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toolbox Learning to Break the Ice Fires Up Group Potential henever we find ourselves in a group setting such as a classroom or meeting, the first instinct may be to tense — and clam — up. It’s human nature to “protect” ourselves from potentially awkward social interactions. But where’s the fun in that? Here’s a great icebreaker to build a sense of comfort and community in your group. Have someone stand at the front of the room and call out something he or she enjoys doing. Keep it specific: Don’t just say, “I like listening to music,” but give the name of your favorite band instead. If others have the same interest, the first to raise their hand must link arms with the first person selected. The cycle is repeated as the “arm linker” calls out something he or she likes to do, hands are raised, more arms are linked, and eventually everyone is standing at the front, linked together. This icebreaker, and many more, can be found in SkillsUSA’s publication Jump-start , available at: . w • The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. — J osEph C ampBEll Find the photo, win a prize Congratulations to last issue’s winners: Sarai Najera of Vancouver, Wash., and Trudy Amatulli of Westbury, N.Y. No, the picture on the left isn’t abstract art. It’s actually a distorted part of another photo in this issue. Find the original photo and send us the page number where it appears to win a SkillsUSA sport duffel bag (first prize) or travel mug (second prize). To enter, email your answer, name, address and phone number to: (include “Photo Contest” in the subject line). Or, send to: SkillsUSA Photo Contest, 14001 SkillsUSA Way, Leesburg, VA 20176. One first-and one second-prize winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries. Entries must be received by Nov. 15. • 24 SkillsUSA Champions Fall 2012 Photo: Lloyd Wolf

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