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Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals B.V.

Stationsstraat 77 3811 MH Amersfoort

P. O. Box 247 3800 AE Amersfoort The Netherlands Tel: +31 33 467 6767 • Fax: +31 33 467 6100 E-Mail: polymerchemicals.nl@akzonobel.com Website: www.akzonobel.com/polymer

Company Profile: Focusing on our customers’ future needs, we are proud to be one of the world’s leading producers of organic peroxides, metal alkyls, organometallic specialties and polymer additives.

We supply essential products used in the production of thermoplastic resins, and thermoset and elastomeric materials. In addition, we manufacture high purity metalorganics for the semiconductor industry.

We are constantly working to address our customers’ future needs. In fact, at AkzoNobel Polymer Chemicals, it is about you. What do you need? What do you want to achieve? We believe the only way to grow is by developing sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit our customers.

We are recognized as a global leader in safety of organic peroxides and metalorganics.

As a company of innovation, we have a stream of new, highvalue products to maintain our leadership. Much of our success is due to our philosophy of creating close partnerships with our Customers. We look ahead and help our customers find sustainable answers to questions that they will face tomorrow.

Backed up by our commitment to Responsible Care®, Product Stewardship and REACH, we believe that supplying the right chemistry goes beyond just selling products. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

PRODUCTS OFERED: Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals LLC produces and markets a wide range of chemical products for the polymer production and processing industries. These chemical products include:

• Azo Initiators

• Trigonox® and Perkadox® Organic Peroxides

• Metal Alkyls

• Armostat® Anti-static agents

• Armoslip® Amide Slip agents

• Ketjenblack© Conductive Carbon Blacks

CAPABILITIES: AkzoNobel offers over 100 different commercially available organic peroxides. The Trigonox and Perkadox peroxides are used to cross link elastomers and polyolefin thermoplastics.

LOCATIONS: Our manufacturing sites and distribution centers are found all around the globe (Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) including joint ventures in Japan and China.

Our global distribution network allows us to deliver our products to you anywhere in the world.

And we ensure security of supply and easy acces to quality products wherever you are.

HEA DQUAR TER S: Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals B.V. Stationsstraat 77 3811 MH Amersfoort

P. O. Box 247 3800 AE Amersfoort The Netherlands Tel: +31 33 467 6767 Fax: +31 33 467 6100 E-Mail: polymerchemicals.nl@akzonobel.com Website: www.akzonobel.com/polymer

Amacoil Inc.

P. O. Box 2228 Aston, PA 19014 USA Tel: 800 252 2645 Tel: (610) 485 8300 Fax: (610) 485 2357 E-Mail: amacoil@amacoil.com Web Site: www.amacoil.com

Amacoil is the exclusive North American value-added distributor of Uhing “rolling ring” traverse winding drives and assemblies. Rolling ring traverse drives offer automatic reversal and adjustable linear pitch without requiring programming or electronics.

Amacoil provides full service on Uhing rolling ring traverses including addedvalue manufacturing, repairs, parts and ongoing technical support.

Company History: Amacoil was founded in 1952. Originally the company started with small machinery and accessory equipment for use in the coil winding industry.

A wire and cable division was soon added and in 1987 the company relocated to its present location in Aston, PA.

ProductS: Model RG rolling ring linear drives are mechanical alternatives to screwbased and electronically controlled winding systems. Uhing RG drives may be purchased separately, or as part of a ready-to-install winding assembly. In level winding operations rolling ring drives eliminate the need for clutches, cams and gears.

Traverse direction and linear pitch are controlled by the user-adjustable angle at which the rolling ring bearings contact the shaft – independently of the drive motor. Automatic reversal and adjustment of linear pitch are therefore possible without changing gears and without electronics or programming.

Stroke length adjusts quickly with movable end stops. Additionally, Uhing drives run on a smooth, threadless shaft that won’t clog or jam.

The Model RS and Model AZ timing belt drives are used for electronically controlled winding systems to accommodate intricate take-up patterns not achievable with regular level winders.

APLICATIONS: The Model RG rolling ring drive assembly is ideal for winding a variety of materials from hair-thin fiber to heavy gauge wire, cable, rope and chain. The traverse winding assembly does not require its own drive motor. Instead, the take-up reel motor is used to power the traverse guide. The pitch on the RG drive is variable. Once pitch is set, it will remain automatically synchronized with the rotating reel, even if the take-up reel motor speeds up or slows down.

CAPABILITIES: Amacoil provides Uhing rolling ring drives separately or in custom assemblies ready to install into winding equipment.

Amacoil can configure rolling ring traverses to meet specific winding needs such as ramp up/down or dwell at the reversal points. Amacoil technical representatives will recommend drive size and suggest options to enhance accuracy and efficiency in winding applications.

Amacoil maintains a large inventory to meet emergency or routine linear motion needs.

Facilities: Amacoil Inc., North American headquarters is located in Aston, PA in a modern 70,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing facility located near Philadelphia’s International Airport.

Sales Offices: Southeastern U.S. Alternate Mechanical Drives Dunwoody, GA Tel: (770) 396-0500 Central U.S. Beauregard & Assoc. Glen Ellym, IL Tel: (630) 790-2790 Garber Engineering Co.

Centerville, OH Tel: (937) 435-4510 S outhwestern U.S. EMF Technical Solutions McKinney, TX Tel: (469) 952-3633 West Coast Piekunka Services, Inc. Glendale, CA Tel: (818) 459-0845 Canada Summit Agencies, Ltd.

Alberta, Canada Tel: (403) 236-8655 Northeastern U.S. TSI/Motion Engineered Systems Kennebunk, ME Tel: (207) 967-2929 Mexico Industrial Magza S.A. de C.V. Tel: (011) 55 53 63 23 31


Corporate Offices 439 West Street • Rutland, VT 05701 USA Tel: +1 802 773 9111 • Fax: +1 802 770 3551 sales@carris.net • exportsales@carris.net www.carris.com

Mision Statement: ...to improve the quality of life for our growing corporate community... Company History: The company was started in 1951 by Henry Carris, sold to Bill Carris in 1980, and became 100% employee-owned in

2008. Carris employs more than 400 people in eight states and Mexico.

RECENT NEWS: In November, 2008, Carris Reels and J. Hamelin Industries of Montreal, Canada entered into a partnership agreement.

Carris purchased 50% ownership of this 2nd generation family business.

Harold Stotland, who owns the other 50%, will continue as Hamelin’s president and CEO. The combined experience of our two companies—the knowledge, systems and commitment to our customers— will better position us to meet our customers’ growing global needs.

CARRIS TODAY: Carris is a highly efficient manufacturing company with a participatory business culture that has been competing successfully in the domestic and global markets for 57 years. Carris strives to be a good citizen in the communities in which it operates and has long been a committed steward of the environment.

At Carris, customers come first, and its collaborative culture translates to creative solutions and responsiveness to changing needs. The proof of Carris’ value is demonstrated by the trust that its customers place in Carris as their business partner of choice.

PRODUCT LINES: Plywood, nailed wood, hardboard, stamped metal and plastic reels.

MARKET SERVED: Reels offered by Carris are intended For wire cable, cordage, chain, hose, tubing, strip connectors, film, textile, paper, fiber-optics and other linear packaging applications.

KEY CARRIS PERSONNEL: Vermont (CORPORATE) Tel-802.773.9111 Fax-802.770.3551 Bill Carris Mike Curran, President Dave Ferraro,

V. P. Sales & Marketing Brian Holden, National Accounts Manager Pat Blake, Production Manager-VT Plastics Janet Porter, Customer Care Jessica Freeman, Customer Care Jessica Oberg, Customer Care

J. Hamelin Industries Tel-450.435.8811 Fax-450.435.1211 Harold Stotland, President California Tel-559.674.0804 Fax-559.674.1614 Dwight Harder, General Manager Shelly Hunt, Customer Care Connecticut Tel-860.749.8308 Fax-860.749.8558 Steve Sabourin, General Manager Jeff Wagner, Accounts Manager Susan Madeux, Customer Care Mexico Tel-011.5281.8316.7390 Fax-011.5281.8316.7395 Alberto Aguilar, General Manager Michigan Tel-269.545.3400 Fax-269.545.3401 Mike Hendricks, General Manager Jerry Selby, Account Manager Shanna Sharum, Customer Care North Carolina Tel-704.872.0981 Fax-704.873.1664 Dale Clary, General Manager Sonya Pearson, Account Manager Leann Sexton, Customer Care Virginia Tel-540.473.2210 Fax-540.473.2878 Brian Connell, General Manager CORPORATE OFFICE: CARRIS REELS 439 West Street Rutland, VT 05701 USA Tel: +1 802 773 9111 Fax: +1 802 770 3551 sales@carris.net exportsales@carris.net www.carris.com

Conneaut Industries, Inc.

89 Hopkins Hill Rd. West Greenwich, RI 02817 USA Tel: +1 401 392 1100 or 800 955 YARN (9276) Fax: +1 401 397 2564 E-Mail: info@conneaut.com Web Site: www.conneaut.com

COMPANY PROFILE: Conneaut Industries is the industry leader with a clear focus on technology, change and customer needs.

Our specialty yarn products are used extensively in the United States and recognized on the international market.

Conneaut’s leadership is a result of its passion for perfection in product performance and strong history in achieving total customer satisfaction.

Conneaut received its ISO 9001 : 2000 certification from TÜV ESSEN/ German Quality Systems in December of

2002. Our company employees are the most motivated, skilled and dedicated workers in the specialty yarn industry.

Moreover, the company is recognized as maintaining the safest & cleanest work environment.

Company management is extremely committed to building long term partnerships with its customers & suppliers.

Since its humble beginning.... the company has achieved above industry average revenue/returns for its shareholders.

COMPANY HISTORY: William Banfield founded Conneaut Industries in Conneaut, Ohio in 1930.

In 1935, the company relocated to West Warwick, RI, where it operated from an historical mill complex. In late 1988, the son of the founder, Mr. Dean Banfield made a commitment to build a new facility to support improvements in efficiencies in yarn processing.

This modern facility is located in West Greenwich, RI, fifteen minutes from the Providence International Airport, and one thousand feet from Interstate 95. In August 2006, the company’s ownership changed to Mr. Banfield’s grandson, Lance W. Banfield.


• Fiberglass

• E-glass

• S-2 Glass®

• PTFE Coated Fiberglass

• PolyGlass

Higher performance:

• Kevlar®

• Nomex®

• Spectra®

• Carbon Fiber Standard Performance:

• Nylon

• Polyesters

• Rayon

• Cotton Proprietary Products (used in ignition wires):

• Klass Core®

• Glass Core®

• Conncore®


• Electrical Wire & Cable

• Electrical Apparatus [Magnet Wire]

• Automotive

• Environmental

• Sporting Goods & Equipment

• Woven Goods

• Fiber Composites

• Military

• Aircraft/Aerospace

• Research

• Marine

• Appliance

• Telecommunications KEY PERSONNEL: John Santos, President/CEO Russell Kibbe, Vice President Raymond W. Coleman, Product Engineer Christine Steinkamp, Cust. Support SA LES SUPPORT: John P. Santos Tel: 401 392 1110 • Fax: 401 397 2564 Cell: 401 640 9233 Stephen Page [MCR Global Services] Tel: 508 435 8158 • Fax: 508 435 7949 Randy Reynolds Tel: 574 784 3421 VISION Global acceptance and recognition that our specialty products provide an effective contribution... improving total performance and enhancing customer confidence and creating values.


• Develop a platform of strategy to compete in a Global Market

• Develop higher quality standards through cutting edge innovations

• Develop new products through technological advances

• Commitment to shareholder interest, growth and value

• Empower our personnel and provide them the resources to achieve company objectives

• Build long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers OUR QUALITY POLICY Conneaut Industries is an international producer of specialty yarn products.

The company’s management is responsible to implement and communicate coherent quality objectives. Senior management is committed to ensuring availability of resources of information to assist employees in achieving company objectives. Our organization is committed to continuous improvement in processes and product suitability.

The entire organization shall strive for customer fulfillment and satisfaction.

Benchmarks to reach our objectives.

Achieving Company objectives through continuous improvements in Quality and innovation Deliver rapid, dependable, on-time shipments Establish strategic relationships with suppliers who are committed to delivering quality products and services Maintaining high levels of ethics, honesty, integrity and trust.


Via Cosimo del Fante, 10 20122 Milano, Italy Tel: +39.02.988492.1 • Fax: +39.02.9810358 E-Mail: hq@properzi.it Web Site: www.properzi.it

COMPANY HISTORY: Continuus-Properzi of Milan, has celebrated more than six decades of leadership in the filed of equipment for producing non-ferrous commodities (mainly rod and later ingots), and is continuously investing in research and development.

Continuus-Properzi S.p.A. was established in 1947 by Ilario Properzi (1897-1976), the inventor and promoter of the continuous casting and direct rolling for the nonferrous metal. This new casting and rolling technology has completely changed the nonferrous rod and wire industry allowing unimaginable and extraordinary developments in the electric power transmission, distribution and communication fields. The first CCR industrial line (Continuous Casting and Rolling) has been exhibited since 1958 in the National Science and Technique Museum “Leonardo da Vinci” in Milan (Italy). Presently, 3 % of the copper CCR rod lines and over than 85 % of the Aluminum worldwide rod are from Continuus-Properzi Company.

PRODUCTS: Actually, Continuus-Properzi is the global leader of CCR lines for nonferrous wire rod production offering a complete product line including all the necessary elements from furnaces to casting equipment, to rolling equipment, to dual wire rod coilers.

The Properzi organization provides unparalleled continuous casting and rolling technology for the production of Aluminum and Copper wire rod on a global basis. The latter being produced from either copper cathodes or 100% Low quality copper scrap to yield top quality copper rod. The product line also encompasses machinery for the production of nonferrous ingots using the traditional Wheel & Belt or the new Track & Belt system. The product line is complemented by the offerings of the Wire Machinery Division which include the “Megalogos” machine for high carbon steel wire drawing applications that benefit from the large, ergonomic, horizontal capstans having a diameter of 1270 mm.

A detailed list of Continuus-Properzi pro ducts:

• CCR Lines Aluminum CCR Rod Lines Aluminum Alloy CCR Rod Lines Copper CCR Rod Lines Copper Rod from 100% Scrap

• Wire Machinery Division WMD RTM Division OTT Division

• Properzi Microrolling® Microrolling

• Ingot Casters Wheel & Belt Track & Belt

• Pb Strip for Automotive Battery CRS Lines FACILITIES: Continuus-Properzi S.p.A. Italian headquarters is located in Milan – Italy in a central building downtown while technology, manufacturing and sales facility are located in Sordio- Lodi very close to Milan.

Continuus-Properzi is also present in USA and France with two main sales offices located in Spark - Maryland and Saint Ouen l’Aumône, our complete addresses are: Headquarters Continuus-Properzi S.p.A. Via Cosimo del Fante, 10 20122 Milano - Italy hq@properzi.it www.properzi.com Technology, Manufacturing and Sales Continuus-Properzi S.p.A. Via Emilia km 310 26858 Sordio – Italy sales@properzi.it www.properzi.com France Division Properzi France 78 Avenue du Château BP 27745 Saint Ouen l’Aumône France info@properzi.fr www.properzi.com USA Division Properzi International, Inc. 909 Ridgebrook Road Suite n. 102 Spark, Maryland 21152 – USA info@properzi.us www.properzi.com KEY COPNTACTS: eng. Giulio Properzi President & CEO eng. Carmelo Maria Brocato Director of the Sales Department eng. Vladimir Djukic Sales Manager

Domeks Makýne Imes Sanayi Sitesi E-Blok 501 Sokak No:29 34776 Dudullu Istanbul Turkey Tel: +90 216 364 39 04 Fax: +90 216 364 39 13 E-Mail: info@domeksmakine.com Web Site: www.domeksmakine.com

Company History Domeks Makýne was established in December 2002.It took its own place in the market in a short time such as two years with their experienced staff in the cable and wire industry for more than thirteen years.

In this past two years, Domeks Makýne has developed two imported machines for the cable and wire industry. First one is full automatic cable coiling line and second one is PVC compounding line for cable compound applications.

Domeks Makýne has delivered and installed more than ten PVC compounding lines and five automatic coiling lines to Turkish and foreign market up to now.

ProDUCts: Coilmatik 280 automatic cable coiling line for single wire cables.

Cable range:

- HO5V-K 0.75 mm2-6 mm2 flexible insulated wire

- HO7V-U 1.5 mm2-6 mm2 solid insulated wire

- HO7V-R 1.5 mm2-6 mm2 multistranded insulated wire Available coil dimensions:

- Coil outer diameter: minimum 200mm Maximum 270 mm

- Coil inner diameter:150 mm

- Coil height: 35-70 mm

- Coiling capacity: 4-5 coils/minute (for 100 meters coil length ) Coilmatik 400 automatic cable coiling line for multi wire cables.

Cable range:

- Cable diameter from 5 mm up to 18 mm flexible and rigid type of cables.

Available coil dimensions:

- Coil outer diameter: minimum 250 mm Maximum 390 mm

- Coil inner diameter:180 mm

- Coil height: 35-180 mm

- Coiling capacity: 2-3 coils/minute (for 100 meters coil length ) GranULator 600 soft pVC compounding line

- Separated plasticizing and transfer section for effective removal of volatiles (If necessary under vacuum)

- Simple operation.

- Easy adaptability to different formulations of plastized PVC by use of the compression ratio

- Minimum thermal stress of the product.

- Easy and quick cleaning.

- Low energy consumption (100 Kwh/ton)

- Compact design.

- Maintenance free A.C. motor and drive system.

- Touch screen operator panel.

- Recipe management system.

- Alarm management.

Key pErsonnEL Dogan oZBaran saLEs oFFiCE DomEKs maKÝnE LtD. Sti.


