • Analysis of Fiber Micro Bending Loss<br /> <br /> • Filler/Polymer Interface Studies for Optimization of Composition and Process for New Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tray Cable Jacket Materials with Enhanced Fire Resistance, Physical Properties and Flexibility<br /> <br /> • Investigating Effects of Freezing Condition on Micro-Duct Air-Blown Cables<br /> <br /> • Optical Wrap Defect Inspection for Cable<br /> <br /> • The Effect of Cable Construction on Flame Retardancy in Moisture Cure Compounds<br /> <br /> • Loose Tight Buffer, Time to Define What We Mean<br /> <br /> • Strong and Ultra-Strong Copper Conductors for Advanced Wire and Cable Application <br /> <br /> THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2015 8:00 AM – 11:25 AM <br /> <br /> SESSION 11: COPPER CABLE BALANCE, SHIELDING, MEASUREMENT &amp; MODELING <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Kenneth Cornelison Wire &amp; Cable Technology Resources, Ohio, USA<br /> <br /> • Study on Relationship between Shielding Effectiveness and Unbalance Attenuation Performance<br /> <br /> • EMC-Performance of Cabling Systems - Coupling Attenuation<br /> <br /> • Calculation of Common Mode Parameters of Cables for High Data Rate Digital Communications<br /> <br /> • Balunless Measurement of Coupling Attenuation of Screened Balanced Cables up to 2 Ghz BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Reverberation Chamber Based Analysis of Environmental Noise Coupling to Ethernet Cables at High Frequencies<br /> <br /> • The Extensive Research of the Radiation Characteristic of Leaky Cables <br /> <br /> SESSION 12: CABLE INSULATION &amp; JACKET MATERIALS <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Mohamed Esseghir The Dow Chemical Company, Pennsylvania, USA<br /> <br /> • Polyolefin in Cu-based Data Communication Cables<br /> <br /> • Data Cable Insulation Resin System with Enhanced Foamability<br /> <br /> • Regulation of Plasticizers Under EU REACH and RoHS<br /> <br /> • Lightweight Polyolefin Jackets BREAK (9:40 AM-10:10 AM)<br /> <br /> • Low Modulus Polyvinylidene Fluoride Hexafluoropylene Copolymers Having Improved Low Temperature Performance for Wire &amp; Cable Applications<br /> <br /> • High Modulus Olefin Compounds for Fiber Optic Cable Buffer Tubes<br /> <br /> • Dielectric Properties of Halogen Free Polymers with High Service Temperatures <br /> <br /> SESSION 13: CABLE MANUFACTURING PROCESSES &amp; MEASUREMENTS <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: David Braun Technor Apex Company, Rhode Island, USA<br /> <br /> • Process Control Parameters Evaluation Using Descrete Event Simulation for Business Process Optimization<br /> <br /> • Detection of Surface Defects on Fine Metallic Wires by Stimulated Cathode Emission<br /> <br /> • A Study on Optimization of Winding Cable Process Using DOE (Design of Experiments) – Taguchi Method<br /> <br /> • Subsea and EHV Cables Require a Challenging Purity Degree of XlpE-Material <br /> <br /> SESSION 14: MICRO-CABLE DESIGN &amp; INSTALLATION <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Eric Whitham OFS, Georgia, USA<br /> <br /> • Micro Optical Cables System - A Solution to Brazilian Market<br /> <br /> • Installation and Access of a Novel Stranded Loose Tube Optical Fiber Outside Plant Micro Cable Design<br /> <br /> • 288 Fiber Ultra-High Fiber Density Micro-Duct Cable with Extreme Operating Performance<br /> <br /> • High Density Micro Cable Family with Next Generation 200 Micron Fibers THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2015 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM <br /> <br /> SESSION 15: CODES &amp; STANDARDS <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Steven A. Galan Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., New York, USA<br /> <br /> • Solutions for Navigating Product Sustainability and Transparency Demands to Maximize Market Opportunity<br /> <br /> • UL Standard Revisions and Proposals, Tri-National Standard Harmonization Activities<br /> <br /> • Europe Turns up the Heat on Construction Cables<br /> <br /> • Fiber Optic Cable Standards - What’s New in CENELEC?<br /> <br /> BREAK (2:10 PM-2:40 PM) – iPad drawing (must be present to win)<br /> <br /> • Resistance to Fire of Communication Cables According to European Standards<br /> <br /> • IEC Standardization of Optical Fibers and Cables <br /> <br /> SESSION 16: HIGH DENSITY OPTICAL FIBER CABLE &amp; AERIAL CABLE <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Tomoyuki Hattori Sumitomo Electric Ind., Inc., Yokohama, Japan<br /> <br /> • Development of Ultra High-Count and High-Density optical Fiber Cable (2000 Coures)<br /> <br /> • Optical Design of Ultra-High-Density 2000-Optical Fiber Cable with Pliable 8-Fiber Ribbons for Underground Deployment<br /> <br /> • Development of 2000-Fiber Ultra-High Density Underground Cable<br /> <br /> • Technique for Housing Optical Fibers in Underground Closure Applied Ultra High-Count and High-Density Optical Fiber Cable BREAK (2:10 PM -2:40 PM) – iPad drawing (must be present to win)<br /> <br /> • New Ultra-Density Fiber Cable Technology for FTTx and Access Markets Using New Spider Web Ribbon<br /> <br /> • Development of a Totally Dry Aerial Dielectric Self Support Cable Family <br /> <br /> SESSION 17: ENSURING A RELIABLE OPTICAL NETWORK <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Eric R. Logan, Corning Optical Communications LLC, North Carolina, USA<br /> <br /> • Long Span Aerial Cable Installation Technology<br /> <br /> • Revealing the Losses in Installed Fiber Cable Links Consisting of Cables of Different Age by OTDR Measurements at Several Wavelengths<br /> <br /> • Microscope Integrated with an Optical Connector Cleaner<br /> <br /> • New Optical Fiber Identifier<br /> <br /> BREAK (2:10 PM-2:40 PM) – iPad drawing (must be present to win)<br /> <br /> • Temporary Optical Coupler and Dynamic Delay Adjustment Technologies for Optical Cable Re-Routing Operation Support Systems<br /> <br /> • Development of De-Icing OPGW <br /> <br /> SESSION 18: FLAME RETARDANT TECHNOLOGY <br /> <br /> CHAIRPERSON: Daniel Winkler, Leoni Engineered Products &amp; Services Inc., Michigan, USA<br /> <br /> • Novel Strategies for Imparting Flame Retardancy to Polyolefins<br /> <br /> • Novel Polymeric, Nonhalogenated Flame Retardants for Use in Thermoplastic Elastomers<br /> <br /> • A New Technology Platform for Moisture Curable Nonhalogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin<br /> <br /> • Not Your Grandfather's LSZH BREAK (2:10 PM-2:40 PM) – iPad drawing (must be present to win)<br /> <br /> • Quantification of the Flexibility of Flame Retardant Insulation and Jacket Materials When Designing Wire &amp; Cable Products<br /> <br /> • Enhanced Solvent Resistance and Flammability Requirements for Harsh Environment and Industrial Optical Fiber Cables<br /> <br /> IWCS 2015™ Suppliers’ Exhibition, as of September 8, 2015 <br /> <br /> 3N International Inc. 900 <br /> <br /> 3N International is a global specialty chemicals supplier specialized in innovative solutions for our customers’ evolving needs. We supply flame retardants and other additives for plastics, rubber and textiles. Products lines include halogenated and nonhalogenated flame retardants, smoke suppressants, master batches, UV stabilizers, CPE, PVC plasticizers, process aids, impact modifiers and stainless steel fiber master batches for conductive plastics. 3N is an ISO 9001-certified company. We are committed to the continuous improvement of quality and performance of our products and service, and have consistently exceeded quality management objectives in product quality and delivery performance. We keep inventories at multiple locations for prompt delivery to customers. 3N has close ties with top research institutions in metals and specialty chemicals. This network has enabled us to develop new products for customers and ensures our continuous ability to meet customers’ new demands.<br /> <br /> AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. 313 <br /> <br /> AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. introduces Fluon® ETFE C88AXMP-HT, an ultra heat-resistant grade that maintains performance characteristics at temperatures up to 200°C. C88AXMP-HT is an ideal material for industrial and automotive wire and cable insulation as well as under-floor heating cables. The C88AXMP-HT grade is 20% less dense than fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), which reduces the amount of product required for applications. In addition, the grade’s high melt flow rate provides fast, highly efficient processing line speeds. One product grade is suitable for all wire size cross sections (0.3 mm2 to 10 mm2). “This new material expands design possibilities because it is so light weight and remains stable at very high temperatures,” said Gary Eckrote, business director of AGC FluoroCompounds Group. “Manufacturers can now produce cables and wires with a much thinner insulation layer, which is important for vehicles and aircraft that require fuel efficiency and a low carbon footprint.” Additional performance benefits of Fluon ETFE C88AXMP-HT include improved crack and abrasion resistance, enhanced mechanical strength, full range of compatible color masterbatches, tested to German automotive LV112 class F and meets automotive FLUR specifications.<br /> <br /> AlphaGary Corp. 201 <br /> <br /> To meet the evolving fire performance and environmental compliance criteria in North/South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, AlphaGary has developed a unique prtfolio of specialty compounds for a wide variety of cable designs and applications—both copper and fiber optic: 1) SMOKE-GUARD™ low smoke vinyl alloys meeting RoHS environmental compliance for North American plenum and European CPD Class B1/B2; 2) MEGOLON™ halogen-free materials for IEC 60332-1/60332-3C, European CPD Classes C thru E, power cable sheathing and crosslinkable insulations;<br /> 3) GARAFLEX™ TPE Styrenic, Vinyl, olefinic/EPDM and vulcanizate blends; and 4) GARATHANE™ thermoplastic urethane flame retardant blends and alloys. AlphaGary offers color concentrates to support all of our compound types, both custom-matched and to standards such as Munsell and RAL. AlphaGary/ Mexichem is a leader in advanced fire safety and environmental compliance and is committed to providing our customers with material compound solutions to meet the various cable performance requirements in different regions of the world. We deliver world-class support to help our customers choose the most appropriate materials for specialty cable designs. Our ISO 9001-registered facilities are in the USA, UK, Mexico and Colombia.<br /> <br /> American &amp; Efird, Inc. 212 <br /> <br /> American &amp; Efird is a global manufacturer and distributor of high-performance waterblocking yarns, binder yarns, ripcords, marker yarns and textile products designed for field installation/servicing of telecommunication cables. Our ability to custom wind to the optimum package for your application maximizes the value you receive, as our state-of-the-art equipment provides packages with maximum yield and problem free payoff. Specialties include CAMEL waterblocking yarns, para-aramids, Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, Rayon and Cotton yarns as well as other advanced fiber systems. A&amp;E seeks to use its manufacturing expertise and global presence to continually align itself with its customers’ needs and requirements.<br /> <br /> Arkema Inc. 700 <br /> <br /> Kynar and Kynar Flex PVDF resins are premium fluoropolymers for plenum jackets and high-temperatire insulation. The chemical structure of Kynar resins provides a unique balance of properties including outstanding chemical and flame resistance, low smoke generation and superior mechanical properties. Low smoke Kynar technologies are offered. Kynar is manufactured by Arkema Inc., a global company with 90 manufacturing facilities around the world.<br /> <br /> ARTOFIL 209 <br /> <br /> Since 1951, ARTOFIL is the genuine manufacturer of High Performance Yarns, where our expertise has contributed to become the leading manufacturer of waterblocking yarns to the cable industry. With a dedicated team of experts ARTOFIL has proven to be a full collocutor in the cable sector. Over the years, ARTOFIL has developed a complete range of waterblocking fine, filler and binder yarns to be able to offer the cable manufacturers a solution to produce a cost effective waterblocked cable design, even in a saline environment. Our latest product developments have enlarged our position in the market and have put us at the forefront of waterblocking solutions. With this complete range of products we are ready for the waterblocking needs of today and tomorrow in all cable designs including microduct and nanocables. We welcome those to our stand who are triggered and like to share their ideas to create new waterblocking cable designs in the most cost effective way. ARTOFIL: “ FIRST CHOICE IN COST EFFECTIVE WATERBLOCKING CABLES SOLUTIONS” Michel van Velzen, Jack Meijer<br /> <br /> Arya Chem Inc. / Condor Compounds GmbH 802 <br /> <br /> Condor Compounds CONGuard® LSFOH (low smoke and fume, zero halogen) compounds are ideal for wire and cable applications that demand flame-retardant compounds such as building, mass transit, tunnels and airports. Highly flame-retardant, nonhalogen compounds that do not emit corrosive gases when burned. Many grades are cross-linkable. Used for sheathing and/or primary insulation. Available with additives such as antioxidant, UV stabiliser, etc. Meet global specifications: Sheathing grades have been developed to meet a number of international specifications for zero halogen cables as Cenelec HD 624.7 S1 and HD 624.6 S1, IEC 60092 Type SHF1, VDE 0207 part 24 HM2, HM4 and HM5, VDE 0207 part 23 HJ2 (Germany), BS 6724, BS 7655 LTS 1, LTS 2, LTS 3 and LTS 4 (UK), CEI 20.11 M1, CEI 46.29, CEI 46.34 (Italy), NF C 32062-1, NF C 32062-2 (France), UNE 21123-4 and UNE 211002 (Spain). Furthermore radiation resistance IEC 544 and oil resistance grades are available. Suitable applications include: data and telecom, LAN, power, shipboard, automotive, loose tube, minitube, etc. CONLink®. ConFILL®. Elastomer based filling or bedding compounds have been the first products Condor Compounds when started the operation in 1983. CONDOR bedding compounds have been successfully used all over the world for the widest possible range of cable constructions. And a large proportion of the 40. 