Fastener Technology International — August/September 2011
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Company Profiles

Company Profiles, published annually in the August issue of Fastener Technology International, are available online by visiting<br /> <br /> Fastener Technology International • Initial Publications, Inc.<br /> 1867 West Market Street, PO Box 5452 • Akron, OH 44313 USA<br /> Tel: +1-330-864-2122 • Fax:+1-330-864-5298 • e-mail:<br /> <br /> Alken Ziegler, Inc.<br /> <br /> 25575 Brest Road<br /> Taylor, MI 48180 USA<br /> Phone: (734) 946-4444<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Alken-Ziegler is the largest privately held cold forming company in the United States. We are a multifaceted company that offers parts forming, precision machining and tool & die services to a wide variety of customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We are also a three-time recipient of the General Motors Supplier of the Year award.<br /> <br /> Since 1969, Alken-Ziegler has been a leader in the manufacture of high quality cold formed and machined parts. The company now maintains two locations, one in Taylor, MI and the other in Kettering, OH. Corporate headquarters is located at our automotive OEM manufacturing campus in Taylor. This facility is the center of our forming and secondary machining operations.<br /> <br /> For many years the automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies have depended upon independent screw machine companies to supply complex parts. In many cases screw machining came at a higher cost because of large amounts of material waste. This translated into higher prices. Cold forming offered an attractive solution.<br /> <br /> The cold forming process provides a more efficient use of raw materials by moving the metal into its final form with little or no waste. Parts produced by cold forming also possess superior mechanical properties, achieved by cold working the metal as it is being formed. If precision toler ances are required, they can be achieved with minimal secondary machining.<br /> <br /> CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> • Cold and Warm Forming Operations<br /> <br /> . 1/8" to 2" diameter cut-off size range<br /> . Hydraulic and mechanical presses for short runs and specialty parts<br /> . Over 40 cold forming machines, most in the 1" and larger size range<br /> <br /> • Secondary Machining Operations<br /> <br /> . 20 CNC machining centers, taking delivery of 7 additional machines 4th quarter<br /> . 5 Hydromats<br /> . Broaching, grinding, and thread rolling capability<br /> <br /> • Tool and Die Operations<br /> <br /> . 5 axis grinding<br /> . 8 axis mill turn<br /> . Carbide die manufacturing<br /> . Round and non-round carbide punch manufacturing<br /> <br /> KEY FORMING EQUIPMENT (QTY): .<br /> <br /> • National 1875 (1)<br /> • National 205 XL (1)<br /> • National 1250 (3)<br /> • National 1000 (10)<br /> • National 750 (18)<br /> • Hatebur APK 3-5 (2)<br /> • National 3/8 (1)<br /> • National 5/16 (1)<br /> <br /> KEY PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> • Camlobes<br /> • Hydraulic Couplings<br /> • Piston Pins<br /> • Strut Rods<br /> • Oxygen Sensor Shells<br /> • Valve Retainers<br /> • Starter Drive Components<br /> • Clutch Release<br /> • Caliper Pistons<br /> • Viscous Fan Shafts<br /> • Hose End Connectors<br /> • Steering Wheel Hubs<br /> • Ball Seats<br /> • Tie Rod Housing<br /> • Brake Rollers <br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Alken Ziegler, Inc.<br /> 25575 Brest Road<br /> Taylor, MI 48180<br /> Phone: (734)<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> Asahi sunac corporation<br /> <br /> 5050 Asahimae-cho<br /> Owariasahi, Aichi, Japan 488-8688<br /> Tel: +81 561 53 1261<br /> Fax: +81 561 53 5512<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY: <br /> <br /> To serve International Society as a technology creation company.<br /> <br /> • Creating user-beneficial added value through manufacturing.<br /> <br /> • Establishing an organization full of mutual trust by respecting individual vitality and intrinsic technology.<br /> <br /> • Always growing and advancing with our employees.<br /> <br /> Serving the needs of customers through original technological development- that is the spirit we have kept since the company's founding, and that is what we are proud of. From the very beginning, over half a century ago, this company has sought wider and deeper dialog with our customers in the pursuit of new technological possibilities.<br /> <br /> We welcome the challenge to create original technology in response to recent worldwide trends for diversification and globalization. As we create wealth through our technical innovations we will continue to contribute to the future of humankind and our world through our environmentally friendly production systems and work environment where all involved can share in the pleasure of creation.<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Forward thinking and constant new idea applications have established Asahi Sunac as the world leader in cold forming machinery. World's fastest, most versatile quick tool change in minutes, high production output, consistency and easy operation together with many other firsts have firmly proven this leadership title year after year. Asahi Sunac's Forging Technology Center (FTC) is the world's most advanced center for research, testing, education and development of advanced forging methods.It supports development of optimized tooling designs and techniques which allow Asahi Sunac customers to produce products requiring advanced levels of precision.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> Asahi Sunac high speed cold formers are high performance machines available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 dies; cutoff diameters 3 mm thru 36 mm; kickout lengths up to 350 mm; speeds to 1000 ppm and forging tonnage to 550 tons.Over 100 different models are available to choose from.<br /> <br /> SB Series - 1 Die / 1 Blow<br /> <br /> Cutoff diameters from 2.2 thru 14 mm and speeds up to 1000 ppm. Six models are available.<br /> <br /> ST & AT Series - 2 Die / 2 Blow<br /> <br /> New generation of 2 Die 2 Blow. World's fastest machine. Cutoff diameters from 5 thru 26 mm. 20 models available.Offered with a variety of value added options including our newly developed Assist Saver System for producing short products (ST Series).<br /> <br /> RH Series - 2 Die / 3 Blow<br /> <br /> Positive or Fingerless Transfer System<br /> <br /> Cutoff diameters of 8.5, 11 and 15 mm.Three models are available.<br /> <br /> SQ & AQ Series <br /> 3 Die / 3 Blow <br /> 4 Die / 4 Blow<br /> <br /> 39 different models allow producing a wide range of parts with many new and innovative features. Cutoff diameters from 7 thru 25 mm and with kickout lengths up to 300mm. SQ & AQ Series machines produce short to long products effortlessly at very high speeds.<br /> <br /> AF Series Parts Formers<br /> <br /> 26 models are available. Rugged, highspeed 5 and 6 die machines for precision cold forming. Available in 12 thru 35 mm cutoff diameter capacities.<br /> <br /> SF Series Parts Formers<br /> <br /> 20 models. 6 and 7 die machines having cutoff capacities from 9 thru 37 mm.New features for ultra- precise forming include Fine Slide, Fine Cutoff, Fine Feed and Universal Transfer Systems.<br /> <br /> SUBSIDIARIES:<br /> <br /> AO Co.<br /> 5050 Asahimae-cho<br /> Owariasahi,Aichi,Japan<br /> Tel:0561-53-1216<br /> Fax:0561-53-6999<br /> <br /> Asahi America Corp.<br /> 17531 Ashland Ave.<br /> Homewood,IL. 60430<br /> Tel: 708-957-4677<br /> Fax :708-798-6760<br /> <br /> AO Machinery GmbH<br /> Heltorfer Str.16<br /> 40472 Dusseldorf,Germany<br /> Tel: 0211-479-2325<br /> Fax:0211-479-1428<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> Masahiko Amari<br /> President<br /> <br /> Mikio Mamiya<br /> General Manager-Forging Division<br /> <br /> Takao Yoshifusa<br /> President, Asahi America Corp.<br /> <br /> SALES AGENTS: <br /> <br /> North America<br /> <br /> Fastener Equipment Corporation<br /> 17531 Ashland Ave.<br /> Homewood, IL. 60430<br /> <br /> John P. Ewing, VP Sales & Mktg<br /> Telephone : +1 708-957-5100<br /> Fax : +1 708-798-6760<br /><br /> <br /> Europe <br /> <br /> Seika Sangyo GmbH<br /> Heltorfer Str.16<br /> 40472 Dusseldorf,Germany<br /> <br /> Karlheinz Kuehl, Director<br /> Telephone : +49 0211-41580<br /> Fax : + 49 0211-4791428<br /><br /> <br /> Beneke Wire Company<br /> <br /> 5540 National Turnpike<br /> Louisville, KY 40214 USA<br /> Toll-Free: +1 877 423 6353 • Tel: +1 502 367 6434<br /> Fax: +1 502 363 1837<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATMENT:<br /> <br /> Teamwork is the key ingredient in the "Beneke attitude", everyone working for a common goal, the success of the customer, plus a shared pride in the quality of their work and the quality of the end product.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Over forty years ago, Chuck Beneke had a vision. He believed there was a strong demand for high-quality, custom-produced aluminum wire. He was certain customers would respond to the idea of aluminum wire manufactured to fit their specific requirements. He was right. In 1968 this wire industry pioneer joined with his son J. David Beneke and founded Beneke Wire Company.<br /> <br /> Beneke Wire Company started producing small orders of extremely high-quality aluminum wire. Great attention was paid to the alloy, the finish and the rigid tolerances. More importantly, the company worked to produce wire that would improve their customer's production process.By creating the right treatment or finish, Beneke Wire customers could possibly eliminate certain steps in their manufacturing, thus making a better end product at reduced production costs.This "partnership" between the Beneke engineering staff and the customer is a key ingredient to the success of the entire operation.<br /> <br /> David Beneke succeeded his father as president of the company in 1983 and he has continued to emphasize the traditions of value and service that has helped Beneke Wire grow into a world leader in aluminum wire production.<br /> <br /> TODAY AND THE FUTURE:<br /> <br /> The next generation of the Beneke family is actively working within the corporation. Michael and Stephen Beneke are now part of the executive management team, working to assure continuity within the company for years to come. The same core values established by Chuck Beneke forty plus years ago have been passed on to this new, successful team of company management.<br /> <br /> Beneke Wire Company continues to grow. With more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Beneke provides aluminum wire to its customers worldwide.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> Beneke Wire Company offers the most complete range of aluminum wire products on the market to an international customer base. All major aluminum alloys, both heattreatable and non-heat-treatable, in a variety of tempers and drawn to exacting tolerances are available.When you order wire from Beneke, you get more than a coil of wire. You receive the highest level of experience and pride in every package.<br /> <br /> SERVICES OFFERED:<br /> <br /> With growth such as experienced at Beneke, comes new challenges and a search for new knowledge.This search is the function of the technical department at Beneke.Customers receive metallurgical and engineering services unsurpassed anywhere in the industry, including product analysis, inspection and testing of raw materials and trial orders. Also available is Beneke's participation in the PPAP program as required by the customer. All of this support is designed to ensure that the end product performs as intended.<br /> <br /> QUALITY:<br /> <br /> The "Beneke attitude", the company's partnership approach, along with its vision and the effort of its employees has helped make Beneke Wire a qualified ISO 9001-2000 company.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Beneke Wire Company<br /> 5540 National Turnpike<br /> Louisville, KY 40214<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1-877-423-6353 in USA<br /> or +1-502-367-6434 outside USA<br /> Fax: +1-502-363-1837<br /> <br /> Internet:<br /> E-mail:<br /> <br /> Brighton-Best International<br /> The Largest Fastener Distributor in USA<br /> <br /> +1 800 275 0050<br /> <br /> INTRODUCING THE "NEW" BBI?<br /> <br /> The new BBI has redefined value with expanded facilities, an interactive website, new personnel to augment the strengths of the Brighton-Best Socket team and an expanded product line to better service vou, the customer. Mr. Robert Shieh, President of BBI and its parent company. Ta Chen, believes "the strength of Brighton-Best is its ability to redefine the supply channel and to build efficiencies throughout the distribution process."<br /> <br /> Let's give some examples:<br /> <br /> 1. BBI has expanded its distribution footprint to over 1 million square feet in the United States. Servicing its customers through 19 distributions centers. Eight locations are new. Each with over 100,000 square feet.<br /> <br /> 2. Our website is the capstone of the service process, available 24/7, and allows our distributors to utilize BBFs extensive warehouse space as their own. Our interactive web site allows our customer full access to BBFs inventory and pricing, along with the ability to track shipments and print material certifications.<br /> <br /> 3. We have increased the scope of our product offering from 15.000 sku's to over 60.000 ska's allowing our customers greater productivity'...a one-stop shop! The addition of stainless steel And structural product, along with other carbon steel products, are important to better compete and provide value in this everchanging marketplace.<br /> <br /> 4. BBI is working with Lake Erie Screw to provide a full line of domestic cap screws including Grade 5 and Grade 8, A325 and A490. Plain and plated. BBFs history with Lake Erie Screw has spanned many years and is a relationship of partnership and cooperation.<br /> <br /> 5. Experienced industry personnel have joined the successful BBI team over the last three and a half vears.<br /> <br /> In closing and most importantly, BBI strives to build a relationship of trust with eveiy customer:<br /> <br /> • The trust that the inventory will be available.<br /> • The trust that the pricing will be most competitive.<br /> • The trust that the product will be delivered when requested.<br /> • The trust that the products are of the highest quality.<br /> • The trust that BBI will continue to provide the highest level of customer sendee and quality products that you have come to expect from Brighton Best over the past 85 years.<br /> <br /> Brighton-Best International (BBI) operates 31 stocking warehouses worldwide. Servicing Distributors only, Brighton Best stocks the widest range of fully traceable quality fasteners in inch, metric, ferrous and nonferrous materials. All manufactured to ISO. ANSI. ASTM and DIN standards. With same day shipping of a broad line of the shelf products, Brighton Best also offers a variety of inventory management programs and value added services, including mill shipments and special made to order items. Visit us at:<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> Brighton-Best International<br /> +1 800 275 0050<br /><br /> <br /> Computer Insights, Inc.<br /> <br /> 108 3rd Street-Unit 4<br /> Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA<br /> Toll Free:+1 800 539 1233<br /> Tel: +1 630 893 4007 • Fax: +1 630 893 4030<br /> E-mail: sales@<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Our mission is to be the best Value Added Reseller in the Fastener Industry. Our programs will always be high quality and competitively priced. Our professional sendees will be performed in a responsive and thorough maimer. Our clients will come to depend upon us as their "Computer Experts". As a result of our top quality services and support, we will continue to enjoy the highest degree of client loyalty and repeat business. All our clients will be anxious to recommend us to their friends and business associates.<br /> <br /> WHO WE ARE:<br /> <br /> Computer Insights is a provider of high end computer software. The basic philosophy of Computer Insights. Inc. has been refined to reflect our industry focus, but otherwise it has remained unchanged since our inception in 1981. The company started as a custom program house. In 1993. We decided to develop The BUSINESS EDGE and we choose a to specialize in the Fastener Industry. Our dedicated and experienced professionals will help to make your transition from your present system as painless as possible.<br /> <br /> NEW DEVELOPMENT:<br /> <br /> Brighton-Best Connection:<br /> <br /> This very popular new system offers seamless supply chain with Brighton-Best International. Users can check BBI's stock, request quotes and place orders and more with BBL all from within The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT:<br /> <br /> The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 software has been designed especially for fastener distributors. Developed in participation with a number of fastener companies, the software integrates all of the major functions of your business into one process. The system is oriented toward doing business, not just keeping track of the accounting.<br /> <br /> Systems offered include:<br /> <br /> • Quotation Entry<br /> • Order Entry<br /> • Purchase Orders<br /> • Secondary Process Purchase<br /> • Orders<br /> • Vendor Requests for Quote<br /> • Accounts Receivable<br /> • Accounts Payable<br /> • Lot Control and Traceability<br /> • RF Bar Code System<br /> • General Ledger System<br /> • Sales Analysis System<br /> • documentConnection™ with Inbound Fax<br /> • and Scanned Documents<br /> • UPS Worldship Integration<br /> • Complete Integrated Quality System for Compliance with ISO and AS 9100 Quality Requirements<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Computer Insights, Inc.<br /> 108 3rd Street-Unit 4<br /> Bloomingdale. IL 60108 USA<br /> Tel:+1 630 893 4007<br /> Toll Free:+1 800 539 1233<br /> Fax: +1 630 893 4030<br /> E-mail:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> COVENTYA, Inc.<br /> <br /> 4639 Van Epps Road<br /> Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131 USA<br /> Tel: +1 216 351 1500<br /> Fax: +1 216 351 5677<br /> <br /> 132 Clear Road<br /> Oriskany, NY 13424 USA<br /> Tel: +1 315 768 6635<br /> Fax: +1 315 768 3561<br /> <br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> BEYOND THE SURFACE:<br /> <br /> COVENTYA is a world leader in researching and producing specialty chemicals and wastewater treatments for the electroplating and surface finishing industries. Present in over 40 countries and 4 continents, customers include both captive surface treatment and job shop platers that capitalize on our innovative technology, responsive service and numerous OEM product approvals.With a full line of products that find use in many industries from automobiles and oil fields to computers and fashion it is clear that COVENTYA products touch our lives each and every day. As a responsible supplier and as a steward of the environment, our products are designed to be "green" and we support them with a full WaterCare product line that ensures our customers can meet the same commitment.<br /> <br /> Our vision is to provide our customers with specialty chemicals for electroplating and surface finishing, an international organization with local service, constant innovation to increase productivity, competitive pricing to enhance performance, and environmental compatibility of our products and processes. We enable our customers via application know-how, education training, timely lab support, field support, and frequent audits.<br /> <br /> What makes COVENTYA stand out?<br /> <br /> The very nature of the electroplating industry requires a continuous blend of pure science and practical field experience.Our Research Chemists and Technical Engineers constantly communicate with our Customers to maximize the exchange of information.<br /> <br /> Wherever located, our teams enjoy sharing knowledge with their customers, a principle that is fundamental to our business model. We constantly strive to make Surface Treatment more performing, simple and reliable, while protecting the environment with our friendly technologies. This is more than just a welcome side-effect; it is an integral part of our vision.<br /> <br /> INNOVATIONS:<br /> <br /> COVENTYA research has been able to substitute Cadmium depositions and associate different concentrations of Zinc-Nickel with hexavalent-free passivations such as the PERFORMA line with a high concentration of 12- 15% Nickel.<br /> <br /> COVENTYA was one of the first companies to introduce trivalent passivates to the Automotive Industry in 1997. LANTHANE 310 was the first passivate to be approved by Renault and Opel. This was followed by LANTHANE TR 175, which is now the world's most popular nano-particle based trivalent passivate.<br /> <br /> Both of the products were crucial in the efforts of replacing hexavalent chromates with high performance trivalent passivates.<br /> <br /> We also introduced Performa Membrane Systems for use in alkaline Zinc-Nickel electrolytes to prevent the formation of detrimental by-products from forming at the anode during electrolysis. These membranes are synonymous with improving productivity as they significantly increase cathode efficiency.<br /> <br /> COVENTYA has obtained numerous automotive approvals from GM, VW, Renault, PSA, Audi, Toyota, Fiat, Honda, Ford, Volvo and Nissan. For a complete list of automotive approvals, please contact COVENTYA.<br /> <br /> COVENTYA KNOWS FASTENERS:<br /> <br /> COVENTYA has been involved for decades in the development of products to protect and control the coefficient of friction on fasteners. That is why fastener manufacturers around the globe choose COVENTYA technologies for the highest performance.<br /> <br /> Zinc & Zinc Alloy: All PRIMION, ZETAPLUS and PERFORMA technologies are developed with high production and consistent high performance in mind.<br /> <br /> Passivates: Our line of FINIDIP and LANTHANE trivalent passivates offer self-healing, non-dye, high performance advantages that competitive systems do not.<br /> <br /> Topcoats: The FINIGARD line of organo- mineral topcoats are specifically designed to meet the corrosion and friction requirements of the automotive, building and general industries.<br /> <br /> COVENTYA LOCATIONS:<br /> <br /> 4639 Van Epps Road<br /> Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 216 351 1500<br /> Fax: +1 216 351 5677<br /> <br /> 132 Clear Road<br /> Oriskany, NY 13424<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 315 768 6635<br /> Fax: +1 315 768 3561<br /> <br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> CURTIS METAL FINISHING COMPANY<br /> <br /> 6645 Sims Drive<br /> Sterling Heights, MI 48313<br /> (586) 939-2850<br /> <br /> 9917 North Alpine<br /> Machesney Park, IL 61115<br /> (815) 633-6693<br /> <br /> CURTIS THERMAL PROCESSING<br /> <br /> 10911 N. 2nd Street<br /> Machesney Park, IL 61115<br /> (815) 282-1433<br /> <br /> MISSION STATMENT:<br /> <br /> Curtis Metal Finishing Company is committed to providing the highest quality metal processing services on time, at competitive prices. Our goal is to stay 'ahead of the curve' and offer products that meet the needs of industry as they change and evolve.Environmental stewardship is also a factor in the products we provide and how we process them.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Curtis was founded in 1963 by Merle Hoensheid. