Retailing Insight Feb/Mar 2014 Organic Style Issue : Cover

R etailing I nsight M agazine 1 Connecting the Best in Body / Mind / Spirit Organic Style 1 Feb-Mar 2014 Wakami Wakami accessories ful fi ll dreams— changing the lives of the artisans who create them, enriching the lives of those who wear them. 562-882-7705 | Ad on p. 23 2 Tukta Imports Traditionally handcrafted treasures re fl ecting the rich culture and pride of indigenous tribal groups and artisans throughout Asia and India. 714-349-4017 | Ad on p. 34 3 Laughing Raven Design Each artist-made Clamshell Necklace uses recycled sterling silver, with you as the designer choosing your own artistic image, inspirational message, and stone. 360-224-4680 | Ad on p. 10 Get more Insight 2 3 Inside: Clear your sales for take-off | Make hiring work for YOU | Where passion meets fashion


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