Wire and Cable Technology International — March/April 2013
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Interwire 2013

Exhibits <br /> <br /> The following is a sampling of firms that will exhibit at Interwire 2013. Descriptions have been provided by the exhibitors.<br /> <br /> Ace Metal Inc. <br /> Booth 620 <br /> <br /> USA <br /> <br /> Ace Metal will display its full product line including its latest models.We supply metal spools for the ferrous, nonferrous, tire cord and fiber optic industries with flange diameters from 6" to 14" (B-40, B-60, B-80), tire-cord spools and tapered flanged spools. We will also display our tubular wire carriers.Richard Medoff, Gerri Medoff, Donald Jones<br /> <br /> ACM AB - KSM/Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Sweden/USA<br /> <br /> Tools designed to save insulation compound usage and money by means of controlling wall thicknesses. Cable cross-section measurement and data acquisition equipment from ACM will be displayed and operated for all to see the extremely precise and quick method of performing all two-dimensional cable measurements. The KSM model also allows quality control departments to track the efficiency of products or equipment with its sophisticated database and graphing plus trending capabilities and analysis of data. Bring your samples to the show. Customers are invited to bring their cable samples to the show, so that they may experience the innovative measurement system first hand.Stefan Askenfors, Willy Hauer<br /> <br /> AEB International Inc. Booth 240 USA<br /> <br /> AEB International is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to the global cable industry.<br /> <br /> AESA Cortaillod Booth 120 Switzerland<br /> <br /> Nearly 40 years of experience in the cable industry allows AESA Cortaillod to offer you the benefits of its skills and complete solutions for testing, quality control and process improvement. Acknowledged leader within the sector, AESA is here to help you run your business with maximum efficiency by offering you only the most productive solutions. Interwire is the right opportunity for AESA Cortaillod to launch in America its latest product line “testing equipment for industrial cables”. These cables have their own specifications and constraints, for example HF parameters to be measured also at very low frequencies, larger wire diameter or inter-mixed compositions.AESA Cortaillod has developed SemaCare accordingly. Today it is essential to have software to efficiently manage its business, but the tools available on the market are general or incomplete. AESA Cortaillod proposes a specific data management system for the cable industry, CIQ: data from the cable to the ERP. AESA Cortaillod offers a complete Cable Management System, including development tools and Manufacturing Execution System, thanks also to strong partnerships. AESA Cortaillod offers a wide range of equipment,Applications and services (included ISO 17025) for telecom, LAN, industrial and energy cables. Take advantage of the show to discover our latest technologies and to discuss with us your projects, to seek after the best solution which fits your needs.<br /> <br /> Amacoil, Inc. Booth 713 USA<br /> <br /> Amacoil will display the full line of Uhing rolling ring traverse winding drives and accessories. Featured will be a working model of the new FA-II Flange Sensing System, which eliminates the need to manually adjust end stops to control reversal. Uhing traverse drives are designed for level winding a wide range of materials from hair-thin fiber to heavy-gauge wire, cable, rope and chain. Traverse reverses automatically without clutches, cams or gears. Threadless shaft will not clog or jam. Accessories on display include shaft collars to hold spools secure and wire guides. As the exclusive North American distributor for Uhing, Amacoil provides value-added manufacturing, sales, parts and ongoing technical support for Uhing traverse drives.<br /> <br /> Amaral Automation Associates Booth 2034 USA<br /> <br /> Amaral Automation Associates introduces the new PLASTICOLOR 1500. Recently the new PLASTICOLOR 1500 series of dosing units has been launched by Woywood/Plasticolor—Amaral Automation Associates’ principle. The new PC 1500 series is a logical improvement of the PLASTICOLOR 1000, which has been produced for more than three decades. With a round material inlet, completely modified screw/cylinder assembly and integrated material test port the unit is giving a better material flow and is allowing a more easy and quick cleaning of the dosing unit. Well known features from other series have been implemented in this unit as well. The new PC 1500 is now also offering a quick discharge with round hose connection, integrated neck piece slide with round outlet, better dust sealing and increased output capacity. In combination with the new slanted stainless steel hoppers the material flow has also been improved. PLASTICOLOR has also introduced a compact volumet-Ric mixing station for standard applications and noncritical mixing ratios. Amaral Automation Associates will also introduces the new Bongard Machines Trolley Wire Drawing Machines at Interwire.Also introduced will be the new Bongard coiler, CU C 480, which has several design features that sets this coiler a cut above the existing coilers in the wire industry. The coiler is made for copper wire from AWG 27 (0.35 mm) to AWG 16 (1.20 mm diameter), soft to hard, with a coiling speed of max 118 fps (36mps). Amaral will show Vision Engineering’s new Kestrel Elite, 2-Axis Optical Measurement Microscope is designed for engineers to withstand the challenging conditions on the shop floor. Kestrel Elite is a high-accuracy, low investment system, designed to transform your measurement and inspection capabilities. From simple single-feature operation, to more complex component part measurement, Kestrel Elite combines high resolution and high-contrast images with intuitive microprocessors to deliver accuracy and simplicity for a wide range of measuring applications. Designed as a powerful yet simple 2-axis measuring microscope, the new Kestrel Elite delivers optimized measurement, sub-ten microns.<br /> <br /> American Kuhne Inc. Booth 1723 USA <br /> <br /> Company is a leading supplier of standard and customized singlescrew extruders, feed screws, extruders and extrusion process controllers.Extruder sizes range from 1/2" through 12" (12.7 to 305 mm).<br /> <br /> Anbao (Qinhuangdao) Wire & Mesh Co., Ltd.Booth 331 China<br /> <br /> Anbao is a manufacturer and exporter of steel wire products, Galvanized Steel Wire and Strands, Galfan wire and strands including ACSR wire and strand, overhead ground wire and message strand, message/guy/stay/span wire and strand, aluminum-clad steel wire and strand, armoring cable wire, braiding wire. Stainless steel wire for weaving, braiding, knitting, lashing wire, etc. And we are also engaged in various metal wire mesh products. Anbao is certified under the ISO 9001&14001 quality control system. Anbao has a customer quality guarantee, and you can trust in it.<br /> <br /> AW Machinery Booth 1723 USA<br /> <br /> AW Machinery supplies manufacturers with wire and cable equipment, fiber optic coating equipment, tube and hose equipment and rewinding equipment.<br /> <br /> Aztech Lubricants Booth 569 USA<br /> <br /> Aztech Lubricants is a global provider of wire drawing and lubricant solutions. With over 125 years of cumulative expertise, we excel at providing a full line of calcium, sodium and potassium stearate drawing powders, RP oil, drawing oils and precoats. Our key name brands that will be showcased at this year’s Interwire show include EZDraw, EZClean and EZCoat. Additionally, we offer a complete line of AZWipe spiral brushes, for an easy method to remove excess scale, rust or coatings from wire. We have manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the USA, South America and Asia. For more information, please visit our booth at the show.<br /> <br /> Baum’s Castorine Co., Inc. Booth 2128 USA<br /> <br /> Baum’s Castorine Co., Inc. of Rome, NY, USA, has been formulating industrial lubricants since 1879. Included in the vast number of industries Baum’s supplies is the wire and cable industry. During Interwire key personnel from Baum’s will be on hand to answer your questions about their products as well as how they can help to maximize productivity in your drawing process. Baum’s offers products for both ferrous and nonferrous wire including tough to handle alloys. Also included are oils and coolants for the flexible conduit producers.<br /> <br /> Besel Group Booth 457 Turkey<br /> <br /> Besel Group is a leading producer and converter of flexible materials for technical applications since 1975. Films, foils and tapes became a passion for us and we process 800 tons of these items every month.We’ve just moved to our new site, 42,000 m2 production and stock space equipped with latest designs of converting technology. With our ISO 9001-certified quality system, experienced and skilled staff and energetic management team we try our best to be ideal partners for our customers. We use the most updated technology to ensure all our finished products are of the highest proven quality. We are approved vendors for many international cable groups and have been globally supplying to diverse locations on five continents We aim to be the global center for films, foils and tapes.<br /> <br /> Beta LaserMike Booth 631 USA<br /> <br /> Visitors to booth 631 will get a first-hand view of Beta LaserMike’s complete system solution for in-process dimensional monitoring and control, and automated quality testing of cable. Beta Laser- Mike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will exhibit its complete system solution for the in-process measurement and automated quality control testing of communication cable at this year’s Interwire. “In these competitive times, when cable manufacturers are worried about how they can be more profitable, we believe it is more important than ever to educate them about the power of an integrated measurement and controls system,” said Bob Stockholm, Beta LaserMike’s Director of Sales for the Americas. “We want to demonstrate that by implementing highly accurate measurement and control solutions along the critical points in the cable extrusion process, manufacturers can significantly increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve product quality to successfully grow their business.” Beta LaserMike plans to display a complete cable extrusion line measurement and control system with gauges in place from the extruder through the puller station. The inte-grated system solution includes Beta LaserMike’s Pre-heater system for uniform, in-process wire heating to eliminate insulation voids in primary cables; AccuScan system for precise on-line measurement of cable diameter and ovality; CapScan system for accurate on-line measurement of cable capacitance; CenterScan system for accurate, reliable monitoring of insulated cable diameter and eccentricity of Conductors; Lump and Neckdown detector system including the new LN3015 3-axis gauge; High-Frequency Spark Tester for on-line detection of faults in cable insulation, such as voids and pin holes; LaserSpeed system for noncontact length and speed measurement of moving product with ±0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% repeatability; Bench- Mike bench-top system for fast, accurate dimensional measurement of cut product samples; DataPro process controller and data management system; LayScan system for accurate, consistent cable lay length measurement of twisted pairs; and SRL Pro on-line structural return loss (SRL) prediction and analysis system. Beta LaserMike will also be displaying its line of bench-top DCM testing systems for LAN/Data cable such as the DCM Model ES-2G for quality testing four-pair category cables up to 2 Ghz and DCM Model SCS-350B for quality testing four-pair category cables up to 600 Mhz. Beta LaserMike’s DCM line of cable testing systems include bench-top and fully integrated turnkey solutions for accurately and reliably testing LAN/data, telecom, coaxial and aerospace/defense cables.<br /> <br /> Blachford Booth 506 USA <br /> <br /> In 2008, a Georgia, USA sugar mill suffered a devastating explosion due to the presence and subsequent ignition of a combustible dust cloud. This terrible accident resulted in the deaths of 13 people and changed forever the way industrial manufacturers manage and mitigate dust-related risk. This accident illustrated the risk associated with combustible dusts. As a result OSHA began intensive review and enforcement of dust-related risk and wire manufacturers began searching for ways to reduce the creation and accumulation of dust in their facilities. Many wire producers turned to Blachford Corporation for technological developments to reduce dust creation during steel wire drawing. Blachford has been a valued supplier of innovation and technical solutions throughout the global wire drawing industry for over 50 years. Blachford supplies technically tailored wire drawing Lubricant solutions to some of the world’s largest wire producers, in support of their ever-changing needs. Blachford’s efforts led to the development of our newest technology products: Low Dust Drawing Lubricants. These new dry lubricants reduce the creation of observable dust. They can also yield increased drawing speeds, reduced lubricant consumption, extended die life and potentially improve lubricant film forming and corrosion resistance. Blachford will present a technical paper on “The Potential for Lubricant Dust Explosions in the Wiredrawing Industry” and will share information with customers at the Blachford booth 506 during Interwire 2013.<br /> <br /> Bock Maschinenfabrik GmbH/Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Germany/USA<br /> <br /> Wire pointers and string-up equipment from hand-operated to heavyduty powered units will be on display. Bock of Germany manufactures precision and durable wire pointers for the aid of die string ups which are designed to operate easily with no maintenance. Precise and special alloy pointing rollers are designed for long life without finning of wires. On display will be the EZM roller pointers with string-up capstan, DSM roller-type wire pointer and HSM swivel wire pointers for pointing in both vertical and horizontal axis ideal for large diameter wire/rod. Comple line also includes additional wire feeders and straightening equipment, which can aid in setting up wire drawing machines.Karsten Bock, Chris Hauer <br /> <br /> Bongard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG Booth 2034 Germany<br /> <br /> See Amaral Automation Associates.<br /> <br /> Boockmann Booth 164 Germany <br /> <br /> Boockmann will present its still relatively new HELICORD® technology for wire and cable surface processing and welding wire finishing, which during the past few years was implemented in Industrial production lines. Especially successful applications are, amongst others, removal of metal particles from strands for high frequency and submarine cables, removal of drawing lubricants and metal particles before extrusion, and various cleaning and lubricating applications in special wire such as for food or medical use.The most promising application is welding wire finishing with the new simultaneous extractive coating and removal of particles. The HELICORD machine NB57W that will be displayed was designed specifically for these processes directly before the precision winder.A traversing process zone that can be connected to the traverse of the winder minimizes stress on the wire after the finishing process.An internal pump allows extractive application of various finishing materials such as lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and arc stabilizers.Also a part of Boockmann’s range of products is its well-known HELILUB® technology for solvent-free lubrication of magnet wire. It is the most reliable method with respect to process stability, especially on high-speed machines and wire intended for end use in hermetic compressor motors. After having reached the point of market saturation in Europe, HELILUB is now experiencing a second spring in Russia and China.<br /> <br /> Bow Technology by Gauder Group Booth 1932 France<br /> <br /> Bow Technology is the answer to cable makers concerned by quality and long-life reliable bows for all brands of double twist machines.With a comprehensive range of 500-plus designs in constant evolution, the division offers a global service from conception to production.This is the owner of the patented GreenBow, a unique design enabling important energy savings.Roger L. Brown, Alain Hawaux, Sébastien Farge, Grégory Viallard<br /> <br /> BOXY Srl/Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Italy/USA<br /> <br /> Steel reels and reel handling equipment of the largest array will be showcased. The line-up includes machined reels for wire drawing, pressed steel reels for bunching and extrusion lines, corrugated and structural steel reels for production and shipping, wire carriers and stem packs. Take-apart reels are available in a specialized assortment which includes the collapsible reels for packaging of reel-less wire coils with and without cardboard cores. A complementary line of handling equipment such as reel tilters, lifters, pallets and coil lifters is available to help manage wire packages. A working display of handling equipment and reels to be on hand at the booth.Alberto Tononi, Chris Hauer<br /> <br /> Breen Color Concentrates Inc. Booth 2114 USA<br /> <br /> Breen Color has been providing custom color and additive concentrates to the plastics industry for over 30 years. Our extensive knowledge and database of pigment, resin and additive properties can also be utilized to rapidly develop custom color concentrates to meet Any special requirement. Breen Color’s compounding equipment has been customized to provide rapid order turnaround while maintaining the exacting quality requirements of an ISO-9001-registered facility.<br /> <br /> Calmec Precision Limited Booth 2056 Canada <br /> <br /> Displaying a new interlock armoring machine, that revolutionizes the interlock armoring process, by doubling production speeds, while still reducing downtime, manpower and material usage.Paula Chute, Marc Fiztner, Paul McMillen<br /> <br /> Candor Sweden AB Booth 124 Sweden <br /> <br /> Candor was founded in 1946 and is specialized in cleaning and plating plants for wire and a supplier of chemicals for various applications.The combination of our know-how in chemicals and processes and our advanced equipment for plating and cleaning of wire makes us unique in the market. Candor supplies both single and multi-strand systems for ferrous and nonferrous materials and all plants are tailor made after customer request. At Interwire 2013, Candor would like to introduce the following: New design development: High speed hot water/steam cleaning of wires with CANDOJET. The unit is very compact and an efficient cleaning unit to be installed after drawing or rolling mill process. Steam/hot water cleaning unit CANDOJET; New design development: High-speed copper coating plant for welding wires. Modular design for customized deliveries according to customer request. Single-wire plating plant for copper alloy wire; New design development: Single-wire plating plants for copper and copper alloy wires with enhanced agitation and current distribution technologies. The plating plant is available for Ni, Ag, Sn and Zn plating on nonferrous wire and is also available for stainless and carbon steel; new design development: Ultrasonic and electrolytic cleaning plants for single and multi-wire applications. The units Are to be placed in-line with annealing furnace, hot-dip galvanizing process or in line with other equipment such as dry drawing process for very clean surfaces, typical stainless steel welding wires. The new design has a further enhanced cleaning efficiency and operator friendliness. Various filtration options can be added to extend lifetime of the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cleaning plant for stainless steel Welding wires; new design development: Multi wire nickel/copper coating plants for stainless steel spring wires or CHQ wires. The new enhanced design allows high current densities and an individual control of each wire with different speed and plating thickness.Welcome to visit Candor Sweden AB and our USA representative Kinrei of America in booth 124.