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Commercial Steel Treating, the Curtis Processing Company began as a supplier of zinc and cadmium plating. In 1968, the operation grew into a new facility in Troy, MI.<br /> <br /> In 1972, the direction of Curtis shifted from plating to phosphate coatings. To provide for future growth, a second facility named Curtis Coatings Company was opened in 1978 and located in Sterling Heights, MI. In 1988, the two facilities were merged to form Curtis Metal Finishing in Sterling Heights,MI. Curtis continues to expand its Midwest customer base and, as a result, opened our Illinois facility in Machesney Park in 1992.<br /> <br /> In 2009, we opened a heat treating facility neighboring our metal finishing plant in Machesney Park,IL. Curtis Thermal Processing offers quality heat treat services with the advantage of "one-stop shopping" convenience for customers needing both heat treat and metal finishing.<br /> <br /> Curtis has built a reputation of providing high quality engineered coatings for the automotive industry in a JIT environment. As fastener finishing experts, we can help you match the proper finish with your particular fastener requirements. Curtis' analytical capabilities encompass finish durability, friction and dimensional compliance. With need for our services rapidly expanding outside of the automotive industry, Curtis is uniquely positioned to assist fastener manufacturers, distributors and OEM's in the design and protection of their bolted joints.<br /> <br /> CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> Curtis can process internally threaded fasteners and externally threaded fasteners ranging from #8 tapping screws to ¾" diameter bolts up to 12" in length, as well as a variety of small stampings. Curtis is currently processing in excess of 1,000,000 pounds of fasteners each and every day.<br /> <br /> FASTENER PROCESSES:<br /> <br /> We offer a wide variety of coatings, some of which provide over 1500 hours salt spray corrosion resistance:<br /> <br /> • Zinc & Manganese Phosphate & Oils<br /> • Dacromet®<br /> • Magnigard®<br /> • Magni 555® (Dorrltech®)<br /> <br /> ~CHROME-FREE COATINGS~<br /> <br /> NOF/MCNA Products such as:<br /> <br /> • Geomet 321®<br /> • Geomet 500®<br /> • Geomet 720® <br /> <br /> Magni Products such as:<br /> • Magni 511®<br /> • Magni 565®<br /> • Magni 575®<br /> • Magni 577®<br /> <br /> Also:<br /> <br /> • Yuken Metasu YC<br /> • PPG ElectroPolyseal II & III (E-Coat)<br /> • Whitford Xylan®<br /> <br /> As our newest product offering, Curtis is pleased to provide ZnCoat®, the revolutionary alternative to zinc plating. ZnCoat® is a thin, one-coat zinc/aluminum coating that provides over 240 hours of salt spray resistance, is free of hydrogen embrittlement potential and offers consistent frictional characteristics. These features and more are available from a product that costs no more than conventional zinc plating baked for hydrogen embrittlement relief.<br /> <br /> Processing Savvy, Engineering Support<br /> <br /> Curtis is one of the largest metal finishing companies in the country.Working closely with the engineering community, we strive to understand needs in order to match the right product to the application. ISO9001:2008 Registered, with an A2LA Accredited laboratory, we provide the quality and service required in today's demanding global marketplace.<br /> <br /> OFFICES:<br /> <br /> Curtis Metal Finishing Company<br /> 6645 Sims Drive<br /> Sterling Hts., MI 48313<br /> (586) 939-2850<br /> <br /> 9917 North Alpine<br /> Machesney Park, IL 61115<br /> (815) 633-6693<br /> <br /> Curtis Thermal Processing<br /> 10911 N. 2nd Street<br /> Machchesney Park, IL 61115<br /> (815) 282-1433<br /> <br /> Darling Bolt Company<br /> <br /> Box 2035, 2941 E. 10 Mile Rd.<br /> Warren, MI 48090-2035 USA<br /> Toll-Free: +1 800 882 0747<br /> Tel: +1 586 757 4100<br /> Fax: +1 586 757 1555<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Since 1958 Darling Bolt Company has been America's fastener specialist with corporate offices located in Warren, Michigan. Darling Bolt has built a reputation on having the large and special fasteners on the shelf to service your immediate needs.<br /> <br /> Darling Bolt Company's growth and leadership in the fastener industry is the result of maintaining a multi-million dollar inventory of the highest quality fasteners available.<br /> <br /> To service a nationwide market, we have extended our delivery capabilities throughout the country with strategically located warehouse facilities. Each of these outlets maintains an extensive fastener inventory in order to help reduce increasing shipping costs and expedite deliveries.<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> Service at the Darling Bolt Company has always meant dedicating ourselves to fulfilling our customers' wide range of requirements.Service is belief in our products, in our customers and in ourselves.Whatever our customers' requirements are, the need for quality and dependability is ever present.<br /> <br /> Equally important is the fact that our pricing policy is attractively competitive. Service is as close as your phone. Call Darling Bolt Company today for immediate shipment of orders or inventory information.Darling will usually stock your requirements in specials or standards, large or small volume.<br /> <br /> And the Darling Bolt Company's commitment to quality is not just limited to hex head cap screws. The same high standards are applied to all Darling bolt products.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINE:<br /> <br /> Satisfied customers equate the Darling name with larger product and fast deliveries. However, our inventory is equally extensive in the full range of standards as well as specials in most product categories.<br /> <br /> Complete product catalogs of special and standard sizes maintained in stock are available at your nearest distribution center.<br /> <br /> To service unusual requirements of the fastener industry, Darling Bolt Company has developed an extended thread length program. We stock hex cap screws and socket cap screws with extended thread length to allow us to cut to a specified length and still maintain minimum thread length tolerances. Our "instant" special can satisfy your immediate short term requirements.<br /> <br /> For repetitive and/or large volume fastener items, Darling Bolt Company will manufacture, stock and release to your requirements.<br /> <br /> Darling Bolt Company fastener products include:<br /> <br /> • Hex Head Cap Screws<br /> • 12 Point Flange Screws<br /> • Hex Lock Nuts<br /> • Hex Nuts<br /> • Flat Washers<br /> • Lock Washers<br /> • Socket Head Cap Screws<br /> <br /> Additional standard and special sizes that are stocked at the Darling Bolt Company include:<br /> <br /> • Button head socket caps<br /> • Flat head socket caps<br /> • Socket set screw various points socket shoulder screws<br /> • Hex nuts<br /> • Hex jam nuts<br /> • Heavy hex nuts<br /> • 2-H nuts<br /> • Threaded rod<br /> • Square head set screws<br /> • Dowel pins<br /> • Pull dowel pins<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICES:<br /> <br /> Corporate Office:<br /> <br /> Darling Bolt Company<br /> Box 2035<br /> 2941 E. 10 Mile Road<br /> Warren, MI 48090-2035<br /> Tel: +1 586 757 4100<br /> +1 800 882 0747<br /> Fax: +1 586 757 1555<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Los Angeles Warehouse<br /> 11023 Forest Place<br /> Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670<br /> Kenny Beane,<br /> Branch Manager<br /> Tel: +1 562 946 1458<br /> Fax: +1 562 946 3268<br /> <br /> Houston Warehouse<br /> 1915 Turning Basin Dr. #506<br /> Houston, TX 77029<br /> Richard Ordaz,<br /> Branch Manager<br /> Tel: +1 713 673 3971<br /> Fax: +1 713 672 6642<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC A/S<br /> <br /> Sverigesvej 26<br /> 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark<br /> Tel: +45 8652 4444<br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY BACKGROUND:<br /> <br /> The company, ENKOTEC A/S, was established back in 1981 for producing and commercializing the newly developed nail manufacturing machine. The introduction of the ENKOTEC rotary nail machine was a revolution within the nail industry, as the machine was totally different from the conventional nail manufacturing machines known since the turn of the 19th century. The nail machine quickly became a Danish export success and today ENKOTEC machines are running in nail factories located all over the world.<br /> <br /> At our headquarter address in Denmark we undertake the development, production and sale of machines and tooling for the manufacture of nails. We have regional sales offices in Cleveland, Ohio, and in Buenos Aires, and we cooperate with local commercial agents on selected markets.<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC A/S (Head Office)<br /> Bent Just Petersen,<br /> Managing Director<br /><br /> <br /> Jesper Bendix, Area Sales Manager<br /><br /> <br /> Uffe Bisgaard Pedersen,<br /> Area Sales Manager<br /><br /> <br /> Hanne Krog-Meyer, Aftersales,<br /> Marketing & Support Manager<br /><br /> <br /> Enkotec Company, Inc.<br /> (North America)<br /> Jan Sorige, President<br /><br /> <br /> South & Central America<br /> (as of September 1, 2011)<br /> <br /> Max Libedinsky,<br /> Regional Sales Manager<br /><br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC is a leading global supplier of machinery for the manufacture of mass-produced nails as well as customized solutions. We create innovative and productive solutions for our customers.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC nail machines are unique by being based on a rotary forming principle, allowing wire feeding, wire cutting and head forming to take place in one continuous process of rotating movements. The ENKOTEC technology makes it possible to produce high-quality nails at an unprecedented speed, without compromising production stability, while requiring less space and fewer operators and offering the possibility of unmanned production. At the same time, this machine concept allows to implement an environment friendly production with a low noise level, small energy consumption and an oil-free manufacturing process, eliminating the need for subsequent nail tumbling. Over the years, ENKOTEC has made continuous design and material improvements on the nail machine, thus meeting customer requirements for increased cost-efficiency and user-friendliness. ENKOTEC's product program includes various complementary machines supplied as standalone units or in-line systems. ENKOTEC's in-line nail manufacturing solutions, featuring a balanced combination of well-proven systems and modern technology, prove our wish to constantly put our customers ahead of competition.<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC's present high-capacity nail machines, the NX series, producing up to 2,000 nails per minute, are designed according to a modular principle with six machine variants. We have widened the dimension range of our machines, as it is possible to cover nail lengths from 32 up to as much as 130 mm (1¼" to 5 1/8") and wire diameters from ø1.8 to ø4.2 mm (0.071" to 0.165"). The NX machines come with a PLC control system and touch screen operator interface, which is easy to navigate and allows quick setup of nail parameters.<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC's newest nail machine, type MI01, intended for small and midsize capacity needs, is producing 1,000 nails per minute at ø2.3-3.8 mm (0.090" to 0.150") and nail lengths 50-90 mm (2" to 3½").<br /> <br /> The MI01 features simple adjustments, quick tooling changeovers, easy access for cleaning and service, and long tooling life among other advantages. ENKOTEC sees its MI01 model as a strong alterna tive for its customers' capacity needs, whether they produce one single nail type or several different nails. The MI01 combined with its high-end NX series allow ENKOTEC to offer a complete range of nail machines, where many tooling parts are common for all machine models, thus increasing their cost effectiveness.<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC's TA01 thread rolling machine has been specially designed for making screw shank or annular nail profiles with a production speed of up to 2,500 nails per minute. The working area of the TA01 is ø1.8 - 4.2 mm (0.071" to 0.165") x 32 - 105 mm (1¼" to 4") nail length with a profile height of 27 - 76 mm (1.06" to3. 00"). Apart from the high production capacity, the TA01 machine incorporates numerous advantages such as high-quality output, high stability, quick tooling changeovers, simple adjustments, and low noise level. The machine is capable of running in-line in a nail manufacturing line or as a standalone machine.<br /> <br /> The latest innovation from ENKOTEC is its movable stand-alone packaging machine, type NCP02. The NCP02 automatically feeds the nail cartons, fills them with the accurate number of nails, and transports the nail cartons via automatic drive belt conveyors. All of this can be done in-line with a standard ENKOTEC nail machine or thread rolling machine.<br /> <br /> COMPANY PHILOSOPHY:<br /> <br /> Our company philosophy includes an extensive service concept based on partnership. Thus, ENKOTEC provides our customers with an efficient aftersales system including quick supplies of spare parts, technical support at all levels and customized training programmes.Through frequent sales visits and preventive service, we stay in close contact with our customers, allowing us to be continually updated on the nail producers' requirements and the development of the market, so that R&D projects can be adjusted accordingly.<br /> <br /> Managing Director, Bent Just Petersen concludes: "ENKOTEC is determined to stay focused on the nail industry, as we have done for 30 years. We strive to be at the cutting edge of technology so that we can make our customers competitive. More than ever, we want to be the No. 1 brand within nail manufacturing."<br /> <br /> FASTEN.IT<br /> <br /> Corso XXV Aprile, 175<br /> 22036 Erba (CO), Italy<br /> Tel/Fax: +39 031620172<br /> Skype:<br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> FASTEN.IT is the fastener business network. is an interactive platform promoting the contact among fastener professionals through innovative and helpful tools.<br /> <br /> The search for a supplier involves the navigation among categories, subcategories and products that represent the whole industry of fasteners and fixing elements.<br /> <br /> Once the user has chosen a category and product, a list of companies is displayed. The results can be further filtered by selecting just the manufacturers or by selecting a particular country. This allows the user to obtain extremely specific results.<br /> <br /> WHERE THE REQUESTS MEET THE OFFERS:<br /> <br /> The most important section of the website is E-PROCUREMENT, a professional tool where the requests meet the offers.<br /> <br /> This service gives the users the possibility to publish any kind of inquiry for screws, bolts and fixing systems free of charge. The users can publish the inquiry autonomously in three simple steps including entering the inquiry, entering contact details and adding possible attachments (pictures, spreadsheet, pdf..). Thanks to a wide data base of fastener companies FASTEN.IT is able to find the right supplier specialized in the products the users are looking for.<br /> <br /> The E-PROCUREMENT is a useful and easy-to-use tool for the buyers, totally free of charge.<br /> <br /> On the other hand the suppliers use the service to expand their market and find new customers.<br /> <br /> FINDING BUYERS FOR UNSOLD GOODS:<br /> <br /> The SURPLUS STOCK is the service that allows the users to find buyers for the unsold goods they have on stock.<br /> <br /> Our experience has taught us that all the companies in the field of fasteners have unsold items in their warehouses, for different reasons.Tanks to the visibility of Fasten.It among the professionals of the fastener field, in a while the overstock of the user is available for thousands of possible buyers. This will indirectly promote his business as well. Anyone interested in these offers can contact directly (and for free) the advertisers.<br /> <br /> FINDING THE RIGHT DISTRIBUTOR:<br /> <br /> With DISTRIBUTOR SEARCH a manufacturer can find the right distributor to sell its products in the markets all over the worlds, thanks to a wide data base of companies categorized by country.<br /> <br /> TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:<br /> <br /> TECHNICAL DATA is a quick and useful system to check drawings and dimensions of the products.<br /> <br /> ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES:<br /> <br /> It is also possible for a company to advertise on FASTEN.IT using a multilingual professional page, with images, accurate descriptions of the product range and other useful information for potential customers.The professional page is linked to the product categories that the company deals with. When a user searches for a particular product, he will find the right suppliers with all the contact details.<br /> <br /> The companies advertising on the FASTEN.IT website can also send a personalized NEWSLETTER through which they can inform all the contacts of about news and updates. Through this personalized message industry professionals from all over the world can be reached. The messages are sent to all the users of the FASTEN.IT website by email and then published in the news section.<br /> <br /> All the information provided by FASTEN.IT (companies, products,requests for quotation, etc.) is linked, allowing specific searches, focused results and useful and categorized information for the user. The information is updated on a daily basis.<br /> <br /> Magnus Equipment<br /> <br /> 4500 Beidler Road<br /> Willoughby, Ohio 44094 USA<br /> Tel: 1-800-456-6423<br /> Fax: 1-440-942-8590<br /><br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Magnus Equipment has a rich 90 year history in the design and manufacture of industrial parts cleaning systems using specialized immersion cleaning technology. Standard and custom systems are engineered for parts cleaning, degreasing and metal treatment using both aqueous, safety solvent and ultrasonic processes.Parts cleaned range from tiny, intricate precision items to entire engine blocks to spools of wire. Magnus Equipment's expertise starts with application development. Our cleaning processes maximize cleaning effectiveness with minimal chemical and water usage and waste generation.This quality-focused attitude concludes in construction of our robust cleaning systems. The 2004 merger of Magnus Equipment and Power Sonics LLC, adds the ultrasonic capabilities to our Magnus tanks as well as offering new, innovative machines to the marketplace.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> Magnus Equipment and Power Sonics can provide endless combinations of agitation, soaking, and ultrasonic processes. We differentiate product lines by process function to facilitate purchasing decisions.<br /> <br /> BATCH:<br /> <br /> Equipment in this category is designed to handle a basket of parts at a time. Equipment may be used for aqueous or solvent cleaning, or other surface preparation processes.Models differentiate by load and liquid capacity and can be purchased standard or customized. Ultrasonics by Power Sonics can be easily integrated. All models have electric agitation and level controls. Fully automatic load transfer systems are available for high throughput washing applications.<br /> <br /> MIJI LIF SR. CLASSIC: Load capacity of 125 pounds.<br /> <br /> MIJI LIF 24:<br /> <br /> Load capacity of 150 or 450 pounds. Load size is up to about 2' by 4'. Ideal for single tank or multistage system. Excellent for workcell configurations.<br /> <br /> MAGNA LIF:<br /> <br /> Load capacity of 1,000 pounds. Load sizes up to 34" by 83". Four model sizes available. Suited for larger parts and remanufacturing needs.<br /> <br /> AJA LIF:<br /> <br /> Our heavy duty machine boasts a load capacity of 2,200 pounds. Easily handles bulk loads or a single, hefty part up to 52" x 76". The AJA LIF offers greater tank depth than our other lines.<br /> <br /> CT CONSOLE TANKS:<br /> <br /> Power Sonics provides the innovative and intense ultrasonics with these transducerized cleaning tanks. They can be combined into any number of arrangements to fit multiple precision and critical cleaning applications.<br /> <br /> Just some of the available options for the above equipment include:<br /> <br /> • Multi-stage configuration with manual load transfer<br /> • Several heat source options<br /> • Programmable heating & cycle timers<br /> • Rotation<br /> • Automatic cover<br /> • Low water level process lockout<br /> <br /> IN-LINE:<br /> <br /> Equipment in this category utilizes Power Sonics ultrasonics to clean parts continuously as individual pieces, small groups, or continuous product such as wire, rod, tubing, strip or bar stock.<br /> <br /> Mini-Tunnelsonics (MTS):<br /> <br /> Power Sonics is pleased to introduce our Mini-Tunnelsonics radial, conveyorized machine. Our fastener customers appreciate its high volume with ultra-high focused energy design.The intense scrubbing action comes from the unique design of the Nautilus Radial transducer. The system utilizes our own IGBT Magnum generators that boast a diagnostic LED display to ensure peak system performance.The MTS is ideally suited to reduce material handling by cleaning at the production point. The MTS can run directly in-line with CNC, cold-header or forming equipment.<br /> <br /> Ultrasonic Inline Radial Wire Machine:<br /> <br /> Utilizing Power Sonics exclusive radial transducers, wire and tubing products are cleaned in a continuous line. Achieving high line speeds allows integration directly in the production line.<br /> <br /> Auxiliary Equipment:<br /> <br /> Filters, oil coalescers, dryers and rinse booths compliment our entire product line.<br /> <br /> MECAVIT Srl<br /> <br /> Via Fornace 28 zona industriale Poggio Piccolo<br /> 40023 Castel Guelfo, Bologna, Italy<br /> Tel: +39 0542 67 05 60 • Fax: +39 0542 67 05 61<br /> Email: • Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> The Mecavit Company was established in 1980 out of the entrepreneurial spirit and ten years of experience in the mechanical industry of two engineers. Together they founded a small business that, through their dedication and efforts, would become one of the key producers in the Italian fastener manufacturing industry. Remarkably it has taken no more than a single generation for Mecavit to rise to the position of one of the most highly regarded Italian manufacturers of stainless and carbon steel fasteners, and to have achieved success in the most competitive of international markets.<br /> <br /> These achievements have been a direct result of Mecavit's constant search for the highest quality standards. The company has always sought to use consistently high quality sources of raw materials; to invest in the most advanced and reliable production and control technologies; and to adopt the very best in production management techniques. Mecavit has also worked assiduously to be sensitive to the service requirements of its customers, wherever they are located, and to be a business partner of the highest integrity.<br /> <br /> Mecavit's new production facility, opened in 2000 is situated in a modern industrial zone, close to Bologna and in the heart of the most advanced engineering area in Italy. The premises were built with the most modern technological systems, and extend to an area of approximately 7500 square metres, 6500 dedicated to production and 1000 to offices.The new production plant provides a quality of working environment that safeguards the heath and physical well-being of the company's workforce, as well as ensuring their motivation to continue to achieve the highest standards to its customers.