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UPON ENTERING OUR SECOND CENTURY... This year Johnson College is celebrating 100 years as Northeastern Pennsylvania’s only technology-driven institution of higher education. We pride ourselves in producing the most well-rounded and skilled technician. We do this for students through a critical blend of industry theory and hands-on training. Our students do not just sit in classroom and let their education happen to them – they experience their education through industry partnerships, a rigorous internship process and hands-on training inside and outside the typical classroom setting. And in just two years they are prepared to enter the workforce with a two year degree and the experience industry leaders are looking for in their employees. As the College enters into its second century we hope everyone in the region is proud that NEPA has an institution right here in Scranton that delivers high quality, industry-focused individuals to the job market. This has been at the core of Johnson College’s mission for 100 years. As an accredited two year college with 13 programs of study a majority of our majors are related to jobs on the high growth chart in Pennsylvania. A majority of Johnson College graduates go to work immediately after college, and nine times out of ten has been paired with a company even before graduation because of its internship and co-op program. Johnson College does this in just two years! Our placement rate last year at the time of graduation was 68%! Our three year average for placement in the field is 97%. A majority of students that qualify receive some type of financial aid, making education affordable so that students can focus on building their skills for the workforce. After much analysis the College raised its tuition by only 1% this past year, despite the costs of providing an education that relies so heavily on specialized equipment. Johnson College does everything needed to get people working. Beyond the two year degree programs the College also offers continuing education and workforce training. The College has grown so much over 100 years! Board members, faculty and staff, and donors are so proud of how far we have taken the College and we hope the community is too. We all have much to celebrate. To us, we are not only celebrating Johnson College but the people that help make Lackawanna County and the entire region a great place to live and work. I invite anyone interested to visit campus and see our students and programs in action. Whether you graduated from Johnson or have lived here your whole life and have just been curious about the college in your “back yard”, please do not hesitate to give us a call for a tour. Spring 2012 In This Issue... Pg. 1 Pg. 2 A Letter from the President Celebrating 100 Years Johnson College Open Johnson College Scholarships MRI/CT Certificate Program Pg. 3 Pg. 4-5 2011-12 Athletics Pg. 6 Pg. 7 Pg. 8 Alumni News Student Life Highlights Save the Date: Cars on Campus Calendar of Events May 18 20th Annual Johnson College Open Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club July 18 Open House Moffat Building Sept 9 Cars on Campus Johnson College Campus Johnson College & Johnson College Alumni WWW.JOHNSON.EDU Pg. 1 President and CEO

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