000 metric tons of cable compounds produced every year—beside our LSFOH sheathing and insulation compounds—are elastomer- based bedding compounds CONFill® elastomer based bedding compounds have been designed for German building wires with PVC insulation and PVC sheathing compounds (NYM, NYY) French or Belgium buiding wire constructions with XLPE insulation and PVC sheathing for XLPE, PE, PP, EPR or PUR insulated cable construcions for LSFOH cable constructions with various fire performances according to various BS-standards.<br /> <br /> ASI/Silica Machinery, LC 300 <br /> <br /> Company designs and makes a full range of deposition, sintering, elongation and soaking equipment. Our process technology is suitable for making cores using either the Vapor Axial Deposition (VAD) process or using the Outside Vapor Deposition (OVD) process and making the cladding for silica-based preforms using the OVD process at a lower manufacturing cost than other methods. In business since 1997 with over 100 machines sold, ASI/Silica Machinery is the global market leader providing profitable, preform manufacturing systems to the optical fiber manufacturing markets with installations in Europe, Asia and South America.<br /> <br /> Borealis Compounds Inc. 512 <br /> <br /> Borealis and Borouge will be “Bringing Energy All Around” at the 64th annual International Wire &amp; Cable Symposium this year. For nearly 50 years, Borealis has been a leading supplier of advanced energy and infrastructure plastics solutions for the wire and cable and capacitor film industries. Together with Borouge, its joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Borealis provides services and products to customers around the world. At this year’s conference, both companies will be highlighting their jacketing and communication insulation portfolio under the Borstar® brand umbrella. The unique Borstar technology supports several innovative polyethylene (PE) compound applications in communication cable jacketing as well as very low-shrinkage highdensity polyethylene compounds (HDPE) designed especially for fiber optic cables. Dr. Bernt-Åke Sultan, Borealis Group Expert- HPPE Research, Innovation and Technology, will be presenting a paper titled, “A New Technology Platform for Moisture Curable Non Halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin”. The presentation of this paper will be given during Session 18 on Thursday, October 8 at 1:30 pm in meeting room Hanover DE. Visit Borealis and Borouge at booth number 512 for more information.<br /> <br /> Breen Color Concentrates, Inc. 608 <br /> <br /> Breen Color has been providing custom color and additive concentrates to the plastics industry for over 30 years. Since its inception in 1976, Breen has grown in size and capability and has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of plastic colorants to the blow molding, wire and cable, extrusion/injection molding, compounding and roto-molding markets. Our extensive knowledge and database of pigment, resin and additive properties can also be utilized to rapidly develop custom color concentrates to meet any special requirement. Breen Color’s compounding equipment has been customized to provide rapid order turnaround while maintaining the exacting quality requirements of an ISO-9001-registered facility.<br /> <br /> Cable Components Group, LLC 507 <br /> <br /> CCG designs, extrudes and compounds high-performance materials for wire, cable and fiber optic applications. The company specializes in high-temperature materials such as fluoropolymers: PFA, FEP, MFA, ECTFE, ETFE and PVDF as well as the following engineered resins: PEEK, PSU, PES and PPSU. Additionally, CCG produces several polyolefin based nonhalogenated grades especially developed to meet the new “HF” suffix and the “LSHF” suffix for halogen free and low smoke halogen free UL designations, respectively. All of these materials are compounded with CCG’s on site compounding equipment which provides enhanced fire retardancy and low smoke generation characteristics. The addition of CCG’s chemical foaming agents can be added to improve electrical performance while lowering the combustible footprint. What was once solid can now be foamed. Whether it be for CCG tapes, crosswebs and tubes, or if you wish to chemically foam cable insulation, jackets and cable filler that you manufacture. CCG can provide you foamable pellets for almost any application to include plenum, riser, or general purpose cables, or meet the European Construction Product Regulation (CPR). FluoroFoam® represents a product innovation to meet a growing need for chemically foamed FEP, MFA or PFA for Category 6, 6e, 6A, and the evolving Category 8 Standard. The foamed insulation adds electrical performance, enables higher data rates and minimizes heat buildup and transfer of heat to adjacent cables for the evolving Power Over Ethernet (POE) requirement. Similarly, Halgone Lite® allows insulation and/ or jackets to be chemically foamed (25% to 50%) in a wide range of halogen free applications from the high temperature grades of PEEK, PSU, PES or PPSU to the more traditional polyolefin grades of PE or PP. Charles Glew, Barbara Cioffi, Nick Rosa, Dan Messmer <br /> <br /> Carris Reels 406 <br /> <br /> For over 60 years, Carris Reels has proudly serviced the wire and cable industry. Our nine manufacturing plants and eight assembly/ warehouse locations are strategically located throughout North America to provide you with the best service in the industry. Our range of reel packaging allows customers to minimize inventory dollars and warehouse footprint through our “One Call Does it All” model. At booth 406, you will find our extensive product line—plywood, plastic, nailed wood, wood/metal, stamped metal and hardboard, along with the newest product line of polyethylene plastic reels. Stop by and meet the people who can help provide you with creative and timely solutions for your packaging needs.<br /> <br /> CERSA-MCI 301 <br /> <br /> CERSA-MCI is a French company with more than 30 years’ experience in measurement and control instruments. Optical fiber: A complete line of high-performance measurement instruments for a full in line quality certification: LIS-Glass (real time diameter, airline, spinning, defect check), LDS-T, CM5 (Coating Monitor 5 axes), NCTM (drawing force measurement) and CIM PC Software. Fine wire: LDS (High accuracy diameter measurement) and accessories, 1 and 2 axes high frequency measurement. Cables and rods: LPS, LPS-H, (1 or 3 axes) fast or ultra fast diameter measurement. Surface Quality Check: Advance R&amp;D program: SQM-fine (high speed, high resolution for fine wire, optical fiber) All these products result of the customer demands and close cooperation between industry experts and CERSA-MCI engineers, to improve in-line continuous production check and quality certification, to reduce off-line check and cost.<br /> <br /> Chengdu Centran Industrial Co., Ltd. 303 <br /> <br /> Centran is a leading global supplier of excellent raw materials for cable and wire industry. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of waterblocking tape, water-swellabe yarn and polyester yarn, marking tape and PET tape, steel and aluminum tape, etc., in China. We have two factories in Chengdu and one factory in Wuxi, and our total capacity is 2500 MT. With strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, the company is ISO 9002-certified and has become one of the most reliable sources of quality products in the international market, and we already export to more than 35 countries worldwide. Main products are nonconductive waterblocking tape, semi-conductive waterblocking tape and PET film laminated waterblocking tape; binding, bedding, barrier tape and separating tape; nonwoven tape and woven tape; waterblocking yarn; high-tension polyester yarn; PET type ripcord yarn; and marking tape.<br /> <br /> Chromatics Inc. 112 <br /> <br /> Chromatics, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of PolyOne, produces a full range of high-quality color concentrates, specialty compounds, pigment dispersions and inks for processors of fluoropolymers and high-performance plastics. The company’s extensive melt-processable product line includes color concentrates and compounds with inherent high temperature heat stability, flame retardancy, chemical resistance and electrical properties—serving all industry needs. Major polymers include FEP, ETFE, PFA, PvdF, ECTFE, MFA, THV, PEEK and PES. Chromatics’ color concentrates are offered in various pigment strengths and resin viscosities to assure optimal performance in the end use manufacturing process. In addition to our standard line of colors and compounds, Chromatics offers special services such as color matching, precoloring and custom compounding. Chromatics also supplies a full range of pigment dispersions for PTFE extrusion as well as printing and striping inks for FEP, ETFE, PFA, PvdF and PTFE.<br /> <br /> Cimteq Ltd. Cable Design and Cable MES Software 814 <br /> <br /> Cimteq has been delivering Cable Design and Quotation solutions to leading cable manufacturers around the world for over 15 years. During the show Cimteq will be presenting the new release of their flagship product CableBuilder including the exciting new Cable- Builder 3D Module for generating 3D Cable Models. Cimteq will also be presenting its new revolutionary product, CableMES, an out-of-the box Manufacturing Execution System specific to Cable Manufacturing. CableBuilder helps cable manufacturers to design wire and cable faster, quote faster and avoid costly mistakes that lead to waste. Application features include: Easy to use / implement; Fast design and quotation for all cable types; Powerful massupdate tools; Automatic generation of 2D and 3D drawings; Version / revision control; Integration to ERP systems; Data import / export; length-based costing; Packaging calculations; Professional datasheets. CableMES is a new product which improves communication with the shop-floor in order to maximize throughput, improve schedule adherence, improve process efficiency, reduce waste and reduce the overall cost of quality. Application features include: Convey production orders and product specifications to the shop-floor; Relay progress to ERP and scheduling systems, in real-time; Nonconformance handling; Quality alarms recorded against length; Tracking and analysis of process parameters; Analysis of OEE and other KPIs; Quality analysis, with full Raw Material and WIP traceability; and Warehouse management. Visit Cimteq for a full demonstration and to discuss how we can help your business.<br /> <br /> Ali Shehab, Amanda Shehab <br /> <br /> Clinton Instrument Company 312 <br /> <br /> The Clinton Instrument Company, the inventor of the 3 kHz High Frequency Sine Wave Spark Tester, is proud to announce the new- est and most advanced 3 kHz AC spark tester, Model HF-15B. This new model series replaces the highly successful HF-15A, first shown at Interwire in 2001. Since then, well over 10,000 HF-15A units have been shipped worldwide. In addition to the well-known reliability of Clinton spark testers, the HF-15B offers customers the ability to utilize many new technologies, providing easier integration, more information and flexible solutions in response to difficult applications. The HF-15B features a large adjustable alphanumeric display, with multiple viewing options, that can be mounted directly to the test station or located remotely up to 200' away. Operating personnel can view a wide variety of relevant information directly on the front panel, toggling easily between “percent-load” and four different types of fault conditions. These are: Pinhole, Multiple Pinhole, Direct Metal Contact and Gross Bare Wire. These fault types are analyzed and differentiated through the use of the HF- 15B’s revolutionary DSP-Based Fault Typing (patent pending). When testing smaller wires with the HF-15B spark tester, the design of the new BD-12S Split-electrode (patent pending) provides maximum coverage on cable during testing and makes string-up both quick and easy. The HF-15B can be used as a stand-alone spark tester or it can be easily integrated into production lines. Four sets of relay outputs are provided, each with selectable functions allowing users to fully customize signals to include standard “high voltage on” indication, general fault alarm, bare wire alarm, plus many more options. A “voltage-watchdog” signal is now offered, which will signal when the spark tester is adjusted outside of an allowable preset voltage range. PLC Integration is simple when connecting with Modbus RTU via RS-485 full duplex. Optional Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus TCP and Analog Communications are offered as integrated upgrades to the new series when desired. The HF-15B Series supports fully automatic calibration of voltage and sensitivity to EN50356, IEC/CEI 62230 and NEMA standards when using the Clinton Instrument Company’s STCAL system. The HF-15B Spark Tester and the STCAL Calibration System will be shown during the IWCS show in October in booth 312.