<br /> <br /> In all that has been described Mecavit can be recognised as competitive and ready to face the future and continued hard challenges in the world of fasteners PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> The Mecavit manufacturing range is strongly specialized in socket head and six-lobe small diameter screws in carbon high tensile steel and stainless steel. Only certified quality steels are allowed to enter the plant, even then under strict materials acceptance controls.<br /> <br /> Then, totally automated technologies transform them into fasteners and other similar parts, according to the most common standards and to special customer requirements.For standard parts production adheres to the norms DIN, UNI, ISO and to the international parameters prescribed by them. For special parts, Mecavit's own team of highly trained technical staff, with the aid of advanced CAD systems, determine and initiate the production process. They interpret the drawing of customers, then develop specific production plans to deliver optimal solutions to meet the specific requirements expressed by the customer, for example in achieving higher levels of safety or integrity than defined by the norms, or by ensuring the final product will perform to higher standards.<br /> <br /> Each year Mecavit programmes a series if new investments in production and development technology. The company also, though, places great emphasis on ensuring a highly responsive attitude to its market. In doing so it has a clear objective to differentiate itself in the market through its technical capabilities, its production efficiency and also its commercial ability.<br /> <br /> CUSTOMER SUPPORT:<br /> <br /> Customers of Mecavit are to be found in a whole range of prestige industries as well as in the distribution market. What they all have in common is an appreciation and trust in the reliability with which Mecavit supports them. It is a reputation Mecavit values deeply and constantly seeks to uphold.<br /> <br /> Linking Mecavit's manufacturing capability to its customers' requirements is an efficient and dedicated pre and post sale commercial operation. One of the keys to its continued success is a management system, which controls the flow of information throughout the production and logistics operations.<br /> <br /> The management of the Mecavit warehouse is fully automated. The warehouse creates orders on the production operation based according to demand trends calculated on an historical base. Thousands of references are therefore in a "ready for delivery" status, available for prompt despatch to the customer, with a simple order of the computer. This ensures that delivery lead times are maintained at minimum possible levels.<br /> <br /> Concerning product innovations, the technical catalogue and every relevant detail of Mecavit's web site are constantly updated to provide new possibilities for dialogue and partnership with customers in every part of the world.<br /> <br /> QUALITY:<br /> <br /> The quality system of Mecavit, is internationally certified in compliance with the norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 " VISION" carried out by "TUV" Italy. Mecavit has already successfully completed the third, three-yearly, renewal of its certification. The company is particularly proud that the certification agency numbers Mecavit amongst the highest echelons of the companies accorded this high quality standard.<br /> <br /> To ensure the highest standards of production quality Mecavit systems include the capability to preview the deformation of the steel to the parameters laid down for that norm or special requirement. The test laboratory carries out an extensive range of other qualitative and quantitative controls to assure the excellence of the finished products. All of the stages of production are controlled carefully at the control board of the machine, with a pre-determined system of quality inspections, including final testing of each production lot.<br /> <br /> Mectron engineering co., inc.<br /> <br /> 400 S. Industrial Drive<br /> Saline, MI 48176 USA<br /> Tel: +1 734 944 8777 • Fax: +1 734 944 8778<br /> Web Site: • E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Mectron Engineering Co., Inc., is committed to the upgrading and expanded use of today's technology to offer its customers solid capability and practical solutions to fill the expanding need for quality parts in the industrial fastener marketplace.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Mectron was founded in 1968 to design and manufacture quality control and handling systems utilizing eddy current and ultrasonic instrumentation.<br /> <br /> Today, Mectron offers its own complete line of laser, eddy current, vision and thread inspection systems.<br /> <br /> Individual parts are scanned and measured as they pass through Mectron's high speed systems. Products are inspected for dimensions, diameters, lengths, foreign material, thread defects, part damage, metallurgical defects, hardness, cracks, etc.<br /> <br /> Mectron Engineering's product development team has been awarded several patents on laser and eddy current inspection systems.Recent developments have yielded a new state-of-the-art laser and integrated crack detection which will bring part inspection to another level.<br /> <br /> Mectron's Sorting Service provides contract inspection for customers on its premises with its various inspection systems. Parts are inspected for a full range of quality problems.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> • Mectron's LSR-30 Laser is standard on all Q-Series and LT-Series machines. New laser provides scanning capabilities 100 times faster than original equipment for inspection of tighter tolerances and critical features.<br /> <br /> • Q-5000 Qualifier Laser and Magnetic Imagery System provides complete dimensional and metallurgical inspection utilizing Microsoft Windows.<br /> <br /> • Q-2500 Modular System for inspection with laser array for dimensional features utilizing Microsoft Windows.<br /> <br /> • EC500 Linear head and flange crack detection system integrated into any new or existing Mectron Inspection machine.<br /> <br /> • FM-1000 Vision-based Inspection System is capable of inspecting basic fastener characteristics at speeds up to 600 ppm. The system is comprised of a high-speed magnetic belt presenting the part to a highresolution camera. Capabilities include headed products up to 127 mm in length and diameters up to an M14<br /> <br /> • LT-350 Inspection System for overall length, profile and metallurgical characteristics on pins, blanks and fasteners.<br /> <br /> • LT-250 Inspection System for overall length and profile on pins, blanks and fasteners.<br /> <br /> • LT-150 Inspection System for overall length on pins, blanks and fasteners.<br /> <br /> • MI-9500 Inspection System uses a unique eddy current signature analysis to inspect for cracks, missing features, physical variations, material mix, and hardness.<br /> <br /> • Laser Nut Scanning System inspects for presence of internal threads, height variations, and foreign material.<br /> <br /> • MAP 1000, 2000 are Mectron's automated packaging systems for use with the above inspection systems.<br /> <br /> • RW80 inspects for presence of internal threads, splines, broaches, and keyways.<br /> <br /> MAIN PLANT MANUFACTURING/SALES:<br /> <br /> Mectron Engineering Co., Inc.<br /> <br /> 400 S. Industrial Drive<br /> Saline, MI 48176<br /> Tel: (734) 944-8777<br /> Fax: (734) 944-8778<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Sales / Distribution:<br /> <br /> Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana<br /> GATTCO<br /> Tel: (630) 679-0210<br /> Fax: (630) 679-0532<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Minnesota, North/South Dakota,<br /> Western Wisconsin:<br /> Concept Machine Tool<br /> Tel: (763) 559-1975<br /> Fax: (763) 553-7704<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> California, Arizona, Nevada:<br /> Peak Machinery Sales<br /> Tel: (760) 771-5981<br /> Fax: (760) 771-2781<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania<br /> JFP Precision Concepts<br /> Tel: (330) 220-6668<br /> Fax: (330) 225-4300<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Northeast U.S.: Flanagan Group, LLC<br /> Tel: (610) 334 3542<br /> Fax: (432) 265 5600<br /> Email: Jeff.Hoffman@fl<br /> <br /> Australia: R.G. Graham Nominees P/L<br /> Tel: (61 3) 9769 6349<br /> Fax: (61 3) 9769 6349<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Brazil: Cold Forming International<br /> Tel: (55) 11 3085 5579<br /> Fax: (55) 11 3088 9435<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> France: National Machinery France<br /> Tel: (33) 01 43 78 40 84<br /> Fax: (33) 01 43 78 37 32<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Germany: NME National Machinery Europe GmbH<br /> Tel: (49) 911 5198-0<br /> Fax: (49) 911 5198-220<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> India: India King Impex<br /> Tel: (91) 80 5113 6372<br /> Fax: (91) 80 2225 8775<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Italy: Corvetta<br /> Tel: (39) 0471 978903<br /> Fax: (39) 0471 978011<br /> E-Mail:<br /><br /> <br /> Japan: National Machinery Asia<br /> Tel: (81) 568 89 0571<br /> Fax: (81) 568 89 0572<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Korea: Mottgee Eng. Co., LTD<br /> Tel: (82) 2 421 6388<br /> Fax: (82) 2 421 6485<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Spain: National Machinery<br /> Tel: (34) 93 301 95 10<br /> Fax: (34) 93 302 46 22<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> United Kingdom: National Machinery UK<br /> Tel: (44) 121 585 9846<br /> Fax: (44) 121 501 1936<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd.<br /> <br /> 1164-4 Hiyoshi, Hirokawa, Yame<br /> Fukuoka 834-0196, Japan<br /> Tel: +81 943 32 4331<br /> Fax: +81 943 32 5134<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Nakashimada's technical leadership as a cold header manufacturer is based primarily on satisfying the demands of cold formed components and fastener makers.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1911, Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. Started producing industrial machines in 1936. Since Nakashimada unveiled its first cold headers in 1960, Nakashimada has expanded sales offices not only in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, but also in the United States and Europe, in order to better serve the growing list of international customers.<br /> <br /> Nakashimada has always stayed and always will stay at the leading edge of advanced technology and customer service.<br /> <br /> The year 2011 is the 100th year for Nakashimada since foundation.<br /> <br /> ISO14001 certified in 2010.<br /> <br /> Nakashimada has made continuous developments and introductions of the following cold heading machines.<br /> <br /> 2001: MST612 series (6D6B) MHC130A (1D2B)<br /> <br /> 2002: MST408 series (4D4B)<br /> <br /> 2003: EXL2-8 (2D2B Extra Long)<br /> <br /> 2004: MST616 series (6D6B)<br /> <br /> 2006: MST606 series (6D6B)<br /> TRF510 (5D5B Re-header) <br /> <br /> 2007: MST716 series (7D7B)<br /> <br /> 2008: EXL3-8 <br /> (3D3B Extra Long) <br /> RD70 (1D2B Re-header)<br /> <br /> 2010: BTX/BT series bolt <br /> former (3D3B-6D6B)<br /> <br /> 2011: MF140 (1D2B) <br /> NB42 (Ball Header)<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> Masahiro Nakashimada<br /> President<br /> <br /> Suetoshi Furuie<br /> General Manager, Sales Dept.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICES:<br /> <br /> Nakashimada USA<br /> Phone:+1-562-926-2419<br /> Fax: +1-562-404-2342<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> Nakashimada Europe<br /> Phone: +49(0) 911-5690 881<br /> Fax: +49(0) 911-5690 880<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> The East Coast and Canada:<br /> FH Machinery Inc.<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> The Midwest:<br /> Loomis International, Ltd.<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> The West Coast:<br /> Peterson enterprises Inc.<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> Russia:<br /> WSD Werkzeuge-<br /> Schrauben-Drehteile GmbH<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> Italy:<br /> Manassero & C. srl<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> U.K. & Ireland:<br /> Metalform Incorporated Ltd.<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> Turkey:<br /> <br /> Herkül Endüstriyel Paketleme<br /> & Makine Sanayi<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> Korea:<br /> <br /> Seoul Trade Company<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> Australia:<br /> <br /> Hasmac Techform Pty. Ltd.<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> South East China & Hong Kong:<br /> <br /> A. Ronderson Mfg. Works, Ltd.<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> North West China, Aerospace industry, Hot heading machines: <br /> <br /> Affinity international llc Ltd.<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> India: <br /> <br /> M/S Janaksons International<br /> Email:<br /><br /> <br /> NatioNal MachiNery <br /> <br /> 161 Greenfield St.<br /> Tiffin, OH 44883 USA<br /> Tel:+1 419 447-5211<br /> Fax:+1 419 443-2379<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> National Machinery LLC is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of cold and warm forming machines that produce metal parts from coiled wire, bars, slugs or preforms.Through our continuing research and development, advanced manufacturing capability and worldwide network of sales and service locations, National Machinery has fi rmly established its position as the "World Standard for Excellence" in cold forming machinery technology.<br /> <br /> National machines and processes are used in nearly every industrialized country in the world. The parts they form are critical components in everything from bicycles to aircraft, and include:<br /> <br /> Fasteners: Rivets, bolts, and nuts.<br /> <br /> Automotive Parts: Complex shapes like spark plug shells, gears, wrist pins, components for shock absorbers, grease fittings and valve spring retainers.<br /> <br /> Parts for the Bearing Industry: Inner and outer bearing races, precision balls, tapered and cylindrical rollers.<br /> <br /> National Service includes machine service, replacement parts, remanufacturing, tool design assistance and operator and maintenance training.<br /> <br /> National Service Centers are in Tiffin, OH, USA; Nagoya, Japan; Suzhou, China; and Nürnberg, Germany.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> FORMAX®2000 progressive formers are high performance cold formers available in 2 through 6 dies with cutoff ranging from 8 mm to 17.7 mm, speeds to 400 ppm and forging tonnage to 140 metric tons. Fast changeover with offline setup, Zero Clearance ram guiding and Formatrol PC controls continue to make FORMAX the productivity leader in cold forming machinery.<br /> <br /> FORMAX PLUS formers, in 3 through 6 dies, meet the challenge of difficultto- transfer and extra high heading load jobs with the patented Pick-Move- Place transfer and Zero Clearance ram guiding. FORMAX PLUS has all the standard FORMAX 2000 benefits, plus increased tonnage, larger cutoff capacity and expanded die space in short, medium and long work ranges.<br /> <br /> FORMAX PLUS for Large Parts, includes 5 and 6 die formers in short, medium and long work models. This family of large formers is available in cutoff diameters up to 34 mm and tonnage up to 600 metric tons.<br /> <br /> FORMAX Extra Long (XL) are five die cold formers that are designed for those long parts that demand additional feed and kickout. The formers are available in cutoff diameters from 16-34 mm and kickout ranges up to 360 mm.<br /> <br /> FORMAX LeanFX is a new line of cost effective FORMAX for the fastener market. Comes in M8, M10, M14 and M18 models. The M10 model can form fasteners at speeds up to 300 parts per minute.<br /> <br /> BEARING Headers are dedicated machines for the bearing industry. These rugged headers form balls and tapered or cylindrical rollers at extremely high speeds with exceptional quality.<br /> <br /> MICROFORMERS produce miniature parts for medical and electrical industries, such as fl uorescent light tube pins and other close tolerance parts as small as 3 mm diameter.<br /> <br /> CLEANING EQUIPMENT including the full line of CTG/Ransohoff aqueous cleaning units for cold formed parts.<br /> <br /> Met-MAX Innovations™ is the group of tool design engineers, tool manufacturers and test engineers that have the experience and technology to design and develop innovative and complex part processes.<br /> <br /> Used Machinery includes any cold forming plant equipment to sell, buy or broker. The OEM has the most knowledge of used Nationals and their locations.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICES<br /> <br /> Shanghai, China<br /> Tel: 86 21 624 85250<br /> Fax: 86 21 624 86270<br /> <br /> Suzhou, China<br /> Tel: 86 512 66161698<br /> Fax: 86 512 66161678<br /> <br /> Birmingham, England<br /> Tel: 44 121 585 9846<br /> Fax: 44 121 501 1936<br /> <br /> Paris, France<br /> Tel: 33 1 4378 4084<br /> Fax: 33 1 4378 3732<br /> <br /> Nürnberg, Germany<br /> Tel: 49 911 5198 0<br /> Fax: 49 911 5198 220<br /> <br /> Bolzano, Italy<br /> Tel: 39 0471 978903<br /> Fax: 39 0471 978011<br /> <br /> Nagoya, Japan<br /> Tel: 81 568 89 0571<br /> Fax: 81 568 89 0572<br /> <br /> Tokyo, Japan<br /> Tel: 81 42 713 3071<br /> Fax: 81 42 713 3072<br /> <br /> Mexico City, Mexico<br /> Tel: 525 55 311 3814<br /> Fax: 525 55 311 3998<br /> <br /> Barcelona, Spain<br /> Tel: 34 93 301 9510<br /> Fax: 34 93 302 4622<br /> <br /> Moscow, Russia<br /> Tel: 7 095 2306432<br /> Fax: 7 095 2797505<br /> <br /> Sao Paulo, Brazil<br /> Tel: 55 11 9971 6047<br /> Fax: 55 11 3673 2788<br /> <br /> Tiffin, Ohio, USA<br /> Tel: 419 447 5211<br /> Fax: 419 443 2379<br /> <br /> Ningbo WEIFENG Fastener Co., Ltd.<br /> <br /> 1606, Zhongsu International Building<br /> No. 232, Xinjian North Road<br /> Yuyao City, Ningbo, China<br /> Contact Person: Tony Yin<br /> Tel: +86-574-22718666 • Fax: +86-574-22713099 • Mobile: +186-15958817094<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATMENT:<br /> <br /> Our target is to provide high quality, reasonable price as well as consideration service to prove our ability and honesty.<br /> <br /> COMPANY INTRODUCTION:<br /> <br /> Ningbo WEIFENG Fastener Co., Ltd specializes in hardware, for example anchors, screws, bolts, nuts and tools. The company is located in Yuyao City, which is one of the most important fastener industrial bases in China and is easy of access. It takes half hour to Ningbo city by high way while 3 hours to Shanghai. WEIFENG acquires good experiences in the line of this field that they offer products with high quality and reasonable price as well as our consideration service. Besides manufacturing, WEIFENG also deals with directing imports and exports business. Their products are of various kinds, according with the following standards: GB, DIN, JIS and ANSI and they can also accept orders of other specification as customer's requests WEIFENG pleasure to establish favorable long-term cooperative relationship with the clients on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINE:<br /> <br /> We can manufacture full range of products and If the products in the website directory do not meet your requirement, please send the information to us and we accept special orders.<br /> <br /> • Anchors<br /> • Bolt Nut Washers<br /> • Self Tapping Screws<br /> • Self Drilling Screws<br /> • Stainless Steel Fasteners<br /> • Copper Fasteners<br /> • Automobile Fasteners<br /> • Other Fastener Series<br /> <br /> HIGHLIGHT PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> Drywall Screws<br /> <br /> Specification: 3.5x25, 3.8x64 and other sizes. One of the self tapping screws widely used in furniture building, construction and metal processing. Zinc plated or black / gray Phosphorus. Trumpet, cross slot, after quenching.<br /> <br /> Wedge Anchor<br /> <br /> Specification: 6x40-24x350.Used in dense concrete and natural stone, metal structures, metal profiles, floor, support plate, brackets, railings, windows, walls, machines, beams, stringers, brackets, etc. Iron or stainless steel made.Zinc longer stead is easy to install and accepts heavy duty.<br /> <br /> Nylon Plug<br /> <br /> It is also named NYLON FISH ANCHOR. Specification: 4 x 20 - 16 x 80. Set on self-tapping screws to have expansion effect. Nylon Plug is tough, wear and impact resistance, Acid proof and corrosion proof. Temperature ranges from - 40°C to 80°C. Good insulation and tension ability.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Ningbo WEIFENG Fastener Co., Ltd.<br /> <br /> 1606, Zhongsu<br /> International Building<br /> <br /> No. 232, Xinjian North Road<br /> Yuyao City, Ningbo, China<br /> Contact Person: Tony Yin<br /> Tel: +86-574-22713000<br /> Fax: +86-574-22713099<br /> Mobile: +186-15958817094<br /> <br /> Web Site:<br /><br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Nomura USA<br /> <br /> 12222 Universal Dr.<br /> Taylor, MI 48180 USA<br /> Toll-Free: +1 800 887 6763<br /> Fax: +1 734 992 4194<br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> GLOBAL-MINDEDNESS:<br /> <br /> Nomura provides solutions finely tuned to individual customers around the world.The company does not only create, but also maintains optimal specifications beyond different tap processing environments.Customer demands are diverse, and more flexible manufacturing systems are necessary. Therefore, Nomura's day-to-day research and development continues in this light.<br /> <br /> Nomura is involved in unending pursuit of customer satisfaction in the global marketplace. This is what Nomura's technologies and services are all about.<br /> <br /> ALWAYS IN PROGRESS:<br /> <br /> In today's market, where products turn obsolete so soon and so fast, the demands are rising for more durable, more functional, yet more conservationoriented taps. Nomura's lightweight and recyclable taps using materials difficult to machine, are part of the examples pointing to this trend.<br /> <br /> In the ever-changing global landscape and customer needs, Nomura stays proactive with its enhanced research and development body, learning to grow, changing to keep the company's services and technologies up-to-date.<br /> <br /> FAITHFUL TO CORE VALUES OF MANUFACTURING:<br /> <br /> As a manufacturer of tap products, Nomura embraces three core values- Quality, Cost and Efficiency-making products of quality well above customers' intent and helping cost reduction well-balanced with quality concerns.Prioritizing in-time product delivery for less deadline pressure on customers is a part of the company's devotion to making customers happier.<br /> <br /> Through best services and technologies, Nomura wants its taps touching the lives of billions of people around the globe.This is always and ever the Nomura's goals and intentions.