501. SOKAK NO:29 34776 DUDULU ISTANBUL TURKIYE TEL: +90 216 364 39 04 FAX: +90 216 364 39 13 E-Mail:info@domeksmakine.com Web:www.domekmakine.com

Engineering Future Automazione Flessibile Srl (EFAF) Via Tazio Nuvolari 17 Z.I. PIP 55061 Carraia-Capannori (LU), Italy Tel: +39 0583 981677 Fax: +39 0583 981678 Web Site: www.efaf.it • E-Mail: efaf@efaf.it

MISSION STATEMENT Engineering Future Automazione Flessibile (EFAF) is committed to provide innovative and reliable packaging lines to the International Wire & Cable Industry.

We are dedicated to the total satisfaction of all our customers: design, manufacturing and customer service are realized on a personalized basis LOCATION Our Factory is located in Capannori-Lucca (the center of Italy) and can be easily reached by car (0.5 km far from the exit CAPANNORI of the motor-way A11 FIRENZE - PISA NORD) or by air, due to the proximity of the PISA and FLORENCE Airports.

COMPANY HISTORY Founded in 1989, by Eng. Renzo Zanni, who possesses many years of experience in the packaging field, EFAF’s activity initially began with the construction of automatic palletizing machines. Later, the EFAF production was expanded to include automatic coiling lines with vertical axis. This enabled EFAF to complete our scope of supply to include all the component parts of coiling and reel winding lines which EFAF proudly offers to its customers today.

PRODUCTS EFAF production includes: MAUTOMATIC 300 EVOLUTION, MAUTOMATIC 300 EVOLUTION BOX MATIC This line is suitable to package flexible and nonflexible cable from 0.5 to 6 sq mm with a productivity that reaches 6 coils per minute of 100 m lengths.

You can also choose between packaging in shrink film or cardboard boxes, simply by moving a selector switch on the electrical panel.

MAUTOMATIC 350, MAUTOMATIC 350 HS This coiling line can package cables up to 8.5 mm OD in coils of 100 m lengths. By adding a driven payoff and vertical accumulator, the 350 can produce flat cable to 10 mm. The HS version is suitable for flexible and nonflexible cable from 0.5 to 6 sq mm. It can produce over 9 coils/min. Of 100 m lengths, wrapped with shrink film/cardboard boxes and palletized.

MAUTOMATIC 400 This line is suitable for cables with diameter up to 15 mm.

The production reaches 3 coils/min of 100 m lengths for flexible cable with OD 10 mm. Coils can be strapped, wrapped with shrink film and boxed. Thanks to a special device, the cable tail is placed under the coil by keeping the perfect cylindrical shape avoiding in this way the strapping operation.

MAUTOMATIC 520 This line is suitable for cables with diameter from 5 up to 18 mm. The production reaches 2.5 coils/minute of 100 m. It can work with a vertical or horizontal accumulator. It is ideal for flat cables.

MAUTOMATIC 600 Designed to package cables with maximum diameter of 30 mm with a productivity of 2 coils/minute of 100 m lengths.

This line is suitable for producing large diameter cable coils (very heavy, up to 100 kg weight) that cannot be handled manually by the operator. The Mautomatic 600, as all EFAF packaging lines, is completely automatic, from the payoff bobbin up to the palletizing, there is no need for manual intervention by the operator.

The only operator functions are to replace empty payoff bobbins and consumable materials (shrink film, plastic strap, labels, etc.). The MAUTOMATIC 600 R version, created to put in coils of bare copper cable up to 95 sq mm of cross section.

MAC SERIES MAC series (300, 400, 520, 620, 750) is the new range of automatic coilers designed by EFAF Srl in order to satisfy the requirements of small and large cable producer companies that have to package many different types of cables in small quantities. It is easy and ready to work suitable for cable from diameter 2 mm (0.5 sq mm cross section) up to 15 mm with an approximate production of 10,000 mts/h. For example the Automatic Coiler MAC 400, covers a space not much more than 4 m2.

It is also possible to package bare copper cable up to 35 sq mm of cross section.

B-MAC B-MAC 450 is extremely versatile and flexible—in fact with this machine we compose a coiling/spooling line able to create different inside coil diameters (from 120 up to 200) and heights (from 35 to 200); the same is true for spooling where the machinery can use spools with different hold-holes, different flange diameters (from 220 to 420) and heights (from 110 to 300). The cable sizes may change from a small section of 1 to a maximum 35 sq mm. About the packaging, the line offers the possibility to package the coils with one only strap and wrapping them with thermoshrinking film; for the spools instead we propose the wrapping with stretch film.

MAB 350 This line can package round/flat cable (flexible/nonflexible) onto reels with a variable flange diameter of 150 mm to 350 mm. The reels are automatically wrapped with stretch film or with the new autogluing film, labelled and palletized. The production capacity can reach 3 reels/minute of 100 m lengths or

3. 5 reels/minute of 50 m lengths.

MAB 630 This line can package cable onto reels with a variable flange diameter of 300 mm to 630 mm.

The reels are automatically wrapped with stretch film, labelled and palletized. The maximum reel weight can reach 200 kg.

The length of cable on the bobbins ranges from 250 to 1000 meters. The winding speed can exceed 450 m/minute. This reel winding line can run in tandem with extrusion systems.

AVP, AVPD Fully automatic spool winding line for a wide range of wooden spools from 600 mm minimum diameter up to 1100 mm maximum diameter. It is also possible to process iron spools from 1250 mm minimum diameter up to 1600 mm maximum diameter in semiautomatic cycle. The cable dimensions are from 6 mm minimum diameter up to 22 mm maximum diameter. The maximum line speed is 400 mt/minute.

OTHER PRODUCTS EFAF production also includes:

• Rewinding lines

• Automatic labeling devices with applicator

• Pallet wrapping machines with stretch film KEY PERSONNEL Eng. Renzo Zanni, General Manager/CEO (renzo.zanni@efafsrl.com) Gabriele Martinelli, Sales/Technical Manager (gabriele@efafsrl.com) Eng. Roberto Luporini, Product Development Manager (roberto.luporini@efaf.it) Davide Nencini, Technical Manager (davide@efafsrl.com) Silvia Zanni, Area Sales Manager (silvia@efafsrl.com) Member of the Board Alessio Guidi, After Sales Service (guidi@efafsrl.com) Ilaria Zanni, Chief Accountant (ilaria@efafsrl.com) Member of the Board Francesco Mannini, Quality Coordinator (francesco.mannini@efaf.it) SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS In 2004, EFAF achieved ISO 9001:2000: the quality management system certified by DNV.

SALES OFFICES AND FACILITY Engineering Future Automazione Flessibile Srl (EFAF) Via Tazio Nuvolari 17 Z.I. PIP 55061 Carraia-Capannori (LUCCA), Italy Tel. +39 0583 981677 Fax +39 0583 981678 E-mail: efaf@efaf.it Worldwide Representation Please contact us for the nearest representative in your area.

The Entwistle Company 6 Bigelow Street Hudson, MA 01749-2697 USA Tel: +1 508 481 4000 Fax: +1 508 481 4004 Email: wireandcable@entwistleco.com

Company history The Entwistle Company was founded in Rhode Island, in 1918, by James L. Entwistle – Engineer, for the development and manufacturing of specialized machinery for producing insulated wire and cable and wire products.

Over the ensuing years, Entwistle has acquired other capital machinery product lines and pursued defense-related work and acquisitions, which has resulted in a diverse product mix.

Today, The Entwistle Company serves a global customer base with the dynamic manufacture of complex parts and equipment.

Our corporate Headquarters is located in Hudson, MA, operating under ISO-9001- 2008 Certification. Entwistle also has a manufacturing division in Danville, VA; combined facility space is approximately 310,000 ft2. The Entwistle Company is a Veteran owned, Small Business.

Mission statement We are committed to design and manufacture high quality products, on time, that meet or exceed our Customers’ expectations.

Designers and Builders of Quality Machinery Since 1918

Product Lines Just a few examples of ENTWISTLE Wire Machinery

• Extrusion Systems

• THERMOFLITE - Extruders

• Vertical And Verta-Turret Extruders

• Gantry / Portal Pay-offs and Take-ups

• Accumulators & Dancers

• Capstans

• Continuous Belt Caterpullers

• Single Twist Bunchers / Cablers

• Annealers

• Wire Drawing Systems

• Concentric & Eccentric Taping Machines Also offered are complete systems and machines for Re-reeling, Re-coiling, Payoffs, Take-ups, Drum-Pak and Draw-Pak Takeups, De-reelers, Dead Block Coilers, Spoolers, Spark Testing, Measuring, Labeling, High Speed Hose Serving Binding And Serving Heads and Tinning.

Take advantage of the industry’s most extensive line of Wire and Cable equipment and the convenience and security of dealing with one source of sales and service at every step of your wire production operation.

Please call us today to discuss your requirements.

Your One Source for Equipment & Service key personnel George L. Kaplan Vice President of Sales & Engineering Jay S. Field Sales Product Manager Beth Howes Sales Assistant Michael J. Bisbee Engineering Manager John L. Rodericks Sales Representative (Twisted SOLUTIONS) sales office The Entwistle Company 6 Bigelow Street Hudson, MA 01749-2697 USA Tel: 1-508-481-4000 Fax: 1-508-481-4004 E-Mail: wireandcable@entwistleco.com Website: www.entwistleco.com

MFL Group MFL SA Trading Company Tel: +41 91 9102670 Fax: +41 91 9102675 E-Mail: mfl@mflch.ch

MARIO FRIGERIO Mario Frigerio relies on a very long experience. Founded in 1897 - and still owned by the Frigerio family - it is one of the oldest and most reliable industries in the field, recognized as a mouthpiece of made in Italy excellence.

Over the last ten years, the company has consolidated its leading position and has reinforced its presence abroad, standing out as a leader in the manufacture of drawing lines, low relaxation PC lines and single-wire and multi-wire electrochemical and heat-treatment systems, complete with payoffs and takeups.

Its machines are unique in the world.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy, they are a benchmark in a market that rewards reliability, performance and flexibility. Mario Frigerio is a partner on which you can rely, able to develop customised solutions and constantly attentive to Customers in order to ensure, over time, machines’ maximum efficiency and productivity.

Over 150 highly skilled employees work in the three factories located in the industrial area of Lecco. Mechanical and electronic designing is handled by a team of over 40 experts. Sale, aftersales service and customer care count on the experienced support of over 15 employees.

Mario Frigerio SpA T: +39 0341 3581 • F: +39 0341 368385 E-mails: info@mariofrigerio.it sales@mariofrigerio.it Website: www.mariofrigerio.com

FRIgECO Frigeco is a well known and consolidated reality in the non ferrous wire drawing field. With the DNA of Mario Frigerio, it has taken advantage from the synergy between ferrous and non ferrous field know how introducing into the market innovative solutions.

Over the last years, the company has consolidated its position and has reinforced its presence abroad, standing out as dependable and competitive manufacturer.

Frigeco is on the market with breakdown, intermediate and multiwire drawing machines for copper, aluminium and alloys wires; copper wire annealers; spoolers and coilers. All of them completed with a wide range of customisable accessories.

All machines are designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy and they are becoming a benchmark in a market that rewards reliability, performance and flexibility.

Quality of products as well as service care: Frigeco is a partner on which you can rely, able to develop customised solutions and constantly attentive to Customers in order to ensure, over time, machines’ maximum efficiency and productivity.

Frigeco T: +39 0341 3581 • F: +39 0341 358156 E-mails: info@frigeco.com sales@frigeco.com Website: www.frigeco.com

Cabmach Cabmach is the expansion brand of the MFL Group established for the engineering and construction of rope and cable equipment .

Power cable equipment available through Cabmach includes double twist bunching and stranding machines; rigid stranding and screening machines; drum twist laying up, armoring and screening machines; single twist laying up, armoring and screening machines; bow skip stranding and laying up machines; tubular stranding machines; planetary stranding and laying up machines; and taping and rewinding lines.

Steel rope equipment available through Cabmach includes double twist stranding machines; bow skip stranding machines; tubular stranding and closing machines; and planetary stranding and closing machines.

Cabmach S.A. T: +39 0341 3581 Website: www.cabmach.com

Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc. 2424 American Way Fort Wayne, IN 46809-3098 USA Tel: +1 260 747 1681 Fax: +1 260 747 4269 Web Site: www.fwwd.com E-Mail: sales@fwwd.com

MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal is to profitably expand global leadership in our core competencies by focusing on value and total customer satisfaction, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, trust, and respect for the individual.

QUALITY POLICY: Our goal is to provide Total Customer Satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our Products, Services and Internal Processes.

COMPANY BACKGROUND: Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc., was founded in 1937 as a manufacturer of precision single crystal natural diamond dies. Over the years, the product line has expanded to include polycrystalline diamond dies, tungsten carbide dies, shaped profile dies, extrusion tips and dies, and other wear parts for the wire industry.

Additionally, Fort Wayne Wire Die provides recutting and reconditioning services for diamond and carbide dies, and has become a leader in the supply of new and recut matched elongation die sets for high speed, multi-wire, drawing machines.

Fort Wayne Wire Die also offers a complete line of equipment for die maintenance, measurement and inspection of wire drawing dies. Through this full line of equipment, Fort Wayne Wire Die will now be able to offer customers worldwide the necessary equipment and tools to operate an in-house recutting service.

Today, Fort Wayne Wire Die is America's leading manufacturer of wire drawing dies. The corporate offices, including Engineering, Research and Development, and Administration are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company's products are sold by direct sales engineers in North America, through its sales office Fortek GmbH in Europe, its sales office Fort Wayne Wire Die (Philippines) Inc. in Asia, its sales office Fort Wayne Wire Die (Shanghai) Inc. in China and through a network of independent agents and distributors around the world.

Fort Wayne Wire Die is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Our quality systems are now recognized by the following accreditation boards: Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB), the Raad voor Accreditatie (RvA), the Japanese Accreditation Board (JAB), the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the Brazilian National Institute of Metrology (INMETRO), the Italian National System for Accreditation of Certification and Inspection Body (SINCERT), the German Association for Accreditation (TGA) and the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Dresden (KBA). TGA and KBA are under the authority of the German body, Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat (DAR).

KEY PERSONNEL: Dwight Bieberich President Don Bieberich Vice President John Downey Sales Manager USA Brad Scherer

V. P., International Operations PRODUCT LINES: Fort Wayne Wire Die's standard product line includes:

• Single Crystal Natural Diamond Wire Dies featuring X-ray orientation and optimum accuracy and surface polish from 0.0003" to 0.100"

(0. 0075 to 2.50mm).

• Polycrystalline Diamond (Poly- Di) Dies for maximum die life in sizes from 0.001" to 0.500" (0.025 to 12.7mm).

• Tungsten Carbide Dies both round hole and shaped profile in the Standard R-Series nibs from R-2 to R-19. Also available as rough core or finished in hole sizes from 0.008" to 3" (0.20 to 76 mm).

• Extrusion Tips & Dies – Precision custom manufactured extrusion tips in single crystal diamond or polycrystalline diamond with guaranteed concentricity to 0.0002" TIR (0.005mm). Tips and dies are also available in tungsten carbide or tool steel.

• Recutting Services for single crystal diamond dies, polycrystalline diamond dies or tungsten carbide dies to restore new die shape and polish to used and worn dies.

• Matched Elongation Die Service.

Sets of new or recut dies are physically elongation tested and matched to the requirements of your wire drawing machine.

• The equipment line includes:

- WP910 and WP750 Wire Polishing System

- CMS320 SmartMic™Direct Contact Wire Measurement System

- USC400 Series Ultrasonic Die Cleaners

- DM200 Series Wire Die Inspection Microscope

- WP100 Series Wire Pullers

- Di-Pro™ Diamond Powder and Compound

• Dual-Draw Dies allow single wire machines to double their productivity with minimal investment.

• Special Wear Parts manufactured to customer specifications include bunching and stranding dies, cut-off dies, shaving dies, enamelling dies, to name a few.

CAPABILITIES: Fort Wayne Wire Die has several manufacturing locations in North America and Asia, sales offices in Europe, Asia and China and sales agents and distributors located throughout the world.

GCR Eurodraw SpA Via Camillo Chiesa, 19/21 20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI), Italy Tel: +39-02-93963.1 Fax: +39-02-93540452 E-Mail: gcr@gcrgroup.com Web Site: www.gcrgroup.com

Company History: Since 1974 GCR Eurodraw SpA has been designing, developing and manufacturing lines, machines and complete plants for the steel wire industry.

The Company was originally established with the name GCR Engineering SpA, as an associate of the GCR Group.

Development continued with the acquisition of prestigious trademarks such as MILL and OZ Cams and was further extended when Eurodraw Srl was set up in 1989 and became a leading company in the field of machinery for the steel wire industry.

In January 2002, GCR Engineering SpA was incorporated with its subsidiary Eurodraw Srl and assumed the new company name of GCR Eurodraw SpA.

The merger was decided in order to optimize the management of resources and offer complete and integrated service to customers.

The first industrial initiative of the GCR Group in the steel cord field was the acquisition of Riva & Co. In Turin in 1965, a company specializing in the production of bead wire and bright wire for steel cord, which is the special brass-plated strand used to reinforce the structure of radial tires. Since then, GCR Eurodraw has been supplying high-technology machines all over the world, not only for production of “steel cord”, but also for many different applications of steel wire and cord in general.

In 2007 GCR Eurodraw, in cooperation with EVG of Austria, acquired the company DEM; with this acquisition the production program of the group also covers rolling cassettes and wire profile machinery.

In the same year, GCR Eurodraw also purchased Comapac Wire Machinery Srl, a company specialized in the production Of pay-offs and take-ups, competitive rolling machines and custom-designed wire drawing equipment for special applications.

During the same period, GCR also reached an agreement with the South African company VJL Technologies to supply their batch pickling plants as part of complete plant projects.

In 2008 GCR Eurodraw and Sampsistemi joined forces to provide customers with the best available technology for production of welding wire, with GCR focusing on dry drawing, forming and coppering processes and SAMP on wet drawing, pail-packing, winding and respooling systems.


