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spotlight S Painting the town killsUSA Ohio members helped improve a town’s appearance and gained major media exposure in the process. During their summer leader-ship camp at Hocking College, about 260 students agreed to assist Jim Cotter, 81, who’s working to give the nearby town of Glouster a fresh coat of paint. Cotter started the project to keep busy and honor his late wife. Cotter’s project caught so much attention that a crew from CBS News did a story on it and the Columbus Dispatch showed up to cover SkillsUSA Ohio in action. See footage of SkillsUSA at: stories/local/2012/07/19/a-fresh-coat-of-energy.html. View the CBS story here: • How to turn pie into dough promotions and pickup/distribution. Students produce an average of 300 pies, 1,200 dinner rolls and 600 cinnamon rolls, as well as sage stuffing and fruit breads. they sell a variety of pies for $13 each, except for the pecan, which is $15 due to the extra expense for the nuts. the school’s Web page for ordering pies in an annual holiday fundraiser, students at Broadmoor technical Center in Overland Park, Kan., form committees to tackle pie production, baking, includes a button for those who’d rather simply make a donation. total sales have ranged from $2,200 to $6,000, depending on the committees’ ability to execute and follow a marketing plan as well as the community’s current economic status, says instructor Chef robert Brassard. •

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