<br /> <br /> Carris Reels Booth 1524 USA<br /> <br /> Carris Reels, a 100% employee-owned company, is celebrating over 60 years serving the wire and cable industry. At booth 1524, we’ll be featuring our extensive product line—plywood, plastic, nailed wood, wood/metal, stamped metal and hardboard, along with the people who provide the creative and timely solutions our customers expect and require during these challenging times. In addition, we’ll also Be featuring our new polyethylene 12" plastic spool with 5" diameter barrel. This latest addition to our plastics family is available in any traverse length to fit our customer’s exact needs. Our range of reel packaging allows customers to minimize inventory dollars and warehouse footprint through our “One Call Does it All” model. With nine manufacturing plants (Canada, USA, Mexico) combined with eight assembly/warehouse locations, we are strategically located to provide the best service in the industry. Together with J. Hamlin Industries, our partner in St Jerome, Quebec, Canada, our customers benefit from our combined experience, streamlined process and offerings. Our entire team is eager to meet you at Interwire 2013.Mike Curran , Dave Ferraro, Harold Stotland, Brian Holden, Jerry Selby, Leann Sexton, Steve Rivers, Jessica Oberg <br /> <br /> Ceeco Bartell Products, Bartell Machinery Systems LLC Booth 749 USA<br /> <br /> Ceeco Bartell will introduce its most recent innovations that it has made to its product range of High speed Roll Form Stranders, using modularized roll form units to producing 750 mcm compact aluminum at 800 fpm. It will also present its latest technology improvements in its range of high-speed metallic interlock armoring lines.Ceeco Bartell remains one of the world’s premier suppliers of rotating equipment for the cable, oil and gas industry. To obtain more detail information, visit our booth 749 at Interwire 2013.Sean Harrington, John Dudus, Tim Murphy, Don Pratt<br /> <br /> Cemanco LC Booth 717 USA <br /> <br /> Cemanco LC manufactures solutions and products for the wire, cable, textile and automotive industries.<br /> <br /> Cimteq Ltd.Booth 2032 UK <br /> <br /> CableBuilder is Cimteq’s Cable Design and Quotation Software apPlication. It helps your company design wire and cable faster, quote faster and avoid costly mistakes that lead to scrap and rework. Here is a short summary of the application features: Low cost of ownership; Easy-to-use and to implement; Fast Cable Design for all types of Cables; Easy-to-use mass-update tools; Produces 2D, 3D and profile drawings; Version control with version comparison; Work-flow and approval control; Completely customisable configurations; Integration to ERP systems; Integrated Crystal Reports engine from SAP; Data import/export with spreadsheets; Fast quotation generation; Packaging calculations; Length-based costing; Produces professional data sheets; Cable configuration/variant generator; Produces manufacturing instructions; What-if analysis of value engineering; Bill-Of-Material and routing generation; and Alternative Bill-Of-Material and routing.Successfully implementing software is a partnership between the cable maker and the software provider.This is why when it comes to purchasing a design and quotation software, you need a company that understands the requirements of your industry, and is able to provide you with the flexibility you need to make you profitable. Cimteq is precisely that kind of company, that is why world-class manufacturers turn to Cimteq’s solutions to help them achieve their desired goals.<br /> <br /> Cometo / Lesmo Machinery America, Inc. Booth 412 Italy/Canada <br /> <br /> Cometo, represented in North America by Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., offers wire straightening, guiding and feeding equipment.<br /> <br /> Commission Brokers Inc. Booth 705 USA <br /> <br /> Commission Brokers will be displaying photos and brochures of currently available used equipment as well as information relating to the company’s appraisal, liquidation and consignment capabilities.Martin Kenner, President of Commission Brokers Inc., with over 44 years of service to the wire industry, specializes in nonferrous wire and cable equipment, wire harness/assembly/processing equipment and braiding machinery, from individual components to complete plants.Martin Kenner<br /> <br /> CONDAT Booth 1650 France <br /> <br /> At Interwire 2013, CONDAT will present its latest developments in lubricants and products for wire drawing industries: VICAFIL®: the industry’s most complete range of wire drawing lubricants; STEELSKIN®: Specialty lubricants for the most demanding applications; GALVASMOOTH®: charcoals for hot dip galvanizing;CONDACLEAN: cleaners for all metal types. CONDAT continues to develop advanced solutions to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental and health and safety legislations: reduction of dust in workshops, impending MSDS updates (GHS system) and compliant chemistries (e.g., REACH, ROHS, Biocides, etc.). The show will be the opportunity for CONDAT to promote several recently developed new products including: VICAFIL TN 1674 T and VICAFIL TN 1608 T: Two new high-performance sodium-based soaps, for high-speed drawing of carbon steel grades. (TN 1674 T is free of lime and calcium compounds); and VICAFIL TS 4770 W: A high performance nonreactive precoating specifically developed to address the demanding application of in-line coating of stainless steels, immediately in front of the drawing bench.<br /> <br /> Conductix Wamplferfrance SAS Booth 1955 France<br /> <br /> Based on decades of experience Conductix-Wamplfer machinery is recognized worldwide for its perfect tension control, its high-speed solution, its excellent traversing, its reliability and its innovative equipment. We propose a complete range for bare fiber optic production—complete draw towers including preform handling units, furnace, cooling tubes, fiber spinning units, capstans, dual winders, etc.; and for copper production—a unique Roller twist stranding line, concentric and longitudinal taping units, motorized payoff and take-ups, gantry payoffs and take-ups, rotating capstans, caterpillar, flyers, accumulators, etc. For more than 40 years, Conductix-Wamplfer has been proposing innovative solutions to achieve our customers’ expectations. We are close to our market and flexible to the customers’ needs in order to develop new products that would meet their requirements. Among standard equipment each customer has its own specific adaptations, and we have always been open to adapt our range to their requests.Obviously equipment prices have also been one major issue on which we have made a hard job to analyze the value and redesign complete sub-assemblies so that our machines become each year more competitive. However, quality has never been reduced and we keep a high control on our integrated mechanical, electrical and PLC design. These departments are one of the key points of our flexibility and constant improvement. Moreover we carefully select our suppliers and we follow them to be sure of the reliability of each part we use to manufacture our equipment.<br /> <br /> Conneaut Industries Inc. Booth 715 USA<br /> <br /> Conneaut Industries is a leading supplier of specialty industrial yarns used by an extensive range of end-users, including automotive, electrical wire and cable, electronics, aerospace, fiber optics and composite materials. We have a clear focus on customer satisfaction and producing zero-defect yarn products such as Conncore® DynaCore® (Kevlar yarn packages), GlassCore® (Cordage) and Polyglass.<br /> <br /> Continuus Properzi SpA Booths 940 & 1818 Italy <br /> <br /> CCR and related processes are the core business of Continuus Properzi. The company is a world leader in the development of the CCR technology with over 60 years of experience.<br /> <br /> Cortinovis Machinery America, Inc. Booth 1739 USA <br /> <br /> See Cortinovis Machinery SpA.<br /> <br /> Cortinovis Machinery SpA Booth 1739 Italy<br /> <br /> Cortinovis Machinery, a member of the Eurolls Group, is known worldwide for designing and manufacturing of all kinds of rotating machines for power cables, telecom cables and steel ropes. Its technology includes Central Tube Stranders, Drum Twisters and Rigid Stranders for power cables; Skip/Bow and Tubular Stranders for steel ropes; and its Conotorsion system for control cables. In 2011 Sictra, also a member of the Eurolls Group was incorporated into Cortinovis Machinery. Sictra’s product range includes twin/single tandem rod breakdown machines, semi-tandem rod breakdown machines, twin and single intermediate wire drawing lines, twin and single fine wire drawing lines, multi-wire drawing machines with modular systems available from four to 28 wires, wiredrawing units for tandem telephone lines and a wide range of spoolers, coilers, static spoolers, double automatic spoolers, robotic spoolers. Its USA operation, Cortinovis Machinery America, Inc., provides customers with immediate and qualified on-site support.Andrea Camparada, Anthony DeRosa <br /> <br /> Construcciones Mecánicas Caballé, S.A. Booth 212 Spain <br /> <br /> With more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machinery for the production of power and telecommunication cables as well as steel ropes, the Spanish company C.M. Caballé provides the cable industry with a wide array of stranding, twinning, bunching and cabling machinery.The firm is constantly developing new, high-quality equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of the wire and cable industry.The company’s portfolio includes the following equipment for power cables including double-twist stranders, rigid stranders, drum twisters, single-twist stranders, bow skip stranders, tubular stranders, planetary stranders and SZ stranders; telecom and LAN cables including double twist pairing-quadding machines, single twist cabling lines, group twinners, drum twisters, shielding-jelly filling-sheathing lines, SZ stranders; steel ropes including double twist stranders, tubular stranders, planetary stranders, bow skip stranders; and ancillary equipment including payoffs, take-ups, capstans, caterpillars, taping machines, binders. At Interwire 2013, the company will show the new range of rigid stranders and drum twisters that has been redesigned and upgraded in collaboration with top energy cable producers to manufacture the following products compacted conductors of copper and aluminum for LV, MV, HV and EHV insulated conductors;sector conductors (Milliken) of copper and aluminum for high and extra-high-voltage Insulated conductors; aluminum overhead conductors (AAAC, ACSR, etc.) with round or trapezoidal wires; screening with copper wires (single or multi-wire) for MV and HV conductors; and armoring with galvanized steel wires.Patrick Carney, Luis Morancho<br /> <br /> Daloo Booth 1932 China <br /> <br /> For cable producers wanting simple and reliable machines at affordable price, Daloo is the obvious choice. While the design is based on European experience, the manufacturing is done in China following strict quality criteria. Its complete standing lines and accessories for the produciton of power and communication cables are delivered worldwide including rigid cage stranders, taping lines, rewinding lines, take-ups and payoffs, pulling caterpillars, etc. Roger L. Brown, Alain Hawaux, Sébastien Farge, Grégory Viallard<br /> <br /> Davis-Standard Booth 1350 USA <br /> <br /> Davis-Standard is committed to engineering wire and cable systems that are cost effective, environmentally friendly and offer a high return on investment. Offerings include systems for building and communication wire, construction wire, coaxial cable, automotive wire, high-temperature and specialty wire applications. Systems are available with a wide range of extruders, payoffs and tension brakes, take-ups, and auxiliary equipment including cooling troughs, capstans, caterpillars and accumulator systems. Laboratory equipment, customized feedscrews and control systems are also available.The company’s high-performance wire handling equipment includes large 96" (2400 mm) payoffs and take-ups, and 60" to 80" (1524 to 2000 mm) caterpillars. Single-wheel capstans are available from 6" to 48" (150 to 1200 mm) in diameter, dual-wheel multi-pass configurations from 12" to 48" (300 to 1200 mm) in diameter, with lengths To 40' (12 m) in dry and wet arrangements. Single-reel, dual-reel, flyer and portal payoffs and take-ups are offered for a wide range of applications. Options are available for portal, cantilevered arm and floor traversing. Davis-Standard auxiliary equipment also includes cooling troughs, semi-automatic and fully automatic spoolers, wire preheaters and curing systems that can be supplied based on application.For more information on Davis-Standard’s full range of wire and cable extrusion products and capabilities prior to the show, contact Larry Fitzgerald at lfitzgerald@davis-standard.com.<br /> <br /> Design & Engineering LLC Booth 812 USA <br /> <br /> Design & Engineering provides state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controls, Human-Machine Interfaces, Supervisory Computers, Communications and Sensing and Engineering Drive systems in your industrial facilities.<br /> <br /> Die Quip Booth 1003 USA <br /> <br /> This year for Interwire, Die Quip will be featuring several of our innovative cutters for wire, cable and chain solutions to eliminate manual, hazardous and abrasive operations. Our cutting line includes Knipex pliers and hand tools, Krenn triangle blade bolt cutters, air powered, battery, electro-hydraulic and full hydraulic cutters. How much are your dies costing you? Chances are much more than you realize. Many factories take a disposal approach to their dies looking for a way to reduce cost. High over-night freight and two-way freight fees are regularly absorbed from rush orders when dies are needed quickly or customer requests demand changes to stock. Large inventories, hidden labor and disposal of good dies from short runs are common areas where production costs are increased but not controlled. An internal die shop can easily eliminate these expensive problems. Die Quip provides a variety of die finishing machines And work cells that are designed to quickly and easily produce dies for any size facility. The right training and machinery allows each die to be cut quickly to handle any production variation. With Die Quip you get more than just a machine, we become your strategic partner to ensure your dies perform at maximum efficiency through die design and manufacturing.<br /> <br /> Dynamex Corporation Booth 2124 USA <br /> <br /> On display will be the latest version of company’s patented Automatic Tape-Splicer for high-speed taping at the extruder. This Euro version uses Siemens PLC, inverters and color touchscreen. A small footprint, longitudinal taping system with fully automatic on-the fly splicing at full line-speed. This patented process enables taping continuously with unattended automatic splices at constant tension.Payoff is equipped with digital drives and runs to 450 mpm. Operates with AL/PE, PE, mylar, kraft paper, tissue, water-swellable, etc. The tape leaves the payoff, which is installed off-line and is redirected to the wire line and then enters the tape former that folds it around the core, prior to entering the extruder. Models for up to 80 mm wide tape. Also on display the new nondriven two position tape payoff that runs both flat and traversed pads. It achieves optimized in-line taping in a cabling line when used with our “Dial-In-Angle” roller unit, delivering tape at the correct angle to the rotating cable. Dynamex’s line of single-twist machines includes rugged high-speed single-twist cablers for insulated products and single-twist bunchers for bare copper or aluminum. New models for 1250 and 1000 reels are now offered. Dynamex’s driven reel payoffs are offered in multi-position or in power loading shaftless single-position units up to 1250 mm reels and 300 mpm.Ben Bravin, Angel Hernandez, Eric Barnett<br /> <br /> ENKOTEC A/S Booth 570 Denmark<br /> <br /> At ENKOTEC’s information booth, staff will be ready to present news within high-performance machinery for nail production.ENKOTEC’s product program includes various complementary machines supplied as stand-alone units or in ENKOline in-line systems. This year ENKOTEC will launch an upgrade of the complete ENKOnail+ high-capacity nail machine series. The upgrade includes many advantages such as: Disco variator replaced by robust and maintenance-free servomotor drive; Even more user-friendly software; New improved system for insertion timing with easy and quick adjustment; Larger eight-groove feed rollers with improved lifetime; User-friendly pedal for manual drive of machine; Exhaust air connections allowing to efficiently evacuate dust; Improved cooling of machine due to powerful extraction of air; Electrical cabinet rubber damping supports to reduce vibration; and Box for nibs inside machine. ENKOTEC nail machines are unique by being based on a rotary forming principle, allowing wire feeding, wire cutting and head forming to take place in one continuous process of rotating movements and offering the possibility of unmanned production.The output-per-minute-rate of the ENKOnail+ series is the highest in the market, without affecting the production stability. The dimension range is as wide as1.8 to 4.2 mm (0.071" to 0.165") diameter x nail lengths 32 to130 mm (1¼" to 5-1/8"), and the machines incorporate a compact, space-saving design and a user-friendly PLC control system and touch screen operator interface, which is easy to navigate and allows quick setup of nail parameters. Tooling changeovers and maintenance routines are easy to carry out owing to the user-friendly open-door machine design. At the same time, ENKOTEC’s machine concept allows to implement an environment-friendly production with a low noise level, small energy consumption and an oil-free manufacturing process, eliminating the need for subsequent nail tumbling. ENKOTEC staff will be pleased to welcome visitors to its information booth.Bent Just Petersen, Jan Sorige, Max Libedinsky<br /> <br /> Esteves Group Booth 806 Brazil<br /> <br /> Esteves Group will be releasing a new edition of its popular eWizard handbook. This will be the third edition featuring improved product descriptions, updated graphics, new tables, more details about die reconditioning tooling and an entire new chapter covering wire drawing dies. With over 100 pages of valuable information, Esteves Group’s eWizard handbook is a comprehensive guide for the wire drawing industry and is filled with useful information about tooling for the wire and cable industry. Copies will be available at the Esteves Group’s booth during the Interwire 2013 show.Enrique Augusto<br /> <br /> Etna Products, Inc. / Etna-Bechem Lubricants, Ltd.Booth 235 USA<br /> <br /> Etna Products, Inc. and Etna- Bechem Lubricants will display its Latest technology—the EELT Drawing Lubricants for nonferrous wire, bar and tube, in addition to its complete line of Master draw Lubricants and associated products for all types or wire, bar drawing, forming and cold heading operations. Etna-Bechem Lubricants, Ltd. Will display its Unopol Line of Copper and Copper Alloy Wire Drawing Lubricants with special emphasis on the New Technology of Water Based Aluminum Wire Drawing Lubricants.Ike Tripp, John Steigerwald, Troy Carr, Bill Coode, Ralph Noonan<br /> <br /> EUROALPHA Srl Booth 1812 Italy <br /> <br /> EUROALPHA is a high-tech, dynamic and innovative Italian company producing precision and reliable machineries for the wire and cable industry, specialized in drawing machines for non-ferrous wires and with an excellent know-how on limited-slip technology. Our aim is pursuing best-in-class as customers’ satisfaction and fidelity, by providing them with: top-quality user-friendly equipment for uninterrupted production and heavy working conditions, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy; prompt and complete proactive support, based on an extreme technical competence; large flexibility and quite fair human relations, without any sort of unnecessary bureaucracy.EUROALPHA is market leader worldwide on drawing machines with limited-slip technology. Our design, based on low-inertia AC motors, state-of-the-art vector inverter and a special SW algorithm perfected over 19-years experience, secures best precision speed control through a maintenance-free system. It positively affects operations and maintenance, improves the wire quality and brings a significant contribution to reduce the running costs of the machines thanks to substantially reduced energy consumptions; extended working lifespan of many wearing parts; low-noise operations without sound-proof cabinets; great operational flexibility of the drawing machine, for optimal use with different materials; extremely limited maintenance needs and costs. EUROALPHA produces a very wide Range of drawing machines, continuous annealers, pay-offs and take-ups, bunching machines. Moreover we can design and supply customized equipment with a short time-to-market.