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Wire and Cable Technology International January/February 2014 : Page 132

Top Products of 2013... continued Mobile Crimping Platform Print Quality Inspection System The CSC-104 mobile crimping platform from Reel-O-Matic , headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, USA, incor-porates four power-driven cable cutters that can cut up to 750 MCM copper or 1000 MCM aluminum simultaneously. The cutters are strategically located to allow a single op -erator to cut cables at the correct distance apart from each other so that the staggered pulling head lanyards align with one another. Prior to the cutting operation, the cables are secured by adjustable material clamps that secure them at the entry and exit sides of the platform. The four recessed cutters are then raised into position when the operator depresses the system’s foot-operated hydraulic pump. Angle Systems LLC , headquar-tered in Mountain View, CA, USA, provides companies in the the wire and cable manufactur-ing industry with systems that are capable of reading and locat-ing defects on cables at speeds of up to 1500 fpm. The Print Quality Inspection system available from the company consists of a high-speed camera that continuously captures images of the print on the cable. The camera control module triggers the camera based on the encoder signals on the cable lines. This ensures that print quality verification is consistent even with the variation in the line speed. Automatic Crimping Machine Processes Up to 36 Wires with No Changeover Komax Corporation , located in Chicago, IL, USA, says that the company’s Zeta 633, is the only fully automatic crimping machine on the market that is capable of process-ing up to 36 wires without any changeover. The Zeta 633 crimping machine is extremely flexible and is best suited for high-mix, low-volume production, which is common in the manufacturing of control panels. Additionally, modules can be custom configured along the entire length of the machine. Also, if necessary the machine can be expanded to accommodate up to 13 processing stations. The Communications Cable and Con-nectivity Association (CCCA) , Washing-ton, DC, USA, offers a free CableCheck™ app for Android platform devices, in addition to the iPhone and other Apple devices. It offers a field-screening tool and checklist to help identify and avoid noncompliant and counterfeit communi-cations cable. The CableCheck app shows the top five things to look for in checking the fire safety compliance of UTP com -munications cables. To get the app, visit: Free Cable Checking App UK-based software developer, Cadonix , offers Arcadia, reportedly the world’s first cloud-based general and au -tomotive CAD tool, offering schematic design, animated circuit simulation and analysis, electrical networking, har-ness design and full design rule checking. The tool offers fully scalable vector graphic CAD editing at an enterprise level, all accessible from a compliant web browser. Cloud-Based Wire Harness Design Software 132 Wire Harness & Cable Connector The WCTI Editorial Staff did not test these products and is not attempting to endorse them. We do however, applaud these product developments and marketing efforts. January 2014

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