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> Nomura USA offers a wide variety of bent shank taps and nib taps including the following:<br /> <br /> • Bent Shank Taps (welded)<br /> • TORSERT Type Nib Taps<br /> • SCREW Type Nib Taps<br /> • R Type Nib Taps<br /> • H Type Nib Taps<br /> <br /> • Pilot Taps<br /> • Reamer Taps<br /> • Tandem Taps<br /> • Thread Forming Taps/Fluteless Taps<br /> • (Left Hand) Spiral Fluted Taps<br /> • Spiral Pointed Taps<br /> <br /> • Multiple Thread Taps<br /> • Trapezoidal Thread Taps<br /> • Taps for Helical Coil Wire Screw<br /> • Thread Insert (STI)<br /> • Coil Thread Taps<br /> <br /> • TiN Coated Taps<br /> • TiCN Coated Taps<br /> • TiAIN Coated Taps<br /> • Oxidized Taps<br /> • Nitride and Oxidized Taps<br /> <br /> • Straight Shank Tapper Taps<br /> • Nut Taps<br /> <br /> • Short Machine and Hand Taps (Taper/Plug/Bottoming)<br /> • Long Shank Taps<br /> • Spiral Fluted Taps (Right/Left Hand)<br /> • Spiral Pointed Taps<br /> • Morse Taper Shank Taps<br /> • Taper Pipe Taps<br /> • Parallel Pipe Taps<br /> <br /> • Bent Shanks for Nib Taps<br /> • Straight Shanks for Nib Taps<br /> • Straight Shanks with Square for Nib Taps<br /> <br /> • Bent Shank Reamers<br /> • Nib Reamers<br /> <br /> CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> Nomura USA also offers a variety of ancillary operation capabilities including the following:<br /> <br /> • Inspection<br /> • Thread Grinding<br /> • Flute Grinding<br /> • Complex Grinding<br /> • Chamfer Grinding<br /> • Ion Plating<br /> • Heat Treatment<br /> • Automatic Loading Capability<br /> <br /> NETWORK:<br /> <br /> Nomura's international network ensures prompt delivery of products renowned around the world for quality.Thanks to the company's international network, now covering some 20 countries, Nomura guarantees quick access to the quality products that customers need. Regardless of the location of the customer, Nomura delivers the same superior technology.<br /> <br /> JAPAN OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Nomura Tool Works<br /> 113 Misasagi-CHO<br /> Nara, 631-0803 Japan<br /> President: Shuichi Nomura<br /> Sales: Takuhiro Nomura<br /> Tel: +81-742-33-3281<br /> Fax: +81-742-34-3528<br /> <br /> NORTH AMERICAN OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Nomura USA<br /> 12222 Universal Dr.<br /> Taylor, MI 48180, USA<br /> Contact Scott Behm, U.S. Sales Mgr.<br /> Toll-Free: +1 800 887 6763<br /> Fax: +1 734 992 4194<br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> Nucor FasteNer DivisioN<br /> <br /> P.O. Box 6100, St. Joe, IN 46785 USA<br /> Phone: (800) 955-6826 from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EDT<br /> Fax: (260) 337-1726<br /> E-mail:<br /> Online:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> In 1985, Nucor decided to open a fastener facility, expanding the company into other steel-related products. Rather than acquire an existing plant, Nucor decided to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation in St. Joe, IN. Many people were skeptical. At the time, low-priced imports were driving domestic manufacturers from the business.North American manufacturers had lost about 80 percent of the standard bolt and nut markets. But company leaders wanted to start with a clean slate and do things the Nucor way, focusing on longstanding principles of quality, integrity and customer service.<br /> <br /> Today, Nucor Fastener is a domestic leader in fastener production, manufacturing highquality domestic standard fasteners, as well as special items made to individual customer specifications. We also add value to our standard product line through special finishes, patches, adhesives and other secondary processing. But that's just part of our story.As part of Nucor, we strive for continuous improvement. We have increased capacity to process wire, heat treat, form and warehouse.We're committed to further improvement and expansion. Our goal: continue finding new ways to get our customers what they need, when they need it.<br /> <br /> QUALITY ASSURANCE:<br /> <br /> The Nucor name is synonymous with quality and stability. We maintain the integrity of our steel through an advanced tracking system that starts with the raw material coils and continues all the way through warehousing and shipping. Since our dedicated steel source is Nucor Nebraska, we know our steel's history even before it arrives here.We control the manufacturing process, including wire processing (annealing/pickling), forming, heat treat, inspection, packaging and warehousing. Even after the fasteners are shipped, our system allows customers to acquire a full history of the steel.<br /> <br /> Our products are quality-tested throughout the manufacturing process and then again at final inspection prior to shipment to assure you of our commitment to high quality products. Certifications and material test reports are available on raw material,outside processing and finished products.Our quality registrations include ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 9001:2000 and A2LA.We're also certified to ISO 14001 environmental standards.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINE:<br /> <br /> At Nucor Fastener, our capability ranges from 1/4" (M6) diameter through 1-1/4" (M30), in lengths up to 10" (250mm). Our production takes place almost entirely within our 500,000-square-foot facility.Our large number of bolt makers provides capacity to meet customer needs and provide redundancy across all sizes. In fact, when it comes to producing bolt diameters 3/4" (M20) and larger, we have one of the world's largest capacities.<br /> <br /> We continue to manufacture high-quality hex head cap screws, finished hex nuts, structural bolts, nuts, assemblies and flange bolts. But we've also expanded our product line to include build-to-print fasteners. Head styles, dimensions, grades and finishes can be customized to meet individual specifications.And through strategic alliances with processors, we're able to accommodate special finishes, patches, adhesives and other secondary processing requirements to help you streamline your supply chain.<br /> <br /> No matter what your needs are, you can trust Nucor Fastener to get you the right products to get the job done. During construction of the Cooper River Bridge in South Carolina, for example, about one million mechanically galvanized bolts and nuts - primarily 7/8" and 1" diameters - were used to support North America's largest cable stay span bridge. Nucor fasteners have also been used in other high-profile projects, such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and stadiums for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns and Indiana Pacers. Nucor fasteners can be found in other leading company's products, including Freightliner, Navistar, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Deere-Hitachi and Bobcat.<br /> <br /> WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT NUCOR FASTENER:<br /> <br /> Nucor has repeatedly been heralded not only as a leader in the steel industry, but also as one of the top companies in the world.<br /> <br /> Nucor is consistently ranked in the Top 50 Companies by BusinessWeek. Nucor was honored in 2007 as one of IndustryWeek's 50 Best Manufacturing Companies. Nucor is regularly named one of Fortune's Most Admired Companies.<br /> <br /> As part of Nucor, we take care of our customers, our employees, our suppliers and the environment. Every piece that comes from our plant is marked with the quality, integrity and stability that's associated with the Nucor name.<br /> <br /> And our Indiana location is a big advantage.We're centrally located between major markets and distribution points. More importantly, we're right here in the U.S. That means we can get products to you quickly, and we're only a phone call away if you ever have questions.<br /> <br /> CUSTOMER SERVICE/ TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE:<br /> <br /> Nucor Fastener's business foundation is based on our commitment to quality, integrity, competitive pricing, service and continuous improvement. We offer "World Class Customer Service" to our customers through our people, our most valuable asset.Regardless if it is our regionally located Sales Representatives, Inside Sales Staff or Technical Staff, all are ready to provide the assistance you need. Technical Data sheets are provided on our web-site and other training can be coordinated as-needed.<br /> <br /> CONTACT INFORMATION:<br /> <br /> Call: (800) 955-6826 from 7:30 a.m. to<br /> 5:30 p.m. EDT.<br /> Fax: (260) 337-1726<br /> E-mail:<br /> Online:<br /> <br /> In times like these with so much change and volatility, it's nice to know that you can count on the strength and stability of your fastener supplier - Nucor Fastener!<br /> <br /> Remember - Today, That Little "n" Means Big Things!<br /> <br /> The Leading Global Supplier of Fastener Tooling<br /> <br /> Company profile:<br /> <br /> Precision Tool Group (PTG) is the leading global supplier of Thread Rolling and Trim Dies.PTG offers a comprehensive range of products and services to the Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Fastener Manufacturers World Wide.<br /> <br /> At PTG we are committed to maintaining our leadership in thread roll tooling by providing unmatched product quality, exceptional technological innovation and superior customer service, resulting in the best cost per piece produced for our customers.<br /> <br /> With offices and manufacturing facilities around the world, PTG is comprised of the most respected brands in the fastener industry which include: Hi-Life Tools, Reed and Howell Penncraft.<br /> <br /> We are proud that our family of well-respected brands has continually demonstrated durability, reliability and performance excellence at lower operational costs. To address your precise needs, our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, processes and facilities can accommodate a variety of materials, heat-treatment and surface-treatment options. Our service centers and product development programs provide customers with access to in-depth support and technical innovations that dramatically simplify their fastener tooling challenges.<br /> <br /> NeW U.S. reGrinD faciliTy:<br /> <br /> To better serve our U.S customers we are pleased to announce that we have recently added Cylindrical and Flat Thread Die regrinding capabilities and capacity at REED, in Auburn Ma. This new facility will further allow additional cost saving for our North America customers with a fast turnaround of Thread Roll Dies.<br /> <br /> ProDUcTS:<br /> <br /> • Complete range of Flat Thread Roll Dies (including licensed products)<br /> • Cylindrical Thread Roll Dies<br /> • Planetary Thread Roll Dies<br /> • Form Rolling<br /> • Trim Dies<br /> <br /> SerVice cenTerS:<br /> <br /> AMERICAS<br /> <br /> North American Service Center<br /> 28 Sword Street<br /> Auburn, MA 01501 USA<br /> Toll-Free: +1 800 343 6068<br /> Tl: +1 508 753 6530<br /> Fx: +1 508 753 0127<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> EUROPE<br /> <br /> European Service Centre<br /> Hi-Life Tools<br /> Bays 122-125<br /> Shannon Industrial Estate<br /> Shannon, Co. Clare<br /> Ireland<br /> Tl: +353 61 239503<br /> Fx: +353 61 239502<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> ASIA<br /> <br /> Asia Service Center<br /> 8 Nan Bang Road<br /> Kunshan<br /> Jiangsu Province, China<br /> Tl: +86 512 5771 9210<br /> Fx: +86 512 5771 5660<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> ViSiT oUr WeBSiTe:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip Company, Inc.<br /> <br /> 187 Davidson Avenue<br /> Somerset, NJ 08873 USA<br /> Toll-Free: 1.800.557.6867<br /> Tel: +1 732.469.7333<br /> Fax: +1 732.469.7898<br /> Website:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip makes all of its retaining rings, wave springs and hose clamp products in a 280,000 square foot manufacturing space on 64 acres in Somerset, New Jersey. This vertically integrated concept is one that many manufacturers have abandoned over the years in exchange for cheaper-running plants in foreign countries. But by performing all of the critical steps in producing retaining rings in-house (like die design/building, stamping, wire forming, heat treating and finishing), Rotor Clip is able to provide customers with quality, repeatable products they can rely on to consistently perform in the most critical applications.<br /> <br /> Another advantage is the wealth of knowledge Rotor Clip employees have gained in these critical areas. Engineers, toolmakers, machine operators and quality inspectors have worked together to solve problems and initiate improvements. By not exporting critical technology to outside sources, these key personnel have gained a wealth of knowledge they can share with their customers to help them select the most effective and economical retaining ring for their application.<br /> <br /> Although enthusiastically committed to American manufacturing, Rotor Clip is still every bit a global company, selling product into major automotive and distributor markets in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINE:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip is the only manufacturer in the world offering all three major types of retaining rings: tapered, constant section and spiral. These are made to inch, DIN, ANSI metric and JIS standards in carbon steel, stainless steel and beryllium copper.<br /> <br /> Unlike other companies we don't claim one retaining ring is better than another. Rather, it's about your application and what you need to make it work.With the help of Rotor Clip engineers, you'll find the one retaining ring that works best for you, rather than the one that's best for us to sell you.<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip military retaining rings are also available, manufactured to military specifications under Cage Code 07382.<br /> <br /> Stainless steel parts for military need to be made from PH15-7 stainless material, which Rotor Clip can provide.This material is not readily available in Europe and the Pacific Rim, limiting the ability of other sources to provide certified rings to their customers.<br /> <br /> MS parts made from High Carbon Spring Steel are also available; manufactured domestically, and processed from Rotor Clip's extensive catalog of tooled parts. Finishes include: Cadmium; Zinc Dichromate, and Phosphate.<br /> <br /> Stainless steel and beryllium copper parts have been certified as domestically melted by raw material suppliers for purposes of DFARS 252.225-7014, "Preference for domestic specialty metals." Certifications are provided Free of Charge.<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip also offers single turn, multi turn, and nested wave springs.A wave spring is made from coiled flat wire with waves added to give it a spring effect. Wave springs are superior to coil springs in certain applications because they provide lower work heights with the same force. This not only provides for space savings, but also smaller assemblies that use less materials, hence lower production costs.<br /> <br /> THE GREEN FASTENER:<br /> <br /> Using Rotor Clip retaining rings in place of threaded fasteners where appropriate reduces scrap and hazardous waste caused by machining shoulders and use of excess cutting fluids. Our wave springs provide lower work heights than coil springs with the same force - resulting in smaller assemblies that use less material. Rotor Clip products can be produced to meet the requirements of the RoHS and ELV directives.<br /> <br /> QUALITY:<br /> <br /> With all the recent news stories concerning quality mistakes from overseas as well as in the States, Rotor Clip is dedicated to providing customers with a part that exceeds standard specifications. This includes providing documentation showing critical quality, material & heat treating specs, as well as lot traceability and country of origin.All Rotor Clip products are designed & manufactured in the USA in one facility, registered to ISO/TS 16949:2009.<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip is not just a manufacturing facility. It is a support center for customers from the moment of contact.Whether it's placing an order, needing design assistance, or finding the right part, Rotor Clip is there to help throughout the business relationship.<br /> <br /> The Rotor Express program provides customers with small package quantities of retaining rings that would otherwise be too costly to process from Rotor Clip's facility. Through a series of partnerships throughout the country, customers can purchase low-volumes of product at extremely competitive prices.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICES:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip Company, Inc.® World Headquarters<br /> <br /> 187 Davidson Avenue<br /> Somerset, NJ 08873 USA<br /> Tel: +1 732.469.7333<br /> Toll-Free: 1.800.557.6867<br /> Fax: +1 732.469.7898<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip Limited®<br /> <br /> Unit 6, Meadowbrook Park<br /> Holbrook, Sheffield, S20 3PJ<br /> United Kingdom<br /> Tel: +44 (0) 114.247.3399<br /> Fax: +44 (0) 114.247.4499<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Rotor Clip GmbH®<br /> <br /> Buchwiese 3, D-65510<br /> Idstein, Germany<br /> Tel: +49 (0) 6126.22736.0<br /> Fax: +49 (0) 6126.22736.19<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> S & M Retaining Rings<br /> A Division of Schneider & Marquard, Inc.<br /> <br /> 112 Phil Hardin Road, P.O. Box 39<br /> Newton, NJ 07860 USA<br /> Phone: +1 973 383 2200<br /> Fax: +1 973 383 6529<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> S&M Retaining Rings became a division of Schneider & Marquard in January of 2001 as a result of the vision of the current owner Michael J. O'Shea, who realized the need for additional manufacturers in the retaining ring market. Originally a tool & die maker, he also brought to S&M over 20 years of handson experience in the complete manufacturing of retaining rings.With the understanding of the skills and limitations of the other retaining ring manufacturing companies in the USA, England, and Germany, he developed new designs for high-speed precision tooling. This tooling has made it possible for S&M Retaining Rings to produce and deliver exceptional quality rings in a short period of time.<br /> <br /> By utilizing our tool and die manufacturing resources and Mike's experience in the industry, S&M Retaining Rings has been able to quickly grow into the major retaining ring supplier it is today. S&M Retaining Rings initially began and continues to manufacture higher volume rings in order to satisfy the market's demand for these items. Custom rings are also fabricated based on our customer's needs.<br /> <br /> OUR PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> S&M Retaining Rings has a significant inventory of rings, including 1074 carbon steel, stainless steel (PH15-7Mo) and beryllium copper. We can supply our carbon steel rings with black phosphate, zinc bright/ clear, zinc dichromate yellow, and zinc trivalent plating. Our rings are manufactured to the military standard and certificates of compliance to the MS number are available upon request. All of the items we manufacture are DFAR compliant.<br /> <br /> We also manufacture retaining ring applicators and dispensers for our customers and have the capability to fabricate custom automated tooling for a company's individual application.<br /> <br /> All of the employees at S&M Retaining Rings strive to make sure that our rings will always meet the highest quality standards.Our rings are inspected continuously throughout the manufacturing process with excellent SPC results. Our employees are committed to total quality management from the time we quote the job until the rings are shipped from our facility. We stand behind the quality of our rings 100% and are very proud to be ISO2001:2008 certified.<br /> <br /> OUR FUTURE:<br /> <br /> Mike O'Shea, his son Michael, and the employees of S&M are taking steps to prepare and expand for the future so that our customers may be serviced more effectively. We are steadily increasing our product line each year and will soon be offering some metric sizes in addition to our inch sizes.<br /> <br /> Employees of S&M are proud to say that we continue to manufacture all of our products in our own facility in New Jersey, and in turn are helping to support the United States' economy.<br /> <br /> We at S&M Retaining Rings value the relationships we have with our customers and appreciate their loyalty. We look forward to growing in the future with your support.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> S & M Retaining Rings <br /> <br /> A Division of Schneider & Marquard, Inc. <br /> <br /> 112 Phil Hardin Road<br /> P.O. Box 39<br /> Newton, NJ 07860 USA<br /> Phone: +1 973 383 2200<br /> Fax: +1 973 383 6529<br /> Website:<br /><br /> <br /> Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. N<br /> <br /> No. 1151, Lianxi Road<br /> Shanghai, China 201204<br /> Contact Person: Winter Wong<br /> Tel: +86-21-58912860 • Fax: +86-21-589127936<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATMENT:<br /> <br /> Provide professional blind fastening solutions to our customers, with continuous innovation and improvement. Maximize our customers' value by supplying quality, on-time delivery and expertise. Our target is to be the preferred supplier of fastening solutions to automobile industry worldwide in the near future.<br /> <br /> COMPANY INTRODUCTION:<br /> <br /> History<br /> <br /> Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. has over 12 years experience in production & export of blind rivets. Nowadays, we are one of the leading manufacturers of blind rivets in China, supplying over 4,000 different sizes rivets per IFI standard, DIN7337 standard and ISO standard. We are now ISO/TS16949 certified, as OEM supplier for many European manufacturers.<br /> <br /> Advantage<br /> <br /> R&D department consists of highly skilled product designers and professional technicians. On average we require 5 to 7 weeks to bring a new product to the manufacturing stage. Due to our ability to keep up with and anticipate changes in the industry, we maintain our leading role in the fastening field.<br /> <br /> Capability<br /> <br /> We have two manufacturing plants: Jiangsu Fast-Fix Fastener Co., Ltd., producing open type rivets, multi-grip type rivets and structural rivets. Jingjiang Fast- Fix Rivet Manufacture Co. Ltd, producing sealed type rivets and big sizes stainless steel rivets.The total area is over 25,000 square meters, with annual production capability of around 2 billion pieces.<br /> <br /> Service<br /> <br /> We make sure that the quality of each size and every lot is under control, and conform to international standards & customer specifications. We keep subsistent samples of every lot for at least one year, to track the products in case of any problem.<br /> <br /> HIGHLIGHT PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> • CUP-FIX rivets<br /> <br /> Diameter: 4.8mm, 6.4mm. Length: 10mm~20mm. Available with Dome Head, Countersunk Head.Material: Steel, Stainless Steel.High shear strength and tensile strength, with multi-grip capability.One CUP-FIX type can work to replace several standard grip fastener & simple the stock control. It also have good hole filling and sealing capability, provide strong vibration resistant joints with a visible lock. CUPFIX is ideal for applications like automotive, Vehicles, Ventilating, Ladders and Cabinets.<br /> <br /> • Multi-grip rivets<br /> <br /> Diameter: 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm. Length: 6mm~30mm. Available with Dome Head, Countersunk Head, and Large Head. Material: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel. Wide grip range, ideal for use in inconsistent holes, reduced rivet inventory. Multi-grip type is valuable where components are supplied to the user with holes already punched or drilled or where the sheets to be joined are folded or curved, making it difficult to match up two holes of the correct size. Multi-Grip is ideal for applications like Automotive, Vehicles, Ventilating and Electronics.