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MAY 2013 TM T LOCATIONS Badger Barnum Blairsburg Bode Clare Duncombe Fort Dodge Glidden Humboldt Knierim Knoke Lanesboro Lanyon Lidderdale Lohrville LuVerne MAPS Otho Palmer Pomeroy Rands Roelyn Vincent Woolstock YOUR PARTNER 515-545-3145 515-542-3221 515-325-6252 515-379-1754 515-546-4265 515-543-4245 515-955-2040 712-659-2227 515-332-3374 515-463-2331 712-468-2893 712-656-2225 515-879-2711 712-822-5211 712-465-3145 515-882-3221 515-955-9030 515-972-4471 712-359-2294 712-468-2222 712-297-7579 515-549-3316 515-356-4185 515-839-5531 MEETING WITH THE MANAGER AGRICULTURE FEEDING THE WORLD It feels as if I spent a good portion of the winter listening to “experts” talk about two issues: The fi rst issue is the current pro fi tability of agriculture and how history has proven that it cannot stay this good forever, and second issue being the fact that in the next 30-40 years our world production of food must double due to expected population growth and improved diets in developing countries. By Brent Bunte It strikes me that as we contemplate the future and those two issues, there will be an urgent need for your cooperative. We must protect the fi nancial strength and integrity of your company by having fair earnings and reinvesting back in to your coop very prudently. And we must also bring true and signi fi cant value to the owner/customer who is expected to help increase the world production in a sustainable manner. In order for our cooperative to be able to grow and manage these future needs, I believe that the following things must happen: •We must have the best people in the right places •We must be ef fi cient in how we operate •We need to anticipate the growing and changing needs of our customer How is it possible to accomplish those three goals? Often if you can successfully accomplish the fi rst goal -having the best people in the right places -the next two goals are well on their way to getting done. Employees are the heart of this cooperative and they keep our operations running as smoothly as possible for our members, so that they may in turn run their own farming operations as ef fi ciently as possible. There also is the communication that takes place within a cooperative between employees, management, customers and the board of directors. This communication should be the backbone of how our future is planned. And it should always assist in moving the coop in the proper direction, in a clear and concise manner. Cooperatives must also be good listeners. We have to listen to our membership in order to determine how they feel we can best continue to add value to their operations. If we listen well enough, we should be able to anticipate our members’ and customers’ future needs within our cooperative and strive to meet those future needs as they arise. As the future of the agriculture industry continues to evolve, it is now more important than ever that your cooperative be in the position to be able to ef fi ciently adapt and change so that we may continue to ful fi ll our mission of adding value to our members’ farming operations. NEW is focused on these goals and is ready to handle the ever-changing nature of this business, doing so in the most ef fi cient manner possible for our membership. IN THE FIELD

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