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C OUNTY LINES GET T O KNO W Words of Wisdom from 91-year-old Gladys Lipton Interview by Molly Golubcow • Photograph by Bill Kamenjar Like Colonel Sanders, Grandma Moses and Edmund Dolye, Gladys Lipton has a lot to give past the age of 65. She is smart, fun, energetic and witty, and it is impossible to meet her and not be impressed by her vigor, curiosity and touch of mischievousness. Her entrée into mixed media art reflects her personality in form, color and feeling and let’s you know that at 91 – like her art – she is bold and confident. “My personal trainer yells at me to slow down on the elliptical.” progress. Lipton recently started working with a personal trainer – weights and elliptical. She likes the elliptical because the stationary bike is “too boring.” Her goal is to “get more energetic” so she works to improve her breathing and tone her muscles. Like her art, it is impossible to look at Lipton and not see unusual vibrancy, energy and a dash of fun. “Uncomfortable and a little scared is not always a bad thing.” Typically, Lipton begins her day doing warm-up exercises in bed to limber up body, mind and soul. She likes to start her day with a shower and breakfast, but sometimes her art calls her first and she adds a shape or two or an extra layer of color to a work in Lipton is not afraid to challenge herself. She says putting herself in an uncomfortable situation is good because it “helps you grow and propel yourself into bigger and better things.” Her art allows her to “express herself viscerally, choosing colors that appear to clash in order to create something that is 14 // April/May 2015

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