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Shorline's LED Lights
Loye Futch

DIY Article #1 in a Four-Part Series<br /> <br /> FOR YOU TECH HEADS, DIODE IS THE coolest new DIY marine accessory to come out since I started working on boats over twenty-five years ago.<br /> <br /> Don’t resist change! I’m as “old school” as the next guy, but when LED lights hit the market I jumped all over this easy-to-install, hightech, low-draw technology.<br /> <br /> Believe it or not, most “Captain Weekend” boat owners that enter my shop haven’t changed their lights over from incandescent bulbs to LED’s, but you should make the switch now!<br /> <br /> LED bulbs consume up to 1/10th the power of standard incandescent (old school) bulbs, which translates into a significantly longer run time with a lower power draw. If for some reason you forget to turn off your LED lighting, you’ll be less likely to run the battery dead or burn out the light because LED lights stay cool. New technology has helped create LED’s that are far superior than earlier versions. The latest LED’s have fewer failures from heat build-up and do not cause electrical interference that plagued boaters who bought the original LED lighting. Today’s LED’s can be used for any application from navigational to accent lighting and come in an array of colors (red, green, white, blue) and a wide variety of shapes and sizes.<br /> <br /> Versatile LED lighting is quick and easy to install on just about anything. Whether you’re updating your companion lighting, accent lighting, docking lights, or navigational lights, making the change from older incandescent lighting to LED has never been easier. So grab your laptop or smartphone and take a minute to look at my DIY videos at and watch me, Captain Loye Futch, run through the simple steps that’ll show you how to be a “Captain Weekend” LED installation expert in no time at all.<br /> <br /> Who is Shoreline Marine’s “Captain Weekend”? <br /> <br /> Captain Loye Futch is an experienced twenty five year boat captain and veteran marine mechanic that will take the mystery out of boat maintenance by explaining simple installation steps, tricks of the trade, and the tools you’ll need to be your own “Captain Weekend.” Fixing up your boat by yourself has never been easier.