<br /> <br /> Coats plc 515 <br /> <br /> Coats, the largest thread manufacturer, has 40 manufacturing locations, and distribution in over 70 countries. Coats is committed to customer-led innovation, focused on Special Engineered Yarn applications: Ultrabloc S/SC (unique water swellable technology for inside and outside tube blocking; including new, high swell for energy cables and large loose tube designs), Ultrabloc L (water swellable aramid, polyester, and fiberglass), Glasmo SM VO (fiberglass strength member with PVC adhesion), Protos SM (aramid strength member with various specialized coatings), Marker yarns, Binders, and high quality Ripcords (proprietary PF “protective film” coating for aramids, polyester and nylon), PTFE coated fiberglass, PVC coated nylon.<br /> <br /> Commission Brokers, Inc. 500 <br /> <br /> Commission Brokers will be displaying photos and brochures of currently available used equipment as well as information relating to the company’s appraisal, liquidation and consignment capabilities. Martin Kenner, President of Commission Brokers Inc., with over 44 years of service to the wire industry, specializes in nonferrous wire and cable equipment, wire harness/assembly/processing equipment and braiding machinery from individual components to complete plants.<br /> <br /> Martin Kenner Conneaut Industries 501 <br /> <br /> Conneaut Industries, West Greenwich, Rhode Island, is a leading supplier of industrial and specialty yarns used in an extensive range of end-use wire and cable markets including automotive, aerospace, power, telecommunication and fiber optics. Conneaut also supplies various specialty fibers into the composite markets. Established in 1930, Conneaut is an industry leader in yarn converting with unique capabilities for precision braider packages, twisting, plying, cabling and winding. The company has a clear focus on customer satisfaction and producing zero-defect yarn products. Conneaut is committed to building long-term partnerships with its customers and suppliers.<br /> <br /> De Montfort University 903 <br /> <br /> Physical Layer Laboratory. Research, development, consultancy and test capability for communications channels and electromagnetic compatibility. Contact Dr. Alistair Duffy at <br /> <br /> DeWAL Industries, Inc. 202 <br /> <br /> DeWAL Industries designs and manufactures high-performance PTFE and UHMW-PE films and pressure sensitive tapes. Materials are produced using proprietary skiving equipment and tight quality control in the engineering and production facility in Narragansett, Rhode Island. With extensive knowledge and experience in polymer chemistry and compounding, DeWAL has developed a family of high-quality PTFE custom thin films used for abrasion resistance, low friction and insulation. DeWAL films may be filled, bonded, sintered or porous. Typical applications include EMI shielding, medical device construction, wire and cable and automotive assemblies. DeWAL’s design teams have the ability to work with engineers to customize taping solutions including color clarity, specific run lengths, narrow widths. In addition to Extruded Unsintered PTFE, low-density PTFE and Sintered skived PTFE, DeWAL can provide fluoropolymer laminates with dissimilar materials to custom specifications. Proprietary technology enables us to manufacture these films to a precise thickness. DeWAL Industries’ stringent process and design capabilities ensure DeWAL’s place as a supplier in all segments of the wire and cable industry. Tight tolerances are standard. DeWAL Industries has recently introduced their newest packaging put-up for the PTFE film used in wire wrap. Solid Pack® allows for the largest amount of material to be wound onto a single spool. Solid Pack spools payout more smoothly compared to traditional packaging, eliminating breakage. These long lengths promote extended production runs increasing manufacturing efficiencies which are demanded in current economic conditions. These spool configurations are requested most often in aerospace wire manufacturing where narrow widths and extended runs are the norm. DeWAL’s design teams have the ability to work with engineers to customize taping solutions including color clarity, specific run lengths, narrow widths. Global offices in the USA, Canada and Europe.<br /> <br /> Dow Chemical Company, The 701 <br /> <br /> See Dow Electrical &amp; Telecommunications.<br /> <br /> Dow Electrical &amp; Telecommunications 701 <br /> <br /> Dow Electrical &amp; Telecommunications (Dow E&amp;T) will participate at the International Cable Connectivity Symposium (IWCS) taking place October 5 to 8, 2015, in Atlanta, GA, USA. This annual conference unites participants from the international wire and cable and connectivity industries for in-depth discussions on industry trends and technologies. Dow E&amp;T will have experts on hand to discuss the Dow AXELERON™ product portfolio that focuses on solutions for coaxial, copper LAN/twisted pair and fiber optic wires and cables as well as our material technology which helps accelerate data transfer, improve electrical performance, lower signal loss and enhance ease of manufacturing. In addition, Dow E&amp;T will present a professional development course and several papers on key topics during the technical sessions: Professional Development Course, MA101: Selection &amp; Use of Materials in Wire &amp; Cable, Monday, October 5, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p. m.. Chester J. Kmiec and Dr. Scott H. Wasserman, Dow E&T; Technical Session 12: Cable Insulation &amp; Jacket Materials Thursday, October 8, 8:00 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.; “Lightweight Polyolefin Jackets,” – Saswati Pujari, Dr. Anny Flory, Mohamed Esseghir and Chester J. Kmiec, Dow E&T; “Data Cable Insulation Resin System with Enhanced Foamability,” Dr. Anny Flory, Mohamed Esseghir and Chester J. Kmiec, Dow E&T; “High Modulus Olefin Compounds for Fiber Optic Cable Buffer Tubes,” Karl Seven, Mohamed Esseghir, Chester J. Kmiec and Bharat I. Chaudhary, Dow E&T; Technical Session 18: Flame Retardant Technology Thursday, October 8, 12:30 p.m. – 3:55 p.m.; “Novel Strategies for Imparting Flame Retardancy to Polyolefins,” – Bharat I. Chaudhary, Jeffrey M. Cogen, Manish K. Mundra, and Ashish Batra, Dow E&amp;T. Dow E&amp;T provides solutions that perform – for today’s telecom needs and for tomorrow’s challenges. Visit us at Booth #701 to learn more. Dow Electrical &amp; Telecommunications is a leading global provider of products, technology, solutions and knowledge that sets standards for reliability, longevity, efficiency, ease of installation and protection that the power and telecommunications industries can count on in the transmission, distribution and consumption of power, voice and data. Understanding that collaboration is essential to success, Dow E&amp;T works together with cable makers, other industry suppliers, utilities, municipalities, testing institutes and other organizations around the world to help develop solutions and create mutual value that will sustain these industries for years to come. For more information on Dow solutions for the telecom industry visit www.dowaxeleron. com. To review our entire portfolio for power and telecommunications products and technology, visit Dow combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The company is driving innovations that extract value from the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, clean energy generation and conservation and increasing agricultural productivity. Dow’s integrated, market driven, industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agrosciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 180 countries and in high-growth sectors such as packaging, electronics, water, coatings and agriculture. In 2014, Dow had annual sales of more than US$58 billion and employed approximately 53,000 people worldwide. The company’s more than 6,000 product families are manufactured at 201 sites in 35 countries across the globe. More information about Dow can be found at <br /> <br /> DSM Functional Materials 101 <br /> <br /> DSM Functional Materials is a world leader in the development of high-performance UV-curable fiber optic materials. DeSolite®, Cablelite ® and our latest generation DeSolite® Supercoatings are the world’s top selling brands of Uvcurable coatings, inks and matrix materials on the market today—and the industry standard for fiber protection and identification worldwide.<br /> <br /> EuroWire 414 <br /> <br /> EuroWire—available in print, CD and online—is a leading international trade magazine for the wire and cable industries. The information in each issue is published in six languages and distributed to a closely controlled global circulation of wire and cable technologists across Europe and the Americas. Always reporting the latest international wire and cable industry news, EuroWire also covers technological developments concerning the production and processing of wire, cable, fibre optics, springs, fasteners and precision parts. EuroWire reports on both the production of materials, products and services within these industries as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing.<br /> <br /> Excelitas Technologies (OmniCure®) 708 <br /> <br /> OmniCure® offers innovative light curing solutions that provide leading manufacturers worldwide with the most advanced, simpleto- use and reliable UV curing technology. OmniCure leverages its unique industry expertise to deliver faster and more consistent process curing results, ensuring our customers benefit from the highest product quality and production efficiency savings. The OmniCure product family includes both advanced lamp and UV LED solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding UV curing applications. On display at IWCS 2015, the NEW Omni- Cure AC8225-F UV LED Fiber curing systems are designed with advanced front-end optics to provide high power, high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity at specific working distances. The AC8225-F production-proven system delivers high peak irradiance and offers up to 60% of energy savings compared with traditional arc lamp systems with no compromises in line speed. With over 40,000 hours of LED lifetime and no replacement parts, maintenance costs are even further reduced. Designed with a scalable architecture, multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined to achieve larger curing areas without compromising optical uniformity and to improve productivity. The OmniCure AC8225-F is well suited for fiber coating applications such as cable, wire and optical fibers. Visit us at booth 708.<br /> <br /> Fiber Optic Center, Inc. / Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC 813 <br /> <br /> Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC) is an international leader in distributing fiber optic components, equipment and supplies and is recognized as one of the most technically savvy fiber optics companies in the world.<br /> <br /> Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd. 714 <br /> <br /> Company is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of communication equipment, and the provision of network solutions. The company primarily provides communication system equipment, optical fibers, wires, cables and data network products including optical network products, Internet protocol (IP) products, broadband access products, optical fiber and wire products, wireless communication and power supply products as well as optoelectronic devices, among others.<br /> <br /> Fiber-Line LLC 302 <br /> <br /> Products include ripcords, high-speed binders (nonwick, waterblocking or standard), standard FRP along with EAA and water- blocking, new-generation SWELLCOAT products, E-glass strength members (standard and waterblocking), PTFE-coated glass and low-Denier waterblocking yarns for inside buffer tubes. For over 25 years, Fiber-Line® LLC has provided science-driven expertise that improves the performance and the end-use processing of high-performance fibers. Our products enable the search for new energy reserves and extend the life of fiber optic telecommunication cables. They also add important characteristics such as SWELLCOAT® waterblocking, water repellence, adhesion, glowin- the-dark properties, and wear, color, and UV-resistance to these and many other applications. We believe that our ongoing commitment to protect the environment, to remain at the forefront of fiber and coating technology, and to ‘treat others as we want to be treated’ will drive the success of our customers, shareholders, and employees. Fiber-Line is where challenging problems meet viable solutions.<br /> <br /> Fil-Tec, Inc. 613 <br /> <br /> Fil-Tec, Inc. offers a complete line of performance yarns for application in power cables, copper and fiberoptic telecom and specialty cables. Products on display include binder yarns with water-blocking, nonwicking, flameretardant/low-smoke finishes; core yarns; ripcords; filler yarns; marker yarns; and fiberglass reinforcement yarns. Come and see our newest products: Dry Core Yarn for dry core cable designs; Dustless Water Blocking Binder Yarns for high speed; and a new line of Water Blocking Yarns for Power Cable applications. Our Water Swellable Binder and Core (wrap around the FRP) Yarns offer the following benefits: very low dust, extends life of bearings and other moving parts of the equipment; less downtime due to mechanical maintenance related to SAP dust problems; less clean up time; and cleaner working environment for the operator. Our technology produces a water-swellable binder with higher yield, this means lower cost per kilometer of cable produced. It also produces a package that offers excellent integrity/balance, can run at 5000 rpm without unwanted vibration, more meters per package for longer runs without a break and a more efficient stranding process overall. We offer various swell factors. This affords Design Engineers the flexibility to choose the size yarn and swell factor that best suits the cable.