<br /> <br /> Eurolls Group - Eurolls Wire Machinery Division, Eurolls/Team Meccanica, Eurolls/Teurema, The Booth 1739 Italy <br /> <br /> The Eurolls Group leader, Eurolls Wire Machinery Division specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of efficient and high-speed straightening and cutting lines, stretching units and steel fiber production machines as well as electro-welded lattice girder lines. Teurema specializes in designing and manufacturing cold rolling lines, multi-pass dry drawing lines, horizontal and vertical spoolers, static coilers, payoffs and take-up lines for single usage or as complement of lattice girder machines or welded mesh machines, as a part of the wire industry process. Team Meccanica specializes in ferrous drawing lines, dead blocks, coil cleaning and coil spooling. The research and development department contributes with innovative concepts to the development of new and innovative technologies for the other companies of the group.Elisabetta Gironda, Guido Ricci, Roberto Gonzalez, Steven Nichols<br /> <br /> Eurolls SpA Booth 1739 Italy <br /> <br /> Over the past year, Eurolls SpA has been conducting several studies on the use of rolling cassettes versus dies for special applications.With the cooperation of several key customers, Eurolls has been able to perform these tests with optimal results. Consequently, in 2012 Eurolls has supplied a large quantity of rolling cassettes to major producers of welding wire and special alloys. Eurolls has reaffirmed its position as the worldwide leader when it comes to wire rolling, and can guarantee very precise tolerances, for not only materials made of low, medium and high carbon, but also on wire made of special Materials. The latest styles of Eurolls rolling cassettes are able to achieve final diameters smaller than 1 mm. This northern Italy-based company has demonstrated throughout the years its commitment to evolving rolling cassette technology, since it was first introduced by Eurolls in 1996. With the assistance of many unique and integral partners, Eurolls continues to show every day why it is a pioneering company. Eurolls completely understands the wire production process and is the only rolling cassette manufacturer that produces all of its own internal parts including the cassette body and more importantly, the rolls. This knowledge and attention to detail is what allows Eurolls to lead the industry with its introduction and integration of rolling solutions to new customers throughout the world. In 2013, Eurolls plans to introduce its latest innovative rolling cassettes, to the world market. During the last two years, Eurolls has made great strides in North America. Eurolls has recently closed very important orders throughout the USA, Mexico and Canadian markets for different Eurolls products including machinery and equipment for the wire sector and roll tooling for the tubing sector. Thanks to a new working agreement, Eurolls will soon provide regrinding services for tube mill rolls in the USA and will still continue to provide wire and tube mill regrinding services at its Eurolls De Mexico facility, located outside of Monterrey, Mexico.<br /> <br /> Evans Corporation, George Booth 139 USA <br /> <br /> George Evans Corporation provides the wire and cable industry with durable, cost-effective, and fully recyclable Toroidal steel fluted reels.We also offer Western Electric, NEMA and Aluminum Association standardized reels, and custom designed reels to meet your specific requirements and size specifications.<br /> <br /> Fenn Division of SPX Precision Components Booth 464 USA <br /> <br /> The Fenn Division of SPX Precision Components has over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of metal forming Machinery, with hundreds of machines in operation around the world.Fenn’s staff is equipped with extensive process knowledge and expertise to assist those with wire drawing, spring coiling, swaging, rolling mill and wire flattening and shaping applications achieve and exceed their goals. Fenn will demonstrate a new-generation FZ series-11-6 axis CNC Spring Coiler incorporating the Windows® 7 graphical user interface and many more new features to enhance the Torin experience. Also on display will be a Fine Adjustment 3U-HP Turks Head and NF Bench Type Rotary Swaging machine.<br /> <br /> FIB Belgium SA Booth 2117 Belgium <br /> <br /> FIB designs complete solutions for thermal treatment of metallic wires. We optimize your equipment within the framework of flexibility, energy and environmental concerns. On top of this, they comply with the most demanding international standards, in particular regarding the quality of the treated products and the safety of the workers.Within the framework of furnaces, FIB masters direct-heating gas solutions in a view of technological and reliable solutions. Galvanizing lines (both for high and low carbon), steelcord, sawing and bead wires lines, oil tempering lines and stainless furnaces are part of our scope of supply. Solutions with bell and pit furnaces with nitrogen, hydrogen or air are possible in a range of two to 75 tons per batch.Great care is given to the management of projects, but also to the continuous updating of the customer’s operators.<br /> <br /> Fil-Tec, Inc. Booth 1502 USA <br /> <br /> Fil-Tec, Inc. offers a complete line of performance yarns for application in power cables, copper and fiberoptic telecom and specialty cables. Products on display include: Binder Yarns with Water Block-Ing, Non-Wicking, Flame Retardant/Low Smoke finishes; Core Yarns; Ripcords; Filler Yarns; Marker Yarns; Fiberglass Reinforcement Yarns. Come and see our newest producs: Dry Core Yarn for dry core cable designs; Virtually dustless Water Blocking Binder Yarns for high speeds; New line of Water Blocking Yarns for Power Cable applications. Our Water Swellable Binder and Core (wrap around the FRP) Yarns offer the following benefits: Very low dust, extends life of bearings and other moving parts of the equipment; Less downtime due to mechanical maintenance related to SAP dust problems; Less clean-up time; Cleaner working environment for the operator. Our technology produces a Water Swellable binder with higher yield, this means lower cost per kilometer of cable produced. It also produces a package that offers: Excellent integrity and balance; Can run at 5000 rpm without unwanted vibration; More meters per package, this means longer runs without a break and a more efficient stranding process overall. We offer various swell factors. This affords design engineers the flexibility to choose the size yarn and swell factor that best suits the cable.<br /> <br /> Filtertech Booth 863 USA <br /> <br /> For over 40 years, Filtertech has serviced the wire industry by providing complete coolant and water filtration and waste disposal systems. These systems are custom designed for drawing coolant, aluminum rod drawing oil, annealer quench, caster roll coolant, caster water as well as CV water and other associated process coolant and water applications. Filtertech’s goal is to exceed all expectations in supplying quality equipment and servicing that equipment for the life of the process.<br /> <br /> Fine International Corporation Booth 1040 USA <br /> <br /> Fine International Corporation is a worldwide supplier of wire and Cable machinery. Fine provides extruders, take-ups and payoffs, preheaters, water troughs, capstand, dancers/accumulators, gas injection systems, respoolers, braiders, tapings and binding machines, planetary (including vertical), rigid, tubular, skip and SZ stranders, single and double-twist cablers and drum twisters. Representatives will also be present from Shanghai Nanyang (extruders, take-ups, payoffs, preheaters, water troughs, capstans, dancers/accumulators, gas injection systems, respoolers, braiders, taping and binding machines), Hefei Smarter (Stranding Machinery—Tubular, Planetary, Rigid, Drum Twister, Drawing), Jiangsu Qunye (Reels/Bobbins), Hangzhou Juli (Tapes), Machine-Well (Corrugated Tube Welding Machinery) and Shanghai Yupin (Optical Fiber Machinery). Operational machinery on display include 16 carrier Braider and Vertical Taping Machine with dual servo motor drive system and tape tension transducer built into the head. Enclosed office space will allow for quiet project discussion and a slide presentation highlighting Fine's complete supply capabilities will be provided in the outside waiting and seating area.Erik Macs, Lee Wu, Bruce Ceres<br /> <br /> Flymca & Flyro Booth 215 Spain <br /> <br /> Flymca & Flyro are proud to be attending Interwire in booth 215.Flymca the stranding machinery manufacturer from Spain that keeps the whole process without subcontracting in low labour countries is able to deliver high quality solutions as made in the past: “for lasting all the life”, keeping their cost under control to offer at affordable prices custom solutions. The range of production covers from rigid, tubular, drum twister, planetary, bow cablers, skips, double and single twist and SZ lines for energy and steel markets and special equipment with big dimensions usually needed for umbilical, offshore and submarine cables. Flyro is the sister company that deals with used machinery covering the whole wire and cable machinery Market with a huge inventory. Special offers can be made combining used and new equipment as well as revamping solutions that will modernize yours, putting in order the mechanical parts and using modern electrical solutions to achieve better production.Prepared with a high experience team and modern and big facilities, Flymca & Flyro can meet your requirements for the wire and cable purposes, matching your needs and your budget with a good proposal. Two people will attend your demands and show photos and solutions already made studying your needs and speaking about how can we help you.<br /> <br /> FMS USA, Inc. Booth 616 USA<br /> <br /> At Interwire 2013, FMS USA, Inc. will showcase the NEW RTM X42 Wireless Tension Monitoring System. This modular, powerful tension monitoring system is easily expandable to monitor in real time up to 42 wire strands on rotating machinery. In use the tension data is wirelessly transmitted to the operator station to provide an analog signal, or also integrated into a PC or PLC via gateway. Possibilities include Data Logging, Graphing, Tension Limit Alarms, Core Tension, and Running Length Input. The cost effective system is ideal for both OEM and upgrade applications.We will also display our complete line of Tension Measurement products for the wire and cable industry including Force Sensors for Strands/ tapes and Amplifiers (including those with an optional bus interface such as EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, etc.).<br /> <br /> Fort Wayne Wire Die Inc. Booth 1532 USA <br /> <br /> Fort Wayne Wire Die Inc. manufactures and supplies wire dies of the highest quality, consistency and production efficiency, which Are critical to your wire drawing operation. Turn to Fort Wayne Wire Die—the world’s innovation leader in wire die technology since 1937.<br /> <br /> Frontier Composites & Castings Inc. Booth 2012 Canada <br /> <br /> At Frontier Composites & Castings Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the exceptional level of service and support we provide to our customers. Offered by Frontier Composites & Castings are bows in carbon fiber and fiber glass, with Kevlar that is used where desirable. Additionally, the company provides a wide assortment of hardware.<br /> <br /> FUHR GmbH & Co. KG Booth 1856 Germany <br /> <br /> At Interwire 2013, leading manufacturer of wire rolling machines, FUHR GmbH & Co. KG, will be represented with an informational stand, where all prospective clients are invited to pass by and learn about FUHR’s upgraded portfolio of rolling mills and current projects with its international clients.<br /> <br /> Gauder Group, Inc. Booth 1932 USA <br /> <br /> With over 20 years of continuous presence and after several recent major machine installations in the USA, the Interwire 2013 show is the opportunity for the Gauder Group, Inc., to highlight the joint rebranding of its POURTIER and SETIC products range (based in France, both are work leaders in rotating machines for the nonferrous wire and cable industry) as a combined entity “POURTIER & SETIC of America”. Gauder Group, Inc., develops accordingly its support and parts (including high-technology bows) services offer to the North American market from Greensboro, NC, USA.Roger L. Brown, Alain Hawaux, Sébastien Farge, Grégory Viallard<br /> <br /> GCR Eurodraw SpA Booth 1712 Italy <br /> <br /> GCR Eurodraw SpA and DEM Wire Rolling Technology are once again pleased to be present at Interwire in Atlanta this year. GCR Eurodraw designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the steel wire and wire rope industry. DEM is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of equipment for the production of cold rolled and profiled wire products. GCR Eurodraw range of products includes wire rod preparation equipment, mechanical descalers, brushing units, calcium phosphate coating equipment, borax coating equipment as well as complete batch pickling plants; wire drawing equipment, starting from very large wires up to 20 mm down to very thin sizes of 0.10 mm combined with spoolers or coilers; payoffs and take-ups for multi-wire processing lines such as patenting lines, galvanizing lines; multi and single-wire plating lines, electro-galvanizing, coppering, tinning lines; wet wire drawing lines; double-twist bunchers and stranders as well as tubular stranders for the production of tire cord and ropes in general; PC wire and PC strand production lines; and welding wire equipment with special focus on flux-cored welding wire production lines. DEM product lines include high-performance cold rolling lines for the production of indented wire for mesh and concrete reinforcements in form of coils or bars; high-performance profiled wire rolling lines for steel and nonferrous products; rolling cassettes and micro rolling cassettes; and high-performance lay-by-lay spoolers for profiled wire. Our sales team will be present at our booth to assist our customers with detailed information on our products and to offer our tailored solutions to match the specific needs that the competitive market of the wire industry requires.<br /> <br /> Gimax Group Booth 1024 Italy <br /> <br /> Gimax will show three of its machines. Customers who visit the booth will be able to see the new design of the REV, a totally automatic respooling line for precision and/or random winding of welding Wire, designed to run solid and tubular wire on small plastic spools.With its new concept in automatic respooling, totally unlike the traditional automatic respooler, it can produce up to 60 small 4" spools per hour, or 30 small 8" per hour. The INF-2 DRUM PACKER will be another highlight of the show—the Gimax line to coil wire into “no twist” drums remains the most compact and flexible machine on the market. The drum packer is capable of reaching a constant speed of 4000 fpm with most welding wires. This same machine has been Supplied to handle steel flux cored wire, 5356 aluminum, stainless steel, CuSi brazing wire. Both of these machines will be in operation and can be demonstrated at the show. We will also be showing the POLIDIGITAL SAW semi-automatic respooler designed specifically for large diameter wire.<br /> <br /> GMP Slovakia Booth 558 Slovakia <br /> <br /> GMP Slovakia is a worldwide leader in the production of metal reels, drums and special equipments. The range of products includes many different items including reels for drawing processes. The choice of the reel depends on different elements; main points are the diameter of the wire which will be loaded on the reel, the type of material of this wire and the use that customer will do of the reel. GMP Slovakia is ready to suggest the best reel for each customer, thanks to the big experience and know how this company has. For copper or aluminum drawing process, standard reels are DW-Double Wall and FM-Fully Machined, for steel wire drawing process suggested reel is HD-Heavy Duty. All these reels can be machined on the winding surfaces (except FM-Fully Machined which is completely machined, on the internal and on the external surfaces) and can be balanced for high speed.Barrel can be reinforced and is completely closed to prevent humidity problems and the structure of the reel is fully welded. Many other options are available and according to the customer’s request GMP Slovakia can suggest different solutions to their need. The design of all our products is studied to guarantee the perfect use on them with machine of high quality. The structure of all reels and equipment is strong and guarantees a long life of our product, which after years of use will be still in good condition. For this reason in GMP Slovakia manufacturing department produces machines like CNC lathe machines, welding robots, automatic balancing machines and we have a constant quality control (GMP Slovakia became certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification in year 2010). GMP Slovakia also manufactures different equipment to handle the reels, in vertical or horizontal position. Many other products are included in the range of products; customers are invited to contact us for any further additional information.