• Wire rod surface preparation lines (mechanical descalers and descalers with brushes, electrolytic pickling, steam pickling, boraxing, limecoating, phosphating, etc.); batch pickling plants.

• Wire surface treatment tines (cleaning, degreasing and electrolytic pickling).

• Straight-through dry drawing machines.

• Vertical and horizontal wet drawing machines equipped with cones, single capstans, combined, with inline dry drafts.

• Thermal treatment lines.

• Mono-wire and multi-wire electrolytic plating lines.

• Units for hot-dip zinc-coating lines.

• Double-twist stranding machines.

• Double-twist cabling and assembling machines.

• Spiral wrapping machines.

• Skip stranders.

• Tubular stranders.

• Single and multiple spool pay-offs And spoolers for spools with random or layer rewinding precision take-up systems.

• Single and multiple coil pay-offs and coilers with random or pattern lay coiling systems.

• Single or multiple-head rewinding lines and units.

• Cold rolling lines.

• Welding wire equipment.

• Complete production plants.

KEY PERSONEL: Paolo Facchinelli President Lorenzo Facchinelli Managing Director Marino Gariboldi Managing Director Enrico Depaoli Executive Director HEAD OFFICE: GCR Eurodraw SpA Via Camillo Chiesa, 19/21 20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI), Italy Tel: +39-02-93963.1 Fax: +39-02-93540452 E-Mail: gcr@gcrgroup.com Web Site: www.gcrgroup.com CHINA OFFICE: GCR Eurodraw (Shanghai) Steel Wire Processing Equipment Co. , Ltd.

No. 1558 Building 2 Gao Tai Road, Jiading Ind. Zone Shanghai 201821

P. R. of China Tel: +86-21-6916-6037/38 Fax: +86-21-6916-6033 E-mail: gcre.shanghai@gcrgroup.com

GIMAX GROUP Viale Della Tecnica, 1 36050 SOVIZZO (VI) Italy Tel: +39-0444-551790 Fax: +39-0444-536071

MISSION STATEMENT: Gimax will always supply the most advanced technology to respool, pack and handle ferrous and non-ferrous wires to aid the customer optimise his production and reduce costs.

COMPANY HISTORY: The company was founded in 1978 by Gianluigi Marangoni and Giuseppe Magnaguagno. Their technical background has ensured an emphasis on the technical features of their machinery in relation to the application. This aspect has always set Gimax apart from other competitive equipment manufacturers on the market.

During the 1980s it firmly established itself as a supplier of machinery to the wire industry and with the first range of semiautomatic respooling machinery, the POLISPIRA range still being used today.

At the start of the 1990s, Gimax grew faster, due to the introduction and success of the fully automatic respooler (ROBOBINA) and its expansion on the worldwide Market. In those years the fully automatic respooler was an “avantgarde” piece of machinery.

And today, more than 15 years later, the ROBOBINA still remains the most efficient and costeffective respooler available on the market.

In the past decade, Gimax has extended its activities, acquiring or establishing new companies and has now the consistency of a group, with each company specialized in a particular field or aspect of the group’s activities.

The group activities range from its main concern (the handling of wire) to customised industrial automation, production of machinery for insulating panels and the research into chemical reactivants for use in PIR/PUR applicaions.

After 30 years of activity, Gimax has established itself as the market leader when it comes to respooling wire.

KEY PERSONNEL: Gianluigi Marangoni President Enrico Romagnolo V-P Sales & Marketing Roberto Beghetto Area Sales Manager Cristina Frison Customer Services GIMAX PRODUCT LINES:

• Fully automatic respooling of wire, high volume output, precision layer winding at high speed (35 m/sec or 6900 ft/min) using wire baskets, plastic or fibre spools.

• Semi-automatic respooling of wire, maximum versatility, handling numerous spool and wire types/sizes.

• Drum Packing, the fastest on the market, the smallest on the market.

• Wet drawing and chemical coppering line generally used for steel wire.

• Shaving line specifically for aluminum wire.

• Pay-Offs and Take-Ups

Harwick Standard Distribution Corp. 60 So. Seiberling Street PO Box 9360 Akron, Ohio 44305 330-798-9300 www.harwickstandard.com

Company history: Setting the Standard for More Than 75 Years Se rvi c ing the rubbe r, thermoplastics and other polymer-related industries for more than 75 years, Harwick Standard Distribut ion Corpor a t ion i s a management owned and operated sales, marketing and t e chni c a l suppor t organization headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Founded in 1932 by Curtis J. Harwick, the company expanded to nationwide coverage, as well as developing export business. In addition to its corporate offices and warehouse facility in Akron, Harwick has a second office and warehouse facility located in Pico Rivera, CA, and has developed a logistics network across the country. The company is ISO 9001-2008 registered and is a proud member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), practicing its Responsible Distribution Process.

With its highly-skilled and experienced sales force, and top-rated customer service department, combined with quality products from more than 30 blue chip manufacturers, Harwick sets the standard in service and reliability.

Products: Strong Product Portfolio To meet the needs of the polymer industry, Harwick has developed a strong product portfolio including:

• Alumina Trihydrate




• NR


• Accelerators

• Antidegradants

• Antimony Oxide

• Carbon Black

• Clay

• Coupling Agents

• Dispersions

• DLC’s®

• Mag Oxide

• Metallic Stearates

• Peroxides

• Plasticizers

• Process Aids

• Process Oils

• PVC Stabilizers

• Resins

• Silica

• Silicone Products

• Sulfur

• Zinc Borate

• Zinc Oxide Contact Harwick Standard: To learn more about Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation, visit the company’s web site at: www.harwickstandard.com or call: Akron, OH 330-798-9300 800-899-4412 Pico Rivera, CA 323-723-9911 800-883-9911

LIANDA CORPORATION 1340 Corporate Dr. Ste 500 Hudson, Ohio 44236 USA Tel: +1-330-653-8341 Fax: +1-330-653-3189 Web site: www.liandacorp.com

COMPANY HISTORY: Founded in 1995, Lianda Corporation is a privately held company with its corporate offices located in Hudson, OH, USA. The company started out with CPE as its main product line for the cable industry. Since then the company has grown 30% to 40% annually.

To accommodate the continued growth, in 2005 Lianda moved its headquarters to a newer and larger building in Hudson.

Since its inception the company has been growing at a faster pace by offering quality products at competitive prices. Lianda has been adding new products constantly and broadening its portfolio of products continuously for the Rubber and Plastics Industries. The company strives to offer value propositions and technical service.

KEY PERSONNEL: Lee Mao President & CEO Shawn Xu Vice President (Sourcing & Technology) Jamil Khan Vice President (Sales & Marketing/Strategic Planning) Brenda Klepcyk District Sales Manager Denny Sideri District Sales Manager Ed Bridge Senior Engineer Technical Service & Development Vince Cremona Senior Chemist Technical Service & Development PRODUCT LINES: Among its wide and varied range of products, following product lines are the major ones: CPE, FKM, CR, ECO, CSM, EPDM, PEROXIDES, CURATIVES, COAGENTS, SILICA, BLOWING AGENTS PRODUCT SOURCING: For many of the products, Lianda has established strong relationships and strategic alliances with the manufacturers. These arrangements assure Lianda to have continuous supply of the products and personal commitments for quality and reliability from the senior managements.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Technical know how is one of major assets of Lianda Corporation.

The company takes great pride in positioning itself apart from the rest of the industry by having highly educated and experienced staff to provide the technical support to the customers.

Majority of its staff members are multilingual and have worked at the FORTUNE 500 companies in various capacities.

QUALITY COMMITMENT: Since 2003, Lianda has been an ISO 9001-2000 certified Company.

Every employee and staff members go through rigorous quality training before and during their employment at Lianda Corporation.

WAREHOUSES: To serve the market and our valued customers, Lianda has warehouses located all throughout the country. As the business expands and needs arise we continue to add other warehouses in order to serve our customers in the least possible time. Some of our major warehouses are located in: Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX Atlanta, GA; Akron, OH North Kingstown, RI; Franklin, MA CONTACT INFORMATION: Sales: +1-330-653-8341 inquiry@liandacorp.com Customer Service: Lani Bailey +1-330-653-8341 lbailey@liandacorp.com Tech Service: Ed Bridge +1-330-653-8341 edbridge@laindacorp.com Vince Cremona +1-330-653-8341 vcremona@liandacorp.com

Nextrom Oy Ensimmäinen savu, PO Box 44 01511 Vantaa, Finland Phone: +358 9 5025 1 Fax: +358 9 5025 3003 E-Mail: info@nextrom.com Web Site: www.nextrom.com

COMPANY PROFILE: Nextrom supplies a complete range of products and services to the Fiber Optic Industry. Nextrom serves its customers worldwide in the optical fiber and fiber optic cable machinery segments while constantly improving overall equipment efficiency and developing new services. The company’s commitment to R&D supports its technological leadership and enables joint development and engineering with customers and material suppliers.

LOCATIONS: The company has its main operations in Vantaa(Finland), Shanghai (People’s Republic of China), and Atlanta(USA). Sales offices are located in Lausanne(Switzerland), Moscow(Russia), Delhi (India) and in Hong Kong. Since 2005 Nextrom is part of the group and together with Rosendahl conjointly serves the market with its technology.

PRODUCTS: Nextrom Oy Ensimmäinen savu, PO Box 44 01511 Vantaa, Finland Phone: +358 9 5025 1 Fax: +358 9 5025 3003 E-Mail: info@nextrom.com Web Site: www.nextrom.com Nextrom is manufacturing products in four different fields of technology.

These include:

• Preform Technology

• Fiber Draw and Proof Tests

• UV Coating lines

• Fiber Optic Cables Preform Manufacturing solutions: Nextrom supplies VAD Core technology (Deposition, Sintering, Elongation), MCVD and FCVD core for specialty fibers, OVD Cladding, Sand Cladding and RIC Sleeving.

Fiber Draw technologies include High performance Draw towers for large preforms, Proof Testing solutions as well as Specialty Draw towers.

UV Curable acrylate coating solutions family consists of Fiber coloring lines, Ribbon manufacturing, as well as EPFU/CFU bundle production equipments.

Fiber Optic Cable technology covers both outdoor and indoor cables manufacturing solutions. This includes tight buffering, loose tubes, mini tubes, central tubes, ribbon cables, either in duct, aerial or direct buried jacketed designs as well as patch cords, zip cords, distribution and breakout cables in LAN Premises Cable designs. Cable designs could be carried out in jelly filled or complete dry cable designs.

CONTACT: Nextrom OY Ensimmäinen savu, PO Box 44 01511 Vantaa, Finland Phone: +358 9 5025 1 Fax: +358 9 5025 3003 E-Mail: info@nextrom.com Web Site: www.nextrom.com

Niehoff Endex North America Inc. One Mallard Court Swedesboro, NJ 08085 USA Tel: +1 856 467 4884 Fax: +1 856 467 0584 E-mail: sales@niehoff-usa.com Web Site: www.niehoff-usa.com

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG Fürther Straße 30 D 91126 Schwabach / Germany Tel: +49 9122 977 0 Fax +49 9122 977 155 E-mail: info@niehoff.de Web Site: www.niehoff.de

Mission Statement: Our commitment is to provide the North American wire and cable industry with world class machines and services distinguished by their quality, cost effectiveness, tailored consulting & training, and outstanding after sales service.

Our goal is to ensure our customers’ success by assisting them in achieving optimum production performance, excellent quality and improved financial results. We will reach success by longterm partnerships with our customers, suppliers and community.

Our Guiding Philosophies are to have:

- A mutual respect towards customers and employees; - Integrity and an ethical business conduct;

- Profitable growth and financial stability.

Company History: The company was founded in 1859 as “Drahtziehstein- Industrie J.M. Bauer”. In 1951, Walter Niehoff changed the name to “Maschinenfabrik Niehoff”. The two German manufacturing facilities are located in Schwabach near Nuremberg and Leuterschach near the German-Austrian border (1961). In 1975, Niehoff started a global expansion program with the foundation of Niehoff-Herborn Máquinas Ltda. In São Paulo, Brazil. In the years to follow, the expansion continued with: Niehoff of America, Swedesboro, N.J., USA (1985), Nippon Niehoff Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan (1991), Niehoff of Singapore, Singapore (1992), Niehoff Service Center China, Shanghai, PR China (1995), Niehoff of India plc., Hyderabad, India (1997) and Niehoff Endex North America Ltd. (NENA ), Swedesboro

N. J., USA by takeover of the former Endex Bekaert Engineering of North America and merger with Niehoff of America (1999). In 1996, Niehoff was granted its ISO 9001 certification. In 1999, the Certification of the Environmental Organization as conforming to DIN EN ISO 14 001 and validation of the Schwabach and Leuterschach sites in accordance with the EC Eco Audit Directive was reached. In 2000, Niehoff CZ s.r.o., Niehoff’s Czech subsidiary was founded. Further highlights in the company’s history were the introduction of data cable pairing and stranding equipment, rotary braiding machines as well as induction annealers (joint-venture company NBM with rolling mill manufacturer Bühler and annealer specialist Dr. Menge). Niehoff acquired the Bongard wire and cable coiler program (2003), started a cooperation with the plant builder Steuler Anlagenbau (2003) and acquired the Hacoba wire rewinding machine program (2004). In 2005, a branch of Maschinenfabrik Niehoff was opened in Moscow, Russia. In 2007, Niehoff and Niehoff of India put into operation a new factory building near Hyderabad, India, and the marketing and representative office Niehoff of Middle East in Dubai was opened.

Key Personnel: Heinz Rockenhäuser, President Bernd Lohmüller, Dir. Sls./Mktg Robert Wild, CEO of Niehoff Endex North America Inc. (USA) PRODUCT LINES: The Niehoff product range inlcudes: –Rod breakdown lines for non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

–Intermediate & fine wire multiwire lines (copper, aluminum & alloys).

–Ultra-fine wire drawing machines.

–Electric continuous resistance annealers.

–Inductive conductive annealers “NBM”.

–Galvanic wire plating lines (in cooperation with Steuler Anlagenbau).

–Wire spooling and coiling machines.

–Bongard coilers and spoolers.

–NPS single and double spoolers (Niehoff Package System).

–Dismountable NPS multiway spools made of ABS plastic.

–Pay-offs, take-ups.

–Double-twist bunching machines.

–Niehoff rewinding machines “System Hacoba”.

–High-speed vertical braiding machines.

–Double-twist cable stranding machines/lines.

–Cable stranding line accessories.

–Turnkey projects.

–Customized solutions.

–Automation, transport, handling systems.

The Niehoff-Endex-product line includes:

• R od breakdown lines for copper

• Coiling machines for bare and insulated wire CAPA BILITIES: Our highly qualified and well-motivated personnel work closely with our customers to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Established partnerships with our suppliers and customers help us achieve our goals and meet our commitments.

Competence, quality, flexibility and service are the company’s strong points. Innovative developments through cooperation programs with reputable suppliers and research partners keep our product line on the technological cutting edge. The minimumslip rod breakdown machines, continuous annealers for copper & aluminum alloys, environmentally friendly tinning lines and the Niehoff Packaging System (NPS) are some representative examples of how Niehoff maintains its competitive edge as world renown leading equipment supplier to the wire and cable industry.

The company invests great efforts in maintaining the high skills of its engineering and work force.

Staffs, from all the departments, attend on-site and trade training courses through continuous education programs.

A comprehensive apprenticeship program is our continuous source of young and talented technicians, and engineers who endure intensive-training programs in their different fields of expertise.

Our customers trust Niehoff’s service departments for technical assistance and support. The Niehoff Tele-Service for remote equipment troubleshooting and several well-equipped spare parts warehouses for prompt deliveries are additional advantages for our clients. Niehoff machines and plants are designed to meet environmental and ecological needs.

FACILITY Swedesboro NJ Niehoff Endex North America Inc. is located in Swedesboro NJ providing 36,000 SQFT for manufacturing, assembly and testing with a show-room area for demonstration and training. Office including engineering adds another 10,000 SQFT.

SUBSIDIARIES AND REPRESENTATI VE Ofices: Niehoff-Herborn Máquinas Ltda.

06412 - 140 Barueri S.P., Brazil Tel. +55 11 4199-3600 / Fax +55 11 4199-3624 E-mail: info@niehoff.com.br Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG D 87616 Marktoberdorf/Leuterschach, Germany Tel. +49 8342 7008-0 / Fax +49 8342 7008-40 E-mail: info@niehoff.de Maschinenfabrik Niehoff (CZ), s.r.o. 28865 Nymburk, Czechia Tel. +420 325 519755 / Fax +420 325 519756 E-mail: info@niehoff.cz Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG Singapore Representative Office Singapore 188973, Singapore Tel. +65 6336 9936 / Fax +65 6336 4070 E-mail: niehoff@pacific.net.sg Nippon Niehoff Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, 101-0043, Japan Tel. +81 3 3257 0911 / Fax +81 3 3257 0910 E-mail: s-kanazawa@nippon-niehoff.co.jp Niehoff of India Private Limited Patancheru-502307, Medak District AP, India Tel. +91 8455 224-391, -393 Fax +91 8455 224-394 E-mail: info@niehoff.in Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG Shanghai Representative Office Shanghai 200021, P.R. China, Tel. +86 21 61202800 / Fax +86 21 63906192 E-mail: info@niehoff.cn Branch of Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG in the Russian Federation Moscow, 111020, Russian Federation Tel. +7 495 23055-37, 38 Fax +7 495 23055-39 E-mail: info@niehoff.de Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG Dubai Branch DAZFA Free Trade Zone

P. O. Box 293821 Dubai/United Arab Emirates Tel. +971 4 2045 153 Fax: +971 4 2045 154

REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc. 39 Jon Barrett Road Patterson, NY 12563 Tel: +1 845 878 7878 • Fax: +1 845 878 7884 Email: sales@reelex.com www.REELEX.com

COMPANY HISTORY: REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc. (formerly Windings, Inc.) develops, licenses and supports the proprietary REELEX method of coiling and packaging wire, cable and fiber optics. This coil winding technology creates a self-supporting coil that allows the product to dispense from the inside out without twists, tangles or kinks. The REELEX coil is typically packaged in a cardboard box, though many other package types are available.