<br /> <br /> • HEM-FIX rivets<br /> <br /> Diameter: 6.4mm. Length: 12mm~20mm. Available with Dome Head. Material: Steel, Stainless Steel. HEM-FIX has superior shear strength and tensile strength, especially suitable for fastening thin sheet materials or brittle material applications. After setting, HEM-FIX provides strong vibration resistant joints, with mandrel tightly locked by splined stem. Large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet. HEMFIX is ideal for applications like automotive, Vehicles, Ladders and Cabinets.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp.<br /> No. 1151, Lianxi Road<br /> Shanghai, China 201204<br /> Contact Person: Winter Wong<br /> Tel: +86-21-58912860<br /> Fax: +86-21-589127936<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> Shanghai Minmetals - Fasteners<br /> <br /> Minmetals Building, No.757 Guangfu Road,<br /> Shanghai, China, 200070<br /> Tel: +86-21-63815858 • Fax: + 86-21-63816007<br /> Contact: Mr. Hu Jian<br /> E-mail:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> We present not only fine-quality fasteners, also the decades of trust and experience for production and service in the global market. Our leading position in this field is due to our customers' satisfaction.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Shanghai Metals & Minerals has been in the world marketplace since 1949. We started as a trading firm dedicated to international business. Through the years, the company has successfully grown up to become a multifunctional enterprise comprising processing & manufacturing, research & designing, export & import, logistics & transportation etc.<br /> <br /> CAPABILITY:<br /> <br /> Among a wide category of our products, we are most active in ferrous and nonferrous metals, building material & hardware, metal products and minerals etc.<br /> <br /> In 2007, our international business turnover reached $910 million annually, ranking among the 200 top enterprises in China.<br /> <br /> Today, our international sales network reaches more than 3000 clients in 140 countries and regions throughout the world. We have subsidiary offices in the major markets. Meanwhile, more than 600 local manufacturers spreading over 25 provinces in China have contributed to form a well organized supply chain.<br /> <br /> The fastener section exports $27 million to the Europe and North America. The capacity for fasteners of all kinds that we provide can reach 250 containers by 20' TEU.<br /> <br /> The company has also invested in a complete logistics system consisting of three fully equipped warehouses, one multi-functional transportation company and a richly experienced international shipping forwarder.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT RANGE:<br /> <br /> In 2000, our quality control system was approved by the ISO9001:2000 standard. It is able to supply not only general grade ones with bright mild steel of DIN, AMERICAN IFI, BRITISH & JIS STANDARD in large quantities, but also nonstandard parts according to clients' drawings or samples.<br /> <br /> Also available are different surface treatment, such as Black finish, Zinc-plated, Brass-plated, Nickelplated and Chromium-plated etc. are available, too.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINE:<br /> <br /> • Bolts,<br /> • Nuts<br /> • Wood Screws<br /> • Machine Screws<br /> • High Tensile Screws<br /> • Washers<br /> • Anchor<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economization are our business principles. We are ready to offer our clients:<br /> <br /> • Favorable price and satisfactory post-sale service.<br /> <br /> • Convenience to buy container loads of mixed products.<br /> <br /> • Speedy delivery and Standardized transportation service.<br /> <br /> • Diversified trade terms such as Agency, International bidding, Counter trade, OEM, Assembling or Processing on supplied materials or designs.<br /> <br /> SouthWind International <br /> <br /> Joaquim Floriano, 466, Suite 201<br /> 04534-002 Sao Paulo-SP Brazil<br /> Tel: +55 11 3165-9999 • Fax: +55 11 3079-8636<br /> Web Site: • E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATMENT:<br /> <br /> Our mission is to be always available to supply the latest technology machinery, equipments and tooling for fasteners and cold formed parts manufacturers, becoming the best source for solutions to our Customers, in order to meet and exceed their needs and expectations.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> SouthWind International was founded in 1995 to operate all over South American market, working as a sales agent of foreign companies to supply fastener machines, auxiliary equipments, process monitors, gages and a complete range of fasteners toolings.<br /> <br /> With headquarters located in Sao Paulo-Brazil, the company had also started importing and distributing standard tools for fastener manufacturing by mid-1997 and then quickly became recognized as high quality products & service supplier in Brazil.<br /> <br /> In 2003 SouthWind has placed a new division in the south of Brazil named, SWT Industria e Comercio de Ferramentas Ltda - "SouthWind Tools", to start supplying fastener special heading tools, under customer's drawings.SouthWind Tools is ISO- 9001-2008 certified company that has supported SouthWinds' customers on their special tools requirements since several years by supplying high quality, certified forming tools.<br /> <br /> With these two business units in Brazil, located in Sao Paulo-SP and Brusque-SC, SouthWind became the only source for the fastener industry in South America that is able to supply the complete line of machinery, equipments and tools for the whole manufacturing process of fasteners and cold formed parts, through the wide range of it's represented companies.<br /> <br /> SouthWind International and SouthWind Tools are focus on the total customer satisfaction and thanks to the premium service and the unique technical knowledge of their teams, it has assured to the company a strong and constant growing market share in Brazil and in neighbor countries of South America.<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> John B. Graef<br /> Managing Director<br /> <br /> Marcia Tassinari<br /> Adm. Finance Director<br /> <br /> Leandro Lopes<br /> Import Manager<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> Brazil's and South America Sales Agent and Distributor for:<br /> <br /> AGIR:<br /> High-precision and complex tooling for cold forming process.<br /> <br /> B&G MFG. COMPANY:<br /> Stud Master chamfering & stamping machine.<br /> <br /> BRANKAMP: Load monitors.<br /> <br /> CPA:<br /> Inspection and sorting equipment.<br /> <br /> DAGAN INTERNATIONAL:<br /> Screw/nut machinery and tooling.<br /> <br /> NEDSCHROEF HERENTALS:<br /> Cold and hot forming machines.<br /> <br /> PTG-PRECISION TOOL GROUP:<br /> Thread rolling dies and trim dies.<br /> <br /> REED MACHINERY:<br /> Thread rolling machines.<br /> <br /> ROCKFORM:<br /> Tools for carbide machining and polishing.<br /> <br /> TECNO IMPIANTI:<br /> Wire drawing machinery.<br /> <br /> UNIVERSAL PUNCH:<br /> Punches and gages.<br /> <br /> VIDEX MACHINE ENGINEERING:<br /> Machines for wire straightening, cutting, bending and threading.<br /> <br /> WEIGHPACK INT’L:<br /> Packing equipment.<br /> <br /> WRENTHAM TOOL PRODUCTS:<br /> Torx® and recess punches<br /> <br /> SouthWind International<br /> Rua Joaquim Floriano, 466, Suite 201<br /> 04534-002 Sao Paulo-SP Brazil<br /> Tel: +55 11 3165-9999<br /> Fax: +55 11 3079-8636<br /> E-mail:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> SouthWind Tools<br /> Rua GU-020, Nº 25<br /> 88350-564 Brusque-SC Brazil<br /> Tel: +55 47 3252-1616<br /> Fax: +55 47 3252-0464<br /> E-mail:<br /> <br /> SPIROL DISTRIBUTION <br /> <br /> 30 Rock Avenue<br /> Danielson, CT 06239-1434 USA<br /> Tel: +1 800 321 4679 • Fax: + 1 860 774 0487<br /> E-Mail: • Web Site:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> SPIROL Distribution is the division of SPIROL International Corporation that caters specifically to the needs of the component distribution market. Since 1948, SPIROL International has been a manufacturer of engineered components used for joining and assembly. Over time, their standard product lines have grown to include more than 30,000 items; every one designed to enhance product quality and reduce the total cost of assembly.<br /> <br /> SPIROL Distribution was created in response to the changing requirements of the distribution market, and enables distributors to purchase multiple product lines from a single manufacturing source resulting in reduced transaction costs and increased efficiency.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS OFFERED:<br /> <br /> SPIROL Distribution has one of the most diverse product offerings including:<br /> <br /> • Coiled Spring Pins<br /> • Slotted Spring Pins<br /> • Solid Pins and Drive Studs<br /> • Alignment Dowels<br /> • Ground Hollow Dowels<br /> • Dowel Bushings/Spring Dowels<br /> • Spacers<br /> • Rolled Tubular Components<br /> • Compression Limiters<br /> • Precision Shims and Thin Metal Stampings<br /> • Hardened Thrust Washers<br /> • Precision Machined Nuts<br /> • Inserts for Plastics<br /> • Disc Springs<br /> • Pin Installation Equipment<br /> • Insert Installation Equipment<br /> • Radial Riveting Equipment<br /> • Parts Feeding Equipment<br /> <br /> There are no high minimum purchase requirements for standard parts, and there are no tooling or development charges. All products are offered in bulk or small pack quantities to enable distributors to receive-and ship out-product without having to repackage.<br /> <br /> SPIROL Distribution is the best choice for all military standard Coiled Pins, Slotted Pins and Shims; all of which meet the requirements for both DFARS and ROHS.<br /> <br /> GLOBAL SUPPORT:<br /> <br /> SPIROL Distribution ha s Customer Service teams located in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and China to support distributors of all sizes.There are no other manufacturers in the industry that have this global presence.<br /> <br /> SPIROL's web site features a distributor-dedicated micro-site that includes a shopping cart and a listing of upcoming trade shows SPIROL Distribution is attending.<br /> <br /> You can also find SPIROL International products sold at the following Preferred Distributors: Advance Components, Aerospace Fasteners, Century Fasteners, EFC International, Endries, Fastar, G. L. Huyett, and Pacific Warehouse Sales in the USA, Fuller Metric Parts. Ltd. And Spaenaur in Canada, Gardette Industrie in France, and Intense s. r.l. in Italy.<br /> <br /> CONTACT:<br /> <br /> Michael Lentini<br /> Distribution Sales Manager<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> Universal Punch<br /> <br /> 4001 W. MacArthur Blvd.<br /> Santa Ana, CA 92704 USA<br /> Tel: +1 714 556 4488<br /> Fax: +1 714 556 6314<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> To be a world-class supplier of tools and gages to the Fastener Industry -innovative in design and always attentive to the needs of our customers.<br /> <br /> COMPANY:<br /> <br /> Universal Punch Corp., an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, has been a leader in the tooling and gaging industry for over 40 years.As part of our continuing commitment to providing precision and excellence in all of our products we have expanded into a state of the art 55,000 ft2 facility. Our spacious new plant is equipped with increased machining capacity, expanded heat treating facilities, calibration and inspection laboratory. Our laboratory ensures that all products sold conform to specifications ISO 17025 standards. All measuring equipment and gaging masters are directly traceable to N.I.S.T. Universal Punch Corp. will be able to service your tooling and gaging requirements well into the twenty first century.<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> Ken Williams,<br /> President / CEO<br /> <br /> Joan Williams,<br /> CFO<br /> <br /> Klint Williams,<br /> Vice President Sales<br /> <br /> Kevin Williams,<br /> Vice President Manufacturing<br /> <br /> Regina Williams,<br /> Customer Service<br /> <br /> Carlos Suarez,<br /> Technical Support<br /> <br /> TOOLING SERVICES:<br /> <br /> Universal Punch Corp. is a high precision tool and gage manufacturer using high tech applications to make a wide range of products to meet today's increased demands for superior performing tools and high precision gaging. With three decades of experience Universal Punch Corp. is known for maximum quality and dependability. Our modern vacuum heat treating facility provides the control necessary to make tools with the highest structural integrity and tools that will withstand the severest heading application of warm and cold forming. In addition, complete inventories of standard tooling are available for immediate delivery in a variety of materials, finishes and coatings.<br /> <br /> • Many popular drive systems with world wide inventories • Phillips • Type 1A • Six Lobe • 8-Point Drive • 12-Point Drive • Hexalobular • 6-Lobe • Hexagon Sockets • Square Socket • Indented Hexagon • Cruciform • K.O. Pins • Extrusion pins and Special Form Punches in steel and carbide.<br /> <br /> GAGING SERVICES:<br /> <br /> • GO/NO-GO Gages • Penetration Gages • Final Inspection Gages • Plug Gages • Concentricity Gages for all types of fasteners • Variable Reading Thread Gages Internal and External • Length Gages • Thickness Gages • Web Thickness Gages • Driver Bit Gages • Recess Wobble Gages • Screw Recess Wobble Gages • Screw Testing Fixture • Protrusion Height Gages • Pro-Modular Gage Systems • Special Gaging Fixtures • SPC Data Collection Systems and Gage Calibration Service.<br /> <br /> SPECIALITIES:<br /> <br /> We have a full engineering staff using CAD/CAM systems for drawing and CNC machine programming.Our manufacturing processes consist of a large number of special CNC grinders, CNC lathes, Mills, Wire EDM and conventional EDM to ensure quality and reliability of products. We have a full in-house lab, temperature and humidity controlled for internal and customer calibration of gages all traceable to N. I.S.T. Our SIP 305 and Video-Microscope gives us current state of the art measuring technology.<br /> <br /> MARKETS SERVED:<br /> <br /> Universal Punch Corp. is dedicated to the foreign marketplace. Agents or distributors located in USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, India, South Korea, China, Singapore and Australia are ready to assist you.<br /> <br /> SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS:<br /> <br /> ISO 9001/2008 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with the quality emphasis on ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation, and compliance to ISO 13485 Medical Devices; Self Retaining Driver Systems for Medical Screws.<br /> <br /> The development of the Universals two-piece punch system, 6-Lobe, Hexalobular drive system along with the patented Concentricity Runout Fixture and many types of Fastener Gages.<br /> <br /> "May We Be Of Service For Your Tooling & Gaging Requirements"<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Universal Punch Corp.<br /> 4001 W. MacArthur Blvd.<br /> Santa Ana, CA 92704<br /> Tel: 714 556 4488 • Fax:714 556 6314<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Web<br /> <br /> Vibrationmaster ApS<br /> <br /> Saltgade 10-14<br /> Postboks 32<br /> 6760 Ribe, Denmark<br /> Tel: +45 53 55 53 45<br /> Email:<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Vibrationmaster designs and manufactures advanced fastener testing technology.Our products include full-size and demonstrator Junker Test Benches to analyze and demonstrate the self-loosening behavior of fasteners and bolted joints to DIN 65151 and the new DIN 25201.<br /> <br /> We also build bespoke vibration tables to suit test applications ranging from electronic component packaging to light truck test beds, and have used the lessons learned in other industries to further strengthen our core fastener market technology.<br /> <br /> All of our test equipment is driven by our patented Variator technology, which offers real-time electronic displacement control and a closed-loop system for accuracy. This allows engineers to test their products to previously unavailable tolerances. A closed-loop system monitors and adjusts actual displacement several times per second, for exceptional accuracy.<br /> <br /> Vibrationmaster is an innovative and energetic test equipment technology and product development manufacturing business. With a head office and research and development function in Denmark and advanced manufacturing facilities in India and China, we operate globally. Our customers span the commercial, academic, research, public, government and not-for-profit sectors.<br /> <br /> Our focus is on offering highly reliable test solutions to organizations seeking innovative, market-proven and cost-effective technology to test and prove the reliability, consistency and safety of their products.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS: VIBRATIONMASTER JUNKER TEST BENCHES CAN TEST FASTENERS TO PREVIOUSLY UNACHIEVABLE TOLERANCES.<br /> <br /> J100 Junker Test Bench demonstrator is a highly portable unit capable of testing fasteners to DIN 65151. The operator can effectively demonstrate a fastener's resistance to loss of preload in minutes, making the J100 ideal for fastener product demonstrations at trade shows and on-site with clients. At only 29 kg (63lb), the J100 is easily transportable to any location and only requires a single phase voltage power supply. Changes of fastener size take just 60 seconds, making it ideal for product demonstrations.Fastener sizes tested include M5, M6, M8, M10 ISO Metric and #10, #12, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 in UTS.<br /> <br /> J400 Junker Test Bench is designed to test fasteners to DIN 65151 and the new DIN 25201. It features automated reference testing to DIN 25201. With its unique Variator technology, it can electronically control and vary frequency between 3 and 30Hz and displacement [amplitude] between 0 and ±2mm in real time during testing, enabling a wide range of test regimes to be applied. Changes of fastener size take just 60 seconds, significantly reducing test cycle times. A closed-loop system monitors and adjusts actual displacement several times per second, offering exceptional accuracy.Fasteners tested can range in size from M5 - M16 ISO Metric / #10 - 5/8 in UTS can be tested.<br /> <br /> J600 Junker Test Bench is designed to test fasteners to DIN 65151 and the new DIN 25201. It features automated reference testing to DIN 25201.With its unique Variator technology, it can electronically control and vary frequency between 3 and 20Hz and displacement [amplitude] between 0 and ±2mm in real time during testing, enabling a wide range of test regimes to be applied. Changes of fastener size take just 60 seconds, significantly reducing test cycle times. A closed-loop system monitors and adjusts actual displacement several times per second, offering exceptional accuracy. Fasteners tested can range in size from M5 - M30 ISO Metric / #10 - 1 1/8 in UTS can be tested.<br /> <br /> PATENTED TECHNOLOGY THAT'S AS ADVANCED AS THE SERVICE OUR CUSTOMERS ENJOY.<br /> <br /> Vibration Tables can be used to test an enormous variety of products, components and containers - from micro-electronic components weighing as little as a few grams to light trucks weighing up to 12,000 kg. Using Vibrationmaster's patented Variator technology, the tables can electronically control and vary displacement of up to 30mm in real time, and vary frequencies from 0-100Hz (sine wave), enabling a wide range of test regimes to be applied. A closedloop system monitors and adjusts actual displacement several times per second, offering exceptional accuracy.<br /> <br /> Vibrationmaster customers have a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact throughout the lifetime of your relationship with us.<br /> <br /> All of our products have a 12-months global warranty.<br /> <br /> Your product will require regular servicing, and so a laptop or tablet PC with preinstalled software will be provided to alert you when servicing is required.Each product's monitoring function will maintain usage records that will enable better maintenance of your equipment, helping you maximise the product's life and increase your return on investment.<br /> <br /> Contact us now for more information.Or to download useful industry resources or product datasheets, please visit:<br /> <br /> HEADQUARTERS:<br /> <br /> Vibrationmaster ApS<br /> Saltgade 10-14<br /> Postboks 32<br /> 6760 Ribe, Denmark<br /> Tel: +45 53 55 53 45<br /> Email:<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc.<br /> <br /> 700 Highway 202 West<br /> Yellville, AR 72687 USA<br /> Toll-Free Tel: +1 800 844 8024 • Toll-Free Fax: +1 877 453 8707<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Joseph Volltrauer founded Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc., June 1, 1992, but Volt's roots go back further then 18 years. They really go back to 1958 when Joe got a job as a apprentice tool and die maker for Acme Tool & Die in Chicago. In 1973 he stared his own company, JV Tool, and a couple of years later moved to Arkansas where he designed his exceptionally functional, high quality molds for manufacturers of plastic components. JV Tool was a problem solver, a quality improver, a cost saver.<br /> <br /> In 1992 Joe decided he could use all of his mold and tool making expertise to efficiently produce quality plastic fasteners in his own company and he founded Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc. He infused the entire company with his uncompromising dedication to quality and service and shared his knowledge of mold making.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> Volt offers a wide range of plastic fasteners in over 120 different materials. They keep 500 million pieces in inventory for same day shipping. Volt also offers custom molding if a fastener is not currently available in their catalog.ISO 9001 certified.<br /> <br /> Volt Industrial Plastics products are the finest made anywhere. Due to thorough quality control, you need not worry about mold flashing or mismatched parting lines. Some of the products offered by Volt Industrial Plastics include:<br /> <br /> • Threaded Rod<br /> • Adhesive Backed Wire & Cable Clips<br /> • Cable Tie Mounts<br /> • Cable Clamps<br /> • Plugs<br /> • Circuit Board Hardware<br /> • Clips<br /> • Metric<br /> • Nuts<br /> • Pins<br /> • Rivets<br /> • Push in Fasteners<br /> • Screws<br /> • Studs<br /> • Spacers<br /> • Standoffs<br /> • Stem Bumpers<br /> • Washers....and more!<br /> • Free samples available<br /> <br /> If you are looking for superior plastic fasteners, a fair price, and timely delivery of exactly what you order, then count on Volt Industrial Plastics. We have the products, information, and service you've been looking for.<br /> <br /> REDESIGNED WEBSITE:<br /> <br /> Volt Industrial Plastics, the primary source for plastic fasteners worldwide, has redesigned its website with the customer in mind. Offered at the site are improved product search, frequent updates on new products, featured product sections, a virtual tour of the Volt facility and better navigation and functionality.Find 24/7 website availability at:<br /> <br /> NEW FACILITY:<br /> <br /> Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc. has moved to their new 65,000 sq. ft.Facility in Yellville , AR. Their new home will give them the opportunity to provide better customer service, new products, technology and increased inventory. Volt has been looking forward to this move since they bought the 65,000 square foot building in 2007, but the economy forced them to stay at their old facility in Flippin until 2011. Over the last four years they have made small steps toward their move and then finally moved the entire inventory, machines and all departments over to Yellville in May, 2011. "This is a very exciting time for us and we have been waiting patiently and watching the economy for four years to be in our new home. We now have the room to grow and add product lines we did not have the square footage to add in our old facility," says Heidi Volltrauer COO of Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc.<br /> <br /> HEADQUARTERS:<br /> <br /> Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc.<br /> 700 Highway 202 West<br /> Yellville, AR 72687 USA<br /> Toll-Free Tel: +1 800 844 8024<br /> Toll-Free Fax: +1 877 453 8707<br /> Web Site:<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> ZHEJIANG QIFENG HARDWARE MAKE CO., LTD.<br /> <br /> Haitang Industrial Zone, Xitangqiao Town, Haiyan<br /> Zhejiang, China 314300<br /> Tel: +86-573-86851466, 86851456<br /> Fax: +86-574-86851478<br /> Contact: Mr. Cai<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> QIFENG is a professional manufacturer of fasteners located in Zhejinag, China.With a history of more than 10 years in manufacturing, QIFENG exports products to the European, American, Oceania, Southeastern and Middle Eastern markets.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Eatablished in 2001, QIFENG is one the most experienced manufacturers of fasteners located in China.With dedication in fasteners manufacuturing for more than 10 years, the company acquires ISO9001- 2001 Standard,and all right and documents for exports.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT RANGE:<br /> <br /> • Railway screw spike, widely used at the construction of JINHU high railway and WUGUANG high railway and LANXIN high railway in China.<br /> <br /> • Sleeper screw, railway parts, exported to Occident.<br /> <br /> • Non-standard products, Diameter M6-M64, a maximum length of 2000 mm.<br /> <br /> • Anchor Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Hex Lag Screw, Hex Head Screw, Square Head Bolt & Eye Bolts.<br /> <br /> • Hot Forge Parts, Welded Parts.<br /> <br /> • Stamping.<br /> <br /> FACILITIES/CAPABILITY:<br /> <br /> Zhejiang Qifeng is located in the well-known town for Fasteners, HAIYAN. As a well-trusted company in our town, we have ultimate convenience to purchase all kinds of fasteners, to combine shipment, to make the best payment terms, helping you save cost and time. The company's sales reached U.S. $ 15 million in 2010.<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> The buyers possess the right to claim, including quality and quantity claim. We will be sincere to any problems after sales. In case it happens, we assure our team will contact you as soon as possible.<br /> <br /> We are providing great service to the global markets at very competitve price to achieve a win-win situation for our customers.<br /> <br /> CONTACT:<br /> <br /> Contact: Mr. Cai<br /> Tel:<br /> +86-573-86851466 / 86851456<br /> E-Mail:<br /><br /> Website:<br /><br /> <br /> Can-Eng FurnaCEs IntErnatIonal lImItEd<br /> <br /> P.O. Box 235<br /> Niagara Falls, NY 14302-0235<br /> Tel: +1 905 356 1327 • Fax: +1 905 356 1817<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Established in 1964, CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited has grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of thermal processing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CAN-ENG's rugged furnace designs have served commercial and captive heat-treaters, stamping and fastener companies, automotive component producers, the iron and steel industries, aluminum foundries, agricultural, construction and appliance manufacturers for almost 50 years and we have gained an international reputation for design innovation, quality workmanship and a dedication to service.<br /> <br /> For over two decades, CAN-ENG has been the industry leader for the supply of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace Systems. Much of this can be attributed to design innovation which changed the industry and continues today. CAN-ENG's equipment leads the industry in up-time reliability, energy efficiency and soft handling features that deliver superior part cosmetics. Standard production capacities are available from 250 lbs/hr up to the largest systems in operation at over 7500 lbs/hr (100 kgs/hr to 3400 kgs/hr).<br /> <br /> CAN-ENG systems are usually supplied as totally automated heat treating lines which include computer controlled loading systems, pre-was stations, hardening furnaces, quench systems, post washer stations and tempering furnaces. Auxiliary equipment such as dephosphating systems, blackening systems, atmosphere generators and systems offering full SCADA capabilities are also available to complete the system automation.CAN-ENG's SCADA system is designed especially for the heat treating industry. It addresses specific needs regarding production efficiency and process quality in heat treat operations and can be included in a CAN-ENG furnace installation or added to others' equipment.<br /> <br /> CAN-ENG has recently introduced a new Energy Recovery System (ERS™) for its Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace Systems. The new ERS™ reduces atmosphere consumption, natural gas consumption and carbon emissions and delivers faster part heat up.<br /> <br /> CAN-ENG Furnaces has the depth of experience to custom engineer heat treating equipment for the most demanding applications.<br /> <br /> CAN-ENG Furnaces is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.<br /> <br /> TO LEARN MORE:<br /> <br /> For more information regarding CANENG equipment, contact Tim Donofrio by telephone at 905-356-1327 or email him at<br /> <br /> Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co.<br /> <br /> 9100 Parklane Ave.<br /> Franklin Park, IL 60131 USA<br /> Ph: +1 847 455-6609 • Fax: +1 847 455-0012<br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co., founded in 1912, is a domestic manufacturer of steel wire form fasteners and drop forged rigging products. Since our founding, our three Chicago-area manufacturing facilities have been supplying high quality domestic products. Currently in the founding family's third and fourth generation of ownership, the commitment to provide USA made products, using domestic steel, is stronger than ever.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> We are the premier domestic manufacturer of u-bolts and turned eyebolts and other wire forms. When selling our fasteners at job sites or to other end-users, don't forget to offer our line of drop forged rigging products as well. We domestically manufacture drop forged eyebolts, turnbuckles, shackles, eyenuts, wire rope clips, and hooks, among other rigging products Look for new, additional sizes of Forged Shoulder Nut Eyebolts, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Eyenuts tapped standard, Metric tapped Forged Regular and Heavy Duty Eyenuts, and blue coated Metric Threaded Shoulder Machinery Eyebolts for easier indentification.<br /> <br /> We offer our products in a variety of finishes and materials. We also offer special products made to your specifications.Please call our top notch inside sales team with your inquiry. Service and quality are our calling cards. We conveniently stock our products in California, Texas and Georgia warehouses.<br /> <br /> STOCKING WAREHOUSES:<br /> <br /> Atlanta Warehouse<br /> 774 GA Hwy. 11 SW<br /> Fieldstone Industrial Park<br /> Monroe, GA 30655 USA<br /> Ph: +1 770 266-5600<br /> Fax: +1 770 266-7444<br /> <br /> California Warehouse<br /> 4756 Chino Ave., Ste. A<br /> Chino, CA 91710 USA<br /> Ph: +1 909 591-1099<br /> Fax: +1 909 591-8989<br /> <br /> Houston Warehouse<br /> 3605 Willowbend Ste. 540<br /> Houston, TX 77054 USA<br /> Ph: +1 713 664-7722<br /> Fax: +1 713 664-1144<br /> <br /> Doerken Corporation<br /> <br /> P.O. Box 429 • 11200 Cedar Knoll Drive<br /> Grass Lake, MI 49240-9622 USA<br /> Tel: +1 517 522 4600 • Fax: +1 517 522 8008<br /> Web Site: • E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> As specialists in multifunctional micro-layer corrosion protection systems, Dörken develops and manufactures extremely effective surface protection coatings for the automotive and other industries. The company works with users, coaters and plant engineers worldwide on all matters concerning applications. Whether it's a new part, a specification, application technology, parameter adaptation or equipment design, Dörken provides the right combination of sound professional expertise and experience from numerous worldwide projects to implement a sound, first-class solution to its customer's problems.<br /> <br /> The company is also sensitive to the environment and has refrained from using harmful chromium VI since 1980. Our certified quality and environmental management system ensures consistent development and production according to current standards. Dörken generates a constantly growing pool of knowledge with the main focus on practical solutions to coating applications.<br /> <br /> Dörken micro layer corrosion protection system, trademarked under the name DELTAMKS ®, offers a complete line of engineered coatings developed to provide the fastener industry with the optimum performance in corrosion protection, consistent torque/tension values and resistance to chemical attack.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> DELTA-PROTEKT® Series-Inorganic basecoat and topcoat systems, including the KL 100 Series-inorganic basecoat suitable for steel, steel with a suitable passivation, iron and steel castings. The VH 300 Series-specially designed as a topcoat for zinc-flake systems.The VH 350 Series-topcoat for electroplated zinc and zinc alloys with a suitable passivation, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys with a passivation and magnesium with a passivation.<br /> <br /> DELTA®-TONE Series-Inorganic zinc-flake basecoat system suitable for steel, steel with a suitable passivation, iron and steel castings.<br /> <br /> DELTACOLL® Series-Inorganic topcoat system for electroplated zinc and zinc alloys with suitable passivation, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys with a passivation and magnesium with a passivation.<br /> <br /> DELTA®-SEAL Series-Organic topcoat systems engineered for compatibility with zinc-flake systems, electroplating systems, mechanical zinc, steel with a suitable passivation, aluminum and its alloys with a passivation,stainless steel and zinc die cast.<br /> <br /> Dörken products are not limited to fasteners and stampings, but are also used in a wide variety of special applications. DELTA-FLEX® S organic topcoat for electroplated zinc alloys enable the coated part a high degree of shaping and bending. DELTA®-SEAL FAN organic black topcoat for aluminum rivets enables deformation of the substrate, after coating, with no loss of topcoat.<br /> <br /> Dörken coatings are accepted by OEMs worldwide because they are environmentally compatible systems that are known not to contain carcinogenic, mutagenic, terratogenic, cadmium, lead or chrome VI products in the coatings.<br /> <br /> Dörken products may be applied utilizing dip-spin, dip drain or spray techniques depending on part geometry. Product is distributed globally via a network of licensed applicators. Product development and manufacturing are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 standards.<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> Vice President: Frederick A. Schultz<br /> Technical Manager USA: Albert J. Gelles<br /> Fastener Specialist: Ron Strong<br /> Sales: Steven P. Wilde<br /> <br /> EFC IntErnatIonal<br /> <br /> 1940 Craigshire Rd.<br /> St. Louis, MO 63146 USA<br /> Tel: +1 800 888 3326<br /> Email:<br /> Internet:<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS & SUPPORT:<br /> <br /> Since 1983, EFC International has been a Master Provider of engineered fastening systems, clamps, panel fasteners, clips, nuts, wire routing, electrical components and fastener automation technologies from world-class manufacturers.<br /> <br /> EFC provides extensive technical support for application needs, including design and development.<br /> <br /> Whether supplier or customer, EFC International is committed to supporting its partners with innovation, value-added products and services.EFC provides a viable and effective means for its customers to reduce their supply base while maintaining the integrity of their product.EFC is your source and not your competitor.<br /> <br /> ENGINEERING RESOURCE:<br /> <br /> EFC has an exclusive series of product-focused online engineering guides, known as "The Encyclopedia".The Encyclopedia is a one-ofa- kind reference tool.<br /> <br /> QUALITY:<br /> <br /> The manuacturing facilities of EFC are certified to ISO 9001:2008.<br /> <br /> LOCATIONS:<br /> <br /> EFC International is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, USA, and maintains branches and stocking warehouses in St. Louis, MO, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; Atlanta, GA, USA; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.<br /> <br /> OFFICE:<br /> <br /> EFC International<br /> 1940 Craigshire Rd.<br /> St. Louis, MO 63146 USA<br /> Tel: +1 800 888 3326<br /> Email:<br /> Internet:<br /> <br /> Elgin FastEnEr group<br /> <br /> 1415 S. Benham Road, Versailles, IN 47042 USA<br /> Tel: +1 812 689 6565 or +1 812 689 8917<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> Elgin Fastener Group, Versailles, Indiana Now Elgin National Industries combines its leading fastener companies to form the Elgin Fastener Group. Get the right fastener for your application.ISO certified quality systems and a complete range of semi-standard and custom fasteners in various styles and sizes.<br /> <br /> Ohio Rod Products, Versailles, Indiana Specialists in long length small diameter headed/ threaded fasteners, offering close tolerance straightness for long bolts, keeping bolts straight during manufacturing/plating. Diameters through 3/4" and lengths to 96". Secondary operations available.<br /> <br /> Chandler Products, Cleveland, Ohio Specialists in tight tolerance fasteners and precision secondary components in fasteners for diesel engines, power transmissions, power tools, QSLM military parts and other high-spec applications.Manufactures cold headed fasteners specializing in small and medium production orders. Diameters range from 3/16" to 3/4" and up to 9" in length.<br /> <br /> Leland Powell Fasteners, Martin, Tennessee<br /> <br /> A leader in high quality semi-standard and special fasteners, Company blends import capabilities with domestic quality systems and manufacturing capabilities. Leader in small diameter special machine screws, tapping/ thread forming screws, including Lo- Driv® and Grip-Lite™.Fasteners from 0.187" to 4.75" long in 0.090" to ½" diameters.<br /> <br /> Elgin Fastener International, Versailles, Indiana<br /> <br /> Supporting the Elgin Fastener Group companies, EFI provides extensive engineering/import sourcing to the firms and their customers. Coordinate outsourcing with in-house/overseas import specialists.<br /> <br /> Best Metal Finishing, Osgood, Indiana Best Metal Finishing provides zinc and phosphate coatings and can handle smaller, delicate zinc and phosphate barrel loads, heavier larger basket phosphate parts and long, bulkier rack zinc applications.Post treatments such as color chromates, seals and baking are also available.<br /> <br /> Fasteners from Elgin Fastener International<br /> <br /> Silo Fasteners, Versailles, Indiana Special fasteners for the highway and concrete construction industries.<br /> <br /> Coated fasteners from Best Metal Finishing<br /> <br /> Corporate Headquarters:<br /> <br /> 10585 Enterprise Drive<br /> Davisburg, MI 48350<br /> Tel: (248) 625-0529<br /> Fax: (248) 625-0789<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> George Nygaard <br /> Founder<br /> <br /> Mike Nygaard <br /> President/CEO<br /> <br /> Greg Nygaard <br /> VP-Sales<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> General Inspection (Gi) was formed to help high volume part manufacturers improve their quality.Our mission is to aggressively grow by providing the best solutions to our customers' quality concerns.As a result, our employees, shareholders, and community will benefit from opportunities that growth and profit present.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> General Inspection makes a complete line of gauging, sorting, and inspection systems incorporating laser, eddy current and vision for dimensional measurement and determining metallurgical defects as a method for achieving zero defects.<br /> <br /> In 1991 Gi started manufacturing 100% sorting machines designed for fastener and screw machine part manufacturers. In 2003 Gi performed a complete overhaul of their inspection machines and introduced 6 new inspection systems. Continuous software updates has helped Gi remain the leader and preferred source for fastener inspection equipment.<br /> <br /> Research and development remains key to Gi's success.All new developments are state of the art and continue to revolutionize fastener inspection technology.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> LaserLab: A 3-D, semi-automatic model designed to measure cylindrical parts used for first article inspection, Ppap's, performing SPC sampling and auditing suppliers to insure parts meet tolerances.<br /> <br /> Gi-360: A 3-Dimensional, 100% "quantitative" measuring system for high volume fastener and screw machine part manufacturers.<br /> <br /> Gi-300: An automated 100% laser sorting system. Tilt head laser technology, precision narrow laser beams, multi laser velocity gauge, split laser beam and three wire modeling.<br /> <br /> Gi-200: Automated laser gauging/sorting system for measuring lengths, diameters, threads and tapers at rates up to 600 ppm.. Gi-100: A flat part (nuts, washers, bushings, rings, etc.) inspection system.<br /> <br /> Gi-50: A digital, multi frequency Eddy-Current sorting system that inspects a wide range of materials.<br /> <br /> SALES/SERVICE OFFICES:<br /> <br /> Europe Headquarters: Ronald van Vuuren<br /> European Sales Manager<br /> Baandert 4 6136 ER Sittard, The Netherlands<br /> +31 46-458-34-93 •<br /> <br /> FRANCE: Gérard Dubreuil<br /> 9 Rue des Bordes 78640, Neauphle Le Chateau, France<br /> +33 9 61-45-04-58 •<br /> <br /> SPAIN: Comtesa<br /> Juan Figueras Diputacion 410, 08013 Barcelona, Spain<br /> +34 93-264-72-32 •<br /> <br /> U.K.: Mayes & Warwick, Peter Lawrence<br /> 5 Mound Rd. Burntwood WS7, OAJ, Staffordshire, UK<br /> +44 1543-682-561•<br /> <br /> SWEDEN: Jan Olov Ljung<br /> Tel: +46 586-242-224 • Mobile: +46 70-745-92-02<br /><br /> <br /> ITALY: ELDES s.n.c.<br /> Via Vimercate, 2/b 20060 Omago (MB) Italy<br /> Tel: +39 39-668589<br /><br /> <br /> Gi Europe: Philippe Linders, European Sales<br /> Crta Algarrobo-Sayalonga S/N 29750<br /> Algarrobo, Malaga, Spain Tel: 00 34 609539510<br /> E-Mail:<br /> <br /> CHINA: Dominic Ding<br /> A8618 Jihua Business Cen., No. 808 HongQiao Rd,<br /> Shanghai, +86 (21) 64079689•<br /> <br /> Greenslade & Company, Inc.<br /> <br /> 2234 Wenneca Avenue<br /> Fort Worth, Texas 76102 USA<br /> Tel: +1 817 870 8888, Fax: +1 817 870 9199 • +1 800 435 2657<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> Larry Borowski - President/COO<br /> Larry McLaughlin - President/CEO<br /> Karl Giraulo - Operations Manager<br /> Tony GrOM - Sales Manager<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> Gages and Test Equipment: Greenslade & Company supplies the widest range of fastener inspection equipment in the world. Our line includes GO/NOGO and variable thread gages, recess measuring devices, head height protrusion gages, length gages, concentricity gages, tapping screw testing equipment including drill-screw and torquetension measuring and recording equipment. Much of our unique equipment is covered by U. S. Patents.<br /> <br /> Inspection Software: Greenslade & Company currently offers N-spekt® Inspection software to further aid manufacturers and distributors to capture critical inspection Data. This software is applicable to incoming, final and/or In-Process inspection. This data can be used for your SPC analysis or PPAP certification. This software is Windowsbased, providing extreme ease of use. Data can be entered directly from digital gages or through the keyboard. Part programs need only be created one lime in less than two minutes. Inspection reports can be immediately located by part number, customer, vendor, report number or inspection date. One inspector using N-spekt® Inspection software can do the work of three inspectors recording test data by hand.<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> Calibration: Greenslade & Company is a specialized provider of dimensional calibration services to manufacturers and distributors throughout the world, serving the automotive, commercial aerospace and medical industries to name few. Our calibration laboratory has state-of-the-art precision equipment. To ensure The greatest degree of accuracy, all certifications are generated using automated input methods, and a registered calibration software program. We are accredited to ISO 17025 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). With continued equipment additions and scope expansions, we are broadening our capabilities to ensure the best possible service to our customers.<br /> <br /> Special Gage Design: With our highly trained engineering department, Greenslade designs special gages to meet customers' unique requirements. This service is performed at NO CI EARGE to the customer. Most design proposals are provided within 48 hours of receiving a design request. Gage designs can be of attribute or variable type depending on the customer's specific requirements.<br /> <br /> Consulting Services: Greenslade provides consultation services in matters related to fastener quality issues, gage usage, calibration issues and special gage design requiring technical expertise.<br /> <br /> Hanger Bolt & Stud Company<br /> <br /> 165 W. New Road<br /> Greenfield, IN 46140 USA<br /> Tel: +1 800 537 7925 • +1 317 462 4477<br /> Fax: +1 800 994 2658 • +1 317 467 6189<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> "To service our customers' fastener and machinery needs at a level of excellence that exceeds their expectations." It's more than just a bunch of words! It's been the essence of our business for over 30 years of consistent growth.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Hanger Bolt & Stud Co. Was started in 1967 byL. D. Enterkin. The original operation consisted of a single threader in a cramped one-car garage in Indianapolis, Indiana.<br /> <br /> By 1977, continued growth had forced the company into its third building in 10 years. Shortly after this move, both the machine division and our wire drawing operation were started.<br /> <br /> Also by this time, the second generation of Enterkins had assumed management. In 1987, the company purchased 5 acres in Greenfield, Indiana (15 miles east of Indianapolis) and constructed a new facility. Increased production requirements soon led to an expansion of this facility.<br /> <br /> Today, our headless fasteners can be found in nearly every home in America.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> Hanger Bolt & Stud is a manufacturer of roll-formed headless fasteners for a variety of industries. Our machinery division designs and builds a full line of production systems for the installation of our fasteners in wood and plastic components such as furniture legs. The wire drawing department supplies material for our own fastener production as well as other users of steel, brass, aluminum and stainless wire.Products include:<br /> <br /> • Hanger Bolts, Fully Threaded & Plain Center<br /> • Stainless Steel Hanger Bolts<br /> • Dowel Screws<br /> • Bed Pins<br /> • Rail Bolts<br /> • Fully Threaded Studs<br /> • Double End Studs<br /> • Single End Studs<br /> • Headless Lags<br /> <br /> Our 54,000 ft2 facility in Greenfield, IN, USA, has a capacity of more than one million fasteners per day.