<br /> <br /> Heany Industries Inc. Booth 950 USA <br /> <br /> At Heany Industries Inc., we specialize in custom designs. While we have been around for over 80 years supplying industry-standard ceramic components (eyelets, pulleys, rods and tubes), our engineering and sales staff is always ready to work with you to create a new product for your specific requirements. All design and custom fabrication work takes place at our Scottsville, NY, USA facility. We can tailor your design to meet your needs in terms of material choice (heanium, zirconia), surface finish and tolerances. Our goal is to provide our customers prototype design assistance with an affordable end result. To compliment our ceramic division, our coatings department is devoted to lengthening product life, improving performance and controlling costs. A working combination of properly selected coatings in effective application processes virtually guarantees optimum results. Our engineering staff can help you select the ceramic(s) or coating(s) best suited for your specific applications.Kathie Carl, Cliff Rabidoux<br /> <br /> Heatbath® Corporation Booth 750 USA <br /> <br /> Heatbath® Corporation is an innovative supplier of cleaning and coating chemistries for the ferrous wire industry. Product lines include alkaline cleaners, scale conditioners, acid pickling additives, phosphate coatings, immersion copper and oxalate coatings, conditioners, neutralizers, reactive and nonreactive lubricants. Heatbath employs a “Total Line Responsibility” approach to your cleaning house operations, providing training and service for each step of the entire process. Heatbath has three blending facilities located in Indian Orchard, MA, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; and Detroit, MI, USA. ISO 9001-certified.<br /> <br /> HOWAR Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Canada <br /> <br /> HOWAR Equipment will showcase wire and cable manufacturing accessories manufactured by its European represented manufacturers.Displayed products will include Steel Reels, Spools, Carriers and Reel Handling Equipment; Mechanical Wire Descalers, Rotating Dies and Scrap Wire Coilers; Plasma Wire Surface and Heat Treatment; Wire and Cable Taping Lines, Single Twist Strander, rewind lines; Payoffs, Take-Ups and Tension Control Equipment; Extrusion Crossheads, Automatic color change systems, Extrusion Tooling; Automatic Cable Cross-Section Measurement; and Cable Wrapping/ Packaging. HOWAR has over 30 years industry experience, and is interested in discussing any machinery and application inquiries in order to provide solutions to practical requirements.Willy Hauer, Chris Hauer, Andrew Stromer<br /> <br /> Huestis Industrial Booth 332 USA <br /> <br /> Huestis Industrial will be displaying several machines as well as the latest designs in air wipers. Also on display will be products from our recent purchase of Wyrepak Industries. There will be multiple products to view from both lines, and our staff will be happy to answer all questions and inquiries. Huestis Industrial’s Down Drafter Air Wiper is an innovative new design that incorporates air jets at both ends of the wiper and a center bottom drain that is threaded to allow the user to hook up a vacuum unit, piping or a tube to return the liquid back to the process system. This design allows for multiple ganging of units within a system without excessive “blow back” onto the following air wipers, thus increasing drying efficiency. This unit also has enhanced performance over our standard air miser as a stand-alone or a single unit on a process line. Customers find that its unique properties make it ideal for many process applications at high speeds where improved drying prior to printing applications, spark testing or spooling is critical.Offered in the most popular sizes and it comes with a metering valve to control the air flow of the rear jets. Wyrepak products include reinforced plastic guide pulleys. These highly durable reinforced pulleys, with their replaceable contact rings, are ideal for guiding or redirecting all types of wire. Flanges are bolted together, so individual parts can be replaced when worn or damaged. Each may come with single or double bearings. The replaceable contact ring is available in hardened rubber, tungsten carbide coated steel or ceramic coated steel.The nitrile (rubber) has high abrasive resistance and reduces vibration.They are offered in sizes from 2.5" to 16" (89 to 445 mm). Also of-Fered are small pulleys. These “No-Torque” small pulleys consist of a ceramic contact ring mounted on tough, reinforced plastic flanges.Each pulley comes with a single bearing. They are offered in sizes ranging from 15.0 to 50.00 mm.<br /> <br /> Inhol BV Booth 402 The Netherlands <br /> <br /> Inhol/PTL will exhibit at the Interwire 2013. Major focus will be the introduction of an additional range of specialty cross-linkable wire and cable compounds. Inhol will introduce more compounds that are suitable for various cross-link systems and not just irradiation. In 2013 new PTL-brand compounds will be based on one of the four major cross-link systems: Silane-grafting/moisture crosslinkable compounds, Peroxide-based mold-curable compounds, Peroxide based CV-curable compounds and E-beam radiation crosslinkable compounds. Inhol/ PTL got positive feedback from the market place. The growing versatile range of PTL-brand compounds will enable the wire and cable Industry to come up with more multiple solutions for their customers.Ron Goethals<br /> <br /> Inosym Booth 1320 New Zealand <br /> <br /> Inosym has been supplying reels to the cable and wire industry for 12 years and to over 48 countries. Specializing in steel and plastic reels that are manufactured to European and USA standards, Inosym can offer reels to meet all the varying needs of the modern manufacturing plants. Inosym is committed to providing its customers with world-class quality reels and bobbins at competitive prices. Inosym reels were developed to provide cable and wire manufacturers with a product that was realistically priced and of high quality. We believe we are achieving this and are assisting our customers to reduce capital expenditure and increase profits. Product examples include ABS plastic reels from 250 to 1000 mm for insulating, group twinners, stranding, bunching, jacketing. MF (Metal Flange) pressed metal process reels Come in sizes from 100 to 1250 mm and are made from high-quality steel plate and tube. Applications include universal take-up and payoff reels, bunching, stranding, insulating and jacketing. SM (Semi Machined) double-wall high-speed reels come in sizes from 315 to 1250 mm and are made of high-quality steel plate and tube. Applications include drawing, bunching, stranding and insulating.FM (Fully Machined) steel high-speed reels in sizes ranging from 100 to 1000 mm and manufactured from high-quality steel plate and tube. Applications include high-speed single-wire drawing, high-speed multi-wire drawing, bunching and enamelled wire coating. SD (Steel Drum Reels) are large steel process and shipping drums available in sizes ranging from 800 to 4500 mm. SD Steel Drum Reel options include flat sided flanges, corrugated flange and break-down reels. Applications include drum twisting, stranding, insulating and jacketing. With more than 350,000 ft2 of production space, Inosym can provide our customers with rapid delivery of both large and small reel orders. Inosym are sure you will find the quality, performance and price to be world class.<br /> <br /> IWG High Performance Conductors Inc. Booth 440 USA <br /> <br /> IWG High Performance Conductors is the world’s leading fabricator of specialty high-performance conductors for the aerospace, medical, automotive, computer, telecommunications, mass transportation, geophysical and electronics markets.<br /> <br /> Kalmark Booth 1354 Canada <br /> <br /> The Continuous Interlock Armoring Machine has made KALMARK a famous name around the wire world. System features 50 to 125 mm capacity and high-tech controls. We’re also displaying our 61- Wire Roll-Form Strander. Stop by our booth and see for yourself.Technologies have advanced, and we’re leaving our competition in the dust. You can’t just keep making the same machines and calling them new. Changes need to be made. Check out the new features we’ve added to the Armoring Lines and Stranding/Cabling Machines.We’re adapting these technologies across to other machines as well.<br /> <br /> KEIR Manufacturing Inc. Booth 703 USA <br /> <br /> KEIR Manufacturing, Inc. is a North Carolina, USA-based company that manufactures and markets a large variety of technical ceramic and engineered products serving a diverse group of industries. For the wire and cable industry worldwide, KEIR’s products include a wide range of high purity Ceramic Guides and the Frontiersman line of Air Wipes along with state of the art Composite Flyer Bows and Ceramic Pulleys from the recently acquired wire products business unit of Kamatics.<br /> <br /> Kinrei of America LLC Booth 124 USA <br /> <br /> Kinrei of America’s cabling, bunching and twinning products represent the latest advances in cable production technology. We offer complete selections of machines for ultra-thin wire, unilay and concentric, litz, automotive, medical, twinning and cabling in tubular, single or double twist.<br /> <br /> LaserLinc Booth 1850 USA <br /> <br /> LaserLinc’s accurate and adaptable noncontact laser and ultrasonic Systems measure OD, ID, wall, eccentricity and concentricity for the wire, cable and fiber industries. For Interwire 2013, we are introducing two new products: NetLinc offers ethernet connection to host HMI, and SmartLinc offers Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or other common protocols for direct interface to line control systems.High-speed, three-axis laser gauging for ovality and flaw detection, plus features such as FFT and SRL prediction, help reduce scrap, increase production efficiency, and improve quality. The UltraGauge+™ ultrasonic wall thickness measurement system uses hardened stainless steel fixtures designed to withstand harsh wire and cable manufacturing environments, and UltraLock™ Auto Setup provides automatic configuration. Gauges operate via PC-based Total Vu™ software. Total Vu gives you a complete audit trail of the process, including flaw reporting, SPC charts and Excelbased user-designed reports. You also get real-time analysis, with run and trend charts, graphical cross-section display and measurements in configurable, easy-to-read panels. Other features include in-process tolerance checking, feedback control and recipes. Laser gauges measure diameters from 0.035 to 120 mm (0.0014" to 4.7"), and feature compact models and the highest measurement rates available. With the UltraGauge+, you can measure wall thickness at up to eight positions with up to 2000 measurements per second.LaserLinc micrometers and the UltraGauge+ digital signal processor have a four-year warranty, parts and labor. If your micrometer needs warranty repair, LaserLinc will overnight a temporary replacement.<br /> <br /> Leoni Wire Inc. Booth 640 USA <br /> <br /> Leoni Wire is a supplier of wires, optical fibers, cables and cable systems as well as related development services for applications in the automotive business and other industries.<br /> <br /> Lesmo Group, OM Booth 424 Italy <br /> <br /> Established in 1962, OM Lesmo is one of the oldest and most well known companies still present in the manufacture of rotating equipment for the wire and cable and steel rope manufacturing industries.Product lines include double-twist, single-twist, bow, planetary, rigid cage, tubular stranders, single and group twinners, drum twisters, payoffs, taping and binding heads.<br /> <br /> Lesmo Machinery America, Inc. Booth 412 Canada <br /> <br /> Lesmo Machinery America offers the most efficient and productive manufacturing technologies from world leader manufacturers. The company was formed to service the needs of the wire and cable industry with a business policy to maintain relationships with customers based on complete mutual trust. The company also maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts for the machines offered.<br /> <br /> Lloyd & Bouvier, Inc. Booth 1832 USA <br /> <br /> Lloyd & Bouvier, Inc., providers of rebuilt, used and new equipment to the wire and cable industry, will be exhibiting at Interwire 2013.From individual items such as payoffs, take-ups, capstans, cablers, stripers and dancers/accumulators, to complete lines for extrusion, cabling, respooling, taping and specialty applications, Lloyd & Bouvier has been providing quality products and outstanding service for 24 years. Each new or rebuilt machine or system is designed to the Customer’s specific requirement and tested in-house before shipment to insure conformance. Additionally, complete rebuilding services for Wardwell 16 and 24 carrier braiders are available, with an extensive inventory of quality used parts on hand at all times. An on-site electronics department and modern machine shop provide customers with the latest technology for all their wire and cable equipment needs. Also in the booth will be representatives of Gauder USA, with whom Lloyd & Bouvier has recently concluded the first year of a successful joint venture in North America. Stop by booth 1832 to see a digital display of new and rebuilt equipment, and to discuss your specific or unique requirements with the equipment experts.Ron Reed, Pete Kuipers, Brian Bouvier, Mike McKee, Mary Reed, Tamar Kuipers <br /> <br /> Lubrizol Booth 618 USA <br /> <br /> Lubrizol engineers and chemists develop additives, ingredients compounds that amplify the quality and performance of other products while reducing their environmental impact. And those products cover a wide range of applications including lubricants and fuels, metalworking fluids, performance coatings, inks and more.<br /> <br /> Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH Booth 206 Germany <br /> <br /> Lukas is a global supplier of machinery for the wire and cable industry. As a leader in technology, Lukas is known for its high quality and high precision products. Both standard machinery and customized solutions can be provided. Beside payoffs, take-ups, rewinding lines, drawing machines, etc., the main focus is on taping and spinning lines. These taping lines are available in horizontal or vertical version. They are suitable for a lot of different types of tapes and fibers, such as: PTFE, polyimide, mica, polyester, fleece, laminated tapes, metal tapes, paper, etc. The high speed and the high precision is enabled by a closed loop tape tension control and a very Precise speed synchronization between the capstan (or caterpillar) and the taping heads. Depending on the application, the line may be equipped with a cooling unit for the taping area, devices for quality control or an in-line sintering oven. The picture shows a vertical taping and sintering line for aircraft cables. It consists of payoff, two-head taping unit with air conditioning, capstan, vertical infrared sintering oven and take-up. Especially the vertical oven is a very space-saving solution. By using special IR heaters the power consumption is reduced to a minimum. These very fast reacting heaters allow adjusting the heating power according to the line speed. Lukas can provide taping lines for wire dimensions from round wire with diameter 0.15 mm to rectangular wire with cross section 100 mm².Possible application fields are aerospace cables, high-frequency cables, fire resistant cables, wires for generator, motor, transformer and railway applications, etc.<br /> <br /> Magnetic Technologies Ltd.Booth 217 USA <br /> <br /> Magnetic Technologies Ltd. Has announced the addition of Electric Hysteresis Brakes to its product offerings. In sizes to 220 lb-in, these brakes compliment the extensive offering of permanent magnet hysteresis and eddy current brakes and clutches offered by Magnetic Technologies Ltd. For the last 30 years. Electric Hysteresis Brakes can be integrated into closed loop tension control systems. A working model of such a tension control system will be displayed at Interwire. In addition to the new Electric Hysteresis Brakes, they will be displaying a variety of permanent magnet brakes for the wire industry. Magnetic Technologies Ltd. Offers a variety of brakes for payoffs and take-ups. Our brakes are infinitely adjustable to give extremely accurate tension control and come in numerous sizes to fit customers’ spools and reels. Torque is developed magnetically and will remain the same year after year. Torque ranges from 0.11 in-oz to 140 in-lb. Single to multi-spool payoff stands are also available.Advantages include adjustability, portability, no electricity and a minimum of floor space. Every brake or clutch is carefully engineered to give exceptional long life, for even the most demanding production standards. They are designed to be easily mounted and serviced or modified, should the need arise. We stock spare parts for all of our products and do any necessary repairs in house at our facility in Oxford, MA, USA. Several models have tapered roller bearings to support heavy overhung loads.<br /> <br /> Maillefer Extrusion Oy Booth 932 Finland <br /> <br /> Maillefer is exhibiting at Interwire. The industry has evolved since the previous show and the multi-national company is eager to share its new developments and improvements with its partners and friends at what appears to be a promising event. Maillefer has a broad portfolio of extrusion systems for energy cable, fiber optic cable, telecom cable and tube manufacturing systems. In Atlanta, the spotlight will be on energy and fiber optic applications. For energy applications expect to see, new technology and innovations for higher productivity, more compact layouts, longer production runs and improved quality in the manufacturing process, and super clean insulation material handling. When fiber optic cables made their debut in the late 1970s, Maillefer was present with equipment for the leading players at the time. Today, Maillefer provides high-end manufacturing solutions for every stage of the fiber optic cable process. Tight buffering, secondary coating, SZ stranding and jacketing lines are available for producing FTTx cable with low fiber counts and short lengths.Technology like the compression caterpillar with tension feedback serves to keep accurate control of excess fiber length.<br /> <br /> MALI/Cable Consultants Corp. Booth 1050 Austria/USA <br /> <br /> MALI will be exhibiting on the Austrian pavilion. MALI an affiliate of the Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gieserei Ges.m.b.H. a leading supplier of cabling machines, will be showing videos of their complete range of drum twisters, planetary and rigid cage stranders and armoring lines for the production of umbilical, submarine and power cables, wire rope and telecommunication cables. With over 60 years of experience in the design and production of machines for the wire and cable industry, MALI offers complete cabling and armoring lines complete with take-ups and payoffs, compacting heads for round and Milliken conductors, taping heads. Designed and in-house manufacture guarantees quality workmanship.Frederick Hardy, Martin Weinhappel<br /> <br /> Medek & Schörner Booth 1050 Austria <br /> <br /> Medek & Schörner will be presenting the following state-of-the-art Cable marking machines at Interwire. Cable Marking Machines will include: High-quality gravure printers (LAN cables, control cables, etc.) for speeds up to 1200 mpm; Water Misting unit for the application of fine water dust for pre-cooling of the hot wire immediately after the extruder; Embossing meter markers/hot foil sequential meter markers for highest accuracy of length measurement (power cables, telecommunication cables, optical fiber cables, etc.); Highperformance ring markers for marking telephone wires, switchboard wires, automotive cables, LAN cables; Video system for monitoring the print quality of fast-running cable printing machines, e.g., allowing real-time inspection for bad quality and/or missing prints; and Laser Marking System for Cables. Optical Fiber Coating Systems: Top-speed optical fiber processing systems including optical fiber color coding up to 3000 mpm; ring marking of optical fibers; tight buffering up to 1300 mpm; fiber ribbon production with excellent ribbon planarity and for speeds up to 1000 mpm. CFU Production of compact fiber units: Copper wire insulation with UV varnishes (enamelled wire); and Manufacture of dimension-sensitive precision micro flexible flat cables (FFC) using UV resins. For decades now, Medek & Schörner has been a world market leader in cable marking machines and optical fiber processing lines. As the only company operating in this market segment, Medek & Schörner covers virtually the entire spectrum of machines for marking cables and coding optical fibers, in particular for power, telecom and data cables.