REELEX Packaging Solutions provides all necessary winding and ancillary equipment to create REELEX coils, as well as supplying packaging materials, worldwide service and support.

REELEX coiling technology was first unveiled in World War II as a means for rapidly deploying cable in the battlefield.

However, because the concept was still in development by the end of World War II, REELEX was not adopted before the war ended. During the 1960s and 1970s, REELEX was again reviewed by the military and underwent further development. A specialized reusable backpack was designed in which a REELEX coil of Twin Axial cable could be placed and dispensed quickly without twists or tangles. These backpacks could contain up to 500 meters of communications cables and would allow infantrymen to rapidly deploy cables across the battlefield even when in the prone position. The REELEX field pack underwent trials, but was largely made irrelevant by the replacement of traditional wire transmissions with radio and other communications technologies. As a result, the project was dropped despite extensive research and development.

This project and others eventually led the company to accumulate extensive knowledge about coiling machinery, wire and cable, as well as packaging technologies. Leveraging this knowledge, new coiling machines for the wire and cable industry were developed and presented to various cable manufacturers.

In 1973, Belden became the first cable manufacturer to sign a license agreement and the first to purchase a REELEX machine.

With the growth of international telecommunications infrastructure, wire manufacturers began receiving demands from their customers for the new “tangle-free package”. Building on this end-user demand, REELEX continued to gain market acceptance in the US and Canada as the preferred cable package for small telephone and electronic cables, coaxial cable, data cable, and alarm and security cable.

Today, there are over 100 licensees operating in over 140 manufacturing plants worldwide, and REELEX has become the standard package for most telecommunications cable constructions as well as several other types of wire, cable and fiber optic products.

KEY PERSONNEL: Thomas Copp – x238, tcopp@reelex.com, President, Licensing Maria Costine – x223, mcostine@reelex.com, Sales – Packaging Materials Carol Swanson – x224, cswanson@reelex.com, Sales – Parts and Machinery Thomas Briggs – x243, tbriggs@reelex.com, Service and Support Taylor Richey – x251, trichey@reelex.com, Research and Development Timothy Copp – x247, timcopp@reelex.com, Product Manager Product Lines:

• Single and Dual-Head Winding Equipment

• Automated Packaging Machinery

• Motorized Payoffs/Accumulators

• REELEX Packaging Materials

• Packaging Development/Design

• Specialized Packaging Solutions Sales CONTACTs: Sales Information: Sales@reelex.com REELEX Samples: Samples@reelex.com Support Requests: Support@reelex.com Phone: +1 (845) 878-7878 Fax: +1 (845) 878-7884 Web: www.REELEX.com Address: 39 Jon Barrett Road, Patterson, NY USA 12563

Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH Schachen 57 8212 Pischelsdorf, Austria Phone: +43 3113 5100 Fax: +43 3113 5100 59 Web Site: www.rosendahlaustria.com

COMPANY HISTORY: Rosendahl was founded in 1959.

In 1965 the company was already able to supply it’s first Extrusion Line – and since then Rosendahl has continuously been processing new technological developments.

In 1997, Rosendahl became a member of the globally active Knill Group.

Rosendahl is proud of its 50 years of contribution to the industry.

COMPANY PROFILE: Rosendahl is a world leading turnkey solutions provider for the global cable and fiber industry. The expertise of Rosendahl is used in:

• Complete support for consulting

• Turn-key projects

• R&D

• Engineering

• Manufacturing

• Control and software systems

• Installation and commissioning

• Staff training and maintenance

• Upgrading and online services

COMPETENCIES & PRODUCTS: Rosendahl has four core competencies to focus on. These are:

• Extrusion

• SZ-Stranding

• Corrugation

• Optical Fiber Out of these four competencies, Rosendahl has developed its product segments.

The first product segment is Power Cable. Rosendahl manufactures a wide range of Insulation lines for various conductors and materials.

The second segment is Automotive Wire, Rosendahl provides Insulation lines for single conductors and battery cables as well as Insulation lines for Flat Flexible Cables. In addition Rosendahl is engaged in Jacketing lines for multi-conductors and shielded elements.

The third segment is Fiber Optic Cable, the product portfolio of Rosendahl contains Fiber colouring and ribbon lines, SZ Stranding lines with inline jelly filling and Mechanical and optical measuring & test equipment.

The fourth product segment is Lan Cable. Rosendahl manufactures Insulation lines for solid, chemical and physical foamed conductors (PE, PP) and Insulation lines for high temperature applications.

The fifth product segment is Coaxial Cables for which Rosendahl provides Insulation lines for physical & chemical foamed mini-coax and CATV products, as well as Forming, Welding & Corrugation lines and Jacketing lines.

Rosendahl’s most recent completion of its product portfolio is the Crosshead Series. Rosendahl provides cross heads for Insulation/Jacketing applications suitable for processing various materials.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: One major focus in correlation with the steady technological development is the customer satisfaction which is key to Rosendahl’s success.

CONTACT: Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH Schachen 57 8212 Pischelsdorf, Austria Phone: +43 3113 5100 Fax: +43 3113 5100 59 Web Site: www.rosendahlaustria.com

SAMP/USA, Inc. 10522 Governor Lane Blvd.

Williamsport, MD 21795 USA Tel: +1 301 223 8584 Fax: +1 301 223 8542 Web Site: www.sampinc.com • E-Mail: info@sampinc.com

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY We are always striving for technological perfection and are well aware that this will be achieved only with close cooperation and free interchange of ideas with customers.

Our declared objective for this new millennium is to design and manufacture complete installed lines for the wire and cable industry, incorporating the most advanced technology and development using the ideas of our staff specialists, coupled with the experiences gained from our customers.

We will continue to create valueadded services for customers while continuing to provide high quality products at competitive prices, but most of all we must be responsive to the total needs of our customers.

COMPANY HISTORY SAMP/USA, Inc., was established in 1976 by its parent SAMP S.p.A of Bologna, Italy, which for over 75 years has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of wire drawing machines to the non-ferrous and ferrous industry.

Since 1936, over 1200 customers on five continents have purchased equipment manufactured by SAMP S.p.A. Since 1998, the registered trademark “ SAMPSISTEMI” refers to several lines of business to which SAMP USA’s customers have access. Machinery and equipment manufactured by SAMP

S. p.A. and sold and serviced in North America by SAMP/USA, Inc., covers a wide range of products for the ferrous and non-ferrous wire and cable industry.

SAMPSISTEMI is the proud trademark of a company now in a position to provide equipment, complete systems, machinery and services for all wire and cable products.


• Drawing lines for non-ferrous metals and their alloys – (rod breakdown, single wire, dual wire, multiwire production systems)

• Continuous resistance annealers

• Payoffs and take-ups

• Static spoolers

• Stem coilers

• Double twist bunching machines


• Telecom and Datacom Cables – Telephone and LAN cables insulating and jacketing lines

• COAX, CATV and RF products insulating lines

• Physical foaming technologies

• LV, building & automotive wire – Insulation and sheathing lines for building, automotive and aeronautic, electronic wires and cables

• Power cable lines for insulating and jacketing

• Wire and Cable Handling – range of single, portal payoffs and take-ups

• Automatic dual take-ups and coiling equipment

• Line accessories and Components SPECIAL SERVICES:

• SAMP/USA, Inc. services North America, including Canada and Mexico

• Technical assistance – Electrical and mechanical technicians on staff with a seasoned technical manager

• Spare Parts – over one million dollars inventory

• Training assistance in any process problem you may have

• Full consultation by Business Area Managers to discuss production and process requirements

• Complete system & project management NEW DEVELOPMENTS:

• Extrusion systems, (CI CA) with physical foaming process for CATV and RF cable applications

• Extrusion lines (AI A4) with quick color change systems for automotive wire production

• Portal Pay-Offs and Take-Ups (SV3600 P & AV3600 P) with wheel driven concept for reels up to 3.6 meters and weight of 20 tons

• The MULTIFLEX 25 extrusion module for multipurpose applications including Liquid Silane and HFFR

• High performance Multiwire lines (MT105), flexible and strand conductors for energy cables and building wire

• Dual rod breakdown (MT500 SC) for Copper, Aluminum/Al alloy processing, incorporating multimotors slip control technology

• Multiwire (MLS/3T.1.8) for the Production of Nickel coated copper wires, fully submerged and continuous annealing

• New generation of double twist bunchers ranging from 560 to 1250

• LV extrusion lines for moisture cure XLPE (liquid or dry silane)

• SZ cabling systems for flexible conductors

• Coiling machine type MD 330 for automotive application SALES OFFICES: SAMP S.p.A. – Division Sampsistemi Headquarters/Offices Via Saliceto No. 15 40010 Bentivoglio (Bologna) - Italy Tel: +39 051 6319411 Fax: +39 051 370860 e-mail: info@sampsistemi.com website: www.sampsistemi.com SAMP/USA, INC. Offices and Plant 10522 Governor Lane Blvd.

Williamsport, MD. 21795 Tel: +1 301 223 8584 Fax: +1 301 223 8542 e-mail: info@sampinc.com website: www.sampinc.com SAMP Shanghai Offices and Plant 358 Shenxia Road Forward High Zone, Jiading District 201818 Shanghai - P.R. China Tel.: +86 21 59900448 Fax: +86 21 59900350 e-mail: info@samp.com.cn website: www.sampsistemi.com KEY PERSONNEL: SAMP USA, Inc. Dominique Perroud: Vice President & Managing Director Stefano Zanello: Vice President of Finance & Administration Marco Gerardo: Sales & Marketing Manager Sandy Scroggs: Technical & Service Manager

Sealeze A Unit of Jason Incorporated

8000 Whitepine Road Richmond, VA 23237 USA Tel: +1 804 275 1675 • Fax: +1 804 271 3428 www.sealeze.com

Mision Statement: At Sealeze, we all have one focus: meeting our customer’s needs for brush products and exceeding their expectations for service and quality. Like most successful companies, Sealeze’s employees are the heart of our organization.

Our sales team has a diverse background enabling us to better understand our customers’ applications and provide brush solutions that meet their specialized needs. Our in-house team of engineers are constantly developing products and production methods to meet the differing requirements of our customers. We operate under the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System, manufacturing the highest quality product every time and shipping every order on time, day in and day out.

Company History: For more than a quarter of a century, Sealeze has focused on providing quality brush products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Sealeze was created in the mid- 1970s to introduce strip brush as a weatherseal in the United States. Initially, Sealeze brush products were manufactured in the UK. However, with our commitment to service and customer satisfaction, business quickly grew to where manufacturing capabilities located in the US were necessary. Currently, we are in our third, and largest facility, with plenty of room for growth. All of our strip brush products are manufactured in the USA in our Richmond, VA. Factory. Located in the Mid-Atlantic region, we are near major transportation routes, both North/South and East/West.

In 1999, Sealeze was purchased by Jason Incorporated, and became part Of the Jason Finishing Group. Jason is comprised of manufacturing companies in various industries. The Jason Finishing Group consists of Sealeze and Osborn International North America. In addition, there are other manufacturing and sales offices throughout the world that are part of Osborn International, International Operations. All together, the Jason Finishing Group is the world’s largest brush manufacturing organization.

While our initial focus was brush weatherseal, today we are a leader in providing brush solutions to a broad range of industrial applications.

PRODUCT LINES: We manufacture strip brush in the most sizes, filament types and materials. And, our extensive forming capabilities enable us to provide custom-formed shapes to meet specific application requirements.

From guiding and shielding to cleaning and sealing, we can manufacture brush to meet your needs. Sealeze manufacturers a variety of metal and synthetic filament brushes for descaling applications, these include spiral and straight brushes:

• Brass-coated steel filament with galvanized steel holding section,

2. 25” and 3” Ods

• Stainless steel filament with stainless steel holding section, 1” and

1. 25” Ods

• Nylon or polypropylene (black or white) filament with stainless steel or galvanized holding section,

2. 25” Ods

• Nonscratching nylon filament, ideal for removing talc from copper wire Larger and smaller diameter spirals are available with short lead times. Spiral and straight strip brushes are available in Many lengths, or can be cut to custom lengths.

RECENT NEWS: Patrick Fitzgerald, Business Development Manager for the Power Generation Market and Michael Jordan, Sales Representative published an article “Simple Add-On Tool Lowers Production Costs & Improves Runnability” in the Spring 2009 issue of Wire Forming Technology International. The article discusses the cost advantages and uses for brush in the wire descaling process.

Sealeze manufactures a line of wire/rod mechanical descaling and cleaning brushes that can be used as a secondary operation to chemical descaling. Brush is a simple solution for removing excess scale, extending die life, removing excess lubricants, residue and debris as well as improving drawing and bending machine performance and reducing costs associated with chemical descaling.

CORPORATE OFFICE: Sealeze 8000 Whitepine Road Richmond, VA 23237 USA T: +1 804 275 1675 F: +1 804 271 3428 www.sealeze.com

Sikora AG Bruchweide 2 28307 Bremen, Germany Tel: +49 421 48 900 0 Fax: +49 421 48 900 90 E-mail: sales@sikora.net

Sikora International Corp. 215 Prospect Park, Suite C Peachtree City, GA 30269, USA Tel: 770-486-1233 Fax: 770 486 1201 E-mail: sales@sikora-usa.com

MISSION STATEMENT: We shall always build the best measuring technology: At a profit – if we can At a loss – if we must But always to enthuse our customers!

SIKORA AG, with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany, represents one of the world’s leading manufacturer of measurement, control and test equipment for the wire and cable industry today. With 170 employees world-wide and a consolidated turnover of approximately 41 million US Dollars in 2008, SIKORA shows large global expansion and represents a superior technology venture that enjoys excellent international reputation.

SIKORA International Corp, the regional office for SIKORA AG, is the support and sales center for all SIKORA activities within North and South America. The office carries a full range of spare parts for all installed base within the Americas. Combining the spare parts program with the service staff and the mission to always enthuse our customers has resulted in extremely high customer satisfaction levels.

To support the continuing expanding efforts of SIKORA in North and South America, SIKORA International has expanded their office structure in Peachtree City. The new facility has allowed for expansion within the service department, warehouse and demonstration areas.

Milestones in history: At the beginning there was an ingenious idea The company’s success story started in the early 1970s when Harald Sikora developed a non-contact eccentricity measuring device, which was followed with the so-called “SAG control” for CV lines. This specific technology senses the cable position inside the CV-tube on a noncontact basis where power cables are cured. The innovative product gained immediate success and became the standard system for CV-lines, which led to the foundation of the one-man company by Harald Sikora in 1973.

Some years later, SIKORA made use of early CCD linear sensors for diameter measurement.

Although this technology was relatively unknown at that time it offered the basis for reliable repeatable measurements by looking at the diameter of a wire or cable during production. In 1979, the one-man company evolved into SIKORA INDUSTRIEELEKTRONIK GmbH.

In the early 1990s SIKORA once again provided unique solutions to the cable industry.

The first X-RAY 8000 was delivered to one of SIKORA’s customers to measure wall thickness of multiple layers of a high-voltage power cable directly after the extruder crosshead in the CV-tube. Due to the pioneering X-Ray technology; diameter, ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity can be measured with highest precision and reliability for an optimum quality at the production line. A strong partner in the high voltage cable production is the CSS 2, a cleanliness scanning system, which provides online supervision of the XLPE material for purity.

Most recently, SIKORA took the success of the X-RAY 8000 to a modern series of measuring devices, the X-RAY 2000 systems. Designed for wire and cable jacketing and insulating lines, this system has met the industry’s need for a precise measuring of wall thickness not yet seen with alternative technologies.

Since 2002 SIKORA has also been serving the hose and tube market and is benefiting in this field from its lead in the wire and cable industry. On September 12th, 2002 the company evolved into SIKORA AG with many benefits.

The most important being the establishment of a supervisory board that monitors the company to assure its success for the future. Since then the medium-sized company has expanded rapidly.

The signs indicate continued success.

SIKORA raises the bar with the newly developed CENTERVIEW 8000 and X-RAY 8000 NXT. The CENTERVIEW 8000 is for an 8-point-eccentricity, 4-axis-diameter and 8-point-ovality measurement.

The X-RAY 8000 NXT brings refinements and accuracy to already existing wall thickness, diameter and eccentricity measurements inside the CV-tube.

Scope of supply: SIKORA’s non-contact measurement devices cover a wide range of applications such as diameter, wall thickness, ovality and eccentricity measurements. The systems, which are based on premium laser and X-ray technology, are perfectly suitable in production lines for LAN, RF, coaxial, telephone cables, cables with transparent insulation layers, automotive and building wires, optical fibers, jacketing and sheathing lines as well as CCV-, VCV-, MDCV- and SIOPLAS-lines.

All measurement systems offer calibration-free, reliable inline measurement and control of the relevant product parameters.

Convincing quality “Made in Germany” Our quality management, according to DIN ISO EN 9001:2000, is a warranty for highest customer satisfaction.

The Mean Time between Failures (MTBF), which is an indicator for the average time an equipment shows a repairable defect, is approximately 15 years for our LASER 2000 systems, even under extreme production conditions.

You find us, where you need us SIKORA AG has set up local regional offices in the USA, Brazil, China, Russia, Korea, India, Italy, France, Turkey and the Ukraine. With these offices, working in conjunction with more than 30 regional representative agencies SIKORA ensures a global customer support.

