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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 18

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 21 “Life Goes Strong” Community Company: Procter & Gamble and NBC Description: In this online community for baby boomers, P&G provides a plethora of content relevant for this audience in a variety of forms including articles, Q&As with the experts, blogs and polls. The community is developed in partnership with other “Goes Strong” sub-sites to help provide content by themes: Health, Home, Tech, Play, Family, Style and Work. Through these sub-sites, content is more laser-focused to help deliver exactly the educational information site visitors are looking for. Example: Visit the Community and other “Goes Strong” sites 22 Ecomagination Website Company: GE Originally featured in: “Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011” Description: GE is a great content innovator, and has really “stepped it up” according to Gilad de Vries, VP of Brands and Agencies at Outbrain. “The company is using its site, Ecomagination, to familiarize consumers with different aspects of their business by discussing science, innovation and embracing great challenges that will better our future.” The site organizes its content in a unique and innovative way, almost like a blog. With a mix of bright visuals, videos and cutting-edge articles, it’s a “go-to” for anyone interested in the latest environmental issues and acts as a “forum for fresh thinking and conversation around clean technology and sustainable infrastructure.” Example: Visit the website 18

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