<br /> <br /> M+E Macchine + Engineering Srl Booth 658 Italy<br /> <br /> The M+E Macchine + Engineering Srl has its headquarters in Dervio, on lake Como, about 40 miles north of Milan. M+E specializes in the design and manufacturing of payoffs and take-ups for steel and stainless steel wires in coils or on spools for annealing, patenting, galvanizing, oil tempering and other in-line processes, with long experience in the steel-cord industry. M+E also manufactures wet Drawing machines for steel and stainless steel wire complete with horizontal or vertical-axis spoolers. M+E machines are individually designed and manufactured to satisfy the most rigorous customer demands. Each machine is made up of a combination of standard sub-assemblies which guarantee advanced technical quality and competitive prices. Long experience in the evolution of these products over many years has produced the most sophisticated technology, offering reliability and efficiency in operation for customers worldwide, making M+E the best qualified supplier of such equipment, covering a wire diameter range from 0.015 to 25 mm. The M+E production range consists of payoffs from stationary spools or carriers; rotating payoff turntables for spools or carriers; horizontal or vertical spool payoff frames (option—double accumulation capstan); rotating capstan take-up frames for carriers (option—spiral laying, wire skinpass, dual size capstan); stationary capstan take-up frames for carriers (option—pattern laying, accumulation device, dual size capstan); horizontal or vertical spool take-up frames (option—double accumulation capstan); payoffs and take-ups for bead-wire and steel cord; and wet drawing machines (for ultra-fine wire, saw wire, steel cord, spring wire, rope wire, staple and clips wire) complete with traditional horizontal or vertical spoolers or the newly developed series of full automatic spoolers with no operator’s intervention.<br /> <br /> Messe Düsseldorf Booth 1001 Germany <br /> <br /> Messe Düsseldorf will participate in Interwire 2013 in order to promote its worldwide program of international wire and cable trade fairs including wire 2014 (to be held from April 7 to 11, 2014, in Düsseldorf, Germany), wire Southeast ASIA 2013 (to be staged from September 17 to 19, 2013, in Bangkok, Thailand), wire Russia 2013 (to take place in Moscow from June 25 to 28, 2013) and wire South America 2013 (scheduled for September 17 to 19, 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil). At booth 1001, exhibitor, visitor, hotel and travel information for wire 2014, wire Southeast Asia 2013, wire Russia 2013 and wire South America 2013 will be available.<br /> <br /> METAVAN N.V./Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Belgium/USA <br /> <br /> Steel reels from 12" to 49" (305 to 1250 mm) to the highest quality and consistency will be showcased at the HOWAR Equipment booth. METAVAN of Belgium has had a longstanding philosophy to offer a specialized product mix of pressed steel reels using highly advanced machinery in order to offer only the highest quality reels and spools for stranding, bunching and cabling. Using automatic machinery, all reels are able to be produced to the strictest standards at valuable costs. All products are then powder coated in any RAL color providing the customer with a highly wear-resistant finish, and are available in extremely fast manufacturing times due to the specialized equipment employed.Francis VanHaelewijn, Chris Hauer<br /> <br /> Microdia USA Booth 1824 USA <br /> <br /> Microdia offers the world’s largest fixed-center cross heads. Microdia’s filling and jacketing cross heads series 9000 BG 20, 40 and 60 are available in fixed centering configuration and guarantee perfect insulation’s concentricity without any adjustment, the resulting time savings quickly pays back the head cost. One cross head does it all.Single layer, double layer, filling and jacketing, skin coloring, inner skin and main layer. Suitable for all industrial compounds like PE, PVC, LSZH, etc. Extrusion tooling reduced to one wire guide, one intermediate die (for multi-layers only) and one final die. Less floor space, shorter extrusion line because the two extruders are very close to each other. Heating power saving, only one head to heat up.<br /> <br /> Available with electric heating or fluid heating/cooling. Four fully operational fixed center cross heads will be exhibited. Ecomex 20 with QCC: Quick color change cross head designed to extruder technological polymers like TPU,TPE, Biopolymers, etc. Ecomex 20 TH: Thermostatic fluid heat/cool temperature control cross head created for HFFR and heat sensitive compounds extrusion. Avantis 20 SLS FO: High precision optical fiber loose tube, jelly injection buffering cross head, single layer plus skin or stripe. MF9000-07 TL: Triple layer cross head to extrude mini skin-foam-skin, multilayer mini tubes, etc. Alban Adams, Jose Noriega, Jean Daniel Steiner <br /> <br /> Micro Products Company Booth 550 USA <br /> <br /> Visit Micro-Weld’s booth and see several butt welders from Micro- Weld’s wide range of 50-plus models. Micro Products Company, the leading manufacturer of butt and flash welders, has been offering Micro-Weld butt welders since 1928 for continuous processing of wire, rod or cable in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.Models are available for both ferrous and nonferrous applications for a wide range of wire diameters, for solid or stranded material. Also on display are ceramic fusion welders that weld stranded conductors in disposable ceramic tubes/sleeves, and AD Series welders for sleeveless welding of conductors with larger diameters. A variety of accessories and options is also offered. Booth personnel will be available to answer Questions on existing models or special butt welding applications.Micro-Weld features include heavy-duty long-lasting transformers, manual or pneumatic operation and self- aligning welding dies for consistent high-quality welds. Sample weld evaluation is offered as a valuable service free of charge to test the stock/material and evaluate the weldability and strength of wire samples. Micro-Weld is now used in 30 countries and service is available worldwide.<br /> <br /> Mikrotek Booth 131 India <br /> <br /> For decades, Mikrotek’s name has become synonymous to the art of die making and die technology. In today’s fast-moving technology, Mikrotek has moved a edge forward to make dies which exceeds customers’ expectations. The company’s main aim is to produce quality products according to the customer’s requirement and to be a leader in providing unenduring services to the customer. Product line includes Superfine Natural diamond dies (0.013 to 0.050 mm) , Natural diamond dies, Mono diamond dies, Polycrystalline diamond dies, Shaving dies, Compacting dies, tungsten-carbide dies, Enamelling dies with TC and PCD inserts, Reconditioning and repolishing services. Related product line includes diamond powder, Diamond Paste, Diamond suspension, Diamond angle pins, GHCS pins and measuring pin sets. Mikrotek is a modern company with its plant housing state-of-the-art machines that perform welldesigned intricate processes that amazed the world and delights the customers. Today Mikrotek is a world-renowned company known for its transparency in dealings and reliability in producing quality precision drawing dies.<br /> <br /> Morgan-Koch Corporation Booth 658 USA <br /> <br /> Morgan-Koch Corporation is celebrating its 25th year of faithfully serving the USA and Canada ferrous wire industry. At booth 658 Morgan-Koch will have factory technical experts to discuss all aspects of ferrous wire processing, payoffs and take-ups, mechanical descaling, cleaning, coating and pointing. For drawing, we cover the entire range, wet and dry. We have the very successful OTA straight through drawing machine, the KHZ for cold heading wire rods up to 2". You can visit with Morgan-Koch, Ernst Koch, M+E , Sirio, and WiTechs all in one stop their experts will be with us in Atlanta.<br /> <br /> Mossberg Industries, Inc. Booth 2061 USA <br /> <br /> Mossberg Industries, Inc., amanufacturer of plastic spools and reels, offers a range of sizes from 5" to 72" diameter for various products.Mossberg’s line includes plywood replacement reels, three-piece Shipping spools, weld wire spools, heavy-duty processing reels, pails and knock-down returnable/reusable reels. Industry standards along with custom designed process and shipping reels for specific requirements. Mossberg offers cost-effective sustainable packaging programs to address customer’s environmental concerns. Our tool and die division offers one-stop from concept to production parts.Injection molded light-duty utility spools, molded heavy-duty bare wire reels and rotation molded power cable reels up to 72" are all offered at Mossberg.<br /> <br /> Nano-Diamond America Inc. Booth 123 USA <br /> <br /> Nano-Diamond America supplies innovative and long-lasting tooling for industrial applications. Nanocrystalline diamond composites are used to achieve significant productivity improvements over traditional diamond tooling.<br /> <br /> Newtech Wire Insulating Machines Booth 132 Italy <br /> <br /> Newtech’s enameling equipment covers almost the full range of copper and aluminium wires starting from 0.20 to 5.00 mm (32 AWG To 4 AWG ) round and includes also flat up to 100 mm². Last year we have focused our attention on the aluminum market, gaining our experience also from being the sole supplier since many years of Sam Jin electric, one of the largest worldwide producers of aluminum wire. We have developed a rather unique machine for small sizes equipped with an openable oven. With this technique the amount of scrap generated when wiring up is drastically reduced as well as the down times necessary to clean the oven from the residual stuck wire.Our fiberglass equipment covers the range from 4 to 80 mm² and from 1.5 to 5.5 mm round. We manufacture very special plants for fluoroplastic application and for enameled galvanized steel. Our company invested in the very middle of the crises almost 1 million euro in research to develop our new GALILEO plants (low emission and very low energy consumption plants ) as well as our new fiberglass line and I think is has been an action of courage for which we are already enjoying some remarkable results.<br /> <br /> Nextrom Oy Booth 1050 Finland <br /> <br /> Nextrom is a premium supplier of Optical Fiber Glass Preform manufacturing equipment. Nextrom produces Fiber Draw Towers and associated machinery for the global fiber market using MCVD, OVD and VAD technologies. Besides providing optical fiber equipment, Nextrom is the world leading supplier of Fiber Optic Cable production lines. Rosendahl is a leading global supplier of high-tech wire and cable manufacturing solutions offers first class products and turnkey solutions in the fields of Extrusion, Corrugation, Fiber Optic Cable as well as SZ Stranding. Out of these competences Rosendahl developed the product segments Power Cable, Automotive Wire, LAN Cable, Coaxial Cable and Fiber Optic Cables.Rosendahl´s most recent completion of its product portfolio is the Crosshead Series. At Interwire 2013, Nextrom and Rosendahl will present latest advancements and technology highlights, including the latest developments for the production of fiber optic cables, energy, automotive and communication. On the American market Nextrom and Rosendahl work closely together with their agents Finoptics Inc. for Nextrom products as well as Camarena, Inc. US and J.J. Lowe Associates, Inc. for Rosendahl products. Our partners have been involved in the cable and wire business for many years and therefore they have long-term experience in this area. See you at booth 1050.<br /> <br /> Niehoff Endex (NENA) Booth 740 USA <br /> <br /> See Niehoff Gruppe.<br /> <br /> Niehoff Gruppe Booth 740 Germany <br /> <br /> At Interwire 2013, Niehoff Gruppe and its subsidiary Niehoff Endex (NENA), will present at booth 740 the following equipment: An MMH 121/RM 201.S multiwire drawing line, a BMV 124 rotary braiding machine, a D 1001 double twist bunching machine and the complete Niehoff After Sales Original + service. The multiwire drawing machine MMH 121 is designed to draw simultaneously 16 wires with a final diameter of up to 0.20 mm (32 AWG) which can be processed to intermediate multiwire bundles. So it is possible to directly fill one spool with seven wires to be stranded into a 19-wire construction. By using this machine spools handling is simplified, and the lower number of payoff stations results in huge savings in capital investments. Based on a modular principle, customer-specific MMH machines adapted to each application and kind of nonferrous metal can be built. More than 1000 MMH lines are working worldwide.The 24-carrier lever arm rotary braiding machine BMV 124, a heavier version of the BMV 24, has a central passage of 55 mm and can carry spools with a weight of up to 5.5 kg. By means of integrated and optionally available quality assurance systems, BMV braiders can work for a long time unattended and without operator intervention. The Machines are designed to process round or flat wire of bare or coated copper, aluminum and stainless steel with a single-wire diameter ranging from 0.05 to 0.3 mm (40 to 28 AWG) as well as artificial yarn and fibers. With an integrated central taping device, the braiding and the subsequent taping processes are completed in one step. The D 1001 type single-bow double twist bunching machine is designed for the manufacture of strands of up to 50 mm² (1/0) cross section for copper and up to 60 mm² (3/0) cross section for aluminum conductors with a lay length of maximum 300 mm (11.8") and a maximum rotational speed of 3200 tpm. The company’s type D 1001 represents the result of an experience in designing productive and operator friendly wire bunching and cable stranding machines which Niehoff has gathered since the early 1970s. Due to their one-bow design the D series machines’ energy consumption and noise emission are reduced when compared to conventional bunching machines. The Niehoff After Sales Original + provides expert know-how, a remote maintenance service, modernization and upgrading measures, machine operator and maintenance training courses and the fast and reliable supply of wear and spare parts. Specially developed machine components can also be obtained from the Niehoff After Sales Original + service which helps wire and cable makers reduce operational costs. Outstanding examples are the “just plug and play” ECO-Bow for Niehoff’s D type single bow design double twist bunching machines and the new generation of contact tubes for continuous annealers.<br /> <br /> OM Frigerio Srl/Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Italy/USA <br /> <br /> Wire drawing accessories designed to increase the wire drawing production parameters are available through the vast array of rotating die holders which feature special lubrication boxes and cooling mechanisms to increase die life by reducing friction and temperatures thus increasing drawing output. Additionally, OMF provides a line of in-line mechanical descalers which incorporate special wire brush-Ing heads to descale and clean wire prior to entering the drawing machine. Scrap wire coilers finish off the product line in order to bundle and recycle scrap wire.Chris Hauer<br /> <br /> Pentre Group Incorporating Hearl Heaton Booth 2149 UK<br /> <br /> The Pentre Group, which in 2013 is celebrating 25 years supporting the wire and cable industry, and which incorporates Hearl Heaton (established 1809) will be exhibiting at Interwire 2013 with J.J. Lowe Associates, Inc. of Beverly, MA, USA, which is our exclusive sales agent for the North America, Canada and Mexico. We will exhibit a range of reels: ABS Flanged Reels—Telephone Cables/Fiber Optic Cable/Loose Tubes/All Insulated Product; Wholly Molded Plastic Reels—ISO Standards/ Pack Spools/Welding Wire Reels; Steel Process Reels—Wire Drawing and Annealing—Curled Flange—Single and Multi Wire Product; Steel Process Reels—Wire Drawing and Annealing—Fully Machined—Single and Multi Wire Product. Steel Process Reels—Take-Up and Payoff—Curled Flanged—Multi Functional Applications; Steel Shipping Reels—Single and Multi Journey Applications. The Pentre Group designs, manufactures and supplies worldwide a comprehensive range of High Speed Steel and Plastic ABS Process Reels, Steel Shipping Reels, Steel Process Drums, Steel and Timber Shipping Drums, Offshore Shipping Drums, Plywood Reels, Cardboard Reels, and Wholly Moulded Plastic Spools.Hearl Heaton, with over 45 years of experience is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of ABS (plastic flanged) high speed process reels for the wire, cable, telecommunication and fiber optic industries. We guarantee the quality and high specification of our reels, by the use of certified materials, which include a special grade of virgin ABS for all our flanges, specially selected to give maximum strength without brittleness.Michael Seymour, Craig Currie, Chris Singley, Tom Twitmyer, Bob Mailloux, Randy Reynolds<br /> <br /> Pioneer Machinery USA Booth 812 USA <br /> <br /> Pioneer Machinery is a leader as a supplier of Complete Factory Automation to the wire and cable industry. The company has developed one of the most advanced DUAL SPOOLERs with Closed-loop Control Traverse completed Automated and 0 to 100% Torque Speed Control including 1000:1 Vector Duty Motors. High Speed continuous spooling for Extrusion lines. Automatic Reel change controlled by PLC. Automatic Reel Load/Unload. Automatic Carrying In/Out is done by handy under-plate system. Pioneer has already delivered three of the NEW and advanced BUNCHER in the market. Pioneer also manufactures: Extrusion Lines, Telephone and Power Cable Lines, Wire Drawing Machines, Copper/Aluminum Rod Breakdown Machines, Basket Down Coiler, Pointing & Stringing Machines, 7B Double Twist Buncher, 7-19B Tubular, Rigid and Planetary Machines, Eccentric & Concentric Tapping Machines, Capstans, Single and Dual Take up, Payoffs, Vertical and Horizontal Accumulators.<br /> <br /> Pittsfield Plastics Engineering Inc. Booth 664 USA <br /> <br /> Pittsfield Plastics Engineering provides a complete line of plastic spools, reels, cores, cones and bobbins.