Skope Magazine — July/August 07
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Eric W. Saeger

Veteran songwriters from L.A., Robb Vallier, Todd McCool and George Nakonechny write what you might call post-emo pop.

It’s accessible to plain folks but maintains enough nose-thumbing to the Man that you wouldn’t file their CD alongside, you know, the Brady Bunch singers, and… Jeez, doesn’t this all sound fascinating? Fuck it. There’s a certain old-schoolness here, but that’s owed more to their meticulous writing, evocative of stuff like the Babys – yes, that’s it, the Babys re-animated by Gin Blossoms. Seriousass AOR.

Fuck it. Let’s just ask Robb Vallier where he thinks the music would fit in best. “I think we hit a few different areas,” he says, in honor of the obvious. “We are a power pop band that can work on a pop-driven station like Star 98.7 here in L.A., but possibly rock stations and even classic rock stations would work too.” Vallier once co-won a Best Producer Grammy®

Of Ligion’s lyrics. Thus far the fledgling debut has been received well.

“The online and hard copy presales have been selling, so that gives us an idea of what people are thinking about it,” he said. “It’s an album that we’re proud of and that we believe in—so buy it!” Though at it for more than half a decade, the last year has seen Ligion take a quantum leap forward and beyond.

“We’re touring all stinkin’ year and discussing the direction for the next record,” he concluded. “Just keep moving.”

Along with several other peeps in one of those big stage-filling gang-bangs that takes the host twenty minutes to sort out before anyone can even start throwing out the first speech. “I was actually at a local bar watching it on TV. Someone bought me a congratulatory Budweiser for all my work. There were only two seats available for the show, and we didn’t actually think we were going to win. Jon Duprez put a tux on at the studio and went to the presentation.” I see. But, you know, was I personally thanked? “I got a Grammy® nomination for Best Reggae with another producer a few years back. Went and bought a $3,000 tux and went. As we were walking in, they told us we had just lost. An expensive night out for nothing. I would have been up on that mike thanking everyone in the frickin’ world, including you!” So where do these guys hang out when back home? “The one cool thing about LA is that there are a ton of different places to go. If I just want a beer, I’ll go to the Fox & Hound in Studio City, an English pub with great food, beer on tap and English Premier Football. If you want to go over the hill to the new rock scene, on Hollywood Boulevard, we usually go to Star Shoes, the Burgundy Room and Velvet Margarita. Hell, even Ashton Kutcher’s place, the Geisha House is cool.” Ever hang in Hollywood, then? “My favorite place in Hollywood is a place called Memphis. It used to be Charlie Chaplin’s mansion and it still looks like it. It always has a wide variety of peeps and good music. A bit pricey, but worth it.” Next step? “Our new EP is being shopped pretty hard. Two of the songs are already being placed in the new Farrelly Brothers movie. We’re going to put it out on the internet first and sell it out on the road. Then, when we go to a major label, we’ll add five more tracks to it to make it a full length record.”