Retailing Insight Dec/Jan 2013 New Perspective Issue : Cover

R etailing I nsight M agazine 1 Connecting the Best in Body / Mind / Spirit New Perspectives Dec 2013–Jan 2014 1 Peter Stone Exquisite jewelry lines for every price point: A) Peter Stone Sterling Silver; B) Just Like Silver; C) BreeZee Stone; D) DiveSilver; E) Magick Symbols. Serving Fine Retailers since 1987. 800/397-8787 | Ad on p. 17 2 Distinctly Himalayan Crafted where spirit inspires style, “kooloo” scarves and wraps fuse the luxury of natural fi bers with contemporary style and a ff ordability. 845/876-6331 | Ad on p. 10 3 Brain Sync Brain Sync blends alluring music, brainwaves, and guided meditation for deep healing and transformation. Awaken the mysteries of conscious-ness and keep your customers coming back for more. 800/984-7962 | Ad on p. 59 Get more Insight 2 3 Inside: “RE” rules for sustainable success | Colleagues, not competitors | Gorgeous gifts of love

Peter Stone

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