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&#1a;&#1e;`LHYVSK*VSVTIPHUIVYU conductor Andrés Franco stays home studying scores and sipping French-press coffee, his evenings spent cooking with wife Victoria Luperi, principal clarinetist of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Other days, Franco is on the run, conducting a concert in the afternoon HUKÅ`PUN[VJVUK\J[HYLOLHYZHSPUHUV[OLYZ[H[LQ\Z[OV\YZSH[LY(M[LYÄ]L`LHYZHZHZZVJPH[LJVUK\J[VY VM[OL->:6
HUKOLOHZILLUUHTLKHÄUHSPZ[MVYT\ZPJKPYLJ[VY of the Signature Symphony in Tulsa. He’s also principal conductor of Caminos del Inka, a Latin American music project helmed by his mentor, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, and is artistic director of Concerts in the Garden. We caught up with him as he was preparing to make his symphonic series debut with the FWSO. X 360 West >OH[»Z[OLZPNUPÄJHUJLVM[OPZKLI\[& Andrés Franco Orchestras are very particular about who they invite to conduct their symphonic series; these concerts are the spine of what Z`TWOVU`VYJOLZ[YHZKV·NYLH[JSHZZPJHST\ZPJH[ the highest level. That they invited me to participate in this series gives me great pride; conducting in the same series as Miguel and so many other great conductors, that’s an honor. before, you always go back and study again. It’s UV[[OH[P[OHZJOHUNLK·P[»Z[OH[`V\»]LJOHUNLK Z 360 What do you want the audience to know about the Appalachian Spring program? Franco The three pieces were written at almost [OLZHTL[PTL·PU[OL &#1b;Z·I\[[OL`HYLZV different. Appalachian Spring is one of the best-known American compositions; the use of “Simple Gifts” as one of its central themes makes you recognize it. The Barber Violin Concerto is another famous work that speaks to people; we’ll have this very talented young violinist, Simone Porter; she’s only 17. With Shostakovich 9, you can take the T\ZPJMVY^OH[P[ZLLTZ[VILVU[OLZ\YMHJL·VY knowing that this one got him in trouble. The war had ended, they expected this huge triumphal symphony to honor Stalin, and Shostakovich comes out with one of his shortest symphonies, 5 QUESTIONS WITH ANDRÉS FRANCO Y 360 How are you preparing? Franco You need to learn the music, but the notes on the page don’t give you everything. I just found a recording of Copland rehearsing Appalachian Spring, and it’s very interesting to hear him speak, to know what he wanted. Appalachian Spring was a ballet written for Martha Graham; I just got a video to see what kind of movement it was originally intended for. Even if you’ve conducted a piece Photo by James Korn


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