New Hampshire Home — Jan/Feb 2012 Issue
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Letters From Our Readers

Lots to celebrate

With this article [Decked Out for the Holidays, November/December 2011], you and your team made the area in which we live even more beautiful than we see it with our own eyes. Thank you for including our home and our favorite season in your beautiful periodical, and for featuring it among so many other lovely and informative articles. Congratulations on yet another outstanding issue of a charming magazine assembled by many very talented people.

—Nancy And DicK GoulD in Twin Mountain

I enjoyed the article on St. Mark’s Church [A Noteworthy Church, November/December 2011] and thought the photography spectacular.

—Jeremy Cooper, Organ Builder in Epsom

I just received my November/ December 2011 issue and want to commend you on a beautiful publication!
The photography in each of the festive homes was done just perfectly, and I equally enjoyed Stepping Back in Time and A Noteworthy Church. I can hardly wait until I return home this evening to actually read each of the featured articles. I love your magazine and hope that the circulation continues to grow so that others here in New England might enjoy.

—Doug Towle, Vice PresiDent, Marketing Of Globe Manufacturing Company in Pittsfield

Labors of love

Thank you so much for the kind recognition in the article about the Lo Res’ home [Stepping Back in Time, November/December 2011]. I’m sure they are delighted with the coverage for both the Nashua Symphony and the New Hampshire Orchid Society, and take pride in seeing their labor of love so beautifully represented.

I am truly honored to be included in your magazine—I think you have created one of the most interesting and outstanding home magazines in the region. You achieve a wonderful balance between being informative about home ownership (as well as community “ownership”), and creating the window for your readers to glimpse the amazing architecture and home life that is ours in New Hampshire. Thanks for providing such a refreshing alternative in the marketplace.

—Sue BootH, Owner Of Vintage Kitchens In Concord

While I enjoy all aspects of your magazine, I particularly enjoyed the article on the Foemmels’ home in Nashua [A House for Hosting, November/ December 2011]. They have some fabulous ideas for Christmas decorating, but I confess what struck me most was the Scottish connection. I attended Edinburgh University, married a Dumfriesshire man and continue to miss my adopted home. Thank you again for such a great magazine and to the Foemmels for opening their home for us to enjoy.

—BarBara Rossell In Lancaster

An extraordinary building

Thank you very much for the spectacular piece in your last issue [Temple of History, November/December 2011]. Everyone I have shown it to is blown away by the photography and writing— Fiona Boyd did a great job, as did Sue Hertz, who writes extremely well. All in all, this is absolutely first class!

—Bill [William H.] Dunlap, executive Director of the new HampsHire Historical society in concord

I’m now determined to visit our beautiful New Hampshire Historical Society’s library! Great article and photographs.

—Tracey Carrier In Bedford

We love to hear your thoughts about the stories we’ve published, and we’re always on the lookout for homes and gardens that might interest our readers. Write to us at Editor; New HampsHire Home; 150 Dow Street; Manchester, NH 03101; or e-mail We look forward to hearing from you!