<br /> <br /> Ricardo Hernandez, Jim Fisher, Jerry Swope <br /> <br /> Gem Gravure Company, Inc. 803 <br /> <br /> Gem Gravure continues to provide elegant, up-to-date product identification solutions for wire and cable. This includes the al- phaJET into® ink jet printer, featuring superior print quality at high speed. The alphaJET into® is available for use with pigmented and dye inks. It is specially designed to reduce make up/solvent use, saving you money and time. This printer provides optimal print quality with little maintenance. GEM is the exclusive North American representative for KBA Metronic alphaJET® ink jet printers. A durable code requires a durable ink. GEM offers ink jet fluids for use in all ink jet printers with pigmented inks a specialty. The line of inks features recently patented black BKG7761 ink and GNG7765 green ink for high temperature wires. A new white ink will be introduced at IWCS. WTG7160 provides enhanced adhesion on polyethylene including HDPE and XLPE. For more information on inks, watch for the GEM presentation on the New Products Stage during at IWCS, Atlanta, GA. Or stop to see us in booth 803.<br /> <br /> Paul Gemelli, Mark Kristoff, Cliff Schult, Robert Henderson <br /> <br /> GOTEX 415 <br /> <br /> GOTEX, the European leader supplier for tapes and yarns for the cable industry will be present at the IWCS 2015 Show in Atlanta in October. Located at booth 415, GOTEX will take the opportunity of the event to introduce their new Key Account Manager for USA Market, Mr. Enric Vallejo, who will introduce new market products to visitors attending the show. Following the updated business expansion plan and market forecast for the next four years, GOTEX wants to bet hard in the US market, especially with flexible fiberglass reinforcements, where the Company is leader in other World Areas. GOTEX is a Company committed to the design and manufacture of high technology textile products for different industries like automotive, oil and gas, composite and renewable energies and specializing in the fiber optic cable industry. GOTEX stands for Technology in Textiles. Their in-house technique improves the performance and end-use processing of high quality yarns, fibers and fabrics with processes that enhance the material properties extending their life and effectiveness. GOTEX’s product portfolio offers technical woven tapes (bullet-proof, flame barrier, rodentproof, anti-temperature, waterblocking) as well as fibers and coated yarns (glass reinforcements, anti-rodent, ripcords, waterblocking, aramids, and a wide variety of coatings) for cables as in fiber optics, telecom, copper and power cables. GOTEX markets, sells and delivers the best products with the highest quality and performance with a remarkable fast response and excellent service. “Our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority” General Manager says.<br /> <br /> Hengtong Optic-Electric Co., Ltd. 114 <br /> <br /> Hengtong Optic-electric Co., Ltd. Boasts complete optic-electric cable industrial cluster: With regard to its property right-independent optical communication industry chain of “optical fiber preformoptical fiber-fiber optic cable”, the full range of FTTx ODN R &amp; D and manufacturing has been completed to lead a full range of series of product industrial clusters of optical network town, a full range of series of power cable industrial clusters of submarine optical fiber composite cable and submarine optical fiber cable, submarine super high-voltage cable and power cable industrial clusters fully ranging from medium-low voltage to high voltage to super-highvoltage series, electrical equipment cable industrial clusters of locomotives, rail transportation, marine engineering, new energy and other areas and a full range of electronic consumer cable industrial clusters of high-speed data cable, high-speed signal transmission cable, etc. In addition, Hengtong Optic-electric Co., Ltd. Specializes in providing customers with solutions in the field of optical cable systems in order to comprehensively enhance the technology and service levels of products and to help customers get more value.<br /> <br /> Heraeus Noblelight America 108 <br /> <br /> Heraeus Noblelight America is the leading supplier of UV curing systems for optical fiber, wire and cable manufacturing worldwide. Heraeus’ modular microwave-powered UV lamp technology is recognized for its stability and long operational life, making it ideal for these demanding applications. Heraeus’ DRF/ DRC lamp systems have been designed specifically for optical fiber, coloring, ribbon, wire and cable manufacturing with the patented back reflector housing. And Heraeus’ VAM mounting systems enable the precise alignment of multiple in-line lamps such as those installed on a fiber drawing tower. Heraeus’ experience in curing systems for the optical fiber and cable industry is unmatched. Heraeus Noblelight GmbH with its headquarters in Hanau and with subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, France, China and Australia, is one of the technology and market leaders in the production of specialty light sources and systems. In 2014, Heraeus Noblelight had an annual turnover of €137.3 million and employed 884 people worldwide. The organization develops, manufactures and markets infrared and ultraviolet emitters, systems and solutions for applications in industrial manufacture, environmental protection, medicine and cosmetics, research, development and analytical measurement techniques.<br /> <br /> Hubei EverFLON Polymer Co., Ltd. 806 <br /> <br /> Hubei EverFLON Polymer Co., Ltd. Belongs to the C&amp;F group, specializing in fluoropolymer investment, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. Our company is located in Hubei Province, Wuhan City, with offices and sales service center in South Korea, the Middle East, Europe and other countries. The company’s main products are Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), Polyfluoroalkoxy (PFA), Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), Ethylenetetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and other fluoropolymer materials, nano powder and tetrafluoroethylene, fluorine plastic, color masterbatch, foaming materials and other high-tech products with deep processing. Our products are widely used in wire and cable, petrochemical,aerospace and fluorocarbon coatings and other areas, widely recognized and welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.<br /> <br /> Huber Engineered Materials 400 <br /> <br /> Wire and cable applications require flame retardance and lowsmoke generation. Huber Engineered Materials offers a broad line of high-performing halogen-free fire retardant additives to exceed the needs of wire and cable compounders and producers. Huber’s expertise is designing and producing alumina trihydrate (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH) flame retardants and smoke suppressants and Kemgard® engineered molybdate compounds to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. Huber’s halogen-free fire retardant additive product brands include Hydral® precipitated ATH; Hymod® surface-treated ATH; Micral® ATH; Vertex® MDH; Zerogen® MDH; and Kemgard flame retardants and smoke suppressants. Hydral precipitated ATH products are designed to have high purity and low conductivity. This allows them to be used in the insulation layer and in jacketing compounds for wires with varying voltage requirements. In jacketing compounds, Micral ultrafine ground ATH can be an economical alternative to precipitated ATH. In wire and cable jacketing applications where a higher processing temperature is necessary, Huber’s Vertex 100 SP and 100 SV surface-treated magnesium hydroxide products are ideal solutions. Zerogen 100 SP is a new magnesium hydroxide product introduced to offer improved mechanical property balance and enhanced electrical and color performance benefits when high temperature wet electrical properties are needed. Especially in high performance wire and cable applications, chemically treated ATH and MDH products offer these advantages compared with untreated products: Improves dispersion uniformity, Higher throughput rates, Enhances flame retardant performance, Increases color stability and Improves physical properties and electrical performance (lower conductivity). Kemgard engineered molybdate compounds are ideal smoke suppressants used for plenum cable jacketing to meet the smoke requirement of UL 910. Huber offers comprehensive and unsurpassed technical guidance and customer service in support of its array of halogen-free flame retardant and smoke suppressant products.<br /> <br /> Stan Kramer , Kevin Ellis, Omar Mureebe, David Reece, Don Mills, John O’Neil <br /> <br /> Huestis Industrial 801 <br /> <br /> The latest generation of Huestis ceramic air wipers come in three body sizes covering the range of 1/16&quot;/ 1.6 mm to 1.25&quot;/ 31.8 mm. They feature a unique first time approach, having the ability of not only replaceable ceramic inserts, but also to change the size or diameter of the air wiper, using the same body. How does it work? The same way our standard units work, except it has a common diameter canal, or cavity, and four individual ceramic inserts per unit. Thus, you can replace a single piece, if need be, as well as change sizes on a limited scale. The purchased size air wiper dictates the common size canal, and changeover diameters can go down in sizes, but not up. So you would purchase the largest diameter size air wiper that you need for your process and work down in size on the ceramic inserts in a given range. Consider the possibilities! By buying extra ceramic inserts, you can changeover air wipers on the fly, saving time and money! And best of all, it is a Huestis air wiper, renown for quality and performance, the world over. Using our superior quality zirconia ceramics, excessive wear, or premature failures, are not a problem. Our ceramic air wipers have been in use in the field over the world since 2010. Many are the first generation with the original ceramic inserts! Want to learn more? For additional information on sizes, and availability, please contact: <br /> <br /> Huntsman International LLC 600 <br /> <br /> Offered are adhesives, coatings, elastomers, dyes, polyurethanes and thermoplastic polyurethanes.<br /> <br /> Inhol B.V. 206 <br /> <br /> Inhol BV/PTL designs a wide range of superior compounds that offer excellent properties and environmental protection. Improved economical use of compounds by application of social science will finally result in a safer world and savings of chemical resources. Today many PTL compounds have been approved by the cable industry by offering non-toxic and noncorrosive zero halogen solutions for extreme performance. For instance PTL-compound RDX 20521 for jackets meets UL 1277 Oil Res. I &amp; II, UL TC rating, UL 1309, FT4, ICEA S 73-532, ICEA S 33-655, IEEE 1202, ER rated (Exposed run), IEC 60754-1, -2 Acid Gas Emissions and so on. RDX 20521 is nonmelting when exposed to flame at high temperatures protecting workers, machines and environment. RDX 20521 offers an economical solution by maximum safety, minimum downtime and longer service life for applications in marine, oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation and mining. Another development is a zero halogen thermoplastic PTL-compound NHFR–M-21013. This jacketing compound is flexible, torsion resistant and meeting UL 1277 Oil Res. I &amp; II. Oil resistance (IRM 902)properties up to 302°F/150°C. This compound complies with UL requirements for a 105°C/221°F jacket. Our classical high grade compounds PTL XL-ETFE RDX 42759 is increasingly in demand to meet specifications like MIL-W-22759 (SAE AS22759), VG 95218 Part 20, 21,22 and 23. Also popular is our radiation cross linkable fluoroelastomeric based compound for high continuous operating temperature (225°C/440°F) and extreme fluid resistant. RDX 4225-JA-F2 compound can be processed as a thermoplastic compound on standard PE or PVC extruder. Typical applications include the automotive, military, aerospace and chemical industry.<br /> <br /> International Wire &amp; Cable Symposium (IWCS, Inc.) 902 <br /> <br /> IWCS, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that provides an international forum for the exchange of information among suppliers, manufacturers and users of technological developments in wires, cables and interconnects for voice, data and video signal transmission. Through a conference venue, IWCS, Inc. is responsible for assembling a program covering materials, processes, products and applications.<br /> <br /> Isotek Corporation-An Isabellenhütte Co. 607 <br /> <br /> Isabellenhütte, located in Dillenburg, Germany, specializes in the production of alloys for internationally standardized thermocouples (also mineral insulated) as well as extension and compensating leads for producing quick cups, connectors and plugs. We also produce resistance wire for heating elements and precision resistors. Solid, stranded and flat wires, strips, foils and rods are also available. Isotek is our North American subsidiary and stocks many items at its warehouse in Swansea, Massachusetts. Precision alloys from Isabellenhütte are used in multiple market segments including the automotive and aerospace industries, petrochemical, process engineering, railway technology as well as in control , temperature measurement and regulation.