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Wire and Cable Technology International May/June 2014 : Cover

MAY/JUNE 2014 2014 MAY/JUNE WWW.WIRETECH.COM Serving Serving manufacturers, manufacturers, processors, processors, distributors distributors and and users users of of wire wire and and cable cable Marking & Printing...P. 86-101 BRAIDERS... P. 110 TAPING & ARMORING MACHINERY...P. 46-51 USA Show Previews: • Indianapolis...p. 52 • Milwaukee...p. 134 Wire Harness & Cable Connector Focused News, Information and Products for Wire & Cable Processors, Distributors and End Users. Presented by... May/June 2014 Inside this issue... • News & Info: Page 126 • Wire Processing Essentials Part 12: Before the Crimp, Transitional Processes Between the Wire Stripping and the Terminal Crimping: Page 131 • National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo In Milwaukee, WI, USA: Preview: Page 134 Composite applicators ...Page 143 Measure, Cut & Strip system ...Page 141 Coaxial cable stripper ...Page 145 P. 125 • New Products: Page 150 Dual-rated control cable ...Page 149

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