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SEPTEMBER 2015 TM LOCATIONS 515-545-3145 515-542-3221 515-325-6252 712-433-2490 515-379-1754 515-546-4265 Correctionville 712-372-4433 Duncombe 515-543-4245 Fort Dodge 515-955-2040 Glidden 712-659-2227 Hornick 712-874-3211 Humboldt 515-332-3374 Knierim 515-463-2331 Knoke 712-468-2893 Lanesboro 712-656-2225 Lanyon 515-879-2711 Lidderdale 712-822-5211 Lohrville 712-465-3145 LuVerne 515-882-3221 Mapleton 712-881-1490 MAPS 515-955-9030 Onawa 712-433-1575 Otho 515-972-4471 Palmer 712-359-2294 Pierson 712-375-5611 Pomeroy 712-468-2222 Rands 712-297-7579 Roelyn 515-549-3316 Sloan 712-428-3331 Turin 712-353-6336 Vincent 515-356-4185 Washta 712-447-6136 Whiting 712-458-2451 Woolstock 515-839-5531 Badger Barnum Blairsburg Blencoe Bode Clare CHANGING FOR THE FUTURE It has been a very busy summer for NEW Cooperative. In a vote counted at the end of April, our friends at Western Iowa Cooperative chose to unify with NEW Cooperative. Those members overwhelmingly voted in favor of this uni fi cation, based on the recommendation of their board of directors. As of September 1, members of Western Iowa Cooperative will be represented as voting district 4 in the By Brent Bunte combined NEW Cooperative voting district structure. Former districts 1 and 4 will be combined into district 1. As your cooperative grows, it has very important to have representation on the board from all areas. These new voting districts will ensure that will continue. We would like to welcome all of our new members and customers! We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve you and continually fi nding ways to add value to your farming operations. The merged company will continue to be a part of your communities and further develop relationships that you can trust. Over the past year, your Board of Directors has approved a record amount of capital expenditures for both the current and upcoming fi scal years. We are looking forward to new and updated facilities and enhancing the level of service and value we bring to our members and customers. We have faith that these expenditures are the right direction for NEW Cooperative at this time. Harvest time is quickly approaching for the NEW Cooperative territory. Our employees are working diligently to prepare our equipment and facilities for maximum ef fi ciency during these next busy weeks. To our Rowan area members and customers-the new grain facilities will be open and ready to take grain this fall. Welcome Western Iowa Cooperative Members! YOUR PARTNER IN THE FIELD MEETING WITH THE MANAGER

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