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C LASSROOM C ONNEC t ION Strategies to Positively Affect Student Achievement PHOTOS BY ISTOCk.COM By Donald G. Schoffstall EVERy tEACHER WANtS tO SEE HIS OR HER StUDENtS succeed, not just in the classroom, but in their future endeavors; however, how prepared are our students to move beyond our classroom walls? Research shows that many students are not being adequately prepared for college, and have not taken any business or career and technical education (CTE) coursework in high school that could help them with career-based transitions. Even some of the students who have been through a CTE program can benefit from additional preparation prior to entering a postsecondary program. Supplementary preparation should enable students to have a smooth transition from high school, as they are empowered with the skills neces-sary for success at the next level. As an academic and management instructor in postsecondary education, each new class brings new challenges and often those include student transitioning. It is fairly obvious to all of us that certain students jump in with both feet, others dip their toes in the water, and yet some do not even change clothes to try to get in the pool. Of course, as educators it is our job to reach each student and get him or her on board with the objective, and hopefully along the way make a positive difference. The biggest struggle I have seen, and the one I wish could be changed 8 Techniques April 2012

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