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Hanger Bolt & Stud Company<br /> 165 W. New Rd.<br /> Greenfield, IN 46140<br /> Toll-Free Tel: +1 800 537 7925<br /> Toll-Free Fax: +1 800 994 2658<br /> Tel: +1 317 462 4477<br /> Fax: +1 317 467 6189<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> HangzHou HuanIng Fasteners co. Ltd.<br /> <br /> 20th FLOOR, JIA LIAN HUA MING ZUO<br /> NO.586 NORTH JIANGUO ROAD, HANGZHOU, CHINA<br /> TEL: 0086-571-56844598 • FAX: 0086-571-56855697<br /> Mr. Xue Jian E-mail:<br /><br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Providing high quality, competitive price and good service for our customer is our core value. We dedicate to be the trustful long-term partner and the Chinese leading brand for the fastener market.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Since the company exported fasteners in 1991, HHF GROUP has developed into 13 manufacturers, one warehouse and one German company, which specializes in producing and exporting various kinds of fasteners in the capacity of about 120000 tons.<br /> <br /> Now its export headquarter is in Hangzhou.HHF focuses on producing carbon steel products and nowadays the company is exporting its stainless steel fasteners to meet with all kinds of demand.<br /> <br /> CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> HHF GROUP has 13 production plants providing 80%-90% varieties of fastener products in China. HHF boasts over 1200 employees and its annual capabilities reach 70-80 thousand tons. We promise to our customers that they can buy all kind of fasteners in HHF.What's more, HHF provides special packaging and different products combination shipment to reduce customers' inventory and fast turnover.In 2008 the volume of export reaches 42 million US dollars and the company ranks one of the biggest exporters in the past three years.<br /> <br /> HEX BOLTS,<br /> LAG SCREWS,<br /> CARRIAGE BOLTS<br /> WASHERS,<br /> MACHINE SCREWS,<br /> COLD FORGED NUTS,<br /> HOT FORGED NUTS,<br /> CHIPBOARD SCREWS<br /> DRYWALL SCREWS,<br /> HANGER BOLTS<br /> <br /> SOLAR POWER Fasteners<br /> <br /> HHF Group steps into the solar power industry, and other fitting parts for wind power industry. We expect customers who are interested could contact us for detail product information.<br /> <br /> • SOLAR HANGER SCREWS A2<br /> • SQ NUTS STAINLESS STEEL<br /> • STAINLESS STEEL HAMMER HEAD BOLTS FOR SOLAR<br /> • STAINLESS STEEL PLATE<br /> • STAINLESS STEEL SUPPORT<br /> • STAINLESS STEEL SUPPORT WELDED<br /> <br /> Ken Forging, Inc.<br /> <br /> 1049 Griggs Rd. / P.O. Box 277<br /> Jefferson, OH 44047 USA<br /> TeL: +1 888 536 3674 • +1 440 993 8091 • Fax: +1 440 992 0360<br /> Web Site: • E-Mail:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> THE CUSTOMER IS FIRST. Ken Forging, Inc. is committed to total customerservice satisfaction, product quality and on-time deliveries.<br /> <br /> MISSION OBJECTIVE:<br /> <br /> Service is our strength <br /> Quality is our commitment<br /> <br /> OUR HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Richard A. Kovach, President and owner, began his Tool and Die business in 1970 in a 20x20 garage in Cleveland, Ohio. Ken Forging, Inc. is a hot-drop forging, family-owned business located in Northeast Ohio, and a domestic manufacturer of closed-die Industrial Hardware in carbon, alloy, and stainless steels and custom forgings. Beginning in 1972, when Kovach built a modest 3000 square foot die shop, through 2007, additional expansions have been made to the Die & Forge area, Production, Impacter, Press room, Machining Center, Shipping, and four additional loading docks.In 2008 a twenty-three room Office Complex brought Ken Forging to 220,000 sq. ft. And in 2010 an additional 36,000 sq. ft. Was added to the still-expanding leading manufacturer in the Forging Industry.<br /> <br /> The Forge consists of (1) #23 and (1) #38 Die Forgers, (1) 640 ton Metric Press, (1) 20,000Lb Hammer, (12) Erie and Chambersburg hammers and (4) #8 Impactors; (2) 1800-ton Forging Presses, (2) 2" Mechanical Upsetters, and (4) Electrical Upsetters up to 2-1/2" capability.<br /> <br /> Forging capabilities include (4) complete Machining Centers, (8) Landis and (6) Waterbury machines with numerous support machines and equipment; (2) EDM machines, (7) Cincinnati Hydro-Tels and (2) CNC die-sinking machines;(3) CNC Drilling and Tapping machines and (2) Turnbuckle machines.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS: What We Do<br /> <br /> Ken Forging provides distributors with the highest quality product line of industrial hardware in carbon, alloy, 304 & 316 stainless steel with full traceability, proudly forged in the USA, to meet or exceed customers' expectations.<br /> <br /> Products include: Eyebolts, Nut Eyebolts, Rod ends, Turnbuckles & Fittings, Eye Nuts (3 styles), C-Clamps & Screws, Machine Strap Clamps, Pad eyes, Wedges (Set-up), T-Slot Nuts, D-Rings, Swivel Hoist Rings, Custom Forgings capabilities up to 200 lbs.<br /> <br /> VALUE-ADDED SERVICE:<br /> <br /> Ken Forging, Inc. provides 24 hour delivery from stock, no minimums, competitive pricing, credit card option payment, prompt responses, and a courteous, knowledgeable staff, quality control with full traceability, technical and engineering support.<br /> <br /> LESMO MACHINERY AMERICA, INC<br /> <br /> 329 Rayette Rd, Unit 13/14, Concord, ON L4K 2G1, Canada<br /> Telephone: Int.+ (905) 761-6165 Fax: Int.+ (905) 761-6168<br /> •<br /> <br /> Mission Statement:<br /> <br /> Our mission is built on integrity and uses mutually beneficial relationships, quality products and quality people to achieve our goals. Lesmo Machinery America offers the most efficient & productive manufacturing technologies from world leader manufacturers - these companies drive their businesses by being at the leading edge of technology. The principals represented endeavor to continually develop innovative and original products of the highest quality.<br /> <br /> OM Lesmo Group:<br /> OM Lesmo / Eurodraw Energy <br /> <br /> Offers a complete range of bunching, stranding and cabling machinery together with drawing lines for nonferrous metals and alloys.<br /> <br /> Product lines include double twist, single twist, bow, planetary, rigid cage, tubular stranders, single & group twinners, drum twisters, pay-offs, takeups, taping & binding heads. Also manufactures : Rod Breakdown Lines, Single & Twin Wire Drawing, Intermediate & Multiwire Drawing Lines, Spoolers & Coilers, Annealers.A full service from its Concord, Ontario facility is available with a comprehensive stock of spare parts.<br /> <br /> Service:<br /> <br /> Lesmo Machinery will endeavor to provide existing and new customers the support necessary to maximize the production time of their machines. Our service department is fully equipped to assist in the installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of our lines.Having secured the services of experts in the various fields, we can address most problems right here in North America without the assistance from overseas.<br /> <br /> Spare-Parts:<br /> <br /> Our storeroom stocks original spare-parts which can be shipped to our customers daily by courier should the need arise.<br /> <br /> A Appiani<br /> - steel shipping & process reels<br /> <br /> Appiani manufacture standard and custom build steel reels according to DIN specifications or to customer requirements. A world leading manufacturer of shipping and process reels since 1962, offering:<br /> <br /> - Steel reels for wiredrawing - Reels for bunching & stranding - Cable reels and drums - Fully machined steel reels - Spools for steel cord, hose wire, saw wire and special fine wire all B-type spools-Finned Flanged corrugated steel reels - Collapsible, take apart reels - Plastic & Steel composite reels - ABS<br /> <br /> Cometo - wire straightening, guiding & feeding equipment<br /> <br /> Cometo snc, located in Annone Brianza, Italy, since it's inception in 1983 with it's goal to improve product quality, incorporates the most advanced technology together with experience gained from it's customers.Cometo Wire Handling Products include: Wire Straighteners (single, dual & multi-plane models), Wire Guides - various types, Rotating Die Units - Traversing units - electronic and mechanical, Feeders - for wire, metal strip and tube with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic roller adjustment - Automatic wire straightening for wire bending and forming machinery and also for the elongation in the processing of concrete construction materials (rebar),Straightening and Wire Guide Rollers (Replacement Rollers).<br /> <br /> Tramev - wire, rod & cable cutters<br /> <br /> With our range of light and portable tools to shear, cutoff, bend and even straighten is now a very simple operation. Tramev CUTTING TOOLS offer a full range of portable tooling for shearing, cutting, straightening and bending of metal wire, rod, strip, cable, bar, metal banding and also the punching of metal plate. Units are battery operated, electrically powered or electro- hydraulically powered. This range of tooling allows fast and effective solutions to the problems related to wire, cable, strand, rod, bar and bolts & nuts for quick and efficient cuts with maximum operators' safety.<br /> <br /> The Magni Group, Inc.<br /> <br /> 390 Park Street, Suite 300<br /> Birmingham, MI 48009-3417 USA<br /> Tel: +1 248 647 4500<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> The Magni Group, Inc. is the leading industry supplier of protective metal coatings with over 100 varieties of specifically engineered coatings available world-wide.Since 1974, top manufacturing companies have chosen Magni for superior corrosion resistance, product ingenuity and commitment to high service standards. Magni has grown over the last four decades to include more than 20 company-owned operations in North America, Japan, China, India, Europe and Brazil and over 100 applicator licensed partners located across six continents. Magni continues to grow world-wide with expansions in its metal finishing capabilities, and with the opening of two new technical centers in India and Japan by 2012. It is Magni's privilege to serve clients with technical support, renowned state-of-the-art research facilities and cutting-edge coating development. Please read on to learn more about Magni's coatings, applications, and operations or visit our family of web sites:,,,,,,,, and<br /> <br /> Leading automotive manufacturers, such as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Nissan, choose Magni 565 as their preferred finish on their fasteners for its performance abilities, environmental compliance and test results. Our most popular coating, Magni 565, has a combination of an inorganic zinc-rich base coat and an aluminum-rich top coat, plus an integration of friction modifiers which produces repeatable torque tension.<br /> <br /> Magni 565 Military is in demand by military assemblers, such as TACOM, BAS Systems, BAE, AM General, and Plasan, for exceeding coating performance criteria necessary to withstand battle field conditions and its custom camouflage colorings.<br /> <br /> Magni 501 is Magni's newest coating development. It is a single-coat, zinc-rich fastener coating system replacing zinc plating and trivalent passivation. The thin layer chemistry combination of Magni 501 delivers exceptional corrosion resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement concerns, cost savings, long endurance, and environmental compliance (RoHS, WEE, ELV, and REACH). The performance properties, such as uniform film thickness, improved adhesion, chip resistance, consistence torque tension, paintable and no post-coating sealers are exactly the traits desired by metal component manufacturers.<br /> <br /> To combat corrosion on large-scale windmills and exposed solar panels, industry engineers are protecting all their metal components with Magni coatings. Today's wind machines have Magni's "paint" on their M12-M45 size fasteners, screws, and various nuts, studs and washers.For visible solar panel fasteners, building hardware and deck screws, Magni customizes the coating colors for an attractive cosmetic appearance while maintaining protective properties. Commercial non-automotive producers demand Magni coatings for its consistent performance in corrosion protection, appearance and lubricity.<br /> <br /> Magni's informed and resourceful Global Sales Team is committed to customers and partners in servicing the automotive and industrial markets. For more details about Magni's coatings on fasteners, latches, fuel tanks, mufflers, brake rotors, chassis, pipes and tubing, please contact Doug Paul, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at or call our US Headquarters 248-647-4500. For our Regional International offices contact:, hannokrauseheringer@,,, kpassi@magniindia.Com,<br /> <br /> Micro Products Company<br /> <br /> 1886 E. Fabyan Parkway<br /> Batavia, IL 60510 USA<br /> TeL: +1 630 406 9550 • Fax: +1 630 406 9552<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Micro Products Co. Is committed to providing the wire and cable industry with a wide variety of electric resistance butt and flash welders for continuous processing of wire, rod and cable.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Micro Products Company was founded in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. The corporate headquarters is located in Batavia, in the Chicago area, and the manufacturing plant in Peoria, Illinois. The company started out by producing a limited line of small butt welders for steel wire to allow for the continuous drawing of steel wire. It now manufactures over 50 models of butt and flash welders, including ceramic fusion welders for both stranded and solid conductors (steel, copper, aluminum).<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> William (Bud) Banks<br /> President/CEO<br /> <br /> Bill Keiler<br /> Vice President, Marketing<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> • Butt welders and flash welders for solid steel and stainless steel wire in diameters from 0.005" up to 2.00".<br /> <br /> • Butt welders for nonferrous solid wire from 0.007" up to 2.00" diameter.<br /> <br /> • Butt welders for nonferrous stranded wire ranging from 28 gauge through 2000 MCM. Higher capacities available.<br /> <br /> • Custom rack, frame and ring welder systems.<br /> <br /> Micro-weld butt welders offer: Simplicity of operation, allowing any operator to make quality welds. The extra heavy-duty primary coils and secondaries in the welding transformers make them powerful and long-lasting.<br /> <br /> Special Features:<br /> <br /> • Manual or pneumatic clamping.<br /> • Pivot-type or straight slide welding headpieces.<br /> • Exclusive Micro-Weld manual or automatic annealing system.<br /> • Dual high/low pressure systems.<br /> • Self-aligning welding dies.<br /> <br /> Special Services:<br /> <br /> Reconditioning Service: for a welder as good as new for about half the cost of a new machine.<br /> <br /> Sample Weld Evaluation: to evaluate the weldability and strength of customer's stock sample.<br /> <br /> Expert Technical Assistance: technicians offer advice and help even at customer location for efficient welding solutions.<br /> <br /> Micro-Weld butt welders are being used in over 30 countries and the company offers service and support worldwide.<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE: Note NEW address/phone numbers<br /> <br /> Micro Products Company<br /> 1886 E. Fabyan Parkway<br /> Batavia, IL 60510 USA<br /> Toll-Free: 800-872-1068<br /> T: 630-406-9550 • F: 630-406-9552<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> OSG///SterlinG <br /> <br /> 5565 Venture Drive, Unit D<br /> Parma, Ohio 44130<br /> Tel: +1 800 533 1300<br /> Fax: +1 216 267 3356<br /> E-Mail:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Founded in 1938, OSG///STERLING has become a leading designer and manufacturer of quality thread and form rolling dies. OSG///STERLING prides itself on its technological advancements in an effort to serve the needs of the metal forming industries.<br /> <br /> OSG///STERLING's world-class R&D team provides quality engineering and testing of all our products. We are continually setting new standards for the industry in view of our commitment to quality design and manufacturing.<br /> <br /> OSG///STERLING also strives to deliver our products in a timely manner at a competitive price.With the strong dedication of our factory and field engineering personnel, as well as the support from our sales staff and our customers, we hope to maintain our world-class standing.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS<br /> <br /> OSG///STERLING is pleased to offer a vast array of products for the thread forming industry:<br /> <br /> • Flat Dies<br /> • Cylindrical Dies<br /> • Planetary Dies<br /> • Trimming Dies<br /> • Segmented Carbide Dies<br /> • Rack Dies<br /> • Bent Shank Taps<br /> • Nib Taps<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICES:<br /> <br /> OSG///STERLING<br /> 5565 Venture Drive, Unit D<br /> Parma, Ohio 44130<br /> T +1 800 533 1300 • F +1 216 267 3356<br /> E-Mail:<br /><br /> Web Site:<br /><br /> <br /> OVERSEAS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES INC.<br /> OVERSEAS INTL. STEEL INDUSTRIES LLC.<br /> <br /> Corporate Office:<br /> P.O. Box 17224, Jebelali Free Zone<br /> Dubai, UAE<br /> Tel: +971 4 8861500 • Fax: +971 4 8861700<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> Plant Address:<br /> P.O. Box 909, Postal Code: 512<br /> Buraimi Industrial Estate, Oman<br /> Tel: +968 25641882 • Fax: +968 25641883<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATMENT:<br /> <br /> "Meeting needs... <br /> ... Exceeding Expectations"<br /> <br /> Overseas Group believes in commitment to total customer satisfaction through continual process improvement, transparency, excellence and dynamism at all levels.<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> Overseas Group, which is known for providing innovative fencing solutions under its flagship company, Overseas Distribution Service Inc (ODS) in the Gulf Region, has ventured into wire and nail making business as part of its expansion program.<br /> <br /> From the modest beginnings in 2000 in Jebelali Free zone, Dubai, to transforming into a highly efficient and customer centric corporate entity, the Overseas Group has rapidly evolved into a quality conscious provider of fencing solution and powder coating services.<br /> <br /> The group has opted for strategically located Public Establishment for Industrial Estates in Buraimi, Oman for its flagship project under the name of Overseas International Steel Industry LLC. The place holds advantage due to factors like quick responsiveness of the government, Proximity to Sohar, Dubai and Abudhabi port. The Group aims to export majority of the output to US market and will be greatly benefited by existing Free Trade Agreement between United States and Oman.<br /> <br /> The new plant in Buraimi Industrial City is equipped with Wire Drawing,Nail making, Collating and Hotdip Galvanized.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> Overseas International Steel Industry is designed for an annual production output of 120,000 tons.The plant specialize in Wire products that have varied fields of application Where high corrosion resistance is prime importance and will meet various segments requirements like Fasteners, Cable Fencing, Mesh Making, Redraw, farming application such as Vine Yard Wire & other high tensile wire.<br /> <br /> Apart from various application wire, we also manufacturer Bulk and Collated nail of all finish for all nail gun.<br /> <br /> The facility in Buraimi provide sizeable direct employment and indirect employment in the region and intended to meet the increasing demand for wire and wire products in Gulf region and growing demand of wire and Collated nails in US & Europe.<br /> <br /> ''Our geographical location, skilled manpower and zero Anti Dumping Duty will give us competitive leverage over our competitor in US market" says the CEO Mr. Chandan Banerjee.<br /> <br /> RS TechnologieS <br /> A DiviSion of PcB loAD & ToRque, inc.<br /> <br /> 24350 Indoplex Circle, Farmington Hills, MI 48335 USA<br /> Toll-Free: +1 888 684 2894 • Fax: +1 248 888 8266<br /> E-mail: • Web:<br /> ISO 9001 Certified<br /> A2LA Accredited to ISO 17025<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> RS Technologies, a division of PCB Load & Torque Inc., designs and manufactures fastener technology test systems and threaded fastener torque/angle/tension systems.<br /> <br /> The products and services offered by the company are ideal for use in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Power Generation, and various other test and measurement applications including manufacturers or processors of threaded fasteners, or companies that use threaded fasteners to assemble their products.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> RS Technologies provides products and accessories specifically designed for use in Fastener Testing applications including:<br /> <br /> • LabMaster Professional<br /> • Rotary Torque Transducers<br /> • Fastener Drive Systems<br /> • Force Washer Transducers<br /> • Fastener Tension Load Cells<br /> • Fastener Torque-Tension Load Cells<br /> <br /> CUSTOMER SUPPORT:<br /> <br /> From ready-to-ship stock products, to custom-made specials, RS Technologies division proudly stands behind all products with services customers value most, including 24-hour technical support, a global distribution network, and the industry's only commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.<br /> <br /> OFFICE:<br /> <br /> RS Technologies<br /> A Division of PCB Load & Torque, Inc.<br /> 24350 Indoplex Circle<br /> Farmington Hills, MI 48335 USA<br /> Toll-Free in the USA: +1 888 684 2894<br /> 24-Hour SensorLine: +1 716 684 0001<br /> Fax: +1 248 888 8266<br /> E-mail:<br /> Web:<br /> <br /> Contact RS Technologies with your next project!<br /> <br /> Retina SyStemS, inc.<br /> Protecting youR RePutation <br /> <br /> 146 Day Street, Seymour, CT 06483 USA<br /> Tel: +1 203 881 1311 • Fax: +1 203 881 1494<br /> Email: • Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Since 1987, Retina Systems has pioneered laser and vision automated turnkey inspection solutions for the aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, appliance, electronic, munitions and fastener industries. Retina'sU. S. Patented material handling and vision systems provide 100% Certified inspection for your Zero Defect, C=0 programs; the quantitative data/metrics and production reports for your Quality and Six Sigma initiatives. Our 14,000 ft² facility in Seymour, CT houses our software, systems, and mechanical (Solidworks ®) engineering groups, full machine shop, manufacturing floor and assembly/test areas. All Retina System company personnel are Six Sigma Certified.<br /> <br /> KEY PERSONNEL <br /> (YEARS IN AuTOMATEd INSPECTION): <br /> <br /> Floyd W. Moir<br /> President (34 years)<br /> <br /> Scott Spencer<br /> Director of Operations/Service (18 years)<br /> <br /> Karl Cressotti<br /> Director of R&D (26 years)<br /> <br /> John (Jay) Scott<br /> Software Supervisor/Development (22 years)<br /> <br /> Tim Rennison<br /> Systems Engineer/Customer Support (22 years)<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS & SERVICES:<br /> <br /> • 300 Series Turnkev Vision Systems: Provides quantitative measurement data for each inspection attribute. Ultra High Resolution 5 Megapixel Vision Modules provide DYNAMIC DIMENSIONAL REPEATABILITY of+/-0.0005" in a production environment, +/-0.0001" in a "clean" room with system resolution in the microns. Applied world-wide for attribute verification, surface flaw, prevailing torque (deflection), turned heads and 360 degree crack detection.