<br /> <br /> Joe Snee Associates, Inc. 109 <br /> <br /> The company is the Exclusive USA and Canadian Distributor for Pressure Welding Machines (PWM) and is also the New England Representative for BETA LaserMike division of NDC as well as AW Machinery LLC. Showcased on the booth will be a number of working hand held and manual cold pressure welders. PWM’s manual range includes hand-held, bench and trolley-mounted cold welders, with capacities from 0.0039&quot; to 0.141&quot; (0.10 to 3.60 mm) copper and 0.197&quot; (5.00 mm) EC aluminum. The M101, one of PWM’s best-selling machines will be shown and is designed to weld copper wire 0.040&quot; to 0.141&quot; (1.0 to 3.60 mm) and aluminum wire 0.040&quot; to 0.197&quot; (1.00 to 5.00 mm). The M101 is also used to weld profiles and strips for armoring lines. The smaller range BM10 and BM30 cold welders will also be shown. PWM’s handheld M10, M25 and M30 models are for wire from 0.0039&quot; to 0. 071&quot; (0.10 to 1.80 mm), are comfortable to hold and simple to use. From fine wire to semi-automatic rod welders the PWM line offered through Joe Snee Associates is known worldwide for their quality, durability and precision. Visit the PWM website to view videos all of the PWM welders in operation. NDC Technologies is a global provider of precision, noncontact measurement and control solutions for a wide range of industrial applications and are designed to increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs. Their Beta LaserMike products include systems for measurement of Diameter, Capacitance, Eccentricity, Wall Thickness and Non-Contact Length and Speed. BETA Laser- Mike also supplies pre-heaters, spark testers, SRL/FFT, Lay Length and Excess Fiber Length (EFL) systems. AW Machinery supplies complete extrusion lines as well as discrete components from control panels, payoffs, take-ups, flyers, cooling troughs cablers and accumulators. Virtually any piece of equipment used in the production of electrical, communication and fiber optic cables. Information about all products will be available.<br /> <br /> Kolon Industries Inc. 215 <br /> <br /> Kolon Industries focuses on the major business divisions of industrial materials, chemicals and films/electronic materials, and the company has become a leader in each industry. To become a top global chemical and materials company, KOLON Industries, Inc. is planning to globalize its businesses of automotive materials, advanced materials, optical films, chemical and fashion industries by increasing investment in high value products.<br /> <br /> Kuraray America, Inc. 702 <br /> <br /> Kuraray will be presenting their Vectran™ LCP fibers in HT (high strength) and UM (high modulus) grades. LCP fibers are stronger than para-aramids, with superior flex fatigue and abrasion resistance. In addition they have near-zero moisture content, eliminating a frequent cause of blistering during high-speed extrusion of polymer cable jackets. LCP fibers are used in many specialty cable and umbilical applications demanding durability in high stress dynamic end uses. In addition to high performance fibers, Kuraray also produces SeptonTM and HybrarTM thermoplastic elastomers. TPEs and modified blends can be extruded for protection, vibration damping, added grip, and other user-defined attributes. Please contact Forrest Sloan ( for information on Vectran™ fibers and other Kuraray products.<br /> <br /> Lubrizol Corporation, The 612 <br /> <br /> The Lubrizol Corporaiton is one of the largest manufacturers of thermoplastic polyurethane with over 55 years of innovative specialty TPU development. Our innovative products, like Estane® TPU, can help extend product life through excellent abrasion and cut through resistance, high flex life, high and low temperature resistance and flame retardancy.<br /> <br /> Maillefer Extrusion Oy 709 <br /> <br /> IWCS is an important venue for the cable and connectivity industry and we are proud to join the Suppliers’ Exhibition. R&amp;D Director Dr. Mikko Lahti welcomes you to Maillefer’s booth 709 to discuss with the attending specialists about our high-performance and costeffective manufacturing systems for fiber optic cables. It has been a busy year at our new R&amp;D Center in Finland. We have reached the ultra-high speed of 1000 mpm with the new secondary coating line OEL 40///Explore. Secondary coating is the most essential part of the fiber optic cable production process. But by considering the consistent quality of loose tube as a starting point, we were able to develop our offering to also better respond to the other requirements of the fiber optic cable production. Dr. Lahti will be available during the whole conference to discuss the results of his work and the manufacturing solutions currently available. Three different solution levels. OEL 40/Enter: If you are considering to start fiber optic cable manufacturing, our OEL 40/Enter is a quality choice that is in range of start-up investment plans. The line speed reaches up to 300 mpm for jelly filled tubes. OEL 40/Enter is a robust, low maintenance line, with which you get maximum productivity from day one. OEL 40//Extend: If you are interested in a high-speed, flexible secondary coating line, our OEL 40//Extend is a lean and proven solution for you. The line speed reaches up to 500 mpm and it works perfectly with both jelly-filled and dry tubes. The high quality of loose tube is ensured by Excess Fiber Length (EFL) and shrinkage control with the compression caterpillar CCA 1000. OEL 40///Explore: If you prefer ultra-high speed production with the ability to use a variety of materials, you should choose our OEL 40///Explore. The line and its components are fine tuned for high speeds. This includes precise alignment and balancing of all rotating and moving parts. With an output of up to 1000 mpm, the line provides you with jelly filled and dry loose tubes within tight quality tolerances. EFL and shrinkage control with the CCA 1000 compression caterpillar are also included.<br /> <br /> Mikko Lahti, Jari Nykänen, Kari Nieminen <br /> <br /> MasterChem Solutions, Inc. 502 <br /> <br /> Founded in 1979 as Master Adhesives, MasterChem Solutions is the premier provider of adhesives, cleaners, laundry starch, hot melt purge, fiber optic cable filling compounds, other cable compounds and toll manufacturing services. Located in Norcross, GA IWCS 2015™ PREVIEW and serving the southeast USA, MasterChem Solutions can provide a customized chemical solution to fit your needs. Specialties include fiber optic cable filling compounds, adhesives, cleaners, toll manufacturing and hot melt purge.<br /> <br /> Medek &amp; Schoerner GmbH 807 <br /> <br /> Medek &amp; Schörner was established in 1929 by Josef Medek and Gustav Schörner as a mechanical engineering firm. The company has been specializing for more than 50 years in designing and building marking machines for continuously produced goods such as wires, cables, tubing and sections. The Medek &amp; Schörner product range includes a wide variety of marking equipment from simple marking heads to fully automated high-performance systems for use in advanced production lines. For decades now, Medek &amp; Schörner has been a world market leader in cable marking machines and optical fibre processing lines. The only company operating in this market segment, Medek &amp; Schörner covers virtually the entire spectrum of machines for marking cables and processing optical fibres. The product range begins with extremely simple coding machines, and extends all the way to fully automated machines using cutting-edge technology for use in high-speed production lines. The capacity of any system can be significantly increased quickly and easily simply by exchanging individual components. New components from Medek &amp; Schörner are always compatible—even if a system has already been in operation for many years. Thanks to the fact that Medek &amp; Schörner has maintained excellent, close relations with companies in the cable and wire industry right from the word go, the company is always in touch with new requirements, rapidly developing new production concepts and continually im- proving existing systems. At Medek &amp; Schörner we believe that we are acting in our customers' best interests by not compromising our quality for the sake of price. After all, the excellent reputation that we have built up over the course of many decennies is at stake. Today more than ever before, success hinges on your ability to implement new ideas fast. No matter what your line of business, the factors that count are competence, experience, flexibility, motivation and training. Thanks to the fact that Medek &amp; Schörner has maintained excellent, close relations with companies in the cable and wire industry right from the word go, the company is always in touch with new requirements, rapidly developing new production concepts and continually improving existing systems. Thanks to our unrivalled expertise in these fields, our R&amp;D Competence Center and a highly motivated and well trained staff, and our ability to develop solutions to a wide variety of specialized problems fast, at Medek &amp; Schoerner we have become market leaders in cable printing machines and ink coating devices for optical fibers.<br /> <br /> MGS Manufacturing Inc. 402 <br /> <br /> The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems customized to optimize your application. Features include comprehensive design and engineering capabilities, personalized service and ruggedly built machines for decades of reliable and consistent service. The MGS booth display will highlight the wide range of machinery and markets served including Machinery: Payoffs - Takeups - Capstans - Dancers - Accumulator; Twinners - Bunchers - Cablers; Automatic Reel and Coil Packaging - Robotic Handling; Rewind Lines - Air Wipes - Electric Brazers; Measuring Machines - Swage Tools; and Wire and Cable Products, Markets and Industries: Bare-Insulated-Solid-Stranded-Cabled; Aluminum-Copper-Steel-Optical Fiber; LAN -Coaxial- Building- Power-Medical-Electronic; and Automotive-Aircraft-Telephone- Utility-Oil.<br /> <br /> Jim Zampogna, John Dudus, Tom McComiskey <br /> <br /> Miltec UV 602 <br /> <br /> Miltec UV is the leading manufacturer of high-performance UV curing systems used in high-tech market applications including optical fiber, semiconductor, electronics and automotive products. For over 25 years, Miltec UV has provided superior quality systems and service in both domestic and global markets. Miltec UV designs and manufactures alternative UV technologies including microwave and medium-pressure arc powered UV systems as well as parts and components for nearly all UV manufacturers. Miltec UV systems enable customers to achieve more efficient curing with large reductions in operating costs. These high-powered UV systems quite simply outperform the competition where it matters most. Shockingly fast cure speeds are possible given the system’s ability to deliver the highest peak irradiance of UV energy at the focal point, available today. Product Solutions: Our advanced optics with more UV output concentrated at the fiber results in faster line speeds. We provide significant energy and operating savings through efficient design and easy maintenance features. This results in attractive return on investment for new lines or replacing existing UV systems with Miltec UV’s advanced UV technology for Optical Fiber draw, coloring and FRP coating solutions. Product Benefits: Highly qualified team of experienced optical fiber UV specialists; New advanced system designs to reduce energy and operating costs; Patented features with significant performance advantages; R&amp;D lab to provide new processes or improve existing ones; Robust, durable UV equipment that provides consistent UV output; Easy maintenance and exceptional ongoing technical service; Advanced touchscreen controls for easy operator interface; and lower parts costs.<br /> <br /> Nabaltec AG 706 <br /> <br /> Nabaltec exhibits during IWCS Conference in Atlanta and invites participants to Booth 706 to learn more about halogen-free flameretardant product solutions. Nabaltec AG, with a registered office in Schwandorf, a chemicals business which has received multiple awards for innovativeness, manufactures, develops and distributes highly specialized products based on aluminum hydroxide (“ATH”) and aluminum oxide as well as other raw materials, on an industrial scale through its “Functional Fillers” and “Technical Ceramics” divisions. The company’s product range includes halogen-free flame retardant fillers and eco-friendly additives for the plastics industry. Flame-retardant fillers are used, e.g., in cables in tunnels, airports, high-rise buildings and electronic devices, while additives replace stabilizers containing heavy metals in PVC processing. Nabaltec also produces base materials for use in technical ceramics, the refractory industry and catalysis. Unlike halogenated flame retardant fillers, the products manufactured by the company’s “Functional Fillers” division contain no hazardous substances and do not re-quire separate disposal. Rather, the company’s flame-retardant fillers actually decrease the development of fumes hazardous to human health and the environment in the event of fire. Nabaltec IWCS 2015™ PREVIEW maintains production sites in Germany and the USA and continues to consolidate its market position by expanding capacity, further optimizing processes and quality and making strategic extensions to its product range. On the strength of its specialty products, the company strives to attain the market leadership in each segment.