SIKORA INTERNATIONAL CORP Jeff Swinchatt, President 215 Prospect Park, Suite C Peachtree City, GA 30269 USA T: +1 770 486 1233 • F: +1 770 486 1201 E-Mail: sales@sikora-usa.com SIKORA AG Headquarters Bruchweide 2 28307 Bremen Germany T: +49 421 48 900-0 • F: +49 421 48 900- 90 E-Mail: sales@sikora.net SIKORA ASIA CORP Fuzhou, P.R. China • sales@sikora-asia.com SIKORA BRASIL São Paulo, Brazil • fravagnani@sikora-usa.com SIKORA INDIA New Delhi, India • sikoraindia@gmail.com SIKORA ITALIA Vicenza, Italy • sales@sikora-italia.com SIKORA KOREA Seoul, Korea • sikora@chol.com SIKORA RUSSIA Moskow, Russia • sales@sikora-russia.com SIKORA UKRAINE Vinnitsa, Ukraine • sikora@vinnica.ua

SIMPACKS 2001 US Highway 46, Ste. 310 Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA Tel: +1 877 264 5123 Fax: +1 866 892 8724 E-Mail: sales@simpacks.com Web Site: www.simpacks.com

MISSION STATEMENT: SIMPACKS is dedicated to providing excellence in Manufacturing and Design of Coiling, Spooling, Wrapping and Packaging Solutions for the Wire & Cable Industry.

SIMPACKS Manufactures customized Systems to meet market demand and customers requirements.

Product LINES:

• Automatic Single Head Coiler Machine

• Automatic Coiling + Binding Machine

• Automatic Dual Head Coiler Machine

• Automatic Dual Spooler Machine

• Automatic Coiling + Wrapping Machine

• Crossing Winder for LAN Cable Machine

• Thermoshrink Machine

• Auto Palletizing Machine

• Horizontal & Vertical Accumulator

• Motorized Payoffs & Take ups

• Tension Control PRODUCT CONFIGURATION: Our Coilers can run:

• Round or Flat Cable

• Solid or Stranded Cable

• Telephone Cable

• Battery Cable

• Armored Cable

• Service Drop Cable

• Annealed Steel Wire

• Special Cable MANUFACTURING & CAPABILITIES: SIMPACKS Engineering works closely with the customer to ensure that the System supplied meets their exact requirements. We incorporate the most innovative Design and Manufacturing Technologies.

The following Controls can be chosen by the customer: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemecanique, Eurotherm, Control Technique, Mitsubishi, Omron and more.

Every system comes with PLC and Color Touch Screen built-in Control, Monitoring, Alarms, Troubleshooting and Recipe.

Options available: Automatic Coil Height and Kick out station.

Sales Offices: USA EELopez Email: sales@simpacks.com Phone: +1 973 402 4098 MEXICO & SOUTH AMERICA Alejandro Munoz Email: amunoz@simpacks.com Phone: +52 1722 3329786 EUROPE Xavier Bordas Email: xavier.bordas@seinca-electronics.com Phone: +34 93 757 25 47

SONOCO 3040 Highway 31 SW Hartselle, AL 35640 USA Toll Free: (800) 633-3962, EXT. 5030, 5037 or 5039 Fax: (256) 751-5101 Web Site: www.sonoco.com/reels E-Mail: wcr.sales@sonoco.com

Sonoco’s Wire and Cable Reels division manufactures nailed wooden, plywood, steel and composite plastic reels for the processing, packaging and shipping of wire and cable, hoses, rope and much more.

Sonoco’s Wire and Cable Reels group is also the only producer of the Polyfiber reel made from recycled plastic and wood fiber. Sonoco’s Polyfiber reel is available in flange diameters of 30", 32", 36", 42", 45" and 50".

We also focus on the recycling of wooden reels. Used reels are collected from utility companies and contractors all across the United States and transported to the nearest Sonoco reel recycling center where they are refurbished and sold to wire and cable manufacturers. This environmentally friendly program reduces customers’ use of landfill space and protects forest land while reducing customers’ overall packaging costs.

Sonoco, based in Hartsville, SC, is a “Fortune 500” international packaging company with more than 300 operations on five continents with a goal of providing customers with the lowest total cost in packaging solutions.


Hartselle, AL Nailed Wooden Reels Plywood Reels Steel Reels Jefferson, TX Nailed Wooden Reels Oakland, OR Nailed Wooden Reels Plywood Reels Greensboro, GA Polyfiber Reels SERVICE CENTERS: Chatham, VA DuQuoin, IL Douglas, GA Granite Falls, NC Temple, GA Green Ridge, MO Malvern, AR Marshall, TX Starkville, MS North Dallas, TX Coffeyville, KS Williamsport, PA Holyoke, MA CONTRACT WAREHOUSES: Huntington, WV Pueblo, CO High Grove, CA Muncie, IN Fort Smith, AR Flora, IL Whitby, Ontario Canada Orangeburg, SC Brownwood, TX Houston, TX Richmond, KY Harleton, TX Hoisington, KS Hawesville, KY Weburn, SK, Canada Surrey, B.C. Canada Abbeville, SC HEADQUARTERS: SONOCO 3040 Highway 31 SW Hartselle, AL 35640 USA Toll Free: (800) 633-3962, Ext. 5030, 5037 or 5039 Fax: (256) 751-5101 Web Site: www.sonoco.com/reels E-Mail: wcr.sales@sonoco.com

Vinyl Division 505 Central Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02861 USA Toll Free: +1 800 554 9892 • Tel: +1 401 725 8000 Fax: +1 401 729 0166 E-Mail: vinyl@teknorapex.com Web Site:www.teknorapex.com

COMPANY HISTORY: Teknor Apex Company.

Founded in 1924, Teknor Apex Company is a privately held company with eight divisions operating in 11 locations. With headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Teknor Apex Company is a custom compounder of advanced polymer materials. Three divisions of Teknor Apex, its Vinyl Division, TPE Division and Teknor Color Company, serve the wire and cable industry directly.

Vinyl Division.

The Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex Company has over 60 years of experience in the plastics industry, and has been a supplier of wire and cable compounds for most of this time. Employing the most stringent quality standards, Teknor Apex manufactures custom compounds that meet or exceed the rigorous requirements of Underwriters Laboratories and other industry, government, and military specifications.

These compounds are designed to optimize processing for wire and cable applications.

VINYL DIVISION KEY PERSONNEL: Lou Cappucci VP, Business Manager Mike Patel Industry Manager Wire and Cable Compounds Jack Loiselle Director of Sales PRODUCT LINES: Among the broad range of wire and cable products available from the Vinyl Division are:

1. FIREGUARD® plenum compounds

2. FLEXALLOY® PVC elastomers

3. APEX® PVC compounds

4. HALGUARD® halogen-free compounds

5. VIDUX® vinyl conductive compounds

6. POLYDUX® polyethylene conductive compounds All Teknor Apex Compounds Are Now RoHS Compliant Comply with various directives using our wide selection of non-lead stabilized RoHS compliant compounds.

Choose from extrusion or molding grades for all applications featuring:

• Broad range of temperature ratings and hardnesses.

• Grades for clarity, sunlight resistance, oil-resistance and specific flammability requirements.

• Comparable to lead-stabilized compounds in processing, physical properties, electrical performance and price.

Available from Teknor Apex plants in the U.S., European manufacturing partner, Singapore Polymer Corporation and Suzhou, China.

PRODUCTION FACILITY LOCATIONS: Teknor Apex Company Vinyl Division maintains production facilities in:

• Pawtucket, RI

• Brownsville, TN

• City of Industry, CA

• Fountain Inn, SC

• Singapore

• Suzhou, China Teknor Apex Company Vinyl Division 505 Central Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02861 Toll Free: (800) 554-9892 Tel: (401) 725-8000 Fax: (401) 729-0166 Web Site: www.teknorapex.com E-Mail: vinyl@teknorapex.com Singapore Polymer Corporation 41 Shipyard Road Singapore 628134 Tel: (65) 6265-2544 Fax: (65) 6265-1821 Web Site: www.spcpl.com.sg E-Mail: gen_info@spcpl.com.sg Teknor Apex (Suzhou) Advanced Polymer Compounds Co. Ltd.

No. 78, Ping Sheng Road Suzhou Industrial Park Jiangsu, China 215126 Tel: 86 (512) 6287 1550 Fax: 86 (512) 6288 8371 Website: www.teknorapex.com E-Mail: infosuzhou@teknorapex.com

Vandor Corporation 4251 W. Industries Road Richmond, IN 47374-1435 USA Tel: +1 765 966 7676 • Fax: +1 765 966 7677 Web Site: www.ReelOptions.com

MISSION STATEMENT: Further develop our market position by placing a high priority on customer service and our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

COMPANY HISTORY: Established in Richmond, Indiana, in 1972 by Mr. Bruce Elder, Vandor Corporation specialized in custom die cutting of chipboard and corrugated fiberboard components. Initially, our focus was on proprietary products that simplified and revolutionized the process of trimming casket interiors.

Manufacturers using these were able to streamline their operations by eliminating labor-intensive handwork.

After several years of developing these unique products, it was a natural course of events to turn attention to other disciplines that could benefit from creative use of lightweight and strong converted paper products. We devoted our attention to the packaging needs of the electrical connector industry and developed several corrugated fiberboard reels that used paper wrapped cores. Enjoying success with these led us to explore further the needs of similar industries including wire and cable, cordage and hose. Vandor has a proven track record of successful product development with over 20 years experience assembling millions of reels per year.

In 1995, Vandor Corporation began extensive experimentation with the use of other post consumer materials.

Developing so many new reel products, the company established a separate Marketing Department called “Reel Options”.

Vandor Corporation’s primary goal in offering Reel Options® is to provide engineered product protection with the Least amount of material usage, design reels that are easily assembled and make them available assembled or KD directly from Richmond, Indiana, through your local reel supplier or from any of our North American distribution partner locations.


1. Unique products:

• Plastic reels primarily for wire and cable manufacturers.

• Large and small paper reels used in the electronic connector & extrusion industries.

• Plastic and corrugated combination reels used for unique high value products.

• Three flange reels in plastic and corrugated paper for fiber optics applications.

2. Flexible business model:

• Some of our wire manufacturing customers assemble their own plastic reels.

• Some of our customers are actually other competing reel companies as our plastic flanges provide advantages not available with plywood reels.

• Some of our customers purchase reels assembled at our Richmond, Indiana facility or through local assembly shop services.

3. Unique manufacturing abilities:

• We create reel options for our customers by utilizing injection molding and vacuum forming plastic materials, die-cutting corrugated paper, chipboard and plastic sheet materials all in one modern facility.

CABILITIES: The customers of Vandor Corporation appreciate the broad flexibility of the Reel Options® product line while paying only for the level of protection and strength they really need.

Vandor Corporat ion’ s product line is made possible through the combination of various manufacturing methodologies which include injection molding machines up to 1000 ton capacity, custom die-cutting using clamshell, flatbed or roller type presses and complete testing capabilities.

SALES AND ENGINEERING TEAM: Gary Cox ext. 219 Suzy O’Donnell ext. 225 Becky Bishop ext. 252 Joe Elleman ext. 254 Gerald Davis ext. 245 HEADQUARTERS: Vandor Corporation 4251 W. Industries Road Richmond, IN 47374-1435 USA Toll Free: 1 800 452 4744, Ext. 201 Tel: +1 765 966 7676 Fax: +1 765 966 7677 Web Sites: www.ReelOptions.com www.vandorcorp.com

WCISA® Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association® 1867 West Market Street, PO Box 5452 Akron, OH, 44313, USA Tel: +1 330 864 2122, Fax: +1 330 864 5298 E-mail: info@wcisaonline.org, Website: www.wcisaonine.org

WCISA® members are North American-based suppliers of machinery, materials and accessories for making all types of wire and cable. WCISA is a nonprofit, corporate membership organization.

WCISA’s mission is to promote its members’ products and services by providing its members with promotion, representation, networking/social opportunities and services at domestic and international wire and cable trade shows and conferences.

In pursuit of its mission, WCISA works with leading industry associations and organizations including the following: International Wire & Cable Symposium, Inc. (IWCS, Inc.), www.iwcs.org. The International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA), www.iwma.org. Messe Düsseldorf North America, www.mdna.com and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, www.messe-duesseldorf.de The Wire Association International (WAI), www.wirenet.org. Complete Member and Product Directories can be viewed online at www.wcisaonline.org. WCISA Member List: AIM, Inc. AlphaGary Corp. Amacoil, Inc. Amaral Automation Associates American & Efird, Inc. AW Machinery LLC Aztech Lubricants LLC Baker Reel - Sonoco Products Co.

Balloffet Die Corp./USA Bartell Machinery Systems, LLC Baum’s Castorine Co., Inc. Cable Components Group (CCG) Carris Reels, Inc. CEECO Bartell Products CEMANCO LC Chase Coating & Laminating Clinton Instrument Co., The Commission Brokers Inc. CommScope BiMetals Condat Corp. Conneaut Industries, Inc. Cortinovis America Davis-Standard Corp. DCM Industries, Inc. Delta Ulbrich Precision Metals Die Quip Corp. Engineered Machinery Group Inc./ Macbee Engineering ESTEVES-DWD Fabritex, Inc. Fiber-Line, Inc. Fine International Corp. Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc. Gauder Group, Inc. Hall Industries/MGS Manufacturing Heany Industries, Inc. Heritage Wire Die, Inc. Huestis Industrial Inventure Engineering and Machinery Inc. IWMA - Honorary WCISA Member Kamatics Corp. Kinrei of America, L.L.C. Leoni Wire Inc. (LWI) LESMO Machinery America, Inc. Lianda Corporation Machine Technology & Control Inc./Bonko, Inc. Madem Reels USA Magnetic Technologies Ltd.

Mathiasen Machinery, Inc.

MGS Manufacturing/Hall Industries Moorecraft Reels, Inc. Mossberg Reel LLC NEPTCO Niagara Composites Industries Inc. Niehoff Endex North America Northampton Machinery Co. (USA) OVERVIEW, Wire & Cable International P & R Specialty, Inc. Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc. & Precision Spools, Inc. Precision Die Technologies (PDT) QED Wire Lines Inc. RAD-CON Inc. Radyne Corporation REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc. RichardsApex, Inc. ROCK-IT Cargo, USA, LLC.

Roteq Machinery Inc. Royle Systems Group SAMP USA, Inc. Scapa Cable Solutions Service Thread Mfg. Co.

Sheaves, Inc. SIKORA International Corporation Sjogren Industries, Inc. Slover Group, The Sonoco Crellin, Inc. Southwire Company, SCR Technologies SPX Precision Components, Fenn Division Sylvin Technologies T&T Marketing Taymer Industries, Inc. Teknor Apex Co.

Tensor Fiber Optic Technologies Tulsa Power, LLC Universal Dynamics, Inc. Wardwell Braiding Machine Co.

Web Industries, Filmx Technologies Wire & Cable Technology International Wire Forming Technology International Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. Wire Lab Co.

Witels Albert, USA, Ltd.

Zumbach Electronics Corp. For details on joining WCISA®, write to info@wcisaonline.org.

Wire & Cable Technology International 1867 West Market Street, PO Box 5452 Akron, OH, 44313, USA Tel: +1 330 864 2122, Fax: +1 330 864 5298 E-mail: info@wiretech.com, Website: www.wiretech.com

Wire & Cable Technology International is a bimonthly international technical magazine for manufacturers, processors, distributors and users of all types of electrical, communication and mechanical wire and cable including fiber optic cable. The magazine is available in boith print and digital formats.

Wire & Cable Technology International magazine is the independent voice of the wire and cable industry, and it includes a quarterly magazinein- a-magazine section called Wire & Cable Connector for the wire processing sector.

Additional publications include the following: The OVERVIEW newsletter provides professionals with global wire and cable business and market news. This easy-to-read newsletter delivers the latest industry news and information straight to your desk or inbox. Published every three weeks, the OVERVIEW includes mergers, acquisitions, market reports, sales & earnings data, exclusive Wire & Cable Stock Indexes, contracts, new products, Events & Opportunities, and more.

Fered. Over 1200 individual product categories are offered.

Focus Suppliers’ Exhibition™ Directory, 58th IWCS Conference™ The Official Directory of the Focus Suppliers’ Exhibition™ at the 58th IWCS Conference™, the world’s premier venue for presentation of new and original wire and cable industry technologies and trends, will be distributed to all conference attendees Wire Forming Technology International is a quarterly publication covering the manufacture of springs, wire formed parts, wire mesh and rebar products.

Www.wireformingtech.com. Fastener Technology International is a bimonthly international technical magazine for manufacturers, distributors and users of all types of fasteners. Www.fastenertech.com. Editorial Contact: Mike McNulty, VP & Editor phone 1-330-864-2122 email: mcnulty@wiretech.com Advertising Contacts: Chip Lippincott, Associate Publisher, Vice President phone 1-330-864-2122 email: Chip@wiretech.com Tom Hutchinson, Vice President of Sales phone 1-330-864-2122 email: tlh@wiretech.com

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation 100 Franklin Street Bristol, CT 06010 USA Tel: +1 860 583 4646 Fax: +1 860 589 5707 E-Mail: sales@wireandplastic.com Web-Site: www.wireandplastic.com

MISSION STATEMENT: To be a one-stop value provider of equipment to the non-ferrous wire & cable industry.

Offer the most comprehensive range of wire, cable, and optical fiber machinery products to our customer base. Offer quality rebuilding services at competitive prices with short delivery periods. Continually acquire and source high quality machinery.

COMPANY HISTORY: Wire & Plastic Machinery was founded in 1981 as a dealer of pre owned wire & cable machinery. In the 27 years since, we have expanded our range of services to include rebuilding, brokering, equipment appraisals, plant liquidations, and international sales & support. Our resident staff now includes design, electrical, and mechanical engineers with over 100 years of combined experience.

The diverse expertise of our engineers and skilled staff make Wire & Plastic Machinery the pre-eminent supplier of equipment for wire, cable, and optical fiber production.


• “As Is” Equipment - With the largest inventory in the world, Wire & Plastic Machinery is ideally suited for providing immediate delivery from one of our 8 North American facilities.

• Test Run & Inspected for Operability - Equipment is electrically connected and test run to ensure functionality and completeness.

Missing or defective components are then replaced to achieve operability. Equipment can also be offered cleaned and painted to match color specifications.

• Rebuilt Equipment - Resident engineering staff include design, electrical, and mechanical engineers with over 100 years of combined experience. Our rebuilding teams are able to recondition equipment from steam cleaning, painting, replacing worn components, mechanically upgrading and installing the newest electronics. Rebuilt machinery comes with a full warranty that is comparable to coverage offered by new equipment manufacturers. Engineers are also available for worldwide commissioning.

