The Legal Investigator Vol. 38, Issue 1, Spring 2013 : Cover

SPRING 2013 VOL. 38, ISSUE 1 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators iPad L egal I nvestigators for John A. Hoda | p.4 T ools T rade of the CLI WHITE PAPER | p.6 Establishing the proper chain of custody in civil litigation can make or break a strong case. Learn the best practices and find out the test courts often use to determine whether a proper chain of custody has been established. CIVIL FOCUS | p.10 Get the scoop on conducting the most successful witness interviews, including setting your goal, the ideal approach, how to prepare, what to wear, the importance of personality, and the recommended format and questions to ask. FORENSIC FOCUS | p.14 Learn how forensic phylogenetic analysis works, whether tests can be used to reject or support particular hypotheses beyond reasonable doubt, and methods experts are using to present science in court.

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