<br /> <br /> NDC Technologies 109 <br /> <br /> NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will be presenting its broad range of Beta LaserMike in-process and off-line dimensional monitoring systems for wire and cable at the upcoming IWCS conference (Booth 109). NDC will present the latest LayScan lay length measurement system and most recent DCM ES-2G four-pair LAN/ Data cable testing system. The latest version LayScan accurately and consistently measures the lay length of twisted pairs in data communication cables, such as Cat 5e/6/6a/7a products. It solves scrap, costly rework and productivity loss problems due to manual, time-consuming lay length measurement methods and crosstalk performance issues from lay variations. LayScan can be used to measure the four pairs at the cabler or to measure an individual pair at a twinner to confirm the accuracy of twisted-pair cable construction during production. A data acquisition and control system effectively collects and processes each lay length and enables you to use off-line analysis tools such as trend charts, statistical analysis or FFT analysis to readily observe, measure and report systematic lay variations. The LayScan measures lay lengths up to 25.4 mm at throughput speeds up to 152.4 mpm with a measurement accuracy to within 1 mil on the same twisted pair. The most recent DCM ES-2G testing platform extends the high-frequency measure-ment range to test Cat 5e/6/6a/7/7a cables now up to 2.2 Ghz. This bench-top system is also optimized to test next-generation 40 Gb/s Cat 8 cables. The base unit includes automatic four-pair switching and the baluns needed to interface the cable under test to an external vector network analyzer for fast cable testing. Testing can be performed in less than three minutes. The DCM ES-2G cable testing system is also equipped with innovative technology that eliminates the effect of jacket removal on reflection measurements, such as input impedance and return loss. The heart of the system is the Windows®-based software engine that includes a simple-to-use test program with automatic comparison to the test specification, full test reporting and data management.<br /> <br /> NEPTCO (A Chase Corporation Co.) 100 <br /> <br /> NEPTCO makes a wide range of of flexible and ridgid strength elements with and without water blocking properties for fiber optic cables and multi-ply shielding tape laminates; low-smoke shielding tapes; heatseal and pressure-sensitive coated films and laminates; foilfree edged tapes; screening tapes;separator tapes; barrier/ binder tapes; slit films; printed marker identification tapes; water blocking tapes and yarns; and nonwoven semi-conductive power cable tapes. Brand names include LIGHTLINE, FIBERBUNDLE, FLEXLINE, SoftStrand and InstantDry strength members, and FIREFITE, HIGHDRAW, DiamondBlok, AquaBlok, SLICKTAPE and POWERLINE cable tapes. NEPTCO’s manufacturing facilities are located in Pawtucket RI, USA; Granite Fall and Lenoir NC, USA; and Sozhou China. Sales offices are located throughout the world. NEPTCO also offers contract manufacturing and product design services, with in-house capabilities for coating, laminating, printing, slitting and weaving at its ISO 9001:2000-certified plants.<br /> <br /> OFS 106 <br /> <br /> OFS makes high-performance fibers offering superior performance and reliability. Working with our global cable partners, OFS helps endusers to reach increased capacity for video, voice and data transmission. The industry’s benchmark full spectrum fiber, All- Wave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber, offers increased bandwidth and capacity and the lowest loss in metro/access applications. LaserWave ® Laser-Optimized Multimode Fiber is designed for premises applications up to 100 Gb/s for distances to 550 meters and beyond. TrueWave® REACH is the latest in a series of advanced Nonzero Dispersion Fibers (NZDF) from OFS. For applications with unique requirements beyond ultra-long distance and high speed, OFS Specialty Photonics Division provides added value optical fiber solutions for specialty applications. Our manufacturing and applications expertise benefit from the full technical support of OFS Laboratories, the direct descendant of Bell Labs, with its unmatched reputation for communications technology expertise.<br /> <br /> OptEM Engineering, Inc. 207 <br /> <br /> OptEM Cable Designer is a software tool used to design and model all types of copper cables. In particular, unshielded and shielded twisted-pair, quad, ribbon, subsea umbilical and specialty cables are modeled, as well as flex circuits from DC to 10 Ghz in telecommunication and data transmission applications. OptEM Cable Designer uses hierarchical-design techniques where existing design elements are building blocks (instances) in constructing higher level designs. Built-in libraries of materials (frequency and non-frequency dependent) and object definitions are used in construction and can be easily customized. Objects in the cross section are tagged with properties like core material (conductor or dielectric), color and plating. Each design instance has its own unique position, rotation and lay length properties which provide realistic twisting parameters for individual pairs, bundles, shields and cables. The software uses an EM field solver to analyze high frequency skin and proximity effects in wires, eddy currents in shields and dielectric losses in insulation. Frequency dependent data is also incorporated by identifying variations in material properties at different frequencies. On output the software provides ASCII reports for LRCG parameters, and plots S-parameter data for RL, IL, NEXT, FEXT, ELFEXT, and PS-NEXT and PSFEXT.Enhanced features of the software include importing cable geometry from an Excel spreadsheet that supports custom libraries of wires and strands, and Design Advisor modules Pair Advisor (iteratively calculates conductor and insulate diameters which fulfill a selected standard) and Lay Length Advisor (calculates the lay lengths of a four-pair cable based on assigned design properties).<br /> <br /> Juliusz Poltz, Joan Beckett <br /> <br /> PE.fiberoptics Ltd. 812 <br /> <br /> PE.fiberoptics Ltd. Is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of fiber optic test equipment. Our measurement specialties include chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion (PMD), spectral attenuation, mode field diameter (MFD), cut off wavelength, effective area, fiber length, strain, geometry and curl. All measurements are traceable to international standards and meet TIA and IEC standards.<br /> <br /> Photon Kinetics, Inc. 213 <br /> <br /> Photon Kinetics is a leading supplier of measurement solutions for the optical fiber and cable manufacturing industry. The company offers high-performance optical test instruments as well as fiber handling tools and test automation software that together increase test station productivity and minimize the overall cost of production testing. Offered is the EnvirOTDR cable qualification testing solution. Consisting of an 8000 OTDR and comprehensive automation and analysis software, the EnvirOTDR provides optical cable manufacturers with ability to qualify the mechanical or environmental integrity of their designs with unprecedented 0.004 dB (4-sigma, 40 days) optical loss measurement precision. This capability enables manufacturers to more clearly identify defective cables and will aid in the development of more robust cable designs. Besides delivering ultra-precise optical loss measurements, the EnvirOTDR also facilitates several key aspects of the cable qualification process including test definition, splicing of test samples and control of any optical switches used to distribute test capability to various testing locations. It also supports the integration of customer applications used to control and retrieve data from enviro-mechanical test fixtures such as temperature chambers and tensile test rigs.<br /> <br /> POURTIER &amp; SETIC of America 713 <br /> <br /> POURTIER and SETIC, world leaders in rotating machines for the nonferrous wire and cable industry re-brand their new machine division located in Greensboro, North Carolina. With over 20 years of continuous presence and after several recent major machine installations in the USA, the Gauder Group, Inc. subsidiary now promotes the sales of its POURTIER and SETIC product range under the name “POURTIER &amp; SETIC of America”. This product line includes POURTIER’s successful Rigid Stranders and Drum Twisters for producing low, medium and high-voltage cable and conductor, as well as SETIC’s large and small Double Twist Bunchers, and complete line of machines for the production of LAN and special cable.<br /> <br /> Proton Products International 707 <br /> <br /> At IWCS 2015, Proton Products International will be displaying the full array of instrumentation equipment offered from within its production range for the wire and cable industry. This includes laser Doppler speed and length gauges, single and dual axis laser scanners for measuring and monitoring wire diameter, dual and triple axis solid state diameter gauges with lump and neck detection capability, high frequency induction preheating systems for wire and cable conductor applications, high-frequency spark testers, capacitance gauges and process control systems. With over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing instrumentation and process control products, the Proton Products team provides the most advanced technology at affordable prices.<br /> <br /> PWM 109 <br /> <br /> See Joe Snee Associates.<br /> <br /> ROBLON A/S 808 <br /> <br /> Focusing on cable-making machinery and industrial yarns for ca- bles, Roblon is a total solution supplier to the OFC market—both in regards to fibre materials (yarns and strength members) and cable machines. New Roblon products: New Roblon Water-swellable Yarns-focus on improved qualities: Roblon now introduces a new family of Water-swellable Yarns, also offering the very fine yarns from 167 dtex for fully dry cable designs with gel-free buffer tubes. We have focused on fast and high swelling properties, not allowing any dust from processing these yarns. Please contact us for more information.New Anti-rodent Yarns-focus on non-metallic solutions: Roblon is now promoting our specially coated glass yarns for Antirodent cable design. By using a tough coating plus an Anti-rodent additive, we offer a very good and cost efficient nonmetallic solution, which at the same time is strong, but still allowing a flexible cable design. Roblon Precision Coiling Unit (PCU)-focus on safety and perfect winding: Roblon PCU replaces the need for manual guiding of the cable on the take-up drum, and it offers 100 % automatic precision winding at high speed, which also eliminates many safety issues.It can be used directly in the production line or as part of a rewinding line, and the material is positioned perfectly, which reduces risk of cable damages from crossings and gives longer lengths per reel and a higher payoff speed of the cable during installation and use. Roblon Quick Adapter-ocus on reduction of downtime and optimal bobbin fixing: Based on pneumatics, the Roblon Quick Adapter enables a quick and safe change of bobbins, and the result is a dramatic reduction of down time. The handling is ergonomic and the optimal fixing of the bobbin increases production speed and minimizes vibrations.<br /> <br /> Find Roblon at the IWCS Conference at stand 808.<br /> Earl Seagrave, Uffe Pedersen <br /> <br /> Rosendahl Nextrom USA Inc. 606 <br /> <br /> Over the past months, Rosendahl and Nextrom have focused strongly on extrusion materials with special demands and on advanced manufacturing technology. Cable manufacturing which requires the processing of high-temperature materials (PEEK, PI and Fluoro-Polymers such as FEP, PFA, X-ETFE) have been further developed and show outstanding results, which are going to be presented during this year’s IWCS in Atlanta, Georgia. Visitors will learn about our optical fiber manufacturing solutions, our new high-performance secondary coating line, geared up to 1000 mpm as well as our extrusion and crosshead technology. Rosendahl and Nextrom are the leading global suppliers of production technologies for cable, wire and optical fiber. Our core competencies include extrusion, SZ-stranding, corrugation, optical glass making, fiber drawing, fiber UV-coating, ribbon making and proof testing. From first contact onwards, we provide customized high-quality solutions and personal support to make sure you achieve the best results. Our team at the fair will be happy to help with your queries. See you at IWCS 2015!<br /> <br /> Saco Polymers 815 <br /> <br /> Offered are Pexidan® moisture crosslinkable polyolefin compounds, pipe and tubing products, low-voltage wire insulation pthermoplastic compounds, thermoplastic jacketing compounds for wire and cable, tolling and specialty compounding.<br /> <br /> Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics 413 <br /> <br /> Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is the world’s leading producer of engineered high-performance polymer products enabling the most demanding applications in virtually every major industry. The Tapes business of Saint-Gobain is the leader of electrical insulation tapes for the most extreme electrical, temperature, mechanical and chemical resistance demands in wire and cable applications. Saint-Gobain’s FluoroWrap™ Electrical Insulation tapes portfolio includes extruded PTFE, skived PTFE, polyimide and composite films with functional layers for optimized performance. Saint-Gobain has a global footprint with regional teams to support customers locally in the aerospace, electronics, military, oil and gas, medical, instrumentation, robotics and telecommunications markets.