Seed Today — 2Q 2010
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PIGA Seeds

Key Personnel

• Victor Pinto, President

• Rodrigo Gironés, Field Crop Manager and General Manager

• Sandra Alarcón, Home Farm Manager

• Rosa Piña, Laboratory Manager

Company Profile

• Counter-season field crop seed produc-tion for North American, Asia, and European seed companies.

• Winter nursery, screenings, post controls, increases, crossing blocks, processing, and laboratory services.

• Corn, sunflower, canola, soybean, brassica, cucurbit, solanacea, and other vegetable seeds.

PIGA SEEDS PROVIDES a wide range of skilled and highly technical seed services to customers worldwide. Established in 1983, PIGA Seeds has a global customer range from small independent companies to large multinationalbiotech biotech companies

El Monte Home Farm

Its services range from field crop species to hand pollination of hybrid vegetable seed including packaging. PIGA Seeds’ primaryHome farm (headquarters), 25 miles west of Santiago at El Monte, includes 270 acres of nursery plots and 25 acres of plastic houses, all with drip irrigation.

Stockseed and foundation seed increases, screening, nurseries, grow-outs, crossing blocks, and pilot productions are the main services provided at El Monte.

Home Farm Manager Sandra Alarcón supervises hundreds of workers who each year meticulously perform hundreds of thousands of hand pollinations of highvalue hybrid seeds for its distribution to clients worldwide.

PIGA’s seed laboratory at El Monte and Santiago supports all crops with services for germination, pathology, electrophoresis, and micro propagation. Laboratory Manager Rosa Piña is one of Chile’s three personal members of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

Multinational Locations

PIGA also has two locations in Perú with year-around growing conditions.

“With the combined capabilities of our Chile production, two farms in Peru, and another location in Argentina for sunflowers, carrots, and other vegetable crops, PIGA can provide high-technology multiplication services to meet the necessities of our clients,” says General Manager Rodrigo Gironés.

In Chile’s central corn farming region south of Santiago, individual fields tend to be much smaller than fields in the U.S. Corn Belt. The average size for all of Chile’s seed fields is less than 60 acres.

“We have a very good isolation system that is managed by the Chilean National Seed Association that assures excellent seed quality in terms of genetic purity,” Gironés says.

Seed Processing

PIGA’s seed processing facilities for field crops and vegetables are also located at the El Monte Station.

To process and condition corn and sunflower seed, PIGA has drying capacity and processing equipment to expedite delivery when time is of the essence.

“We have sufficient capacity to process, condition, and ship our entire production in around 30 days,” Gironés says. “The dry weather conditions during the harvesting period is ideal to obtain healthy seed and optimal seed quality.

“Our company location gives us the advantage to truck loaded containers to San Antonio and Valparaiso ports on the Pacific Ocean in less than three hours.” The Chilean export logistics is extremely well developed. The government’s efficient phytosanitary inspections make the seed export procedure a fast and smooth process. This is an important advantage for PIGA Seeds and all of Chile’s seed producers,” Gironés says.