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BY THE NUMBERS SHEIKH ZAYED BRIDGE, ABU DHABI This emirate’s former president, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was also an architect, so it was only natural that one of the country’s most impressive constructions be named after him. The 842-metre bridge was designed by Dame Zaha Hadid, and is meant to embody the energy of Abu Dhabi while mimicking the form of the sand dunes of the Arabian desert. GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, SAN FRANCISCO 5 TOP Most Beautiful Bridges PONTE FABRICIO, ROME ... across the water, around the world. SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE, SYDNEY YANGPU BRIDGE, SHANGHAI The oldest bridge in Rome has provided a route across the Tiber since 62 B.C. It’s also known as the Ponte dei Quattro Capi, the Bridge of Four Heads, after the two marble pillars each decorated with the faces of the two-headed god Janus, who watches over borders and the passage of time. This American icon was hailed, on its completion in 1937, as “a $35 million steel harp” by the San Francisco Chronicle. It’s the 12 th -longest suspension bridge in the world. Its colour (international orange) was chosen for visibility in the fog, but the US Navy nearly painted it with black and yellow stripes to stand out even more. A triumph of East Asian engineering, this elegant cable-stayed bridge is, at more than 8,354 metres long, one of the longest bridges in the world. It carries more than 100,000 vehicles across the Huangpu River every day, and greets visitors to Shanghai, the busiest port in China. Fondly known as “The Coathanger” by locals, this bridge was originally proposed in and magnificence” to the harbour. It was only completed in 1932, but surpassed its goal. Today, it remains the tallest steel arch bridge in the world and, alongside the iconic Sydney Opera House, frames the city’s majestic waterfront. Urbanmyth/Alamy, RF, National Geographic Image Collection/Alamy, Italian National Tourist Board, P&O Cruises 1815 to “give an idea of strength 18 GLOBE

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