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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 27

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 39 South by Southwest Interactive Festival’s “Crowdsourcing” Content Company: South by Southwest Originally featured in: How to Create Content that Engages at Face-to-Face Meetings by John Nawn Description: Live events can have fun with their content too! But, if you want to provide great content for your meetings, you need to solicit input from your potential audience through a variety of traditional and new media channels. Facilitate (don’t lead) the dialog, listen actively and keep the conversation going both during and after your event. Collaborative content creation represents one of the greatest opportunities for increasing engagement with, and among, your attendees. Nowhere is this more evident than at the annual South by Southwest Interactive Festival held in Austin, Texas each March. Event Director Hugh Forrest credits crowdsourcing content for its steady increase in attendance at a time when other events are seeing declines. “Soliciting presentation ideas from our online community and having them vote on those they’d like to see has helped us understand our attendees better,” notes Forrest. “The increased engagement has led to more dialogue, which has led to more creativity, innovation, and ultimately translated into success.” Example: Visit SXSW to check out its content marketing techniques for the event. 40 “The Threshold” Reality Game for Pre-Event Engagement Company: Cisco Originally featured in: How to Create Content that Engages at Face-to-Face Meetings by John Nawn Description: As you design your event, imagine the attendee experience before, during and afterward and make sure you’re optimizing both content and context accordingly. One of the most interesting examples of engaging meeting attendees prior to an event is Cisco’s use of an alternate reality game (ARG) called “The Threshold”. The online game was designed to build teamwork and greater awareness of Cisco products and services during Cisco’s Global Sales Experience. Over 13,000 individuals participated in the game, generating thousands more posts on the discussion boards. Who knew sales people were such avid gamers? Example: Learn more about “The Threshold” on Cisco’s blog 27

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