Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar — January 2010
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Southern NH Dressage & Combined Training Association
Linda Buchanan Allen

Holds 2009 awards Banquet<br /> <br /> The Southern New Hampshire Dressage & Combined Training Association (SNHDCTA) held its annual awards banquet in November at<br /> <br /> C. R. Sparks in Bedford, N.H. During happy hour (which included hot canapes passed by wait staff), members and their families had a chance to catch up on each other’s horse and riding news as well as buy tickets for the club’s renowned raffle, which was resurrected after several years of dormancy! This year’s raffle prizes included everything from a shiny new manure rake, to several pieces of original equestrian art and Breyer models, to horse treats and ribbon displays. Kalisha, a local band of three talented sisters (one of whom is an equine studies major at the University of New Hampshire), provided great tunes and dance music. Dinner was served buffet style and featured prime rib and various pasta dishes cooked fresh while diners watched.<br /> <br /> Outgoing president Karen O’Malley conducted the club’s brief business meeting, during which the election of new officers for next year was confirmed and announced. They included Katrina Villemaire, president; Lydia Neusch, vice president; and Karen O’Malley, treasurer. The position of secretary remained open.<br /> <br /> After the announcement of new officers, board member Yvette Rose presented awards to club volunteers for their hours of service. Throughout the year, club volunteers help organize events, set up and dismantle dressage rings, compile registrations, field phone calls and emails, provide food for judges, scribe at shows, and more. Of the 82 people present at the banquet, 38 were recognized as volunteers: Amanda Archibald; Debi Barka; Ann Burke; Tiana Calderwood; Cynthia Clark; Erin Cosgrove; Ellen Dana; Bonnie Flythe; Austin Harris; Diane Holt; Carolyn Holt; Ruth Hooten; Tess Jarek; Dorothy Komarek; Crystal LeBlanc; Kat Lavesque; Morgan Mackey; Jalin Marston; Lydia Neusch; Torey Neusch; Karen O’Malley; Felicia Pandalena; Elena Poelaert; Elizabeth Prior; Tara Proulx; Chris Quimby; Elaine Rose; Yvette Rose; Stefanie Rossetti; Miles Salazar; Louise Schafer; Emma Schick; Claire Smith; Lisa Todaro; Pam Valente; Kat Villemaire, and Sue Yiankopolos.<br /> <br /> Special awards to volunteers who have dedicated many years of service to the club in officer positions were presented to former president Gail Harrington; former treasurer Elena Poelaert; and former membership secretary Karin Denhard.<br /> <br /> Incoming president Kat Villemaire presented the year-end awards to riders for their high scores in dressage and combined training tests during the show season. She also presented two special perpetual awards. The Cheri Oleson Memorial Award for highest points scored by an adult rider at the summer dressage show went to Patty Juranty. The Dino Award, donated by former club president Andrea Hunt in memory of her horse Dino, went to Tara Proulx, the highest scoring young rider at the fall dressage show.<br /> <br /> Additional SNHDCTA year-end awards are as follows: WaLk-TroT younG riDErs: 1. Tara proulx; 2. Felicia pandelina; 3. Dylan Walker; 4. Jenna Marston; 5. Emma schick; 6. Louise schafer.<br /> <br /> WaLk-TroT aDuLT riDErs: 1. Kimberley sterl; 2. Diane Holt; 3. Tina silva; 4. Erin Cosgrove; 5. Bonnie Flythe.<br /> <br /> TraininG LEVEL younG riDErs: 1. Marley jenkins;<br /> <br /> 2. Tara proulx; 3. Felicia pandelina; 4. Claire smith; 5.<br /> <br /> Torey neusch; 6. Tiana Calderwood.<br /> <br /> TraininG LEVEL aDuLT riDErs: 1. Patty juranty; 2.<br /> <br /> Kaitlyn stone; 3. Debi Barka; 4. Amanda archibald; 5.<br /> <br /> Diane Holt.<br /> <br /> FirsT LEVEL aDuLT riDErs: 1. Christine Grant; 2. Lisa smith.<br /> <br /> SEConD LEVEL aDuLT riDErs: 1. Elizabeth Brown; 2.<br /> <br /> Christine Grant; 3. Lani Wicks reilly.<br /> <br /> CoMBinED TraininG ELEMEnTary younG riDEr: 1.<br /> <br /> Jalin Marston.<br /> <br /> CoMBinED TraininG prE-noViCE younG riDErs: 1.<br /> <br /> Marley jenkins; Felicia pandelina.<br /> <br />