• Custom Solutions - Engineers have developed customized solutions to comply within critical budgets and time frames when existing machinery is not available.

Clients have specified product parameters and specialized designs and Wire & Plastic Machinery has re-engineered stocked items to meet customer criteria.

• Equipment Purchasing - As the largest buyer of pre-owned machinery in the industry, Wire & Plastic Machinery offers the easiest solution to purchase individual components to complete lines. Immediate cash purchase or credit toward our inventory provides sellers with flexibility, competitive options, and the quickest solution to dispose of surplus machinery.

KEY PERSONNEL: Rick Narang President Rahul Sachdev Executive Vice President Denis Godin Vice President Engineering Greg Malcervelli Vice President Sales David Forber International Sales Consultant Rishi Narang Sales & Marketing Earl Nye Plant Manager (Bristol) Dick Lemire Plant Manager (New Haven) James Clark Plant Manager (Texas) Raj Kapur Director of Operations Mandy Bates Sales Administrator Carol Lass Accounts Payable ASSOCIATION/ MEMBERSHIPS:

• Wire Association International

• Wire & Cable Clubs

• WCMA (Wire & Cable Manufacturers Alliance)

• IWMA (International Wire Machinery Association)



- Worldwide - Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation 100 Franklin Street Bristol, CT 06010 USA

P. O. Box 2928 Bristol, CT 06011 USA Tel: +1 860 583 4646 Fax: +1 860 589 5707 sales@wireandplastic.com www.wireandplastic.com

Alternative Rubber & Plastics

200 Creekside Drive Amherst, NY 14228 USA Phone: 888-611-0220 Fax: 716-691-5664 E-mail: altrubber@altrubber.com Website: www.altrubber.com

Corporate profile: Alternative Rubber & Plastics, Inc., is an ISO 9001-certified distribution and development company with a strong focus on rubber, plastics and specialty polymers.

Alternative Rubber & Plastics is a young company, and in our short history, we have experienced remarkable success.

Our product lines are recognized by our customers to be of the finest quality.

PRODUCTS: Alternative Rubber & Plastics’ products include:




• BR



• High Styrene Resin

• Reclaim Rubber

• Rubber-to-metal adhesives (Chemlok®)

• Poly-separator sheeting

• Natural Crumb rubber

• Mold Releases (Crystal®)

• Precipitated Silica

• Engineered Plastics Contact: Alternative Rubber & Plastics 200 Creekside Drive Amherst, NY 14228 USA Phone: 888-611-0220 Fax: 716-691-5664 E-mail: altrubber@altrubber.com Website: www.altrubber.com

Balloffet Die Corp. A Division of Balloffet Group 11450 Rojas Business Ctr, Suite D-17 El Paso, TX 79936 Tel: +1 915 592 5252 • Fax: +1 915 592 8585 Web Site: www.balloffetdie.com • E-Mail: balloffetdie@sbcglobal.net

COMPANY HISTORY: BALLOFFET DIE CORP./USA is a subsidiary of Societe des Filieres Balloffet located in Lagnieu, France, a family-owned business founded in 1870.

BALLOFFET DIE CORP./USA began its US operation in 1910.

Product Lines: BALLOFFET/USA offers a complete line of natural and synthetic single-crystal dies, polycrystalline dies and tungsten carbide dies in finished or rough-core condition. Also offered are diamond, polycrystalline, carbide and hardened steel extrusion tips and dies as well as plugs, nozzles and inserts produced in hard material with very tight tolerances.

The company also provides a line of die reconditioning equipment, ultrasonic shapers and polishers.

BALLOFFET is specialized in the production of multi wire sets of dies with consistent shapes, controlled to specific elongation %, and dies for specific wire & cable application.

Markets Served: We provide worldwide services with sales offices in: Balloffet BP 18 01150 Lagnieu, France Tel: +33 4 74 40 19 00 Fax: +33 4 74 35 79 01 Balloffet, GmbH Uerdinger Strasse 52 D-40474, Dusseldorf, Germany Tel: +49 211 94 60 60 Fax: +49 211 94 60 619 Balloffet Die Corp./USA 11450 Rojas Business Ctr, Ste D-17 El Paso, TX 79936 USA Tel: +1 915 592 5252 Fax: +1 915 592 8585 Balloffet UK 66 Old Wareham Road Parkstone Dorset BH12 4QS U.K. Tel: +44 1 202 745 104 Fax: +44 1 202 746 125 There are BALLOFFET agents in Australia, Austria, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latin America, Middle East, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and Korea.

PRINCIPAL PERSONNEL: Richard Barthod President Bill Couse Sales and Product Manager Rita Hernandez Sales/Cust.Serv. Rep.

Humberto Vasquez Production Manager

Bomco Inc. 125 Gloucester Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930 USA Tel:+1 978 283 9000 • Fax:+1 978 283 2882 Web Site: www.bomco.com • E-Mail: custserv@bomco.com

Mission Statement: Bomco, Inc. is dedicated to the use of leading edge technologies and manufacturing techniques to profitably produce precision formed metal components and assemblies for original equipment suppliers.

In addition to excellence in metal forming, Bomco strives to provide a safe and stimulating environment with career enhancement opportunities for all employees.

Company History: Bomco was incorporated in 1960 in Gloucester, MA by Pete Banks and Jim MacFeeley. Today, Bomco Inc. employs 100 people in a 46,000 sq. ft. Facility.

Key Personnel: Michael McCarthy, President Paul Hubbard, Vice President Mark L. Standley, VP Technical Sales P atricia O’Neill, Office Manager A rthur Alves, Purchasing Agent

F. Maynard Tucker, Production Manager Product Lines: In addition to its line of sheaves, spool caps and guide rolls for wire manufacturing companies, Bomco manufactures components and assemblies for manufacturers of original equipment in a host of industries.

Markets Served: Because the need for precision formed metal components includes a wide range of commercial and military applications, Bomco serves the needs of many markets, including Wire Handling/Manufacturing, Computer and Electronic, Medical Products, Consumer Products, Valves/Seals/Filters, Aerospace, Nuclear, and Instrumentation.

Capabilities: Bomco, Inc. designs and manufactures wire handling accessories - sheaves, spool caps and guide rolls - using the latest computercontrolled hydroforming, spinning and precision plasma cutting equipment.

As a leading manufacturer of precision formed metal components for military and commercial applications, Bomco, Inc. has extensive metal processing equipment including hydroforming, spinning, deep drawing and stamping, CNC machining, expanding, shearing, laser machining and welding as well as custom tool design and tool making.

Facilities: Bomco, Inc. uses the latest CAD/CAM for leading wire and cable companies as well as for aerospace, electronic, medical, consumer and commercial companies.

Association Membership: —Wire Association International —American Welding Society —American Society for Metals —Precision Metal Association —American Society of Quality Control —Natl. Association of Purchasing Mgrs.

—Associated Industries of Massachusetts Special Achievements: —NASA Certificate of Recognition —Pratt & Whitney Q+ Award —General Electric Vendor Release Prog.

—ISO 9001:20008/AS 9100C Registered —“Defense Supply Center’s Best Value Gold Medalist”

CEMANCO LC 951 NW 31st Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA Telephone: +1-954-970-3099 Fax: +1-954-970-3056 E-mail: sales@cemanco.com Website: www.cemanco.com

Mission Statement: Cemanco is committed to provide the wire, cable and tubing industries with a wide range of high quality machinery, accessories and consumables.

Our goal is to supply the best value for the money, which includes not only the high quality of our products but dedicated customer service and application advice as well.


• Wire Straighteners: Roll straighteners from 3 rolls to 13 rolls per plane, several different designs for materials from 0.003" to 1.38".

• Guide Rollers: Fixed or adjustable rollers for many applications up to material diameters of 10". Replacement hardened steel or chrome rollers from 1' x 1" to

4. 3' x 40".

• Spooling Traverses: Rolling Ring Drives and Assemblies: mechanical traverses for take ups for wire,cable, strip, fibers chain, etc. The Autowinder®, an optical laser guided precision spooler for fine wire.

• Ceramics: High quality drawing cones, capstans and rings in zircinium oxide from CeramTec, the specialist for European drawing machines. Several highly wear resistant metal coatings in nickel chromium, tungsten carbide and chromium oxide ceramic are availabe as well. Flanged ceramic eyelets, bow guides, air wipes, hooks, pigtails, rings, rods, rollers and tubes are stocked in many standard sizes and shapes. Material qualities in aluminum oxide ceramic range from 96%-99.8% purity, surfaces can be diamond polished to 4 - 8 microinches Ra.

Pulleys up to 31" can be supplied in solid ceramic, steel, aluminum and plastic. Standard pulleys are available with solid ceramic inserts or spray coated with aluminum or chromium oxide ceramic.

• Hydraulic and Manual Cutters: Hydraulic Rod Cutters can handle material up to 2" diameters, and Cable Cutters reach up to 6.3". Battery powered, portable bolt, cable and wire rope cutters and swaggers, alternatively availabe for 120 V power; manual steel and rope cutters and swaggers, manual hydraulic cable cutters for up to 1.5" material.

KEY PERSONNE L: Rainer Lashofer, President Beliza Bermudez, VP Sales, South America

Chengdu Centran Industrial Co., Ltd.

16/F, Block A, Wangao Building, No 8, Xinnan Street Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, P.R. China Tel: +86-28-85451461 • Fax: +86-28-85451463 E-Mail: market@china-centran.com • Web Site: www.china-centran.com

Mission Statement: To meet with the customers ‘demand, we provide world class quality products & service at competitive price.

Company History: CENTRAN industrial is a leading global supplier of excellent raw materials for cable and wire industry. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of water blocking tape, Water blocking yarn & Polyester yarn, Marking tape & PET tape, etc. in china which set up in year 1997.

We have two factories in Chengdu and in Wuxi and our total capacity is 2500 MT for water blocking tape & yarn. With strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction , the company is ISO 9002 certified and has become one of the most reliable sources of quality products in the international market and we already export to more than 35 country worldwide now.

Product Lines:

• Non-conductive water blocking tape

• Semi-conductive water blocking tape

• PET film lamenated water blocking tape

• Binding, bedding, barrier tape and separating tape

• Non-woven tape and woven tape

• Water blocking woven tape

• Water blocking yarn

• High tension polyester yarn

• PET type ripcord yarn

• Marking tape CapaCITIES: Our tapes & yarn have been used for Power cable, Optical cable, copper telephone cable, date cable, and submarine cables for binding, bedding, barrier and separating function.

We develop new type of single-side water blocking tape with spraying technology. It’s totally different with traditional laminated process.Such as good swelling property, less weight. Surface is even without observe particles, thickness is stable. SAP powder won’t dropped off during slitting and processing.

CENTRAN products compile with IEC, ISO, EN, GB international standard or as per the customer’s specific requirement. We are ISO- 9001 certificate quality control system and pass ROHS, REACH regulation.

AFTER-SALE SERVICE: We have network of competent agent or partner worldwide to provide local converting & warehouse and technical support capability, such as USA, Germany, Spain, Sweden, etc. With more than 30 country partner, CENTRAN can provide its customers with rapid delivery of both large or small tape & yarn order.

Design & Engineering LLC

1275 Bloomfield Ave., B7-43 Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA Tel: +1 973 439 9444 • Fax: +1 866 892 8724 E-Mail: sales@designandengineering.com • Web Site: www.designandengineering.com

MISION STATEMENT: We believe there is no substitute for proven experience.

D&E is dedicated to perform Rebuilding and Upgrades on existing Lines to bring them up to the latest proven Technologies in the Wire and Cable Industry.

Our Engineers work closely with the Customers, ensuring the integration into a system that meets their specific requirements.

KEY PERSONEL: Hernando Blanco, Engineering Mgr.

Jack Patino, Programming Engineer John Garb, Project Engineer

TOTA L EN GINEERED SO LUTION : Our total Engineered Solutions are complete:

• Automation hardware

• Software

• Engineering

• Start up The result is:

• Improve Productivity

• Consistent Process Control

• Reduced Down time

• Low Maintenance cost AUTOMATION & SYSTEMS INTEGRATION: A complete range of systems design services is available for: Extrusion & THHN Lines, CV Lines, Water Level Control, Dual Take-ups, Tension Control / Fiber Optic, Wire Drawing, Stranders, Drum Twisters and Telephone Lines.


• Extruders


• Start up

• Troubleshooting

• Programming

• Installation & Commissioning PRODUCT LINES: Payoffs,Takeups,Dancers,Accumulators, Extruders, Capstans, Rod Breakdown, Wire Drawing, Rigid & Planetary Strander, Drum Twisters, Auto Coiling Machine, Wrapping Machine ASOCIATION / MEMBERSHIP:


FIC Manufacturing Company A Division of Foundation Industries 880 B. West Waterloo Road Akron, OH 44314 USA Tel:+1 330 688 7427 Website: www.foundationind.com

Mission Statement: The management of Foundation Industries Company is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and requirements. We feel to accomplish this we need to work as a team and structure our organization in such a way that it promotes a collective thought process.

In this way we will be able to work in conjunction with our customers in the pursuit of the common goal that is beneficial to all concerned.

Company History: Foundation Industries was founded in 1991 by Rick Huscroft, in Munroe Falls, OH, USA.

• 1995 Company moved to 27,000 ft2 facility in Stow, OH, USA.

• 1999 Company added 40,000 ft2 injection molding facility in Stow.

• 2006 Company moved to current 106,000 ft2 facility located in Akron, OH, USA.

Founded over 15 years ago, Foundation Industries has become known as a world-class molding and distribution company. Specializing in contract manufacturing of custom injection molded products as well as assembly (both automated and manual), welding, printing and warehousing of plastic product.

Product Lines: 5", 6-1/2", 10-1/2", 12" plastic utility spools. Spools are offered using industry standard specifications and materials.

Vendor managed inventory programs and logistical control are integral components of our product offering.

Key Personnel: Rick Huscroft, President Tim Shannon, VP Operations Brian Lapikas, Plant Manager John Roll, Quality Manager Terry Carey, National Sales Manager Wendy Cargould, Customer Service Gail Gailbreath, Customer Service Sales office: FIC Manufacturing Company A Division of Foundation Industries 880 B. West Waterloo Road Akron, OH 44314 USA Tel: +1 330 688 7427 Website: www.foundationind.com

GMP-SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Stanicna 109 Pribenik, Slovak Republic Website: www.GMP-Slovakia.com E-Mail: sales@gmp-slovakia.com

MISSION STATEMENT: GMP-SLOVAKIA, a reel manufacturer located in the heart of Eastern Europe, is dedicated to providing the highest quality products & services to the wire & cable industry.

PRODUCT LINES: GMP-SLOVAKIA brand new catalogue presents two different sections:


- ANCILLARIES REELS range includes: – single and double wall pressed flanges reels for bunchers; – fully machined and balanced reels for drawing, up to 40 m/s; – heavy duty reels for steel wire; – forged reels, machined and balanced for steel cord; – one-way reels; – drums for cable (take-up and drum twister machines).

ANCILLARIES means: – take apart reels (in particular the new patented EASYKOIL); – tilting systems for reels and coils; – lifting devices for reels and coils; CAPABILITIES: The GMP-SLOVAKIA technical team can design any kind of product by 3D CAD software and any kind of calculation can be provided.

FACILITIES: 32,000 m2 covered surface, 3,000 m2 offices and 190 employees. The installed CNC machines and the balancing machines, are able to work on parts up to 1,600 mm diameter. A powerful 1,000 ton press can produce any kind of flanges up to 12 mm thickness. Furthermore, the company has automatic welding systems and a painting line for drums up to 4,000 mm diameter.

North American Sales Office: Howar Equipment - Phone: (905) 738-4010 E-mail: sales@HowarEquipment.com

Hale Manufacturing, Inc. 6235 Cupp Rd. Alanson, MI 49706 USA Tel:+1 231 529 6271 • Fax:+1 231 529 6959 Web Site: www.halemanufacturing.com • E-Mail: quality@haleman.com

Mission Statement: “Reliable electrical assemblies need reliable testing fixtures!” Company History: At Hale Manufacturing, we are in the business of designing and manufacturing testing fixtures for electrical connectors and wire assemblies. In 1970, we created our first “test block” for a customer needing to test electrical connectors for continuity. Today, our fixtures may also test for the presence of non-conductive components, function and position and location of terminals.

Products: The highest quality materials and components are expertly machined and carefully assembled in the manufacture of Hale’s test fixtures. This, and an extensive inspection process ensures extended cycle life and minimal maintenance. When standard maintenance is required, it can be done quickly and cost-effectively with replaceable parts—unlike disposable test blocks. Hale test fixtures are also among the industry’s easiest and efficient to operate.

Whether choosing Hale’s hand-held or mounted models, all Hale test fixtures can be operated with one hand. Mounted testing fixtures have a slightly angled base for ease of loading and unloading. Where applicable, test blocks are keyed to match connectors, thereby guaranteeing a one-way insertion.

Replaceable inserts, with close clearances for terminal insertion, guide the connector into the test block on the same axial plane as the contact pins.

Customized test fixtures enable the most efficient use of space and time while performing specific testing requirements.

Hale’s piercing fixtures utilize innovative strategies when required to make contact with conductors within wires of any size,While performing tests that ascertain if current is moving through the wire.

Markets Served: Hale has extensive experience in the design of testing solutions for electrical components found in automotive, aerospace, medical, agricultural, appliance and military applications. Hale customers report that Hale fixtures save them time and money while providing their testing personnel with quality equipment.

SALES OFFICE: Hale Manufacturing, Inc. 6235 Cupp Rd. Alanson, MI 49706 USA T:+1 231 529 6271 F:+1 231 529 6959 Web Site: www.halemanufacturing.com E-Mail: quality@haleman.com

HOWAR Equipment Inc. 214 Jardin Dr. Unit 5 Concord, Ontario L4K 1X8 Canada Phone: (905) 738-4010 Fax: (905) 738-2474 E-Mail: sales@HowarEquipment.com www.HowarEquipment.com

Howar Equipment services the needs of the wire & cable manufacturing industry, by providing high quality machinery and accessories needed to manufacture and process wire & cable.