<br /> <br /> Plasmait GmbH/Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Austria/USA <br /> <br /> Plasmait will be exhibiting the latest technology in plasma surface treatment for the wire, cable, tube and strip industry which will transform the economics of in-line wire processing. The plasma system provides advantages by allowing annealing and cleaning processes to be conducted in-line with wire drawing of stainless steel, carbon steel and copper wires at process speeds. Our solutions are built around a plasma treatment process that offers great advances in wire production efficiency, wire surface quality and process ecology and is designed for applications with demanding mechanical and surface requirements.Plasma treatment is conducted in controlled atmosphere to ensure distinct surface cleanliness and uncompromised surface quality. PV Ribbon wire applications are a great application with Plasma cleaning prior to plating being on the forefront of technical Achievement. Medical tubing and wire applications are a specialty for the plasma processing equipment. Plasmait is a supplier of heat and surface treatment solutions based on plasma technology for continuous and batch applications to the ferrous and nonferrous metals industry. Plasmait machines are designed for sectors with demanding material needs such as medical, jewellery, electronics, solar, welding, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas. The Plasmait range of machines includes the PlasmaANNEALER is designed for stainless steel and nickel alloy wire, rod, tube, and rope. Main advantages: superior surface quality, surface passivation and small and even grain size of end product. Operational benefits: high annealing speed, low energy, gas and maintenance costs. PlasmaPREPLATE is designed for heat treatment, surface cleaning, deoxidation and surface activation of wires, tubes or strip prior to plating. PlasmaCLEANER is designed for surface cleaning/degreasing or deoxidation ad preheating of ferrous and non-ferrous wires, tubes or strip. Can be used for cladding, taping or extrusion applications. PV Ribbon Line for annealing and chemical free tinning of PV ribbon.Igor Rogelj, Willy Hauer<br /> <br /> PolyOne Booth 1912 USA <br /> <br /> PolyOne is a total polymer solutions provider for the wire and cable industry. With the ability to meet global regulatory and product specifications, we draw on a wide range of polymers, colorants and services to find the optimum solutions. Whether your application needs vinyl, color concentrates, halogen-free or other specialty material, PolyOne has the polymer solutions and services to meet your requirements.<br /> <br /> POURTIER of America Booth 1932 USA <br /> <br /> This is the new name chosen by the Gauder Group, Inc., to promote the sales of its POURTIER product range. The line of equipment includes POURTIER’s successful rigid stranders and drum twisters for producing high-quality Milliken conductor for high-voltage and extra-high-voltage power cables (AC) and conductors for DC cables (round compacted and trapezoidal wires) as well as large equipment required for the produciton of submarine and umbilical cables.Roger L. Brown, Alain Hawaux, Sébastien Farge, Grégory Viallard<br /> <br /> Precision Die Technologies Inc. (PDT) Booth 601 USA <br /> <br /> PDT specializes in new, used and re-cut die services for Natural Diamond, Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline wire drawing dies.Also shaped dies, stranding dies, enamel dies and insulating tips.Our broad range of services includes our Inventory Management Program (receive only the dies you need or want the same week) and Die Lease Program (use it and return it and save 50% to 80% versus a new die).<br /> <br /> PrintSafe Booth 1649 USA <br /> <br /> PrintSafe introduces the exciting High Speed CodeCenter Ink Jet Marker. The new CodeCenter HS unit is targeted for the building wire industry, and all other applications requiring excellent marking quality at production speeds previously not possible via ink jet marking. The CodeCenter Opaque Ink Jet Marker will also be featured as the world’s leading reliable marker for White Ink marking of all cable sizes from 0. 35" OD to large jackets. The Opaque version will perform for both very small gauge marking as well as for all high speed processes. Print- Safe will also feature their new inks for all High Temperature polymers, able to meet full military and industrial standards. PrintSafe offers all Ink Jet Markers now utilizing their Connected-Inspected-Corrected™ Technology. This CIC Technology allows the Client to have their PrintSafe Ink Jet Markers to be Connected to PrintSafe 24-hours per day, allowing online software to constantly Inspect the system for operational performance, and then to report or Correct wandering marker behavior. This program is geared to provide the highest uptime reliability available in Ink Jet Marking.<br /> <br /> Propack SpA/Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Italy/USA <br /> <br /> Cable packaging material used to protect cable on reels and in coil form during transport and storage. Propaflex is a special high density cable wrap made of a three-ply plastic product that will protect cables from damage. Propaflex is can be installed in minutes compared to commonly used wood lagging that is applied to the outside perimeter of shipping reels. Propaflex is 100% recyclable, waterproof, abrasion and impact resistant, light-weight and available in easy to use rolls to be applied by single operator.Chris Hauer, Marcos Mendez<br /> <br /> Proton Products Booth 1320 USA <br /> <br /> Proton Products is a manufacturer of industrial production measurement and control equipment for the wire and cable industry.<br /> <br /> P&R Specialty, Inc. Booth 351 USA <br /> <br /> P&R Specialty, a leading provider of spools and reels to the wire And cable industry for over 30 years, will be exhibiting in booth 351 displaying their complete product line of plastic spools, fiberboard spools, plywood reels as well as introducing several new products. Being introduced at Interwire 2013 is the new Nailed Wood Reel product line as well as new plastic spools targeted for magnet wire and utility spools focused for use on equipment such as Windak winders. P&R provides the highest level of customer service to the wire and cable industry and incorporates flexible JIT supply chain programs to meet the ever changing needs of wire and cable manufacturers. P&R’s focus is to reduce the total cost to buy and use spools and reels including improving operational efficiency in the supply chain. P&R has a staff of industry experts available at the booth to help customers identify solutions to exceed their requirements. Stop by to learn about P&R’s distinctive difference, which is service.<br /> <br /> PWM Booth 1066 UK <br /> <br /> British manufacturer PWM will exhibit its comprehensive range of cold pressure welders including its best-selling EP500 rod welder and portable HP100 machine at Interwire 2013. The PWM range will be presented on booth 1066 by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor of PWM cold welding equipment, spares and dies in the USA and Canada. PWM’s powerful electro-pneumatic EP500 cold welder provides a cost-effective method of welding large non-ferrous rod sections. Energy efficient, clean and easy to operate, the EP500 is designed for wire and strip 5 to 12.50 mm (0.197" to 0.492") copper and 5 to 15 mm(0. 590") aluminum. The portable HP100 cold welder, mounted on a trolley, can be wheeled to the work are to reduce downtime.Equipped with a solid steel welding head, for added strength and stability, the HP100 will weld wire and strip 1 to 5 mm (0.039" to 0.197"). The smaller, manually operated M101 cold welder, for copper wire and strip 1 to 3.60 mm (0.040" to 0.141") and aluminum 1 to 5 mm (0.197"), can be used on a workbench or supplied with a trolley. Ideal for joining fine wire in confined spaces, PWM’s M10, M25 and M30 hand-held machines are suitable for wire and strip 0.10 to 1.80 mm (0.0039" to 0.071"). The BM10 and BM30 models, for use on a workbench or trolley, are suitable for similar wire sizes. PWM machines and dies, standard or custom made to suit round or profile wire and rod, are designed and made in the company’s own UK workshops.Video demonstrations of PWM’s cold welders can be viewed at www.pwmltd.co.uk.<br /> <br /> Q E D Wire Lines Booth 470 Canada <br /> <br /> Q E D Wire Lines will introduce the latest version of our energy efficient Immersion Burner for use in Galvanizing and Galfan furnaces. This Mark IV version is more fuel efficient and maintains the stability and reliability of the previous Mark III model.We will also be able to discuss improvements to our well proven Fluidbed heat treating furnaces and our patented multi-stage high-terbulant acid pickling systems. Q E D continues to add to the versatility, efficiency and ease of operation of our various wire wiping systems. We would like to discuss these and all other aspects of our equipment with you. <br /> <br /> QUEINS Machines GmbH Booth 1506 Germany <br /> <br /> QUEINS Machines GmbH will be attending Interwire, held in Atlanta in April 2013. At the exhibition there will be large sized pictures of the offered machines on display as well as a movie showing the machines in operation. Since the 1970s, our company supplies first-class new machinery as well as reconditioned machines to customers of the cable and rope industry worldwide. By consulting our customers we are continuously completing the offered range. Our target is to support our customers in their production with the delivery of a suitably adapted machine. Besides the standard machines for the production of cables and ropes, we also supply huge production lines for special industries like for example the offshore or the transformer industry.<br /> <br /> QUEINS offers a wide range of modern rigid, planetary, skip-type and tubular stranders, machines for the production of off-shore and umbilical cables, continuously transposed conductors (CTC) as well as disc and belt capstans, taping machines and all types of payoffs and take-ups. Furthermore QUEINS offers used and reconditioned cable-making machines which have been modernized and finished with new components according to the customer’s specification.<br /> <br /> Rautomead Booth 234 UK <br /> <br /> Rautomead is a specialist in ‘Continuous Casting Technology, Processes and Machinery’ and will be exhibiting at Interwire 2013. Rautomead will be exhibiting the latest advances in Copper Magnesium Alloy wire rod production technology, for automotive wiring harnesses and high-speed rail contact wire applications.DHP copper tube shell ‘Castube’ production technology will also be on dispay, which features in the new Compactube process being promoted by SMS Meer GmbH for the small-scale manufacture of air conditioning and plumbing tubes. Rautomead’s CuOF wire rod production technology for fine wire, enamelled wire and shaped wire (by rotary extrusion) manufacture, will also be available. Finally, having recently launched its new Advancing Metals Technology Division, Rautomead now offers direct access to an extensive network of partnerships at specialist universities, research establishments, key institutions and industry corporations, to develop imaginative, innovative and economic processing technologies for new and different alloys and applications.<br /> <br /> Reel-O-Matic Inc. Booth 1067 USA <br /> <br /> Machinery for reeling/coiling of wire, cable, tubing. Reel-O-Matic has the equipment you need for all of your diversified custom applications.<br /> <br /> RichardsApex Inc. Booth 540 USA <br /> <br /> RichardsApex is a leading global manufacturer of wet lubricants for wire drawing and hot rolling applications. Our core products can be manufactured at all of our manufacturing locations in the USA, Europe, Australia and Mexico. With over 111 years of history and experience to draw from, RichardsApex Inc. has an unequalled global network to service and support customers around the world. This network provides on site support and the technical expertise to help you improve productivity, enhance quality and reduce costs. Stop by and see how RichardsApex and our team of experts can partner with your company to help you reach new levels of success.<br /> <br /> Rockford Manufacturing Group/ Fastener Engineers Lewis Machine (RMG/FELM) Booth 2156 USA<br /> <br /> Rockford Manufacturing Group/Fastener Engineers Lewis Machine (RMG/FELM) offers innovative cost savings solutions with in-line wire drawing, descaling and payoff equipment. RMG Model 200 MicroDraw—our in-line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.It is apparent that many established fastener manufacturers have moved to technically complex and challenging specialty fasteners and cold headed products, retreating from commodity type fasteners.It is also apparent that some nontraditional users are discovering the economic benefits of in-line or small batch wire drawing for the first time. To serve them we have delivered several of the world’s largest capstan in-line wire drawers, RMG’s Model 1922 (up to 30,000 lb of draw box pull at 100 FPM). These machines are in production feeding headers and cold formers making very large fasteners, automotive components and other strategic products. At the other end of the scale we became aware that some customers desired wire drawers for very fine steel wires and specialty metals. The recently developed RMG MicroDraw 200™ wire drawer was specifically designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of this exciting new niche market.The Model 200 will be familiar to anyone accustomed to in-line wire drawing but we have added several new features that allow us to offer a reasonably priced and modern machine that is well-suited to small batch specialty production environments. A first of its kind integrated and compact motor gearbox provides ample tractive force (up to 600 lb of draw box pull at 100 FPM) and energy efficiency. We’ve included our chordal gripper conveniently into the rim of the D2 capstan. All that is needed is a hex wrench, no gripper head or chain required. The ultra-sensitive floating compensator arm provides precise speed control with even the smallest diameter wire and slowest operation, without marking, deforming or kinking the precision drawn wire exiting the capstan. The draw box and pointer box are interchangeable to ease set-up and changeover. In fact, there are so many innovations; the MicroDraw 200™ creates a new standard for small inline wire drawers in features, utility, safety, performance and long life. Progressive RMG customers are already using the 200 for eyeglass bows, aerospace components and exotic material processing.<br /> <br /> Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH Booth 1050 Austria <br /> <br /> Rosendahl is a leading global supplier of high-tech wire and cable Manufacturing solutions offers first class products and turnkey solutions in the fields of Extrusion, Corrugation, Fiber Optic Cable as well as SZ Stranding. Out of these competences Rosendahl developed the product segments Power Cable, Automotive Wire, LAN Cable, Coaxial Cable and Fiber Optic Cables. Rosendahl´s most recent completion of its product portfolio is the Crosshead Series. Nextrom is a premium supplier of Optical Fiber Glass Preform manufacturing equipment. Nextrom produces Fiber Draw Towers and associated machinery for the global fiber market using MCVD, OVD and VAD technologies. Besides providing optical fiber equipment, Nextrom is the world leading supplier of Fiber Optic Cable production lines. At Interwire 2013, Rosendahl and Nextrom will present latest advancements and technology highlights, including the latest developments for the production of energy, automotive, communication and fiber optic cables. On the American market Rosendahl and Nextrom work closely together with their agents Camarena, Inc. US and J.J. Lowe Associates, Inc. for Rosendahl products and Finoptics Inc. for Nextrom products. Our partners have been involved in the cable and wire business for many years and therefore they have long-term experience in this area. See you at booth 1050.<br /> <br /> Roteq Machinery Inc. Booth 2024 Canada <br /> <br /> Roteq is synonymous with rotating equipment. We conceive, design and manufacture rotating equipment for the wire and cable, steel rope, umbilical and flexible pipe industries.<br /> <br /> SAMP USA Inc. Booth 1328 USA <br /> <br /> SAMP USA, Inc. was established in 1976 to sell and service a full line of SAMP wire drawing machines (single, twin and multiwire) to the North American nonferrous market. From rod breakdown to “superfine” sizes, to include independent line components such as; continuous annealers; stem coilers; dynamic and static spoolers; and fully automatic spoolers.<br /> <br /> SAMPSISTEMI Booth 1328 Italy <br /> <br /> See SAMP USA Inc.<br /> <br /> Sandelin AB, H. Folke (HFSAB) Booth 740 Sweden<br /> <br /> H. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB) will be a co-exhibitor with Niehoff Endex North America Inc. at the show. HFSAB has had a leading role worldwide in the following areas for over 50 years supplying: Continuous Lead Extrusion equipment and know-how for trouble free lead sheathing of cables thus providing a perfect moisture barrier.Today the latest design Lead Extruder from HFSAB is horizontal, floor standing, easy-to-install and maintain, fully automatic, extremely reliable with its state of the art control system, enabling continuous operation for weeks with little or no variation in temperatures and wall thickness/concentricity. The lead wall thickness can Be kept to a minimum with corresponding savings in lead. A range of Die Blocks are available to cover an extensive diameter range of 6 to 225 mm (over lead), and a range of Melting Pots are available for 10, 18, 35 and 60 ton capacities. Additional equipment includes the Cable Repair and Recovery System, CRRS, which has the possibility of removing individual layers such as the outer jacket, lead sheath or triple layer XLPE insulation without causing any damage to the subsequent layer below. Thus enabling the outer jacket, lead sheath or triple layer XLPE to be reapplied and the cable repaired. Even if the cable is just going to be scrapped, the metal price differences for insulated or uninsulated cables are very large and the equipment would have a very short pay-back period, if the metals are scrapped in their “bright” form. HFSAB is able to supply second-hand fully refurbished lead extruders to very high standards and provide a full and extensive after-sales service, know-how, fully trained and experienced technician support and spare parts.David Smith<br /> <br /> S&E Specialty Polymers LLC Booth 652 USA <br /> <br /> S&E Specialty Polymers LLC, a leading producer of specialty plastic compounds, will display their compounding solutions for the wire and cable industry including a new line of concentrates at the Interwire 2013 show in Atlanta, GA, USA, at the Georgia World Congress Center. S&E’s brands of compounds for wire and cable applications include TufFlex™-series of flexible TPE compounds designed for wide temperature ranges especially for wire and cable applications.Some grades are formulated to provide superior chemical resistance.Also included are TufTech™-series of superior vinyl-based compounds designed for a variety of wire and cable applications; TufGuard™E-series of flame retardant polyolefin compounds designed for wire and cable extrusion applications, and include a line of TPE/CPE compounds; TufShield™-series of premier Plenum compounds; and TufPrene™-series of superior SBS and SEBS compounds. In addition, the company has recently expanded their custom compounding approach to include concentrates. This became Possible after multiple high-tech upgrades to their plant including the installation of new downstream feeders. S&E can now produce active masterbatches with up to 85% active ingredients. Currently S&E is producing approximately 15 different olefin-based flame retardant (FR), Ultraviolet (UV), Blown Agent and other concentrates.By expanding its product line from custom compounds to include concentrates, S&E can now provide injection molding and extrusion customers with the ability to significantly improve their purchasing costs, reduce numbers of SKUs and improve their production flexibility.