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HO A Fami ly Magazine HO ESCHOOL .com M agazine Volume 18 Issue 6 Co Lo re ve Curriculum for Pa Learning? ge 55 M ESCHOOL .com agazine Media Kit a division of All Time Media, Inc. • Serving the Homeschooling Community since 1995 Blueprints for Success— Your Child’s Personal Learning Styles by LearningSuccess™ Coaches Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson Page 8 by Richard Prystowski Page 15 b y Patrick Farenga Page 20 Homeschool Advice: BEE Flexible by Diane Flynn Keith Page 22 Click Here to View the Ad & Ar ti cle Index Teach Genealogy by Janet Hovorka Page 26 56  ŽŶ͊ HO O ESCHOOL .com M agazine Homeschooler Blends the Orchestra ǁŝƚŚZŽĐŬ͊WĂŐĞϭϰ ZĞĂĚŝŶŐ^ĞĐƟ Special Pag e Photo Credit: Henry Diltz The Art of Teaching a Skill By Andrew Pudewa Page 8 ,ĂŶĚǁƌŝƟ ŶŐ͗ What We See Is Not the Full Story By Nan Barchowsky Page 27 “I Know What’s Best for My &#1c;ĚƵĐĂƟ ŽŶ͟ By Dr. Richard Prystowsky Page 32 Ad & Article Index Page 6 • a print magazine • a web portal • a Los Angeles-based company • Family owned since 1995 • Readership of 90,000 • Other Educational Web Properties: • • •

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