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Hospitality Focus: Technology Automated Response How Hotels Are Better Catering to Personal Preferences By Dees Stribling Like the jump to key cards or the introduc-tion of the reservation system, today’s hotel technology is about to take another great leap forward. Various technologies are both improving the guest experience and making behind-the-scenes activities at the properties more efficient. One example fits in the palm of your hand: “For new hotels, guest-activated rooms are a given,” said Jason Dardis, a principal in the Seattle office of architecture and engineering firm DLR Group. “Key card-activated rooms are typical in Europe and now are coming to major cities in the United States.” Or in not-so-major cities. At the Fairfield Inn & Suites in East Peoria, Ill., owner EM Properties recently had Act On Energy install a system in which an illuminated key card slot replaces a standard light switch near the door. To turn the lights on, the guest inserts the room key in the slot and leaves it there. As an added measure, the room thermostat is linked wirelessly with the key card-activated lighting system. The HVAC The Takeaway ✔ Soon, your cellphone will become your key card. ✔ Upgraded communications systems will improve wireless connectivity. ✔ Business software integration is top of mind. only operates when the room is occupied. But this is only a partial step forward. Soon, key cards will evolve beyond this slip of plas-tic. “In the near future, your phone will be your key card,” Dardis revealed. “Once checked in Clear Communications (typical indoor distributed network installation) Source: ExteNet Systems Inc. 42 October 2014 | Commercial Property Executive

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