<br /> <br /> SETIC of America Booth 1932 USA <br /> <br /> As part of its rebranding action, the Gauder Group, Inc., now markets its SETIC product line as “SETIC of America”. This range of equipment offers large and small double twist bunchers for the PC and automotive industry as well as a complete line of machines for the production of LAN and special cable with enhanced performance in one or two steps according to product mix.Roger L. Brown, Alain Hawaux, Sébastien Farge, Grégory Viallard<br /> <br /> Shanghai KECHEN Wire & Cable Machinery Co., Ltd., CETC Booth 1601 China <br /> <br /> Established in 1963, No. 23 Research Institute, CETC, is the largest research institute specializing in telecom transmission line technology in China, while KC Machine, the former R&D department of special purpose machinery of CETC23, is now China’s most professional designer and manufacturer of machineries for wire and cable production with 50 years’ experience. As the China local leader in wire and cable machinery industry, KC Machine offers a comprehensive range of products including production lines for RF and TV coaxial cable, LAN cable, Railway Signal Cable, In-door and Out-door Optical cable, Aircraft and Aerospace cable; extrusion line for LV, MV, HV power cable; and different types of equipment. At Interwire 2013, we are honored to particularly introduce to all cable makers worldwide our new and upgraded PBJ series high-speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation extrusion tandem line; dryer/micro loose tube secondary coating line and FTTX Premise Optical Cable Extrusion Line.PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation Line can cover widest product range of LAN cable Cat. 5, 5e, 6 and 7 and mini coaxial cable, USB 3.0, HDMI, INFINI BAND cable, QSFR, etc., with the skin-foam-skin triple-layer cores. Dry/micro loose tube secondary coating line is used for production of normal or dry/micro loose tube and the extrusion material is PBT or modified PP. The standard configuration of all these lines includes international brand including SIEMENS controlling system and control system, SIKORA on-line testers, MICRODIA crosshead, and MAXIMATOR gas injection system to ensure high-quality production.<br /> <br /> Shenyang Jinggong Cable Material Co., Ltd.Booth 1053 China <br /> <br /> Exhibited will be semi-conductive, water-blocking tapes including single-side semi-conductive water-blocking tape, double-side semi-conductive water-blocking tape, semi-conductive bulky waterblocking tape and semi-conductive water-blocking binder tape. Also show will be nonconductive water-blocking tape including singleside nonconductive water-blocking tape, double-side nonconductive water-blocking tape, strengthen nonconductive water-blocking tape and film laminated water-blocking tape. The company’s semi-conductoive tape includes semi-conductive nylon tape, semi-conductive tetoron tape, semi-conductive nonwoven tape, copper wire wearing tape, semi-conductive copper wire wearing tape, semi-conductive water-blocking copper wire wearing tape and double-side semiconductive cotton tape. Also offered are water-blocking yarns and bedding barrier and woven tapes.<br /> <br /> SIKORA International Corp. Booth 512 USA <br /> <br /> SIKORA is setting worldwide standards with excellent measuring, control and test devices for the wire and cable as well as hose and tube industry. Certified according to ISO 9001:2008, the company has developed groundbreaking measuring technology since 1973, providing innovative product solutions and individual service.<br /> <br /> SIMPACKS Booth 812 USA <br /> <br /> SIMPACKS Dual Head Automatic Coiler can Coil 18 AWG up to 8 AWG Building Wire Solid or Strand. Also can Coil Flat Wire/cable.This Coiler is capable of producing 5 ~ 6 coils per minute of 100M Length. SIMPACKS NEW Single Head Automatic Coiler can Coil Building Wire Cables; both Round and Flat. Short Lengths 2M/ 5M/ 10M/ 15M/ 25M/ 50M/ 100M - 6 ~ 10 Coils per minute. ID = 50mm.SIMPACKS Coilers can process Round or Flat Cable; Solid or Stranded Cable; Telephone Cable, Battery Cable, Armored Cable, Annealed Steel Wire and Special Cable. Our NEW Automatic COILER + STRAP + COIL HOLDER are available for all your Packaging solutions. Including 2 / 4 Straps on Coil for Wire, Cable and Steel application. Controls can be chosen by the customer as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemecanique, Mitsubishi, Omron and more <br /> <br /> Sirio Wire Booth 658 Italy <br /> <br /> A provider of superior technology, know-how and services, Sirio Wire designs, builds and installs equipment for the chemical and electrochemical treatment of the wire. Sirio will display pictures and film of its technology. In particular: Ultrasonic and electrolytic cleaning, Fumeless Hcl pickling, electrolytic pickling, bronze coating line for bead wires, electroplating lines, coating bathes as well as batch pickling and phosphating lines.Thierry Heynen <br /> <br /> Sjogren Industries Inc. Booth 958 USA <br /> <br /> Sjogren Industries, Inc. has been providing high-quality machinery,Tooling and accessories to the wire and cable industry for more than 75 years. Our product line includes wire straighteners, wedge grips, wire guides and magnetic brakes and clutches to be used in a variety of ferrous and nonferrous applications.<br /> <br /> Snee Associates, Joe Booth 1066 USA <br /> <br /> British manufacturer PWM will be exhibiting its comprehensive range of cold pressure welders including its best-selling EP500 rod welder, at Interwire 2013. The PWM range will be presented at booth 1066 by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor of PWM cold welding equipment, spares and dies in the USA and Canada.PWM’s powerful electro-pneumatic EP500 cold welder provides a cost-effective method of welding large nonferrous rod sections.<br /> <br /> Energy efficient, clean and easy to operate, the EP500 is designed for wire and strip 5 to 12.50 mm (0.197" to 0.492") copper as well as 5 to 15 mm (0.590") aluminum. The smaller, manually operated M101 cold welder, for copper wire and strip 1 to 3.60 mm(0. 040" to 0.141") and aluminum 1 to 5 mm (0.197"), can be used on a workbench or supplied with a trolley, enabling it to be wheeled quickly to the work area. Durable and reliable, the heavy duty M101 is simple to maintain due to the low number of component parts. Ideal for joining fine wire in confined spaces, PWM’s M10, M25 and M30 hand-held machines ae suitable for wire and strip 0.10 to 1.80 mm (0.0039" to 0.071"). The BM10 and BM30 models, for use on a workbench or trolley, are suitable for similar wire sizes. PWM machines and dies, standard or custom made to suit round or profile wire and rod, are designed and made in the company’s own UK workshops, ensuring total quality control and accountability.<br /> <br /> Spirka Schnellflechter GmbH (SSB) Booth 712 Germany <br /> <br /> Spirka Schnellflechter GmbH (SSB) is a leading provider of braiding, spiraling and winding machines and equipment, in addition to accessory equipment for nearly all braiding and spiraling applications in the wire and cable, hose and medical (catheters) industries. Spirka Schnellflechter will be exhibiting a wire-splitting system at Interwire in booth 712. The development of the multi-wire drawing technique and the demand of customers for high-efficiency solutions for winding of the same wires onto braiding spools provided the initial spark for integrating fully automatic winding machines with high-speed, dynamic multi-wire payoffs equipped with dancer controls.The line shown at Interwire is suitable to rewind bundles of copper and as aluminum wires (30 to 45 AWG) from a multiwire payoff reel of 400 to 630 mm flange diameter onto most braiding spools. The maximum line speed, depending from wire material, reaches 800 mpm. The individually driven spindles guarantee a perfect winding on each of the four bobbins in combination with one or more multi-wire payoff splitting the wires in four bundles.<br /> <br /> Stolberger Inc., dba Wardwell Braiding Co.Booth 712 USA <br /> <br /> Since the year 1911, more customers in more countries around the world have used Wardwell machines for their braiding applications than any other. One hundred plus years later, cable manufacturers continue to rely on Wardwell for delivery and performance. Wardwell Braiding Co. Will occupy booth 712 at Interwire 2013 and exhibit a 16 carrier Speedmaster 150—the W16-W150-FW 16 Carrier Deflector Model Speedmaster 150.The popular wire braider design includes new center tube and die, longitudinal taping system, gear-driven capstan, sound enclosure, and tubular frame with integrated payoff and takeup.Please visit us in booth 712 to experience our Complete Braiding Solutions.<br /> <br /> Strecker GmbH & Co. KG, August Booth 906 Germany <br /> <br /> August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG is the acknowledged leader when it comes to manufacturing butt welding machines for the most varied needs of the wire and cable industry. The company was founded almost 80 years ago and has always been enjoying an excellent reputation for its reliable machinery and excellent service, given by more than 70 skilled employees working on company-owned premises in the city of Limburg, Germany.Strecker welders are well represented in many renowned national and international wire and cable factories. The majority of the company’s production is exported to more than 110 countries all over the world. There are more than 45 representative offices worldwide assisting customers from the very first contact, e.g., to choose the right product; adapt it to individual needs until Final delivery sometimes including commissioning of these special machines. Participating in European as well as overseas exhibitions also helps to further promote the trademark of Strecker buttwelders so it is now and outstanding, well-known symbol of quality. Summarized Production Program includes buttwelding machines for all wires starting at 0.04 mm diameter only up to about 73 mm diameter maximum for solid steel and about 50 mm diameter maximum for solid nonferrous wires, including welders with automatic deburring cycle. For steel there are various annealing devices available, suiting the needs of the most varied steel grades; Buttwelders for stranded conductors starting at 0.08 mm² up to about 2.500 mm². Welding by means of tubes or without any tubes at all (with automatic deburring); Cold pressure buttwelders with automatic deburring cycle; Wide specialized range for the most varied applications, e.g., buttwelding machines for steelcord, battery-operated parting guns for steelcord or steel strands, electric wire buttwelding guns, high-output buttwelding machines for production of wiremade mass articles; Special purpose welding machines, tailored to the individual customer’s needs.Michael Stock<br /> <br /> Taubensee Steel & Wire Booth 312 USA <br /> <br /> Taubensee Steel & Wire is a leader in the steel wire and cold drawn bar industry. Built on family values, Taubensee Steel & Wire has been exceeding customer expectations for more than 66 years. Taubensee Steel & Wire’s best-in-class sales team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience. Our quality, service, reliability, and trust puts us ahead of the pack as your go-to manufacturer for all low and high carbon wire, straightened and cut wire, and cold drawn bar needs. Most notably, as Taubensee opened a new Cold Drawn Bar facility in early 2013, our product capabilities have expanded. Our new draw bench has successfully been commissioned and is in full production. We are now able to offer our customers cold drawn steel bar up to 3.5" in diameter. This new cold drawn steel bar expansion coupled with the two additional state-of-the-art high-carbon wire draw machines installed in our Henderson, KY facility just two years ago solidifies Taubensee’s commitment to growth and meeting our customers product demands.Taubensee’s sales team will be exhibiting once again at the Interwire 2013 show in full force. Our experienced sales team you’ve worked with over the years will all be there, as well as some new faces. Our new National Sales Manager, Nathan Hill, will be in attendance as well. Drop by to say hello, meet some new faces, and relish in some laughs with long-time industry friends. We look forward to seeing you.<br /> <br /> Taymer International Inc. Booth 1556 Canada <br /> <br /> At the Interwire 2013 show, Taymer Internationa;l Inc. will display the hot-foil cable printer with several upgrades: safety interlock guarding, mechanical tape accumulator to improve the safety and productivity of the machine. Print verification system, Print Length Verification system and the surface inspection system: The Print View 100 will automatically verify the print quality.The Print Length verification 1500 continuously monitors length marks, ensuring that your cable is marked in precise 1 m or 2' increments. The Surface Inspector SI3100 detects surface defects 360°around your cable surface and also provides dimensional measurements. Both systems ensure products remain at the highest possible quality. Taymer’s Surface Inspector Product group came from application of our knowledge of wire and cable industry requirements and machine vision technology to the problem of surface defects especially in non metallic cables such as fiber optic cables. Surface defects also play a bit role in steel tube, round bar and plate manufacturing where a small scratch or nick can be an unacceptable defect.<br /> <br /> Teknikor Booth752 USA <br /> <br /> Teknikor will exhibit at Interwire 2013. The Teknikor mission is to become industry pioneers by changing the way building and plant systems are designed, deployed, operated and maintained.By inventing a new service delivery model, Teknikor has succeeded in raising its customer’s expectations about how to design, construct and manage efficient plants and buildings as well as their critical systems.<br /> <br /> Teknor Apex Company Booth 406 USA <br /> <br /> Two PVC elastomer compounds for jacketing of industrial and heavy-duty cables exhibit flexibility even at very low temperatures and provide a property profile comparable to more costly highperformance materials widely used in such applications, it was announced recently by Teknor Apex Company. The new products will be introduced at Interwire 2013 in booth 406. Flexalloy® 9611- 76 and 9612-75 compounds exhibit brittle points of -60°C or lower and provide the oil resistance, flame retardance and wide range of operating temperatures required in such applications as control and instrumentation cables (Type CIC), tray cables (TC) and specialty power cords like those for charging electric vehicles. The new Compounds have property profiles that compare well with those of the rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and other highperformance thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) used in these cables, yet they are more cost-effective, according to Mike Patel, Industry Manager for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex. Typical Types CIC and TC uses are in the petrochemical, pulp and paper, steel, cement and mining industries. Cables for these applications are often large and can be difficult to handle—especially at low temperatures—if the jacket materials lack sufficient flexibility. The extremely low brittleness temperatures of our new Flexalloy compounds enable them to comply with stringent cold-weather requirements such as that specified by the CSA’s -40 ºC cable impact test. Flexalloy vinyl elastomers are proprietary formulations that provide the elasticity and low-temperature toughness of TPEs, plus PVC benefits like flame retardancy. The Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex Company is a leading manufacturer of compounds based on PVC. The Division is an international supplier to the appliance, automotive, construction, medical device, wire and cable and other industries. Parent company Teknor Apex operates manufacturing facilities around the world and sells in 90 countries. Six of the company’s business units focus on plastics compounding including bioplastics, color concentrates, nylon, thermoplastic elastomers, toll and specialty compounds and vinyl.<br /> <br /> TROESTER GbmH & Co. KG Booth 340 Germany <br /> <br /> TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG, a worldwide leading supplier of machines and lines for the cable manufacturing industry, will present a variety of information and new developments in the field of CCV Lines and VCV Lines for XLPE and Rubber Cables, One Step Silane Lines for LV and MV Cables Application as well as High Speed Insulation Lines and Sheathing Lines.Technical solutions for CV Tube components, Heavy Duty Cable Jacketing and Submarine Cable Equipment will be introduced. TROESTER also represents it’s subsidiary X-Compound, which supplies Compounding Plants for Cable Compounds like PVC, HFFR, XLPE, Semiconductive Material and Special Applications.TROESTER also intoduces John (Jack) Howanski as TROESTER’s Business Unit Manager North America-Cable and Compounding Machinery.Thomas Lerch<br /> <br /> Tulsa Power Inc. Booth 1840 USA <br /> <br /> Tulsa Power will build on strengths in design and application engineering, and the wealth of experience, knowledge and data built up over four decades of designing coiling, spooling and winding equipment for flexible materials. These strengths extend to the company’s technical sales force’s ability to intimately understand customer application needs and form best solutions. The company is focused on being the world’s leading winding and flexible material handling expert with customer focused innovation and new product development.<br /> <br /> T&T Marketing, Inc. Booth 305 USA <br /> <br /> At Interwire this year, USA-based T & T Marketing, Inc. will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. T & T is a single source supplier to the wire and cable industry, distributing everything from bare copper to shielding, filling, insulating and jacketing products. T & T was founded in 1988 and has grown over the years into an international distributor. At this year’s show, T & T will also be introducing a few new product offerings, which were recently added to its portfolio. The company will be highlighting the following three new products. Vistamaxx™ is used as a “blend partner” for polypropylene based compounds. It helps achieve enhanced flexibility, clarity, impact strength and adhesion while reducing or eliminating stress whitening. It is manufactured by ExxonMobil Chemical. IROGRAN® A 95 P 5003 DP, manufactured by Huntsman TPU, is a nonhalogen, flame retardant TPU that consistently passes the VW-1 flame test. This compound has an LOI of 34% for VW-1 applications, a Shore A Hardness of 94, and meets UL1581 requirements. PP 4874 is a polypropylene compound used for the solid insulation of data cables with superior hardness as desired in CAT 6A and 7A applications.It is manufactured by Borealis and exhibits high speed extrusion and provides process stability with regard to diameter And geometry as well as good conductor adhesion. T & T Marketing’s booth will be staffed with knowledgeable salespeople who will gladly answer any questions visitors may have regarding the aforementioned products. Data sheets are available upon request, and samples are available for order. The T & T booth will also have literature to distribute, showcasing the company’s diverse portfolio of wire and cable offerings, which include but are not limited to PVC, polyethylene, Nylon and Santoprene™.