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NOVEMBER 2012 LOCATIONS Badger Barnum Blairsburg Bode Clare Duncombe Fort Dodge Glidden Humboldt Knierim Knoke Lanesboro Lanyon Lidderdale Lohrville LuVerne MAPS Otho Palmer Pomeroy Rands Roelyn Vincent Woolstock TM Y O U R P A R T N E R 515-545-3145 515-542-3221 515-325-6252 515-379-1754 515-546-4265 515-543-4245 515-955-2040 712-659-2227 515-332-3374 515-463-2331 712-468-2893 712-656-2225 515-879-2711 712-822-5211 712-465-3145 515-882-3221 515-955-9030 515-972-4471 712-359-2294 712-468-2222 712-297-7579 515-549-3316 515-356-4185 515-839-5531 MEETING WITH THE MANAGER THE DRIVING FORCE Since our last NEW Directions newsletter, we have both welcomed and finished up most of the 2012 harvest season. While it may have been early and fast-paced, we were able to end on a very good note. We also completed our fiscal year and are able to share impres-sive financial details with you, the member-owner. NEW Cooperative had ending sales of $918 million, By Brent Bunte an outstanding increase over 2011 sales. The local earn-ings this year were an exceptional $18 million, an 18 percent increase in earnings compared to 2011. I am pleased to report these year-end financials to our member owners, and you should be proud of the strength and growth that your cooperative continues to see. For this year’s patronage allocation, your Board of Directors has ap-proved the rates of $.08 per bushel on grain, five percent on agronomy products and services, and 3 percent on feed products and services. With the 30 percent cash of this year’s dividend and the payout of the 2006 local deferred dividends, over $6.4 million will be distributed to members at the Annual Meeting. On December 5, Board President, Dyle Erickson, your Board of Direc-tors and I will present these year-end results and other financial standings to the membership at our Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will also highlight NEW Cooperative’s continued ability to fulfill its mission to our member owners, and that this ability is a result of the people that make up the cooperative. The devoted members, represented by the Board of Direc-tors, and serviced by a dedicated team of employees, are the reason for NEW Cooperative’s strong culture of people. As this newsletter will go into further detail on the status of our depart-ments and locations, it is important for us all to remember that it is the people, and will continue to be people, that are the driving force of NEW Cooperative and allow us to meet and exceed the needs of our area farmers. I N T H E F I E L D

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