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New Year, New Chillosoophers

Christopher reynolds 2012-12-08 02:22:56

2013’s going to be a big year for us. New departments, new endeavors, and new experts. Let’s meet a few... Here, at chill, we’ve always been about helping you come to life after five and on weekends, urging you to make the most of that precious time off. Now, for 2013, we’re intensifying that mission by bringing a few new, regular departments to the magazine and online. To help us help you, it is our pleasure to introduce a few notable experts that we’ll be working with in the new year. Melissa austria – style guy’d Chill’s style guy’d aims to serve as the antidote to the usual men’s magazine style content that can alienate the regular guy. We won’t just talk style – from clothing to watches to furnishings and beyond – we talk about what style does. With lists, guides, advice, humour, and real-life examples, we’ll help you look better, feel better, and enjoy taking ownership of your style. Melissa austria, founder of toronto men’s shop gotstyle, is the perfect style chillosopher. A former brand manager for calvin klein, valentino and kenneth cole, austria launched gotstyle to reach a wider audience of men. “i wanted to offer a lifestyle concept store for men, offering modern clothes for men in every aspect of their lives; casual, social, and business. [we offer] a full range of sizes for every body type, and we can dress the fashionista to the style novice,” says austria. In chill’s style guy’d, austria, along with other guest chillosophers, will aim to help us dress better and do better.she’ll also be doing style makeovers of our readers. Know a guy who needs style help? Email us at In addition to talking straight on apparel, we’ll bring you the dirt on accessories, grooming, etiquette, your home, and even analyze the style of play in big league sports. West coast offence or nickel package defence – what’s your team’s winning style? Edwin pavey – your money If you don’t have your finances in order, after five and weekends starts turning into work, too. Our new and improved your money section will tap into some of the finest – and most chill – folks in the world of finance to help you make the most of your downtime. Meet one of them: a chartered life underwriter, certified financial planner, and a division director at the financial services firm he works for, edwin pavey knows his stuff and knows why knowing that stuff is important. “through my work, i try to create a very chill lifestyle both at work and at home with my family,” he says. “to me, it’s all about finding the balance between living for today and planning for tomorrow.” This chillosopher aims to drop some knowledge jewels on subjects like debt, retirement, the basics of investing and investing ethically, and on keeping the taxman hungry. “like the many beers of the world, not all financial planners are created equal,” he says. Cheers to that Adam allen, travis persaud – the ride Whether you’re rushing down the open highway on your sport bike, cutting the wake on the lake in your speed boat, cruising in your ragtop or off-roading in your four-by-four, it’s all about the ride. Our newest chillosophers will explore the freshest machines, journeys and destinations. Adam allen will be one of the folks helping us do that. A dedicated car guy his entire life, allen truly understands the joy of man’s relationship with the car. “cars have been a part of my life from the very beginning. While most kids were playing with he-man action figures and watching cartoons, i was reading car magazines and watching racing,” he says. “i love driving, and the sense of freedom and connection that comes with it. Having the machine under your control is addicting for me.” Also joining us in this section is travis persaud, a car lover who’s written for zoomer, adventura, and caa magazine. Persaud’s been in love with the road since the fifth grade, he says. “playing on my school’s volleyball team, our teacher drove us to all the games. We were late one afternoon and it showed in the way she drove - speeding, weaving in and out of lanes, and blaring music all at the same time.i remember thinking it was one of the coolest moments seeing my teacher outside of her normal classroom showed me that vehicles are as much an extension of our personalities transportation.” In this department, allen and plan to bring us road trip suggestions, ways of spotting shady mechanics, and stories of the relationships we have with our machines. Mike dojc – weekends Our new, dedicated weekend section will feature weekend projects (for both the handyman and the candyman), wicked weekends, wherein we advise you on how to make the best of those precious 64 hours we call the weekend. Weekend warrior will profile those among us who leave our clark kent behind and become a weekend superman after the whistle blows on friday afternoon. Mike dojc, a longtime chillosopher (and maxim writer), will be one of our weekend pros in 2013. Here’s why, in his words: “i’m a card-carrying member of the leisure cognoscenti with a baccalaureate in hammock dozing and an honorary doctorate in catfight colour commentary,” says dojc. “weekends are a welcome respite from the gnawing grind of the week. It’s adult wake up later, stay up longer, and answer to no one but your wife. Time is a scarce and diminishing resource, and, as your friendly neighborhood free time concierge, i want to make sure you use yours as wisely as possible.” Ternion, a.k.a. Sylvester walters, doug christie and tim manson – fit tips By alex nino gheciu Ternion is a rare triad of elite fitness gurus. Sylvester “sly” walters, owner of evolution extreme fitness in mississauga, on, has joined forces with former toronto raptor doug christie and washington state track champ and professional trainer tim manson to develop an innovative, movement-based training method. They’ve upped the games of top-shelf athletes from the nba to serie a-level soccer players.while many guys are obsessed with pumping iron, looking like arnold won’t necessarily make you the ideal male specimen. “bodybuilders like schwarzenegger and franco columbu are absolutely the worst athletes in the world,” says ternion’s tim manson. “they train from the outside out for aesthetics. You want to train naturally, from the inside out. You want to learn how to move.” Movement training is a new movement that’s taking hold in the athletic fitness world. The ternion team – manson, doug christie and sylvester walters – are at the forefront of it. They’ve spent years boosting the performances of pro athletes by training them to move efficiently while avoiding injuries. Based on the belief that size isn’t strength, their philosophy is a call to drop the weights and use your brain. “we don’t have bench press machines at our training facility,” says walters of evolution extreme fitness. “i don’t believe in that. You need to learn to control your body first. How can you move in such a way that controls the force your body generates?” The answer, according to the triumvirate, lies in proper co-ordination between muscles. You must find a way to get the most out of every movement without expending too much energy. Once you do, you’ll have boundless flexibility, mobility, and balance, as well as the ability to leverage your strength during different movement patterns. “you don’t just jump with your ankles; you jump with your whole body,” christie explains. “you have to train your whole body to take advantage of the greater strength in your quads, calves, hips, lower back, and propel yourself with your arms. Your brain doesn’t identify individual muscles – it identifies the entire kinetic chain.” Ternion believes athletic excellence can be achieved by synchronizing “mind, body, and sport.” They say that many athletes nowadays aren’t harnessing their full potential because they don’t truly understand the fundamentals of movement. Mastering those fundamentals, according to the triad, is a seven-stage journey consisting of stabilization, mobility, strength, power, energy system development, rest, restoration, and recovery, and mental training. It sounds daunting, but don’t worry; the trio will guide you through these, step-bystep, in our coming issues.

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