<br /> <br /> UNITEK Crossheads Inc. Booth 1512 Austria/USA <br /> <br /> Unitek will be exhibiting its high precision/high concentricity fixed center single and multi-layer crossheads for thermoplastic and fluoro-polymer thermoplastic materials. The high-precison designs can achieve the highest concentricities and hold them for extended service life. PVC heads are documented to last up to 50,000 hr. Unitek manufactures a complete line of fixed center crossheads capable of producing up to 120 mm (4.75") over Insulation cable diameters. With special tool designs, a variety of materials and applications can be handled. In addition to the crossheads, peripheral equipment such as bypass valves are offered efficient purging of material and changing of product. This keeps the head clean during tool changes. Unitek is also a leader in automatic color-change technology, which allows production lines to change colors within 50' to 100' while at full line speed. More than 16 systems are available for various applications in automotive, building wire and communication cables. Information for these systems will be available.Bernd Klein, Markus Vizral, Andrew Stromer, Chris Hauer <br /> <br /> US Synthetic Wire Die Booth 1562 USA <br /> <br /> As a business unit of US Synthetic Corporation, US Synthetic Wire Die manufactures the longest-lasting polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wire dies available. These PCD wire dies are engineered to allow wire mills to pull more pounds of wire per dollar spent on dies.<br /> <br /> Vision Engineering Booth 2034 USA <br /> <br /> See Amaral Automation Associates.<br /> <br /> Vitari SpA Booth 1739 Italy <br /> <br /> Vitari SpA, a member of the Eurolls Group, specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of efficient and high-speed straightening and cutting lines, chain forming and welding, cold heading, garment hanger, nail and tack machines, barbed wire and fence equipment.Vittorio Mion<br /> <br /> Vom Hagen & Funke GmbH/Cable Consultants Corp. Booth 1024 Germany/USA <br /> <br /> Since 1960 vom Hagen & Funke GmbH (vHF) has been designing and building complete cabling lines and individual cabling machines.The comprehensive vHF product range also includes, fully automated respooling lines with industrial robot loading/unloading of the spools, labeling and palletizing, either in-line with extrusion or off-line. Complete single-twist cabling lines. Horizontal and vertical concentric and tangential taping machines. Complete under beam handling equipment systems for irradiation of cable, tubes, profiles and strip material up to 40" wide. A wide range of standard and customized take-ups/payoffs, rewind lines/dual take-ups (fully and semi-automatic) and all extruder line equipment, but not the extruder.The vHF type KTA and KTR cable dryers are well known to the cable industry.Christoph Roweda<br /> <br /> WAFIOS Booth 906 Germany <br /> <br /> WAFIOS exhibits for the first time the very solid and efficient new CNC bending and coiling machine B5 at Interwire. The development of the B series, starting with the B3 2012, is WAFIOS´ response to numerous customer requests for a solid, simple but very powerful bending machine. The B series is the culmination of a symbiosis between innovative ideas and many years of know-how collected at WAFIOS. The familiar BM series concept of turning the wire rather than the bending head and other proven assemblies has been successfully integrated into the design. The fixed position of the bending head offers a wealth of benefits in terms of performance, process reliability, quality and service life. The bending and cutting devices are neither pneumatically nor hydraulically controlled, substantially reducing set-up times and making the system far less susceptible to faults. Moreover, cycle times can be optimized depending on the production processes. Thanks to the exact control of processes, decisive quality improvements can ultimately be achieved. The B series is equipped with the Proven and user-friendly WAFIOS Programming System WPS 3. As an option the machine can be upgraded with iQ bend for enhanced efficiency through intelligent process and quality control. This is a highly successful concept combining innovation with proven engineering concepts which provides all the right answers to the demands of today’s manufacturing industry in terms of flexibility, economy and performance. The low unit costs, the high output rate, the safe and simple handling as well as the minimized set-up times are the outstanding features of the WAFIOS B series. Perfect application areas of the CNC bending and coiling machine are, among others, bent wire parts for the automotive and supplier industry, furniture producers, shop designers and the electronics and toy industry. The WAFIOS B3 is particularly suited for the production of parts made of stainless steel.<br /> <br /> WAFIOS Machinery Corporation Booth 906 USA <br /> <br /> WAFIOS was established in 1893, and is today the leading global supplier of precision machinery for wire, tube and formed parts.Committed to remain on the forefront of quality and innovation, WAFIOS currently manufactures well over 200 models of wire and tube working machinery in several manufacturing sites worldwide The WAFIOS range of machine types include spring coiling and forming, wire bending and forming, tube bending and forming, wire straightening, cutting and end-working as well as precision machines used to produce fasteners, chains and chain link fence and other types of fencing. WAFIOS machines are operating and supported around the world, producing a remarkable range of wire and tube applications, from tiny tungsten lamp filaments and surgical coils to automotive suspension springs, automotive brake lines, heat exchanger coils, nails, roofing screws and high tensile chains, to name a few. WAFIOS Machinery Corporation headquarters is located in Branford, CT, USA, providing machinery sales, service and spare parts customers in North America, Canada and Mexico. In addition, WAFIOS Machinery Corporation is the exclusive North American agent for Strecker butt-welding machines. For over 75 years, August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry. For more information visit www.wafios.us. This year at Interwire, WAFIOS will be exhibiting the fast, flexible and efficient B 3-CNC coiling and bending machine for the production of 3D Wire parts. The B 3 will be producing a broad range of complex bent wire forms while demonstrating high flexibility and safety due to reliable and tested tool concept; simple handling of wire, from feed unit up to bending head; safe and simple operation with WAFIOS user-friendly WPS 3 programming system; and enhanced efficiency through intelligent process and quality control using iQ Functions. We invite you to visit us at booth 906, meet our experts and share your applications.<br /> <br /> WCISA® - Wire & Cable Industry Suppliers Association® Booth 136 USA <br /> <br /> WCISA® is a nonprofit association of North American suppliers of machinery, materials, accessories and controls used for making all types of wire and cable. Membership stands at over 90 companies, many of which are exhibiting at Interwire 2013.Mike McNulty<br /> <br /> Weber & Scher Mfg. Co., Inc./AFA Industries Booth 1320 USA <br /> <br /> Weber & Scher Mfg. Co., Inc., which was established in 1915, specializes in providing machines, equipment and technology specifically to the wire and cable industry on a worldwide basis.At Interwire 2013, information and literature will be available covering the complete range of equipment products offered In the Weber & Scher production program including metal tape handling and splicing equipment as well as longitudinal forming equipment for smooth and corrugated metal tape; core wrap tape handling and applicating equipment; concentric and eccentric binding machines, concentric and tangential taping heads, Kevlar serving equipment; cable core pressure filling and flooding equipment for optical fiber cables and copper telephone cables; metal tape overlap seam bonding systems; multi-position tension controlled supply equipment, high speed rewind/repair equipment, belt wrap type capstans, linear belt type caterpillar capstans, vertical and horizontal cable accumulators, and cable payoffs/take-ups. Finally, detailed information and video presentations will be available covering our unique INDUCTOWELD and GATWELD continuous seam welded metal tape sheathing systems for power cables, coaxial cables, RF cables and optical fiber cables. Corrugating systems are available for imparting either a helical or annular corrugation in the welded metal sheath.Gregory K. Scher<br /> <br /> Web Industries Booth 551 USA <br /> <br /> Web Industries, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative extruded and laminated tape products for wire and cable applications, will be displaying our SUPERBULK™ family of polypropylene cable fillers at Interwire 2013. Lighter, stronger and safer than traditional alternatives, SUPERBULK Cable Fillers are REACH and RoHS-compliant and can be customtailored to meet specific engineering and end-product production requirements. Developed to meet strict military, transportation and energy industry needs, FR SUPERBULK (flame retardant) and ZHFR SUPERBULK (zero halogen, flame retardant) cable fillers can be used alone or in combination with other materials to add cost-effective, flame-retardant properties to mission-critical cables and are currently being used in NAVSEA-approved products.Web will also be displaying some of our signal isolation, binder and identification tape products at the show. Stop by the booth to discover how Web Industries’ high-quality, next-generation cable components can help you create some of the world’s most advanced wires and cables.<br /> <br /> Windak Inc. Booth 1940 USA <br /> <br /> Windak Inc. welcomes all visitors to its booth 1940. Windak specializes in automatic packaging solutions for the wire and cable industry and has offices in Sweden, USA, Australia and Estonia. At Interwire 2013, Windak will introduce its new Automatic Reeler AR18-DB line. The Auto Reeler AR18-DB is a fully automatic Reeler developed for automatic packaging of cable and wire products on spools or reels between 216 to 460 mm (8.5" to 18") in overall diameter. It can be run both in-line (direct connection with extruder) and off-line and loads and unloads the empty reels automatically. Includes stretch wrapping of spool to contain the cut end. The output of the machine is two reels per minute. At Interwire, Windak will combine the AR18-DB reeler with the integrated palletizer GP5, payoff and accumulator which make a complete automatic spooling line with a short investment payback. The company also will show the winding process and palletizing of the finished spools. Windak will also present the latest information about our full range of products such as payoffs, take-ups, rewind lines, coiling and spooling solutions, accumulators and palletizers. Our experienced and friendly sales and engineering team will be ready to discuss your need in detail. We at Windak look forward to seeing you at our booth at the show.<br /> <br /> Wire & Cable Technology International Booth 136 USA <br /> <br /> Wire & Cable Technology International is a leading worldwide technical magazine, covering the production, processing and use of communications, electrical and mechanical wire and cable. The magazine is published six times per year, in both print and digital editions, and it is distributed to wire and cable industry professionals in more than 100 countries. Additional publications include the Buyer’s Guide and the OVERVIEW newsletter.Chip Lippincott, Tom Hutchinson, Mike Dies, Mike McNulty<br /> <br /> Wire Machine Systems (WMS) Booth 1351 USA <br /> <br /> WMS is a leading supplier of equipment and supplies to the wire and cable, bar and tube industries. We will exhibit state-of-theart surface treatment, wire and bar drawing, peeling and shaving technology, coiling for bare and insulated cable, shot blasting, wire straightners and guides, steel reels and reel handling equipment, buncher bows, wire cutters and welders as well as a wide array of spare parts for European and Asian-made machines. We will spotlight our state-of-the-art buncher bow program for all makes and models of bunchers/stranders as well as wire shaving equipment to meet the industries stringent surface quality standards.<br /> <br /> Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. Booth 732 USA <br /> <br /> Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is a global equipment supplier offering high-quality solutions for wire, cable and optical fiber manufacturing. The company will feature an interactive presentation of its 30,000-plus machine inventory items. Since 1981, Wire & Plastic has assisted clients by providing second-hand or rebuilt machinery for wire drawing, stranding, bunching, cabling, braiding, extrusion and other cable making needs. Experienced sales and engineering personnel will be available to assist with any equipment needs. Web-enabled workstations will also be provided for access to a live product search with detailed photographs and specifications.Rick Narang, Rahul Sachdev, Greg Malcervelli, Denis Godin, Rishi Narang, Eshan Narang<br /> <br /> Witels-Albert-USA Booth 711 USA <br /> <br /> At the biannual Interwire trade show, Witels-Albert-USA will be presenting both new and field-proven solutions from its range of straighteners, rolls, gudes, feeders and preformer products. The company will spotlight the engineering solutions for straightening applications and the feeding of process materials. Visitors to the booth can see the new products in action and see the superior quality and innovations they offer. The show also gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the latest clever ideas from the world of wire, tube, rope and cable production and to familiarize themselves with the services and what the Witels-Albert and the Witels-Albert-USA websites have to offer.<br /> <br /> Woodburn Diamond Die, Inc. Booth 1049 Germany <br /> <br /> Woodburn Diamond Die Inc. will be exhibiting its line of natural and synthetic diamond dies as well as various types of tungsten-carbide products. As the company surpasses 55 years in the wire die industry, it looks forward to providing its technical support in critical areas such as multi-wire drawing, where our die sets consistently yield top efficiencies in meeting machine speeds with fewer wire breaks. Bunching and stranding dies in large diameter PCD and carbide materi-Als will be exhibited as well for your review and discussion.Our single-crystal diamond die capabilities extend from 0.02 mm to as large as 2.54 mm, while polycrystalline dies can be provided in sizes up to 30 mm or larger depending on your requirements. Tungsten-carbide dies are also available in the full range of sizes using R-2 through R-12 nibs or larger for special applications. Specialty products include enameling dies of miscellaneous shapes and materials, bunching, stranding and tubing dies of various materials and designs. Our experienced staff will be available to discuss recutting and polishing of your worn die stock as well as maintaining in-house inventories and finished stock for release programs. Whatever your die needs may be, Woodburn Diamond Die will likely have a solution to meet the challenge.<br /> <br /> Woywood/Plasticolor Booth 2034 Germany <br /> <br /> See Amaral Automation Associates.<br /> <br /> WTM – Wire Technology Machinery Srl/ Howar Equipment Inc. Booth 1512 Italy/USA <br /> <br /> High-speed concentric taping at up to 1500 RPM for precision single and multi-layer applications is offered by Wire Technology Machinery Srl. The company provides manufacturers with taping equipment and complete lines built for high precision applications where the need to create a repeatable and accurate tape placement layer is of essence. Wire Technology Machinery Srl has specialized on vertical and horizontal taping Equipment for various wire and cable applications using single and multiple screening layers are required. On display will be a high-precision horizontal taping line with camera feedback system for continuous monitoring and feedback of layer taping pitch and tension. The complete line of machinery includes specialized single-twist stranding lines with back-twist payoffs.Full line of payoffs, take-ups and respoolers is available for a multitude of applications and reel sizes.Aldo Zanirato, Nicola Spessato, Willy Hauer<br /> <br /> Wyrepak Industries Booth 332 USA <br /> <br /> See Huestis Industrial.<br /> <br /> Yangzhou Tengfei Electric Cable & Appliance Materials Co. Ltd.<br /> <br /> Booth 143 China <br /> <br /> Yangzhou Tengfei Electric Cable & Appliance Materials Co.Ltd. Is a leading provider for electric wire and cable accessory materials.<br /> <br /> Yield Management Corporation (YMC) Booth2132 USA <br /> <br /> At the Interwire 2013 show, Yield Management Corporation (YMC) will exhibit its line of quality monitoring and wire break detection products for cabling, stranding and taping lines.The YMC exhibit will include active machine models demonstrating the company’s “fail safe” wire break detection retrofit kit engineered for rigid frame cabling and tubular stranding machines. The product line continuously monitors individual spool rotation on planetary, rigid frame and tubular stranding machines. The spool monitoring system reliably detects wire breaks 100% of the time using photo-optic sensors to monitor spool rotation. All sensors and wiring are located outside of the machine’s rotation thereby eliminating the need for slip rings and maintenance. The spool monitoring system detects a broken wire in four or less machine revolutions enabling the machine to be stopped before the broken wire reaches the next section. In most cases the cabling line is stopped before the broken wire reaches the collecting die. Early detection allows for repair and preservation of the finished cable. Users Of the system report significant reduction and elimination of material scrap and short lengths. The exhibit will also include YMC’s strand counting system newly enhanced for fine wire applications at high rotational speeds. Applications range from power cable to fine wire. Manufacturers stranding insulated wire, glass or textile rely on the YMC system because traditional grounding techniques do not work with nonconductive materials.<br /> <br /> ZUMBACH Electronics Corp. Booth 1540 USA <br /> <br /> For Interwire 2013, Zumbach will showcase its broad range of Dimensional Measurement and Inspection Systems for Rod and Bar mills, and Wire Drawing, Wire Insulating and Cable Jacketing processes. Existing technology to be featured includes, ODAC® laser scanning diameter gages; DVO 2 oscillating device for ODAC® gages; ODEX® noncontact diameter and eccentricity system; CAPAC® for in-line dielectric testing and FFT/SRL analysis; WALLMASTER in-line ultrasonic wall thickness and concentricity systems; RAYEX® for diameter, wall thickness and concentricity for CV Power Cable applications; WST and AUTAC preheating and conductor temperature sensors; and SPARKMASTER spark tester solutions. New developments to be introduced include the modular new USYS IPC line of processors and controllers; STEELMASTER Rotation (SMR) for in-line Hot and Cold Rod and Bar Mills, SIMAC® 63 for in-line surface faults and defects, KW 13TRIO for lump and neckdown detection for fine dimension applications, and PROFILEMASTER® PMM 30 for in-line profile measurement of non-round products for fine dimensions.