We have partnered with the highest quality and service oriented companies to supply the North American industry with only the best quality products and solutions.

GMP-Slovakia manufactures a comprehensive line of steel reels for all processing and shipping applications.

• Steel Reels with single and double walls

• Fully Machined Solid Steel Reels

• Corrugated & Structural Steel Reels

• Collapsible Reels & Reel Handling ACM has created an automatic off-line cable cross-section measurement machine that quickly and accurately measures insulation samples.

• Insulation cross-section measurement

• Wall thickness, Concentricity, Min/Max

• Extrusion Trends & Slicing Equipment

BOCK GmbH designs and manufactures a durable and precise line of easy-to-use wire pointers.

• Wire Pointers & String-Up Equipment

• Swaging Machines

• Wire Straighteners & Feeding Equipment OM Frigerio Srl has specialized around manufacturing a line of equipment to provide improved wire drawing efficiency.

• Rotating Die Holder with Direct/Indirect Cooling

• Mechanical Wire Descalers + Wire Brushing

• Wire Brushing and cleaning units METAVAN specializes exclusively in manufacturing pressed steel reels for shipping and process applications.

• Material thickness: 1 – 6 mm (0.39" – 0.24")

• Diameters: 300 – 1250 mm (12" – 48")

• Finishing: Powder-Coated WTM Wire Technology & Machinery Srl designs and manufactures precision taping lines in addition to specialized stranding equipment.

• Vertical & Horizontal Taping Lines

• Single Twist Stranders up to 39"

• Rewind Lines, Take-up & Payoff Equipment Plasmait manufactures highly efficient plasma wire heat & surface treatment equipment.

• In-Line annealing, cleaning, degreasing

• Treatment of wire at drawing speeds Howar Equipment supplies a complete line of auxiliary equipment for wire handling needs.

• Pay-Off Equipment

• Tension Control Equipment

• Slip Rings & Brushes Contacts: Willy Hauer: President - Wire Production Machinery Chris Hauer: GM – Reels & Accessories Andrew Stromer: Product Manager – Extrusion

Huber Engineered Materials, part of J.M. Huber Corporation 1000 Parkwood Circle, Suite 1000 Atlanta, GA 30339 USA www.hubermaterials.com hubermaterials@huber.com 1-866-JMHUBER or 1-866-564-8237

Mission Statement: Huber Engineered Materials is your one-stop for functionalized metal hydroxide fire retardant additives for zero-halogen and lowsmoke applications. Huber offers a broad range of products to meet the demanding requirements of wire and cable compounders and producers.

Key Huber Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) and Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) Product Brands for Zero- Halogen Compounds: Hymod® Surface-Treated Alumina Trihydrate SB and Micral® Alumina Trihydrate Vertex® & Zerogen® Magnesium Hydroxide “Flames & Sm oke Don’t Like Us” Huber’s specialty is designing and producing ATH and MDH grades via particle engineering and surface functionalization for use in fire retardant compounds that meet specific wire and cable application requirements. Huber’s business development strategy focuses on expanding these innovative product technologies and our versatile manufacturing capability to advance the engineered zero-halogenated fire retardant performance of our customer’s products.

An example of this focus is the recent launch of Vertex® 100 SV, a new surface-treated magnesium hydroxide specifically designed to improve flame retardant properties in compounds containing ethylene vinyl acetate co-polymers (EVA). Vertex 100 SV is designed to improve processability (higher throughput rates), physical properties and flame retardancy.

The Advantages of Huber as your ATH and MDH supplier include:

• Dedicated technical team providing strong customer focus and support

• Broad product line of ATH and MDH products tailored specifically to wire and cable applications

• Committed to research and development innovation and providing customers with the best customized solutions with a drive to lower material costs

• Consultative selling & product use guidance

• Improve and enhance dispersion and incorporation of metal hydroxides into resins/ polymers

• Broad fire testing capabilities

• ISO manufacturing facilities with high quality standards

68 Buttonwood St. Bristol, RI 02809-0718 USA Tel: +1 401 253 5500 • Toll-Free: +1 800 972 9222 • Fax: +1 401 253 7350 E-Mail: sales@huestis.com • Web Site: www.huestis.com

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Huestis Industrial is to develop, manufacture and market reliable, cost effective industrial equipment.

This mission is supported by our dedication and commitment to quality. Each individual employee, at every level, takes responsibility for the company’s success by respecting and understanding each other’s role and its impact on our customers. Our success is dependent on delivering the highest quality product at an affordable price to meet the customer’s full expectation.

COMPANY HISTORY: Huestis Industrial, Bristol, RI, was founded in 1920 as Huestis Machine Corporation, a specialty machinery supplier to several local manufacturing companies. Huestis Industrial is currently recognized as a leading manufacturer of highly engineered machines for specialized requirements in wire, cable and tubing production.

CAPABILITIES: Our products have earned a reputation for dependability and rugged design.

This success is a result of practical, innovative engineering and extensive in-house machining and assembly facilities including the most current CNC turning, milling, drilling and automated machining equipment.

KEY PERSONNEL: Howard Fancher, Director of Business Development Steve Bettencourt, Engineering PRODUCT LINES:

• Air Wipes • Enclosures • Take-Up Stands • Adjustable Payoff Stands

• Shaftless Payoff Stands • Buncher Payoff Stands • Cable Jacket Strippers

• Spooling/Coiling Equipment

• Cold Pressure Welding

• Length Meters ISO 9001:2000 REGISTERED

Inhol BV/PTL Zuidergracht 12 NL-3763 LV Soest, The Netherlands Tel: +31 35 60 33234 • Fax: +31 35 60 33235 E-Mail: office@inhol.com • Website: www.inhol.com

HISTORY: Inhol BV/PTL, located in Soest, The Netherlands, was founded in 1995 and started focusing on the development and marketing of high-grade compounds for the wire/cable and heat-shrinkable products industry in 1999. Over the years the company developed compounds for the wire and cable industry that have been recognized as winners to meet national and international requirements for insulation and jacketing applications. The two owners of the company are operating from Europe and the USA to serve the industry supported by an enthusiastic team in their offices in The Netherlands and international agents. The compounds are marketed under the PTL Brand.

PRODUCT & SERVICES: As the penholder in many heat-shrinkable projects, Inhol is responsible for project management, technology and coordination of the heat-shrinkable project activities. Inhol BV is also known under its brand name PTL (Program Technology) and is the expert on the technology involved in manufacturing heat-shrinkable products.

The PTL-team has over 25 years experience in this field. Currently 95% of the turnover of Inhol is realized by exporting know-how, compounds And related services to the heat shrinkable products industry and wire/cable industry. The Inhol/PTL organization is set up within a kind of satellite structure; this means that Inhol is able to operate with a limited number of staff, thus maintaining its flexibility by working with third parties. For this reason Inhol can still develop new compounds for relatively small volumes and coordinate turnkey projects in the heat-shrinkable product markets.

The driving force behind the company is the active pursuit of innovative product development for markets like automotive, aerospace, defence, data transmission, power, telecommunication, rolling stock, appliances, lighting, shipboard and other industries. The range of compounds include LSFOH, thermoplastic, radiation and moisture cross-linkable as well as CV curing materials.

All compounds are meeting the RoHS directives.

The PTL compound technology in the field of compounds has been successfully introduced and implemented in the USA, Europe, Russia, Australia, Asia, Africa and in the Middle East.

The special compound market is an international one, which results in the international focus of Inhol/PTL as a company.

Turkey is a new Inhol market. Through a sales office in Istanbul, Inhol has a better entrance to The Turkish market and surrounding countries.

(www.cht-m.com) Our goal is sharing our know-how and experience with our customers and partners for a mutual beneficial relationship.

OFFICES: Inhol bv Zuidergracht 12, 3763 LV Soest, The Netherlands Tel: +31 35 60 33234 office@inhol.com Balfour Specialty Sales 11927 Field Town Lane Jack Ford, Raleigh, NC 27614, USA Tel: +1 919 341 0379 jack.ford@balfoursales.com CHT Sahrayicedid Mah. Halk Sok, Coskun Apt. 24/1 Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +90 (216) 386 92 11 cht@cht-m.com USSR: Permanent K&M Wolokolanskoye Chausee 73, Office 5 : 7 125424 Moscow, Russia Tel: +7 (495) 780 34 29 / 125 www.permanent.ru

Inosym Ltd.

39 Hinau St. Riccarton, Christchurch New Zealand Tel: +64 21 353 634 • Fax: +64 3 341 6668 Web Site: www.inosym.com Email: Inosym@inosym.com

MISSION STATEMENT: Inosym is committed to providing our customers with world class quality reels and bobbins at competitive prices.

COMPANY HISTORY: Inosym reels were developed seven years ago to provide cable and wire manufacturers with a product that was realistically priced and of high quality.

We believe we are achieving this and assisting our customers to reduce capital expenditure and increase profits.

Today Inosym supplies a range of steel and ABS plastic reels to over 35 countries worldwide. Our reel products are manufactured to international standards and are suitable for all cable and wire-making processes from high-speed wire drawing ree l s to large take-up reels.

PRODUCTS: ABS plastic reels in 300–1000 mm sizes have flanges molded from high-impact ABS. Applications include high-speed insulating, group twinners, stranding, bunching, jacketing.

MF (Metal Flange) pressed metal process reels come in sizes from 100–1250 mm and are made from high-quality steel plate and tube. Applications include universal take-up and payoff reels, bunching, stranding, insulating and jacketing.

SM (Semi Machined) double-wall high-speed reels come in sizes from 315–800 mm and are made of high-quality steel plate and tube. Applications include drawing, bunching, stranding and insulating.

FM (Fully Machined) steel high-speed reels in sizes ranging from 100–1000 mm and manufactured from highquality steel plate and tube.

Applications include high-speed single-wire drawing, high-speed multi-wire drawing,Bunching and enamelled wire coating.

SD (Steel Drum Reels) are large steel process and shipping drums available in sizes ranging from 800 to 3150 mm. SD Steel Drum Reel options include flat sided flanges. Applications include drum twisting, stranding, insulating and jacketing.

CAPABILITIES: Inosym reels are made to DIN International Standards or as per the customer’s specific requirements. With more than 250,000 ft2 of production space, Inosym can provide its customers with rapid delivery of both large and small reel orders.

SALES OFFICE: Inosym Reels 39 Hinau St. Riccarton, Christchurch New Zealand T +64 21 353 634 • F +64 3 341 6668 Web Site: www.inosym.com Email: Inosym@inosym.com

Kamatics Corporation 1331 Blue Hills Avenue Bloomfield, CT 06002 USA Tel: +1 860 769-3245 • +1 800 529-6906 Fax: +1 860 769-7702 Email: FB-Kamatics@kaman.com

COMPANY HISTORY: Kamatics Corporation, a part of Kaman Corp. of Bloomfield, CT was founded in 1966. It manufactures a broad range of bearings, couplings and composite components for aviation, marine and specialized industrial markets. In 1989, Kamatics manufactured its first composite flyer bow and entered the wire supplier field.

PRODUCT LINES: Kamatics manufactures Compression molded composite flyer bows for:

• Bunchers

• Cablers

• Twinners Kamatics design incorporates carbon, fiberglass or Kevlar fibers in an epoxy matrix to enhance the dynamic properties. The flyer bows can also retrofit tubular and cable type machines. The bows are offered as components or fully assembled with carbon steel wear strips, tungsten carbide or ceramic guides and all associated hardware. Sizes range from 0.062 to 1" thick, up to 4" wide and 18 ft. In length, both in flat and precurved states.

Kamatics also is offering its new BackBone® Flyer Bow in a wide range of models; see next column for details.

NEW CARBON FIBER BOW INCREASES SPEED AND MAINTAINS QUALITY: In today’s competitive market, wire and cable manufacturers need every real advantage that they can get.

To meet this need, a new revolutionary carbon fiber bow, called the BackBone, has been introduced. The new bow is designed to make the conventional bows obsolete. Kamatics has spent 15 years of bow manufacturing striving to improve performance for wire and cable producers by changing designs and improving pricing. The new BackBone design was created to address performance issues related to the conventional flyer bow and tube or enclosed-style bows.

Customers using the new bow report that they have experienced substantial speed increases—15% to 80% in tpm rates—and that these higher speeds could have never been accomplished with an open bow design without degradation in quality and an increase in wire breaks. Here are a few features and benefits of the BackBone bow:

• Bow stiffness and strength are significantly improved— comparable to a metal bow.

• Wire is out of the airstream which reduces friction and drawdown at higher speeds.

• The standard wear surface is created by a Solid Ceramic Hex shaped bushing. These are also available In hardened steel and both are available in Dimpled versions to reduce wire friction when needed.

• Wire breaks are contained inside the bow and hex bushings to eliminate damage which is a major enemy of cable fiber bows.

• Solid Ceramic Hex shaped bushings can be indexed up to three times which extends the bushing lifetime.

• Ceramic guide variations are reduced to one or two sizes.

Kamatics is very excited about the performance levels its customer are experiencing and is continually adding to their capacity to be able to provide all customers with this technology.

AFFILIATIONS: Kamatics is affiliated with:

• Heinze & Streng (Europe, Russia, Africa, UK, Spain)

• CGB Precision Products (Australia).

• Well Gain Cable System (China)

• TOHO (Japan)

• NTB Hi-tech Ceramic (India) SALES OFFICE: Kamatics Corporation - Wire Products 1331 Blue Hills Avenue Bloomfield, CT. 06002 USA Tel: +1 860 769-3245 • +1 800 529-6906 Fax: +1 860 769-7702

Kinrei Of America, LLC 557 Route 23 South Wayne, NJ 07470 USA Tel: 973-677-9500 • Fax: 973-673-0907 Website: www.kinreiusa.com

Mission statement: Kinrei Of America is committed to providing the highest quality products and value-added services to our customers in the wire and cable industry. It it the goal of our entire organization to continue to provide the highest possible customer service for the complete line of Kinrei equipment.

Company history: The distribution of the Kinrei product line began in 1978 when Kinrei Machinery Co., Ltd., began exporting to the USA, Mexico and Canada with their very high quality and reliable machinery.

Moreover, they began exporting a philosophy of focusing on customer needs with unparalleled customer service . This whole notion of meeting customer’ needs, not only with basic machine service, but also training in areas of how to make wire in the most efficient and profitable ways possible, or “complete wrap around service” were very new to the wire industry.

Product Lines:

• Kinrei

• Watson Spare Parts & Service

• Donnelly Reels

• Kopilowitz Payoffs & Take-Ups

• Candor Plating Lines key PERSONEL: Stephen W. Hess President, Kinrei Of America Mitch Jacobsen VP Sales Lawrence Schneider Spare Parts/Service Manager, KOA Christopher Tullock Service Engineer, KOA history (JApan): Kinrei Machinery Company, Ltd., began manufacturing wire and cable machinery in 1947. Since that time, the company has become the premier buncher and strander manufacturer in the world with a focus on finer wire sizes.

Kinrei Machinery Company, Ltd., has supplied more than 2500 complete wire stranding and cabling systems worldwide for everything from silver-plated copper wire, used in Boeing aircraft, to Category 5 and 6, used in LAN systems, to litz wire machines for use in computer monitors.

Key personnel (Japan): Kanji Suzuki President, Kinrei Machinery, Tokyo Takeshi Suzuki Managing Director, Iwate

329 Rayette Rd, Unit 13/14, Concord Ontario L4K 2G1, Canada Telephone: Int.+ (905) 761-6165 Fax: Int.+ (905) 761-6168 e mail: sales@lesmoamerica.com • web: www.lesmoamerica.com USA office :- Telephone: Int.+ (603) 935-8992 / Telephone: Int.+ (603) 493-7577

Mission Statement: Our mission is built on integrity and uses mutually beneficial relationships, quality products and quality people to achieve our goals. Lesmo Machinery America has been formed to service the needs of the wire and cable industry with a business policy to maintain relationships with our customers based on complete mutual trust. We aim to provide our customers an added value through improving their productivity, quality and profit.

The principals represented endeavor to continually develop innovative and original products of the highest quality.

Lesmo Machinery America offers the most efficient & productive manufacturing technologies from world leader manufacturers - these companies drive their businesses by being at the leading edge of technology OM Lesmo: Offers a complete range of stranding, bunching and cabling machinery. Product lines include double twist, single twist, bow, planetary, rigid cage, tubular stranders, single & group twinners, drum twisters, pay-offs, take-ups, taping & binding heads. A full service from its Concord, Ontario facility is available with a comprehensive stock of spare parts.

Eurodraw Energy: Drawing lines for non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Manufactures : Rod Breakdown Lines, Single & Twin Wire Drawing, Intermediate & Multiwire Drawing Lines, Spoolers & Coilers, Annealers.

Service - Lesmo Machinery will endeavor to provide existing and new customers the support necessary to maximize the production time of their machines. Our service department is fully equipped to assist in the installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of our lines. Having secured the services of experts in the various fields, we can address most problems right here in North America without the assistance from overseas.

Cometo: Cometo Wire Handling Products include: Wire Straighteners (single, dual & multi-plane models), Wire Guides – various types, Rotating Die Units - Traversing units – electronic and mechanical, Feeders – for wire, metal strip and tube (mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic roller adjustment), Mechanical and Electronic Traversing Units. Automatic wire straightening for wire bending and forming machinery and also for the elongation in the processing of concrete construction materials (rebar). Straightening and Wire Guide Rollers (Replacement Rollers).

Appiani: Appiani manufacture standard and custom build steel reels according to DIN specifications or to customer requirements. A world leading manufacturer of shipping and process reels since 1962, A. APPIANI offer a comprehensive selection of pressed steel reels and plastic and steel composite reels. The range also includes fabricated steel reels, machined and partially machined steel reels and collapsible reels (mechanical, hydraulic & pneumatic). A leading supplier of production and shipping reels, its core competencies lie in small and large diameter pressed steel reels for wiredrawing, cable bunching and steel cord production. Large diameter reels are also available as machined and manufactured types.