<br /> <br /> S&amp;E Specialty Polymers 609 <br /> <br /> S&amp;E is a premier specialty plastic compounder. Custom compounds developed by the professional R&amp;D staff are used in the automotive, wire/cable, battery and footwear industries, and in generalpurpose applications. We specialize in flame-retardant polyolefins, high flame-retardant low-smoke PVC Plenum and zero-halogen high flame-retardant plastic compounds. In addition to our highly developed chemical characteristics, S&amp;E has become a leading producer of compounds requiring exacting color match requirements.<br /> <br /> Shanghai KECHEN Wire &amp; Cable Machinery Co. Ltd. 113 <br /> <br /> Shanghai KECHEN Wire &amp; Cable Machinery Co., Ltd., was spun off as a separate entity in 1999 from the R&amp;D dept. of specialpurpose machinery of CETC23 (No.23 Research Institute of China Electronics and Technology Group Corporation. KC Machine focused for 50 years on design, manufacture and sales of telecom cable equipments. As the China local leader in wire and cable machinery industry, KC Machine offers a comprehensive range of products including, Extrusion Lines: RF/CATV Coaxial Cable Skin-foamskin Physical Foaming Extrusion Line; LAN/QSFR/HDMI/Mini Coaxial Cable PE Solid-Stripe Insulation Tandem Extrusion Line; LAN Cable FEP/PFA Solid Insulation Tandem Extrusion Line; Sheathing Extrusion Line for RF/Leaky Coaxial/LAN/Mini Coaxial/ Railway Signal Cable; FEP/X-ETFE High Temperature Extrusion Line; Building Wire Insulation Extrusion Line; Control Cable/ Electric Wire High Speed Cable Core Insulation Extrusion Line; In-door and out-door optical cable production lines. Cabling Lines: Triple/Double/Single Twist Cables; Back Twist Payoffs. Welding/ Corrugating Lines: For 25, 50, 90, 150 and 200 mm diameter products.Auxiliary Equipments; Payoffs/Takeups; Dancers/Accumulators; Water Troughs; Capstans. On 2014 Dusseldorf, we are honored to particularly introduce to all cable makers worldwide our new and upgraded PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation extrusion tandem line, dryer/micro loose tube secondary coating line and FTTX Premise Optical Cable Extrusion Line. PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation line can cover widest product range of LAN cable cat. 5, 5e, 6 and 7, mini coaxial cable, USB 3.0, HDMI, INFINI BAND cable, QSFR, etc., with the skin-foam-skin triple-layer cores. Dry/micro loose tube secondary coating line is used for production of normal or dry/micro loose tube and the extrusion material is PBT or modified PP. The standard configuration of all these lines includes international brand including SIEMENS/Allen Bradley control system, SIKORA online testers, MICRODIA crosshead, Zambello/SEW gear box, SKF/NSK bearing, etc. to ensure high quality production. We take advantage of talented HR and information exchange of Shanghai, maintain the tradition of innovation while focus on cable process requirement in procedure of design, manufacturing, quality control, etc., so as to constantly meet the demands brought about by the swift development of communication industry.<br /> <br /> Shenzhen Delifeng Trading Company Ltd. 412 <br /> <br /> Shenzhen Delifeng Trading is an agency, trading, consulting and sourcing in Chinese wire and cable industry. Shenzhen Delifeng Trading is representing equipment and materials from the best Chinese manufacturers. And Shenzhen Delifeng Trading Co., Ltd. Is cooperating with overseas firms on exploring the China market.<br /> <br /> SIKORA International Corp. 208 <br /> <br /> SIKORA will be presenting a broad product range of measuring and control and inspection and sorting technology for quality control and cost savings at the wire and cable production. Offered are the PURITY SCANNER: 100% Pellet inspection. One highlight at SIKORA’s booth is the PURITY SCANNER. The PURITY SCANNER is a system for the on-line inspection and sorting of plastic pellets used for the insulation of medium, high and extrahigh- voltage cables. Contaminated pellets are detected and sorted out, assuring that only pure pellets get into the extrusion process. The pellet inspection allows the detection of organic and metallic contamination inside the pellet as well as on the pellet surface, using a special combination of X-ray technology and an optical system. The smallest detectable particle size is 50 µm at a flow rate of up to 2000 kg/h. FIBER Series 6000: Quality control of optical fibers in the drawing tower The FIBER Series 6000 from SIKORA is sophisticated equipment for continuous online quality control of optical fibers in the drawing tower. The FIBER LASER 6003 measures the diameter of uncoated and coated fibers. Depending on its point of installation, it provides information on the position, vibration frequency, tension and spinning. The measuring principle ensures an accuracy of ±0.05 µm. For the detection of airlines, SIKORA offers the FIBER LASER 6003 AIRLINE. In addition, the gauge heads provide information on concentricity and temperature of the optical fiber. The newly developed FIBER LUMP 6003 MICRO detects lumps and neckdowns on the optical fiber surface to 100%. This is the result of the integration of six measuring axes. Shadow areas are eliminated and even the smallest faults from 5 µm height and 50 µm length are reliably detected. LASER Series 2000: Classic diameter measurement. SIKORA also showcases its successful classic LASER Series 2000 for diameter measurement in 2 or 3 planes. Directly integrated in the production line the gauge heads are characterized by precision, reliability and functionality. There are more than 10,000 SIKORA diameter gauges installed in production lines worldwide and ensure a continuous online quality control. The outstanding feature of the non-contact measuring technology is the extremely high single value precision, which is an important aspect for the calculation of the standard deviation. The short exposure time assures reliable readings at all common line speeds. Product vibrations have no influence on the measurement. There are no guide rollers needed. The gauge heads of the LASER Series 2000 are free from moving parts and have a nearly unlimited life cycle. Even after years of operation the devices measure as precise as on the first day of delivery. Due to the optical measuring principle without any moving parts, the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of this series is 15 years. Calibration or maintenance procedures are not necessary. Other technological highlights. SIKORA presents furthermore the CENTERVIEW 8000e, which measures eccentricity, diameter and ovality of coaxial cables, LAN cables as well as automotive and installation cables. Optionally integrated in the CENTERVIEW 8000e is a 7&quot; TFT monitor, which displays production data. The operation is intuitive and menu-driven via touch screen. For continuous quality control in cable production lines lump detectors are just as essential as diameter measuring devices and spark testers. SIKORA also offers the LUMP 2000 that detects the smallest lumps and neckdowns on the product surface precisely and with high reliability at all common line speeds.<br /> <br /> Stewart Group 715 <br /> <br /> The Stewart Group processes and distributes superabsorbent polymers for a variety of water blocking and absorbing applications. We manufacture superabsorbent polymers for the wire and cable industry which protects the interior of a cable from water. Our powders provide the outstanding performance our customers demand. Stewart Superabsorbents provides custom milling, blending, sieving and packaging services in our temperature and humidity controlled facilities. We work with our customers to design new and novel approaches to application projects. Info-Gel is our global manufacturer of high-quality filling gels that protect optical cables. Compatible with all types of buffer tube and fibre coating polymers, Info-Gel meets the exacting standards required by manufacturers. With three production facilities and two pilot plants dedicated to research and development located on three continents, Info-Gel delivers production flexibility and customer security of supply. Whether mass produced or very specialized—Info-Gel has a range of products that cover all needs.<br /> <br /> Syston Cable Technology Corp. (SCT) 800 <br /> <br /> Syston Cable manufactures a complete portfolio of high quality Network Cables, Coaxial Cables, Multi-Conductor Security and Control Cables, Home Theater Audio Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, HVAC &amp; Thermostat Cables, Irrigation, Tracer and Lighting Cables, Access Control, and Multimedia Cables etc. All the cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge sizes, shielding and outdoor configurations and jacketing materials including plenum, riser and general purpose. Application for these cables include Voice and Data, Networking, CATV, CCTV, Audio, Security, Fire, Temperature Control, Underground Irrigation and Lighting and Access Control etc. Our manufacturing facilities are certified to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 standard. These standards assure that our business process is being implemented to ensure efficiency, quality, safety and continuous improvement. We offer a lifetime warranty for performance and quality. All of our products are 100% tested for defects and electrical performance per UL &amp; ETL standards. Each product requires detailed specifica tions and strict raw material selection by engineers, followed by professional production management in the plant and in-process and final quality control inspection and testing. Our cables are manufactured with innovative equipment and technology from our state-of-the-art facility and to the highest quality standards and are recommended to ensure optimum system performance. At Syston Cable Technology Corporation, we value our customers and uphold a high-level of integrity, professionalism for our company and for our products as well. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product while maintaining cost efficiency around the globe. Our mission is to make a larger global impact by significantly expanding our reach and customer base across North America and South America. Syston is committed to maintaining values that shape the way we do business. Our top priority is upholding our responsibilities to our customers, vendors, Syston associates and to the communities we serve around the globe.<br /> <br /> Technical Marketing Services 200 <br /> <br /> Technical Marketing Services booth will have AESA Cortaillod, Technical Development Corporation and Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH exhibiting.<br /> <br /> Teknor Apex Company 407 <br /> <br /> Fireguard® compounds now incorporate improved flame-retardant and smoke suppressant formulations. New flame-retardant (FR) and smoke suppressant technologies have enhanced the performance of wire and cable compounds that are already the leading PVC-based low-flame/low-smoke products for plenum applications, it was announced recently by Teknor Apex Company, which will introduce the products at IWCS 2015 in booth 407. Four new grades in the Fireguard line of plenum cable compounds exhibit oxygen indices from 49% to 51.5%. Shore C hardness levels range from 80 to 90. See table for property data. The new grades are: Fireguard 910A- 72-NL for jacketing “hybrid” insulation in Category 5e and Category 6 unshielded plenum cables; Fireguard 910A-76-NL for jacketing “hybrid” insulation in Category 5e and Category 6 shielded plenum cables; Fireguard 910A-79-NL for jacketing of RG6 coaxial cable; and Fireguard 910A-80 UVF-NL for jacketing of indoor/ outdoor fiber optic distribution cables. “In NFPA 262 flame tests, these new compounds generate lower levels of smoke and flame spread than any generically similar compound in the marketplace,” said Mike Patel, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex. “They require no special equipment to process and can be extruded at the same high rates as standard Fireguard compounds.” Teknor Apex Company, a privately held firm founded in 1924, is one of the world’s leading custom compounders of plastics. Teknor Apex produces flexible and rigid vinyl, thermoplastic elastomers, nylons, color masterbatches, specialty chemicals and hoses. The company is headquartered in Pawtucket, RI, U.S.A. and operates thirteen facilities worldwide in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, China and Singapore. The Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex Company is a leading manufacturer of compounds based on PVC, including Apex® flexible and rigid vinyl, Flexalloy® vinyl elastomers, Fireguard ® low-flame, low-smoke compounds for wire and cable, and BioVinyl™ compounds with bio-based plasticizer. The Division is an international supplier to the appliance, automotive, construction, medical device, wire and cable, and other industries.<br /> <br /> Tensor Machinery Ltd. 615 <br /> <br /> Tensor Machinery is a designer and builder of process equipment for the wire and cable industry and is celebrating over 30 years of service to our customers. Tensor provides a wide range of equipment to manufacture both fiber optic and copper cables including individual pieces of equipment to complete turnkey manufacturing lines. Our typical products include UV Coloring lines, Ribbon Fiber manufacturing, SZ and Planetary Stranding, Payoffs and Takeups, Tape Armoring, Yarn Serving and complete Jacketing lines for Indoor and Outdoor cable products. The Tensor equipment uses the latest in mechanical, electrical and electronic technology and is engineered to withstand the daily demand placed on it by production. At the IWCS show in Atlanta, we will have literature and videos available at our booth. We are looking forward to discussing any projects that you may have. Please visit us at Booth 615.