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Savoring Simplicity: One Family’s Paleo Lifestyle iet. It’s the four-letter word that creates crazed eating habits, binges, and just plain mania. What most do not understand is that diet is not necessarily a word to describe the fads and meal plans that seem to be taking over mainstream media and our lives. Diet is what we eat on a daily basis—whether good or bad. I had the opportunity to discuss this misunderstood word (diet) with Shannon and Zach Jex, a health-conscious set of parents trying to set a good example for their young kiddos. Zach explained, “To start, I think it’s important to note that although our ‘diet’ has changed, we don’t consider how we’re eating ‘a diet’. It’s not like a juice cleanse, Atkins, or something else, which can be unhealthy to your body. The premise is to feed your body natural, wholesome, unprocessed foods and get rid of foods that have anti-nutrients that harm your body without you really knowing it.” The Jex family is following the strict plan of the Paleo diet, which is “based on the idea that people go back to eating what our Paleolithic ancestors ate—meat, vegeta-bles, fruits, and nuts.” It’s a cleaner form of eating that not only helps to cut out that tire that can settle around your middle but also simplifies what you put into your body each day. “The name or the origin really isn’t important to us,” Jex shared. “We actually shy away from telling people we’re ‘Paleo’ now. We really focus on the clean-eating as-pect and the science behind it. The basic building blocks are: no dairy, no grains, no refined sugar, and no processed junk.” So, to put a little science behind this plan, Jex broke down each item on the “no” list for me. “Dairy contains lactose (milk sugar), casein (a protein), and whey (a pro-tein). I’m sure you’ve heard about lactose intolerance, which is basically when people lack the enzyme lactase that is used to break down milk sugar causing the dairy to Story by Jennie Guido Photos by Jennie Guido and Shannon and Zach Jex Page 44 { June 2014 { Bluffs & Bayous

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