HTC – Hi-Tech Ceramics: Zirconia components for Drawing Mills are robust, tough, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant – Products include cones, capstans, pulleys and forming rings Personnnel: Edwin Pasterk – CEO Ursula Senatore – Office Manager Alfredo Kovsh – Commissioning Eng.

Brian Cockburn – Customer Service Mgr Allan Brown – Sales - Accessories Harish Panchal – Sales - Area Manager

PIONEER MACHINERY USA 55 Madison Ave. Ste. 400 Morristown, NJ 07960 USA Tel: +1 973 285 3211 Fax: +1 866 892 8724 Email: sales@pioneermachinery.us Web: www.pioneermachinery.us

Mission Statement: Pioneer Machinery is well known in the world (with more than three hundred customers) for making strong and reliable machines. At Pioneer Machinery Sales and Engineering team are committed to supply the highest level of Service through our people and product.

Product lines:

• Extrusion Lines, Telephone & Power Cable Lines

• Wire Drawing Cu / AL – Annealer Machines

• Rod Breakdown Machines

• Down Basket Coiler Machines

• Pointing & Stringing Machines

• Double Twist Bunchers

• Tubular, Rigid & Planetary Machines

• Eccentric & Concentric Tapping Machines

• Capstans, Payoffs, Single and Dual Take ups

• Vertical & Horizontal Accumulators sales offices: TAI WAN John Lin Email: john@pioneerm.com Phone: + 886 2 2268 1188 USA H Blanco Email: hblanco@pioneermachinery.us

Phone: +1 973 285 3211

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc. & Precision Spools, Inc. 1510 Housatonic St. • P.O. Box 1246 Pittsfield, MA 01202 USA Tel: +1 413 442 0067 • Fax: +1 413 445 7849 E-Mail: info@pittsplas.com • Web Site: www.pittsplas.com

MISSION STATEMENT: PITTSFIELD PLASTICS will always be a company where customers deal with decision-makers and growth is based on exceeding our customers’s expectations. The company is also dedicated to innovation and product enhancement that parallels its commitment to its customers.

COMPANY HISTORY: Pittsfield Plastics is located in the “Plastics Capital of North America,” Pittsfield, MA, USA. This is an area with a high concentration of technology, resources and employee training.

The company was started 40 years ago as an injection mold-making business by David and Dorothy Chiorgno. It has grown considerably.

President Tom Walker has created a team of talented people with extensive experience in the industry.

PRODUCT LINES: PPE is a full-service manufacturer and designer of plastic spools, bobbins, reels, dye tubes and tape cores. The company is proud of its innovative designs and precision molded spools for high-speed winding, and is constantly improving its designs.

The company provides standard and custom products for the wire and cable, textile and solder coil winding, water filtration and medical industries, plus custom molding for industrial and medical clients. Customers enjoy durable recyclable materials, structural integrity and appealing, ergonomic designs.

Quality statement: Quality is assured through an audited Quality System to ISO 9002 and state-of-theart QC equipment and procedures.

SERVICES OFFERed: PPE offers the capacity to its customers’ concepts from initial prototype all the way through final decorating, assembly and packaging. Additionally, the company will deliver to meet its customers’ needs or their “zero inventory” assembly schedules.

PPE is also a full-service plastic injection molding company. The company provides high-capacity, fast-turnaround production of injection molded plastic parts and custom- designed molds from its state-of-the-art injection molding facility.

SALES OFFICE: Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc. & Precision Spools, Inc. 1510 Housatonic St. / P.O. Box 1246 Pittsfield, MA 01202 USA T: +1 413 442 0067•F: +1 413 445 7849 E-Mail: info@pittsplas.com Web Site: www.pittsplas.comPressure Welding Machines Limited (PWM) Unit 1, Belmont Farm Business Centre Snoad Hill, Bethersden, Kent TN26 3DY England Tel: +44 1233 820847 • Fax: +44 1233 820591 E-Mail: pwm@btinternet.com • Web Site: www.pwmltd.co.uk

COMPANY HISTORY: PWM, which celebrates 25 years in business this year, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance cold pressure welding equipment and dies. The PWM product range includes cold welders for a wide variety of applications, from fine wire to rod up to 30 cm diameter. Durable, accurate and reliable, all PWM machines are precision engineered in PWM’s own British workshops to stringent quality control standards.

Key Personel: Steve Mepsted, Managing Director With over 30 years’ experience of cold weld technology, Steve has an extensive knowledge of different welding applications, wire drawing and rod breakdown machinery.

Carole Cole, Export Manager Carole handles inquiries from customers throughout the world, liaising with PWM’s network of agents and distributors and co-coordinating sales and service requirements.

Products: Hand Held Welders Ideal for welding in confined spaces, the M10, M25 and M30 models have capacities of

0. 0039" to 0.079" diameter copper/aluminium.

The HP30 (pneumatic) provides an effortless weld on copper from 0.118" to 0.071" diameter and aluminum up to 0.079". Bench Mounted Welders Strong and reliable, the manually operated BM10 Superfine, BM10 and BM30 have capacities of 0.0039" to 0.071" copper/aluminum.

These models can also be mounted on trolleys supplied by PWM.

Trolley Mounted Welders PWM’s portable models can be wheeled to the weld area to reduce downtime. The range includes the versatile M101 (manual) which can also be bench mounted, the P101 (pneumatic), and the HP100 and HP200 (air-hydraulic). Capacities range from 0.039" to 0.256" copper/aluminum.

Automatic versions of the HP 100/200 machines offer fast, effortless welding at the touch of a button.

Rod Welders The energy efficient EP500 (electro-pneumatic), P1500 (electro-hydraulic) and P1000 (hydraulic) machines offer welding capacities of 0.197" to 1.181" copper/aluminum.

Machine Dies PWM dies are all industry standard type.

Engineered by the company’s skilled crafts-Men, they are manufactured to suit round or profile wires and rods.

Capa bilities: Through its international network of experienced agents, PWM delivers a personal, on-site service anywhere in the world, with full back up and after-sales support.

LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: PWM’s new look website, www.pwmltd. co.uk, includes an update secion, FAQ and product selector.

EXCLU SIVE DISTRIBU TOR: Amaral Automation Associates is the exclusive distributor of PWM machines, spares and dies in North America: AMARAL AUTOMATION ASSOCIATES PO Box 7816 Cumberland, RI 02864 USA Tel: 401-405-0755 / 774-991-0504 Fax: 401-405-0757 E-Mail: joe@amaralautomation.com www.amaralautomation.com

Roteq machinery inc. 317 Bradwick Dr., Concord Ontario, Canada L4K 1K5 Tel: +1 905-660-8800 Fax: +1 905-660-8898 inquiries@roteqmachinery.com www.roteqmachinery.com

Company Profile: Roteq is synonymous with Rotating Equipment.

The company conceives, designs and manufactures rotating equipment for the Wire and Cable, Steel Rope, Umbilical and Flexible pipe industries.

Differentiating manufacturing solution requires understanding of the product and the process as well as the integration of that process into existing plants and specific product factories. Roteq’s tag line of Product specific solutions with Volume specific hardware defines the thought process in the development of the optimum manufacturing solution.

Company Service: Parts and Service provides valuable feedback of the performance of its rotating equipment. It fuels the company’s passion for better solutions for existing equipment while allowing our customers to meet the demands of the product and market. It further provides a vital source of new ideas in the evolution of manufacturing solutions and business models that drive the industry to reduce the time and resources to bring the products to the market.

Keeping Roteq’s customers leaders in their field keeps the company current in its solutions.

Sales: Canada: Andy Blackmore 317 Bradwick Dr., Concord Ontario, Canada L4K 1K5 Tel: +1 905-660-8800 Fax: +1 905-660-8898 inquiries@roteqmachinery.com Norway: Charles Norton, Director

C. Norton A/s Bringaveien 7 1413 Taarnaasen, Norway Tel: +47 66821611 • Fax: +47 66805485 Mobile +47 90647795 international@roteqmachinery.com United Kingdom: Malcolm Price Malcolm Price and Associates 33 Gisburn Dr. Bury, Lancashire BL9 3DH UK Tel: +44 (0) 161 705 1842 Fax: +44 (0) 161 705 1968 Mobile +44 (0) 7836 721092 international@roteqmachinery.com Mexico: Ricardo Coronel, President Distribuidora Mejicoro, S.A. De C.V. Calle 29 No. 11 Int. 103A 53830 Naucalpan, Edo. Mexico Tel: +52 (55) 52950093 Fax: +52 (55) 52953432 Mobile +52 (55) 10895349 international@roteqmachinery.com Korea: D.H. Ko or S.L. Paik Thematec World Co., Ltd.

LG Twin House #403, 192 Kumi-dong, Pundang-ku Sungnam-city, Kyunggi-do, Korea Tel: +82-(0)31-715-1944 Fax: +82-(0)31-715-2844 Mobile +82-(0)11-340-1940 (D.H.Ko) international@roteqmachinery.com

Slovatek s.r.o. Via Leonardo Da Vinci 24 Rignano Flaminio (Roma), 00068, Italy Tel: +39-0761-281-286 • Fax: +39-0761-508-352 E-Mail: postmaster@slovatek.com • Web Site: www.slovatek.com

Mission Statement: SLOVATEK s.r.o. counts on time trusted partners and cutting edge technologies for the manufacturing of all items offered.

We continuously update our operators and our manufacturing capacities, in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our Customers, and the Quality of our products.

Company History: Slovatek s.r.o. is a company offering more than three decades of experience in the cable manufacturing industry. / insulated wire, offering a very wire range of tooling and accessories covering all steps of the manufacturing process.

Today, Slovatek s.r.o. proudly supplies prestigious companies that are leaders in the cable and wire manufacturing industry, worldwide.

Product Lines: Slovatek s.r.o. supplies a broad range tooling and accessory products for all steps of the wire and cable manufacturing. Please visit to our website: www.slovatek.com for more on our products and services.

QUALITY STATEMENT: Slovatek s.r.o. supplies only material complying with the most strict international standards. Our products ensure quality, efficiency, delivery times, and most of all, very competitive prices.

Capabilities: Slovatek s.r.o. utilizes a prepared and continuously updated staff to respond quickly to specific demands, and ensure a complete understanding of the requests coming from our precious customers.

Our company is able to give concrete and clear answers/solutions in the shortest time, allowing time savings for our precious customers.

HEADQUARTERS: Slovatek s.r.o. Via Leonardo Da Vinci 24 Rignano Flaminio (Roma), 00068, Italy T: +39-0761-281-286 F: +39-0761-508-352 E-Mail: postmaster@slovatek.com Web Site: www.slovatek.com Registered sit: Klariska 7, Bratislava, 81103, Slovakia

Summit City Enterprises, Inc. 6911 Blue Mist Road Fort Wayne, IN 46819 USA Tel:+1 260 478 6954 Fax:+1 260 747 1355 E-Mail: Summitdie@aol.com Website: www.summitdie.com

THOUGHTS FROM THE SUMMIT: to Our Current Customers: First, we want to thank each of you for your continued support of and loyalty to Summit City. 2008 continued our string of year-to-year sales increases.

While 2009 will likely end our 10 year string of increases due to the current economy, we hope and plan to earn your business in 2009 and beyond.

To Our Future Customers: We offer for your consideration some feedback from the marketplace:

• “Our best purchasing initiative in years.” —copper mill

• “By far the best PCD surface finish in the industry today.” —copper mill

• “You have cut our recut turn-around time by over 50%.” —stainless mill

• “You are my most professional and reliable die vendor.” —ferrous mill

• “Our plant manager asked me to thank you for one-day delivery of emergency recuts.” —copper mill

• “The only competitive prices we have seen from others are based on used dies or thirdworld nibs.” —copper and stainless mill

• “Savings of 20% to 30% from past sources.” —many sources Consider a wire mill with US$1 million in annual purchases of new dies and recuts.

A cost reduction of 20% puts US$200,000 directly to the bottom line. With a typical 5% net on sales, the same US$200,000 bottom line increase requires additional wire sales of U S$4 million.

Summit City offers the opportunity to “pick low hanging fruit.” THE OUTSTANDING SOURCE FOR YOUR WIRE DIE NEEDS!

Sumit City “Die guys”: Craig Martenson and Byna M artenson, Ken Thompson and Lee Thompson, Chris Ferry and David Poveda Jim Leckie Products & SERVICES: Summit City started in 1998 with the objective of being the low-cost North American supplier of world-class draw dies for the wire, bar and tube industries. Products include natural diamond, single crystal synthetic diamond, polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide dies—round and shaped—in sizes from 0.0005" through 2.0"+. Recut services are offered for diamond and PCD dies

UNITEK Crossheads Inc. Div. Of HOWAR Equipment Inc. 214 Jardin Dr. Unit 5 Concord, Ontario L4K 1X8 Canada Phone: (905) 738-4010 Fax: (905) 738-2474 E-Mail: sales@HowarEquipment.com www.HowarEquipment.com

UNITEK Crossheads – Div. Of Howar Equipment in unison with its manufacturing headquarters in Austria design and manufacture high quality precision extrusion crossheads.

Fixed Center Crossheads: Single layer extrusion providing concentric products right after startup.

Co-Extrusion Heads: Extrusion of up to 4 layers of different polymers, with skin-layer and stripe marking.

Fluoro Polymer Fixed Center Heads: Single layer and co-extrusion crossheads for fluoro polymers. These heads are made from wear resistant UNALLOY® which provides exact temperature control throughout the head and careful treatment of the compound.

Flat Cables: High precision, leak free crossheads for various configurations.

By-Pass Systems: Manually, hydraulically or pneumatically operated discharge valves. For diverting material flow; assists in startup, color change, production change or broken wire interruption.

Automatic Color Change: Systems for all kinds of products, including extreme thin wall automotive wire, to change from one color to another at full production speed within seconds, without having to stop the extrusion line. No down-time, minimized scrap, highly improved productivity.

Quick Product Change: Based on the head changing principle as well as head-in-head designs; shortens the downtime and brings the line back in operation within a few minutes.

UNICLEAN Tool & Screw Cleaning Systems: Micro-peen tool cleaning system, which provides careful and quick cleaning of screws and all other contaminated parts.

Extrusion Tooling: High quality tooling manufactured according to application in steel, hardened steel, tungsten carbide, inconel, and diamond inserts.

Contacts: Chris Hauer: GM – Extrusion Accessories Andrew Stromer: Product Manager – Extrusion

Wyrepak Industries, Inc. 697 Middle Street Middletown, CT 06457 USA Telephone: +1 860-632-5477 Fax: +1 860-632-5775 E-mail: wyrepakdave@yahoo.com Website: www.wyrepakind.com

Mission Statement: Wyrepak Industries, Inc. can provide efficient, economical solutions to your payoff and tension control situations.


• Spool Caps and Tension Brushes

• Tension Capstans

• Flyer Arms

• Guide Pulleys Comp any Inform ation: Wyrepak started in 1959 — 50 years ago!

The company began in Bridgeport, Connecticut, founded by the late Joe Kovaleski.

Wyrepak relocated in 2000 to Middletown, Connecticut, where today the company shares a 13,000 square foot facility with sister company, BCY Fibers (a textile yarn processor company).

Wyrepak Industries, Inc. has also been affiliated with T D Engineering Ltd. In the U.K. since 2003.

EXPERTISE : Wyrepak Industries specializes in payoff and tension control equipment. The company focuses on simple efficient systems which are normally easy to operate as well as economical.

North Am erican Main Of ice: Wyrepak Industries, Inc. 697 Middle Street Middletown, CT 06457 USA Telephone: +1 860-632-5477 Fax: +1 860-632-5775 E-mail: wyrepakdave@yahoo.com Website: www.wyrepakind.com

U. K. Of ice: T D Engineering Ltd.

Unit 5 Bawdon Lodge Farm Charley Road, Nanpantan Leicestershire LE12 , England Tel: +44 1509-239832 Fax: +44 1509-239837

Yangzhou Qunye Electrical Machinery Factory Beijiao Fangxiang Town Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China Tel: +86-514-87381010 • Fax: +86-514-87383456 Web Site: www.qunye.com.cn • E-Mail: qunye@qunye.com.cn

Mission Statement: QUNYE has a responsible work team who has rich of innovation and the company dedicates to climbing at high point, and doing fine and perfect. QUNYE bends herself to provide great service to the customer and leads national spools to involve in the spools production worldwide.

FACILITIES: Our company is the professional manufacturer who develops and produces machine spools of cable and lines. As QUNYE accumulates rich produced-experience over twenty years, a team of outstanding technical fellows are brought up to develop all kinds of spools.

Meanwhile, the company’s technical-support assures production quality. With a history of more than twenty years, we maintain sincerity to our Customers and focus on the global market.

In order to provide better service, we supply qualified products to achieve the value and what’s more, develop ourselves.

Our products have excellent quality, are not only well-known nationwide, but are sold out to both developed European and American countries like the USA, Germany, Australia, Spain, etc., and developing countries in the Middle East and southeast Asia. Qunye will develop herself with the trends of the international wire and cable file din the future.

Product Lines: The main products offered by Yangzhou Qunye Electrical Machinery Factory include: PND series double deck highness (strengthen) machine spools, PN series pressure/tile type machine spools, creel stand, plastic machine spools, PC, PL series spools and spool tools etc. Our production is made strictly in national and international standard, certificated by ISO9001, 2000.

The company’s products are suitable for all necessary requirements in the wire and cable field. Non-standard products are available according to design and draft by clients.

Our productions suit for: wires, Optical fiber cable, data communication cables of exceed high voltages, middle and low voltages cross linking manufacturers, all kinds of steel wire, steel cord, and weaves of plastic tubes.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Our aim is to: support high-quality production and desirable service. Please trust us that we are your best and only choice for your company with our effort.