<br /> <br /> Thermoplastics Engineering Corp. 809 <br /> <br /> Wire/cable custom machinery is offered by the firm including payoffs, take-ups, cablers, vertical and horizontal extruders, neutralizing lines. <br /> <br /> T &amp; T Marketing 401 <br /> <br /> T &amp; T Marketing is a single source distributor to wire and cable manufacturers. T &amp; T represents 13 unique suppliers and offers a range of products including: PVC, Polyethylene, TPU, TPE, Santoprene ™, Fluoropolymers, EVA, CPE, Flooding and Filling Waterblocking Compounds, EPDM, Tapes, Copper Conductors, LSZH Compounds and Nylon. T &amp; T not only offers a variety of products, but also provides technical service. T &amp; T’s polymer testing lab facility is designed to support customer processing needs and provide analysis of wire samples and screenpacks. T &amp; T lab technicians also perform research and development work to meet specific customer needs. In addition to having a presence on the exhibit floor, T &amp; T will also be taking part in a technical presentation. At this year’s conference, T &amp; T’s Technical Director, Paul Lorigan, will be presenting a paper entitled “Quantification of the Flexibility of Flame Retardant Insulation and Jacket Materials When Designing Wire &amp; Cable Products.” When selecting wire and cable insulation and jacket materials for flexible constructions, design engineers typically seek softer materials. The softness or hardness is most often quantified by Durometer Testing in the Shore A scale. Although there is good correlation between hardness and flexibility with unfilled nonflameretardant materials, there is less correlation as flame-retardant fillers are added to flexible polymers. Certain jacket materials can be indistinguishable in hardness but drastically different in their actual flexibility. Lorigan’s paper reviews the ASTM procedure for hardness testing and proposes the use of various flexural moduli as a better method to quantify flexibility. T &amp; T invites attendees to stop by the company booth to meet with representatives and learn more about T &amp; T and the products it supplies.<br /> <br /> Unigel Inc. 601 <br /> <br /> Gel materials for wire and cable.<br /> <br /> Unitape USA LLC 603 <br /> <br /> Tape products for wire and cable.<br /> <br /> WCISA® Wire &amp; Cable Industry Suppliers Association® 115 <br /> <br /> WCISA® is a nonprofit association of North American suppliers of machinery, materials, accessories and controls used for making all types of wire and cable.Mike McNulty <br /> <br /> Weber &amp; Scher Mfg. Co., Inc. / AFA Industries 707 <br /> <br /> At IWCS 2015, Weber &amp; Scher Mfg. Co., Inc., will be celebrating its 100 year anniversary. The company was established in 1915 by Mr. George Scher and has spanned over three generations to become one of the leading equipment suppliers to the wire and cable industry worldwide. The Weber &amp; Scher production program includes metal shielding/armoring tape handling and splicing equipment as well as longitudinal forming equipment for smooth and corrugated metal tape, the technology of which was developed by Mr. George Scher in the early 1940s. In addition, evolving over the years, Weber &amp; Scher has become a leading supplier of core wrap tape handling and applicating equipment; concentric and eccentric binding and taping machines, Kevlar serving equipment; cable core pressure filling and flooding equipment for optical fiber cables and copper telephone cables; metal tape overlap seam bonding systems; multi-position tension controlled supply equipment, high speed rewind/ repair equipment, belt wrap type capstans, linear belt type caterpillar capstans, vertical and horizontal cable accumulators and cable payoffs/take-ups. Within the last 15 years, Weber &amp; Scher has become the leading supplier of welded metal tape sheathing systems (see attached photo). Our unique INDUCTOWELD and GATWELD technology and systems are being utilized for the continuous seam welded metal tape sheathing of power cables as well as coaxial cables, RF cables and optical fiber cables. Corrugating systems are available for imparting either a helical or annular corrugation in the welded metal sheath.<br /> <br /> Web Industries, Inc. 306 <br /> <br /> Leading manufacturers turn to Web Industries for innovative customized wire and cable components. They trust Web’s ability to develop and deliver unique binders, fillers and signal isolation tapes designed to exceed specification and help their products stand out in the marketplace. Web’s Superbulk® polypropylene cable fillers are lighter, stronger and safer than traditional alternatives and can be formulated for specifi c engineering and production requirements. Designed to meet strict military, transportation and energy industry needs, FR Superbulk® and ZHFR Superbulk® cable fillers can be used alone or with other materials to add cost-effective flame-retardant properties to mission-critical cables. Currently used in NAVSEA-approved products, ZHFR Superbulk® offers outstanding flame retardancy with zero-halogen, zero-acid gas, low smoke/fuel density performance. Web also offers a wide range of specialized products and services to the power/energy, datacom, telecom and control cable markets including precision-tuned signal isolation tapes, customized cable binders and specialty film formulation, extrusion, laminating and converting.<br /> <br /> Windak Inc. 314 <br /> <br /> Windak Inc. will participate at IWCS 2015 in Atlanta, GA, USA. All visitors are welcome in our booth number 314. Windak continues to be one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent material handling and cable packaging solutions with more than 20 years of experience in wire, cable and automotive industries with offices in Sweden, USA, Australia and Estonia. Windak packaging equipment includes automatic Coilers and Spoolers, Payoffs and Take-ups, Rewind lines, Palletizing and Pallet handling systems. At IWCS 2015, we will introduce information of one of the best machines as Auto Reeler AR24. These machines developed by using high quality technologies and solutions. The Auto Reeler AR24 is a fully automatic reeler developed for automatic packaging of cable and wire products on spools or reels between 298 to 609 mm (11. 75&quot; to 24&quot;) in overall diameter. It can be run both in line (direct connection with Extruder) and off line and loads and unloads the empty reels automatically and includes stretch wrapping of spool to contain the cut end. The output of the machine is two reels per minute! It requires minimal floor space, and when combined with the integrated palletizer, makes a complete automatic spooling line with a short investment payback. Our qualifi ed members will also present you our latest technical solutions and full range of products as payoffs, take-ups, coilers, spoolers, accumulators and palletizers. Be productive and save with Windak’s intelligent solutions! IWCS conference is an interesting tradeshow for us and wire industry, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our booth 314.<br /> <br /> Wire Association International 315 <br /> <br /> Exhibiting info and a floor plan for WAI Operations Summit &amp; Wire Expo, June 8 to 9, 2016, at the Mohegan Sun Resort Center, Uncasville, CT, USA. Also, the Association’s publications, products and services including WJI; the WJI 2016 Reference Guide; WIRE BULLETIN; technical books, reports, WAI membership, chapter network and more.<br /> <br /> Bob Xeller, Mark Marselli <br /> <br /> Wire &amp; Cable ASIA 414 <br /> <br /> Wire &amp; Cable ASIA is published six times per year in both English and Chinese languages. It is a leading wire and cable trade magazine available in both print and digital versions. Wire &amp; Cable ASIA has a closely controlled international circulation across the wire and cable industry in north and southeast Asia, effectively penetrating the Chinese speaking markets. Every issue of Wire &amp; Cable ASIA contains the latest wire and cable corporate news from around the globe, reports on new technological developments, new machinery and equipment for the production and processing of wires, cable and fibre optics, regular topical feature sections covering information about wire, cable, fiber optic production and processing, detailed information on the major international wire and cable trade fairs, as well as in-depth technical articles by world renowned authors and industry specialists.<br /> <br /> Wire &amp; Cable Technology International 115 <br /> <br /> The Official Magazine of the IWCS Conference™, Wire &amp; Cable Technology International is a leading worldwide technical magazine, covering the production, processing and use of communications, electrical and mechanical wire and cable. The magazine is published six times per year, in both print and digital editions, and it is distributed to wire and cable industry professionals in more than 100 countries. Additional publications include the Buyer’s Guide and the OVERVIEW newsletter.<br /> <br /> Mike Dies, Tom Hutchinson, Mike McNulty <br /> <br /> wiredInUSA 414 <br /> <br /> wiredInUSA is a trusted digital source of news and information, read every month by thousands of wire and cable professionals across America. The ezine covers stories from across the Americas, as well as specific sections on Europe, Asia, new products and developments, as well as news from the industry’s largest corporate trade association in the world, the International Wire and Machinery Association.<br /> <br /> Wire &amp; Plastic Machinery Corp. 307 <br /> <br /> With over 30,000 items of machinery in stock and eight warehouses, Wire &amp; Plastic Machinery Corp. is the largest suppliers of used wire and cable equipment in the world. Wire &amp; Plastic Machinery Corp. is actively engaged in purchasing high-quality used equipment for stock to offer its customers a one stop selection. The equipment is sold either in its original state or after mechanical and electrical refurbishing to today’s standards. A wide range of equipment is available for producing almost all cable types such as fiber optic, low-voltage cables, data cable, automotive and specialized electrical cables.<br /> <br /> Rick Narang, Rishi Narang, David Forber <br /> <br /> Wire World Internet 514 <br /> <br /> Wire World is a global internet portal for wire and cable industry suppliers. With weekly industry news, events, products and a full range of suppliers listed—Wire World has become synonymous with wire and cable online search. Ranging from spools, machinery, wear parts, consumables, compounds, lubricants, dies, and much more, you can find what your company is searching for in one easy step—log in today!<br /> <br /> Wonderful Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. 214 <br /> <br /> Since our established in 1978, Wonderful Hi-Tech has grown rapidly and become one of the leading manufacturers and providers of electronic wire and cable in Taiwan. In our second stage of development electronic during years from 1995 to 2000, we devoted ourselves to making advancements in the area of LAN Cable and RF Coaxial cable technology. Moreover, in the year 2007, we obtained Cat. 6A (10G) certification, providing again that Wonderful Hi-Tech has become one of the best international cable suppliers. Wonderful has completed series products, and hundreds of them have been certified by international security regulations. We serve you with the highest sincerity, by improving the quality of our production, developing new products, so as to prosper and grow with you.<br /> <br /> Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Company Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) 712 <br /> <br /> Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Company Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) is a high-tech company that is dedicated to production, research and development of optical fibers and cables, which is the largest company of its kind in China. Being equipped with the stateof- the-art in technologies, YOFC is capable of offering its customers a complete stock of fibers and cables including bend-insensitive SM fiber (EasyBand®), LWP SM fiber (Fullband®), NZDS fiber, MM fibers (50 µm, 62.5 µm), high bite-rate MM fibers for 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s, loose-tube stranded cable, central tube cable, slotted core ribbon cable, etc. In addition, YOFC also produces speciality fibers suitable to communications, medical treatment, industry and military such as dispersion compensation fiber, coupling fiber, polarization maintaining fiber, large core laser transmission fiber and so on. YOFC has not only supplied products to all provinces of China, but the company has also extended its markets into the USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Europe and Middle East.<br /> <br /> Zumbach Electronics Corporation 513 <br /> <br /> Extensive range of measurement and control solutions from rod mill to wire drawing to wire insulating and finally to jacketing. Offered is technology using light-section measurement principle (Profilemaster PMM 30) to measure shape and dimension of precision shaped (nonround) wires and camera-based fault detection systems to detect surface defects/inclusions (Simac 63) in round wires and cables. Additional equipment includes ODAC® laser diameter scanners; WALLMASTER® ultrasonic wall thickness measurement and control system; ODEX® laser/magnetic non-contact concentricity gauge; ZUMBACH/WST preheaters and temperature sensors; CAPAC Capacitance measurement systems; and FFT/SRL measurement/prediction systems.<br />

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