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L EADING E DGE Proud to Serve It’S BEEN A VERy ENLIGHtENING and fulfill -Techniques M A N AG IN G E D IT O R N. Susan Emeagwali / ing journey serving as President of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). I have gotten to visit some of the state and regional confer-ences and met literally hundreds of members of ACTE and their families. What a great organization we have! As I close out my term and head into my new title of “Past-President,” I thought I would share some thoughts about my predecessor, Gary Moore; our next President, Karen Mason; and our next President-Elect, Doug Major. I have never worked with a more professional group of individuals than these three. I asked Dr. Moore, “Why did you run for office?” James W. Comer His response was, “For the salary! What! There is no salary?!” Gary, of course, knew that all the officers and Board receive no compensation for the long hours of service. In a serious vein, he said that he ran and served, “To repay the profession for the good life it has provided me.” Karen Mason ran for President of ACTE because, “I believe we need leaders who are willing to step up and serve others.” I can assure you that Karen will step up to the office of President with both feet—well-dressed feet in one of about 100 pairs of spike heels she says she owns! Gary, Karen and Doug all agreed that the experience of serving has enriched their professional lives and their knowledge. Two challenges to ACTE and CTE stood out when I asked what our challenges are: Gary and Karen agree that ACTE will weather an economic downturn that has seen ACTE members having cut-backs in their programs and their schools. This puts pressure on ACTE to maintain the membership base that we currently have. The other challenge, as Doug Major says, “is the education reforms that have been based on the general belief that there is a single educational pathway for ALL careers!” At ACTE, the executive director and staff work very hard to try to bring education reform into the light of day! How can anyone who is informed about educating and training today’s and tomorrow’s workforce believe that “one size fits all?” Well, there you have it, the leadership for 2012-2013. I know you will be proud of them! Since this is my last column, I will use this opportunity to express my thanks to my school, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Superintendent Tom Friedemann, Assistant Superin-tendent Peggy Geib, and the school board. I also have been very fortunate to have the two best assistants I have ever worked with in my 40-plus years in business, Cathy Karjoo and Karen Pierce. They kept my office running smoothly. Whatever success I have had, I owe to these wonderful CTE professionals. And to the ACTE staff, my sincere thanks for your patience and your help. As Gary Moore has done for me, I now will move into the role of Past-President, and pledge to support President Karen Mason and President-Elect Doug Major as we serve together on the Executive Committee and the Board. A C T E S TA F F C ONT R I B U T O RS Stephen DeWitt / Chris Hemmelman / Alisha Hyslop / Catherine Imperatore / Ashley Parker / DE S I G NE R Kelly Jenkins / A DV E R T I S I N G AC C O U N T S A L E S R E P Tom Minich / Mel Katz / AD V E R T I S I NG C O O R D I N AT O R Jim Waterhouse, Techniques Magazine 1410 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: 800-826-9972 ext. 332 Fax: 703-683-7424 E-Mail: P U B L IS H ER Association for Career and Technical Education Janet B. Bray, Executive Director H O W T O C O N TA C T A C T E Call 800-826-9972 M E M B ER S H I P S ER V I C E S Techniques magazine is just one of the benefits of joining ACTE. Call 800-826-9972 or visit to learn more. T E C HN IQ U E S E D I T O R I A L Contact Susan Emeagwali by phone at 703-683-9339 or by E-mail at To submit letters to the editor or to send article queries or manuscripts, E-mail to, or mail to Editor, Techniques , 1410 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314. Information on writing for Techniques is available at . REPRINTS, COPY PERMISSION, BACK ISSUES ACTE members seeking permission to copy limited quantities of articles from Techniques , please contact or fax your request to Elizabeth Heatley at 800-826-9972,, or fax 703-683-7424. For non-members and large quantity copy permission requests, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center, 978-750-8400. For bulk reprints, please contact IPA Publishing Services at 800-259-0470. For back issues, please contact ACTE member services at 800-826-9972. Members may access the contents of all issues of Techniques from September 2002 forward, on the ACTE Web site, . Online access is subject to prevailing copyright protections and prior written permission from ACTE is required for all reprints and copies. Members can request an additional copy of Techniques for missing, lost or damaged copies, but fulfillment of this request cannot be guaranteed after 90 days from issue date. Copyright 2012 by the Association for Career and Technical Education Inc. The views expressed by Techniques do not necessarily represent an official position of ACTE. Acceptance of ads for publication in the magazine does not imply endorsement of advertised products by the association. James W. Comer President 6 Techniques April 2012

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