<br /> <br /> • 600 Seiies READY Vision Systems: Inte- V grates in-line with assembly / manufacturing machines or existing feed systems to inspect and report on dimensional, surface flaw analysis, incorrect or missing components and more with dynamic repeatability to ±0.0001".<br /> <br /> • Multi-frequency Eddy Current: Integrates with Retina automated inspection Solutions offering product material mix detection, plating presence, and surface flaws (cracks, chips, missing material) detection.<br /> <br /> • MORE Reporting: Production. Downtime. & Efficiency Repoits by Part Number. Machine Number, and by Operator for each LOT & OPERATION. System archives production data for lot traceability and accountability.<br /> <br /> • Retina Certified: Gage R&R and Process Capability studies validate the inspection process using Minitab® statistical software. 100% Certified, guaranteed.<br /> <br /> • Retina Smart Conveyors and Counting: Presettable and exact piece counts into 14 keg. Re-usable containers, utilizing smart packaging conveyors with 5 box capacity, over/under style with 10 box capacity, automated bagger integrations, individual bagging, gentle part handling, robotic tray packing, pick & place.<br /> <br /> • Retina Direct - Remote Access: Real-time LOG-IN support with REMOTE ACCESS & CONTROL anywhere in the world.<br /> <br /> Ringmasters LLC<br /> <br /> Toll Free: 866-855-7464<br /> 240 6th St. N.W. • Massillon, OH 44647 USA<br /> E-mail:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> RingMasters LLC is the successor to Eaton Corporation, manufacturer of the “Eaton Style Ring”. Long considered the standard for the constant section wire formed Retaining Ring Market, it is Ring Masters’ commitment to continue this quality and performance legacy. RingMasters LLC is dedicated to becoming the most flexible, rapid response, service oriented company in the retaining ring market. It is our goal that we will be the low cost producer while maintaining our quality and performance legacy.<br /> <br /> FuTuRE:<br /> <br /> Ring Masters continues to diversify' and target new market segments through strategic marketing, product development and acquisition. Proto-typing and early stage product development are important facets of Ring Masters' continued growth strategy. Ring Masters is continually looking to improve internal efficiencies to remain a cost-leader in the manufacture of retaining rings and snap rings for all of your applications.<br /> <br /> QUALITY CONTROL:<br /> <br /> For over 50 years w~e have taken pride in our ability to meet our customers1 quality standards. Ring Masters1 certification, ISO-14001 as well as QS-9000, reflects the caliber of commitment we have made to achieving only the highest standards. Ring Masters has been TS-16949 certified since February, 2006.<br /> <br /> INTERCHANGEABILITY:<br /> <br /> Ring Masters1 uniform section rings are often interchangeable with stamped rings. They will function in a housing or on a shaft as well as or better than their stamped ring replacements. Interchangeability is offered in both our internal and external series rings. Our engineering and sales staff can help identify the correct replacement part for your application.<br /> <br /> ENGINEERING:<br /> <br /> Ring Masters engineering staff is extremely experienced and has designed rings for numerous applications globally. Specific ring designs have become a specialty of our engineering staff Ring Masters looks forward to the opportunity to design a ring to fit your application and/or needs. Please call toll free at 1-800-855-7464.<br /> <br /> Internal Retaining Rings<br /> <br /> Internal Retaining Rings are designed to go through a housing or bore and snap into a grove exerting radial tension outward from the ring center. We have 3 mam classes of internal retaining (snap) lings. They are the NAN family, the IN family and the ND family of rings.<br /> <br /> External Retaining Rings<br /> <br /> External retaining rings are designed to go over a shaft and snap into a grove exerting radial tension tow;ards the ring center. We have 3 main classes of external retaunng (snap) rings. They are the XAN family, the EN family and the XD family<br /> <br /> Specialty Products/Services<br /> <br /> At Ring Masters, we provide numerous types of secondary processes and services. We offer specialty packaging, stainless steel retaining/snap rings, material certifications with all orders, and various heat-treating options just to name a few. Additionally, we offer tight tolerance, precision grinding and Hypro-lapping through our most recent acquisition, Alternative Surface Grinding (www. Altemativesurfacegrind.Com).<br /> <br /> Smalley Steel Ring Company<br /> <br /> 555 Oakwood Road<br /> Lake Zurich, IL 60047<br /> Tel: +1.847.719.5900 • Fax: +1.847.719.5999<br /> •<br /> <br /> Smalley Steel Ring Company is a manufacturer of Spirolox® Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings and Wave Springs.<br /> <br /> Spiral rings offer a 360° retaining surface and are interchangeable with standard stamped ring groovess. Spiral retaining rings require no special tooling for removal and have No Ears to Interfere® with the assembly. Flat wire wave springs reduce heights by up to 50% while offering the same force and deflection as standard coil springs. Wave springs fit in tight radial and axial spaces. With over 9,000 standard parts to select from, all Smalley parts are available in carbon and stainless steel off the shelf. Special parts can range from .200" to 120" in diameter. There are No-Tooling-Charge™ on specials. Exotic alloys are readily available.<br /> <br /> ABOUT SMALLEY:<br /> <br /> Smalley, for over 40 years, has manufactured retaining rings and wave springs using our unique coiling technology. Smalley has become established as the top manufacturer of spiral retaining rings and flat wire wave springs. Smalley is ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100 and ISO 14001 certified.<br /> <br /> PRODUCTS:<br /> <br /> Wave/Compression Springs: Smalley Wave Springs (Flat Wire Compression Springs) offer the unique advantage of space savings when used to replace coil springs. By reducing spring operating height, wave springs also produce a decrease in the spring cavity. With a smaller assembly size and less material used in the manufacturing process, a cost savings is realized. Wave springs operate as load bearing devices. They take up play and compensate for dimensional variations within assemblies. A virtually unlimited range of forces can be produced whereby loads build either gradually or abruptly to reach a predetermined working height. This establishes a precise spring rate in which load is proportional to deflection.<br /> <br /> Spirolox® Retaining Rings: Spirolox Retaining Rings, available exclusively from Smalley, have No Ears To Interfere® with the mating components in the assembly. Spiral rings offer a 360° retaining surface, require no special tooling for removal and are interchangeable with ordinary snap ring grooves.<br /> <br /> Constant Section Rings: Constant Section Rings are often specified for heavy duty or impact loading applications. Smalley offers eight series of rings from stock in over 1,000 sizes.<br /> <br /> Laminar Sealing Rings: A Smalley Laminar Sealing Ring is a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove. This arrangement of the rings and the specific orientation of the rings are dictated by the application and the severity of the environment.<br /> <br /> MANUFACTURING PROCESS:<br /> <br /> Smalley offers an exclusive Circular-Grain® Process. This process is not a stamping, but rather a continuous coil that is made from edge-wound, pre-hardened, spring-tempered flat wire. The flat wire has a grain structure that is linear, providing exceptional strength and dimensional stability. Smalley's unique manufacturing process reduces scrap allowing for the economical production of special alloy products including a large selection of stainless steel retaining rings and wave springs.<br /> <br /> FREE SAMPLES:<br /> <br /> Smalley will send samples of catalog items for your evaluation, free of charge. To make a request, simply go to From you can request free samples, catalogs, download CAD models and request design assistance or design your own application specific ring or spring.<br /> <br /> Tapco Inc.<br /> <br /> 225 Rock Industrial Park Drive<br /> St. Louis, MO 63044 USA<br /> Tel:+1 314 739 9191<br /> Tel:+1 800 288 2726 (+1 800 AT TAPCO)<br /> Fax: +1 314 739 5880<br /> Email:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> Tapco's Elevator Bolts are available from our huge stock of over 15 million pieces.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINE:<br /> <br /> Six styles:<br /> <br /> • Western 3-Prong<br /> • No. 1 Norway Flat Countersunk Head<br /> • No. 3 Eclipse Slotted Head<br /> • Fanged<br /> • Pointed Fanged<br /> • Reference 70 Style<br /> <br /> 54 sizes in three material finishes:<br /> <br /> • Carbon steel<br /> • Zinc plated<br /> • Stainless Steel<br /> <br /> Three Grades:<br /> <br /> • Grade 2<br /> • Grade 5<br /> • 302HQ Stainess<br /> <br /> Nine Packaging Options:<br /> <br /> • Packaged bolts -<br /> 25, 50 or 100 per box<br /> <br /> • Case quantities -<br /> 1/3, 2/3, Full and 4/3 cases<br /> <br /> • Bulk bolts -<br /> 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full kegs<br /> <br /> Thread sizes ¼"-20, 5/16"-18, 3/8"- 16 and ½"-13 are stocked through 3" lengths. M6, M8 and M10 are stocked through 50 mm lengths.<br /> <br /> Tapco also maintains an inventory of nuts and washers.<br /> <br /> CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> • Same day shipping available<br /> • In-house quality testing<br /> <br /> SALES OFFICE:<br /> <br /> Tapco Inc.<br /> 225 Rock Industrial Park Drive<br /> St. Louis, MO 63044 USA<br /> Tel: +1 314 739-9191<br /> Toll-Free: +1 800 288-2726<br /> +1 800 AT-TAPCO<br /> Fax: +1 314 739-5880<br /> Email:<br /> Web Site:<br /> <br /> Wingtone industrial Co., ltd.<br /> <br /> No. 291, Tung Jung St., Kuan Miao Hsiang<br /> Tainan Hsien, Taiwan<br /> Tel: +886-6-5961234 • Fax: +886-6-5961300<br /> Emails: •<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> COMPANY PROFILE:<br /> <br /> WINGTONE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Wingtone) was established in 1980. It developed the solid roller as initial product, based on nut forming technology. This was a revolutionary way of making rollers to all chain manufacturers in the world. It successfully helped chain industry grow rapidly due to high quality and reasonable price. Later, collars, of lockbolt, were put into the production lines by using the same forming method.In 1986, Wingtone applied the one-time forming technology into speaker yoke production.Once again, it helped the speaker manufacturers widely lower the cost and have prosperous business for years since then.<br /> <br /> In 1994, Wingtone designed and assembled 7- station cold forming machines to produce high quality products. From that time on, it began to upgrade the forming machines from the conventional 5-station to the 7-station innovated. Wingtone was awarded as the best supplier in areas of quality, cost, delivery, and cooperation for fiscal year 1995 by Panasonic in Japan.From 1996, its product types were successfully expanded into the automotive and construction industries, based on its cold forming capabilities.This transition not only diversified the product types, but also increased the sales growth and profitability. Now, Wingtone has already had hundreds of products in production.<br /> <br /> Wingtone currently focuses on developing special female parts using its special cold forming technologies. Its products include:<br /> <br /> • Automotive Parts<br /> • Special Weld Nuts<br /> • Spacers & Washers<br /> • Long Tubes<br /> • Special Parts<br /> • Rollers & Bushes (for chain)<br /> • Collars (for Lockbolt)<br /> <br /> FACILITIES:<br /> <br /> Wingtone possesses the abilities to design and assemble the forming machines by itself.Therefore, it has a wide range of forming machines, which are all made in-house. Its forming machines for production currently include: 11B, 15B, 19B, 24B, 27B, 30B and 50B. In addition, Wingtone also has its own tooling factory to design and make all of the tooling in-house. These advantages enable it to reach the customers' demand of various kinds of high-level products.<br /> <br /> TECHNOLOGIES & SPECIALTIES:<br /> <br /> The 7-station forming technology, developed by Wingtone itself, achieves the technical innovation in fastener production. Currently, its equipment can produce the parts with maximum length up to 130mm and maximum O.D. up to 50mm. Besides, its technologies can fulfill customer's strict requirements in perpendicularity, parallelism, calibration and so on. Wingtone's specialties are especially in the SHAPED parts, which conventionally take secondary operation, such as machining, in the same industry.This helps the customers to lower the cost and upgrade the quality at the same time.<br /> <br /> ACCREDITATIONS & PATENTS:<br /> <br /> • ISO/TS 16949:2002<br /> • ISO 9001:2000<br /> • 9 forming machine patents in Taiwan<br /> • 6 forming machine patents in China/India<br /> <br /> OFFICE: <br /> WINGTONE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.<br /> <br /> No. 291, Tung Jung St., Kuan Miao Hsiang<br /> Tainan Hsien, Taiwan<br /> T: +886-6-5961234 • F: +886-6-5961300<br /> E-Mails:<br /><br /> Website:<br /> <br /> Wrentham tool group llC<br /> <br /> 155 Farm St.<br /> Bellingham, MA 02019 USA<br /> Tel: +1 508 966 2332 • Fax: +1 508 966 2326<br /> Email:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Wrentham Tool Group LLC is committed to producing and delivering the highest quality recess punches, header tools and gaging at competitive prices, along with providing our customers the finest service in the industry.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Founded in 1948 as Wrentham Steel Products, the company has undergone many changes. In 2004, Phillips Screw Company of Wakefield, MA, acquired the company, changed the name to WRENTHAM TOOL PRODUCTS and moved into a 40,000 ft2 facility. The ISO 9001-2008 registered company sells a complete line of tooling both domestically and internationally to producers of fasteners and specialty formed parts.Most recently Wrentham has purchased the REED -RICO punch and header tool business from the PTG tool group a division of Precision Castparts Corp.Wrentham will continue to market it's ASTRO, AIR-TUF and RICO brands in the marketplace.<br /> <br /> OFFICE PERSONNEL:<br /> <br /> James ehrhardt: President<br /> robert Croteau: Director of Operations<br /> Tony Bernier: Customer Service Rep.<br /> Tarene Christensen: Sales Service Rep.<br /> Philip healey: Inside Sales/Traffic<br /> leslie Benson: Controller<br /> <br /> PRODUCT LINES:<br /> <br /> • Recess Punches & hammers – Phillips Square Driv® Phillips®, Pozidriv®, ACR®, Phillips II®, Quadrex®, Torx®, Torx Plus®, Square, Struck Slot, Conventional, One-Way, Holt Head and Hexagon Socket., TORQ-SET®, TRI-WING®, MORTORQ®.<br /> <br /> • Hexagon Washer head Tooling – Hexagon Inserts & Pins (round & hex indent), Combination Hexagon Pins (Phillips®, slotted, etc.), Indented Hexagon Punches.<br /> <br /> • Torx® & Torx Plus® Tooling – Recess Punch Pins, Recess Punches and Holders.<br /> <br /> • Gages - Penetration Gages, Plug Gages, Ring Gages and Test Blocks all in Phillips®, Pozidriv®,Quadrex® and Square. Certifications are available upon request.<br /> <br /> • Header Tooling - Knock-Out Pins (straight & headed), Screw Slotting Saws, Fingers & Carbide Reamers, Carbide and Steel Knives, Quills, Dies and Casings.<br /> <br /> • Hexlobe®<br /> <br /> CAPABILITIES:<br /> <br /> Wrentham has the engineering and manufacturing capability to provide our customers with a complete tooling package whether it be for a standard fastener or a high performance aerospace product.<br /> <br /> Wrentham is pleased to announce the addition of TORXPLUS ® tooling to it's already extensive product offerings. Tooling is available in a variety of high tech alloys and can be supplied with coatings of all types for long life on those difficult-to-head materials. Call for details.<br /> <br /> MARKETS SERVED:<br /> <br /> Wrentham Tool Products tooling is sold/distributed domestically and internationally.<br /> <br /> Wrentham Tool group LLC<br /> 155 Farm St., Bellingham, MA 02019 USA<br /> Tel: 1 508-966-2332 • Fax: 1 508-966-2326<br /> <br /> WesT COAsT:<br /> <br /> Wrentham/rico<br /> Tarene Christensen<br /> Tel: 1-623-872-5482 • Fax: 1-623-872-6310<br /> Cell: 1-623-261-6852<br /> <br /> MiDWesT: <br /> <br /> greenslade fastener services l.l.C.<br /> John Bergstrom and Susan Friske<br /> 129 S. Phelps Ave. Ste. 4080<br /> Rockford, IL 61108 USA<br /> Tel: 1 815-893-4073 • Fax: 1 815-398-4107<br /> Toll Free: 1 877-467-8870<br /> <br /> INTERNATIONAL: <br /> <br /> Acoe sarl<br /> Phillipe Bertrand<br /> 44/46 Georges Clemenceau Mantes La Jolie 78200 France<br /> Tel: 0113313-0339320 • Fax: 0113313-0339321<br /> Email:<br /> <br /> gee Punches & Pins<br /> Ian Gregory<br /> The Laurels, Walsall Rd.Springhill, Lichfield, Staffs<br /> WS14 OBX England<br /> Te1: 01543-360357 • Fax: 01543-370393<br /> <br /> fritz lichthart Betriebsges. mbh<br /> Romerweg 21 58513 Ludenscheid Germany<br /> ph +49 2351 95380 • fax +49 2351 9538 30<br /> e-mail<br /> <br /> santech industrial Technologies ltd.<br /> Rifki Tongsir Cad no 38-1/7 34831<br /> Kucukyali-Istanbul Turkey<br /> ph +90-216-518-3594 • fax +90-216-366-5809<br /><br /> <br /> CMf Marelli s.r.l<br /> Mr Sergio Piero<br /> Via Casignolo, 10<br /> Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italy 20092<br /> Phone: 39-026182401 • Fax: 39-026122944<br /><br /> <br /> Comtesa<br /> Mr Juan Figueras<br /> Calle Diputacion, 410 Bjos<br /> Barcelona, Barcelona Spain 08013<br /> Phone: 34-93-2657232 • Fax: 34-93-2652473<br /><br /> <br /> herramientas especiales Dafarza<br /> Mr Ernesto Arzamendi<br /> Loma Adriana No.1 Desp. 202<br /> Lo Loma De Cristy<br /> Naucalpan De Juarez Edo De Mexico 53120<br /> Phone: 5343-8259; 5343-2059 • Fax: 5343-7669<br /><br /> <br /> southwind international<br /> Mr John Graef<br /> Rua Joaquim Floriano, 466, Suite 201<br /> Office Tower Sao Paulo/SP Brazil 04534-002<br /> Phone: 55 (11) 3165-9999 • Fax: 55 (11) 3079-8636<br /> John Graef-<br /> <br /> Yurwin industrial Group Co. Ltd.<br /> <br /> Rm. 1401 No. 3185 Zhongshan (North) Road, Shanghai 200062, China.<br /> Tel: 021-63511242 Fax: 021-63511243<br /> Contact: Mr. Yu Feng<br /> E-mail: Website:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> Building a Better World <br /> <br /> We insist to provide not only high quality products but also the best service to meet all demands. We want to establish tight relationship with customers all over the world.<br /> <br /> COMPANY INTRODUCTION:<br /> <br /> We were founded in 1997 as an exporter of Fasteners, Hardware, Tools. During past years, we have grown up fast to be a remarkable and reliable world-wide partner for various kinds of customers.<br /> <br /> By long-term cultivation, we have reached the goal of in-time production, fast delivery, and reasonable prices. Depend on hard working, we are now staying competitive. Depend on sincerity and honesty, we are now having friendship and open connection with all customers.Depend on creative mind, we are now offering best business solutions for different kinds of customers.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT RANGE:<br /> <br /> We have full line standard and specialized fastener, hand ware & tools.<br /> <br /> Fasteners<br /> <br /> DRYWALL SCREWS<br /> DECKING SCREWS<br /> CHIPBOARD SCREWS<br /> BLIND RIVETS<br /> <br /> Tools<br /> <br /> SCREW DRIVER<br /> STEEL WIRE BRUSH<br /> CLAMPS<br /> PAINT BRUSHS<br /> <br /> Furniture Hardware<br /> <br /> TOWER BOLTS<br /> FURNITURE CONNECTS<br /> CURTAIN RODS<br /> SCREW HOOKS & EYES<br /> <br /> Building Hardware<br /> <br /> NAILS<br /> LINK CHAINS<br /> IRON WIRE NETTING<br /> IRON WIRES<br /> <br /> Plenty of products with specification could be found on our website.<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> It is our goal to furnish you with quality assured products that are competitively priced.<br /> <br /> We also assured you that your merchandise will be verified, counted packing, labeled and delivered to you on time. Our team which is capable, experienced, professional is continually being trained in product knowledge to furnish you by reliable technical assistance.We are available to answer your products question, quote price and delivery on your requirement.<br /> <br /> CONTACT:<br /> <br /> We are looking forward to hearing from you.<br /> <br /> Contact: Mr. Yu Feng<br /> Tel: 021-63511242<br /> Fax: 021-63511243<br /> E-mail:<br /> Website:<br /> <br /> YuYao xintai hardware Co. Ltd.<br /> <br /> NO. 37 ZHENBEI EAST RD, HUANGJIABU TOWN, YUYAO<br /> ZHEJIANG, CHINA 315464<br /> Tel: +86-574-62021698, 62020868 • Fax: +86-574-62020898 62020910<br /> Contact: Mr. Ying Jianjun<br /> E-mail: • Website:<br /> <br /> MISSION STATEMENT:<br /> <br /> Today's quality is tomorrow's market.<br /> <br /> Good prestige is permanent market.The company provides various anchors, fasteners, in standard, nonstandard and hardware components in material of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, etc. Surface finishes include zinc-plated, hot dip galvanized, black, etc. In today's construction industry, household and DIY market, our aim is to supply worldwide the highest quality, quickest delivery and best service.<br /> <br /> COMPANY HISTORY:<br /> <br /> Established in 2005, XTANCHOR is now a professional manufacturer of anchors in China, with ISO 9001:2008 certificate and rights for exports.<br /> <br /> PRODUCT RANGE:<br /> <br /> Anchors are the main products manufactured in the company. Such as wedge anchors, through bolts, sleeve anchors, tie wire anchors, split drive anchors, zinc alloy hammer drive anchors, double expansion anchors, single expansion anchors, easy drive anchors, lag screw shield anchors, lead wood screw anchors, machine screw anchors, chemical anchor studs, plastic or nylon anchors, spring nuts, etc. We can deal with nonstandard hardware components according to your request or drawing. Such as cold heading, turning parts, stamping parts, sheet metal parts, etc.<br /> <br /> FACILITIES/CAPABILITY:<br /> <br /> We have 13 sets of cold heading machines and screw machines, 2 sets of high speed automatic stamping machines, 20 sets of stamping machines, 26 sets of turning machines, 9 sets of thread rolling machines, etc. The company provides thread sizes from M4 to M30 and the length ranging from 25 mm to 400 mm. The grade is from 4. 8 to 8.8 (ANSI GR2-GR5).<br /> <br /> SERVICE:<br /> <br /> The buyers possess the right to claim including quality and quantity claim. We will be sincere to solve any problem after sales in case it happens.<br /> <br /> We boast ourselves as a qualified international trading company, helping our customers to search all products which they need buy from China. Our professional working style will ensure the quality and delivery.<br /> <br /> CONTACT:<br /> <br /> Contact: Mr. Ying Jianjun<br /> Tel: + 86-574-62021698 62020868<br /> Fax: + 86-574 62020898 62020910<br /> Email:<br /> Website: