Fastener Technology International — February/March 2011
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Top Products Of 2010

These are the winners in our 14th annual article on the top products of the year. Results are based on selection by the Fastener Technology International Editorial Staff.

First Article Inspection

The First Scan 150R from Mectron Engineering Co., Inc., Saline, MI, USA, is a noncontact, fully automatic precision measuring system for cylindrical components. It performs noncontact measurements with accuracy and speed, along with the added capability for easy networking to provide data to a variety of SPC formats. The First Scan 150R uses a telecentric backlight illuminator to produce a high-contrast silhouette of the workpiece to be inspected. Designed for gauging applications, the illuminator increases edge contrast and measurement accuracy. The silhouette passes through lenses designed for the best possible results in critical projection. The images are received by a highresolution camera that can take measurement data from the part at rates of over 14,000 updates per second. This data is collected by 8160 sensitive pixels that can detect changes in the light pattern at sub-micron

Easy-to-Use Mechanical Joining Simulation System

Version 10.1 of the DEFORM™ System for process simulation, from Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation (SFTC), Columbus, OH, USA, simplifies the modeling of basic or advanced mechanical joining applications. The software includes a 64-bit solver for simulating larger, more complex models. Version 10.1 provides strong capabilities and a flexible interface, both needed to model complex processes. The powerful, but easy-to-use GUI is less cluttered and more customized toward fastener-specific processes than many codes. Contact between multiple deforming bodies is set up simply by selecting object pairs that may contact. Remeshing is automatically controlled by the software. Fastener makers and OEMs can use DEFORM Version 10.1 to model a variety of processes critical to joint

Cold Forming Servo-Transfer Device

The NEDDRIVE servo-transfer from Nedschroef Herentals N. V., Herentals, Belgium, has seven servo motors for individual opening/closing of the transfer fingers (six forming stations plus one part delivery station) and one servo motor for lateral movement of the transfer slide. The NEDDRIVE offers many advantages including reduction of changeover time, simple and efficient control of blank presence in the transfer fingers, crash control, improved forming capabilities and reduced maintenance.

High-Performance Nail Making Machine

The Nailmaster, from WAFIOS Umformtechnik, Wuppertal, Germany, makes 50 to 100 mm (2" to 4") long nails from wire in diameters up to 3.8 mm (0.150"), at 1400 ppm. The fully automatic machine produces clean, precisely formed nails and was developed specifically to provide time/cost savings when linked with a thread roller or a /

Multi-Station Parts Former

MST Series Multi-Station Parts Formers from Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan, range from three-die/three-blow to seven-die/seven-blow machines, for all five model sizes between 6.0 and 20.0 mm. The MST606 six-die/six-blow machine provides high accuracy, a rational design and easy operation. Main system features include a new linear feed mechanism and improved cutoff mechanism, double connecting rod and crank support for uniform forging progression, energy-saving springless cam and bearing design. The MST606 also offers reduced oil leakage and minimized mixture of machine lubrication and tool oil and pulse-drive system to turn the ram by hand.The NCS III numerical control offers automatic setups. Standard equipment includes automatic wire feed, wire stopper, short feed detector, vertical wire straightener, wire reel and variable speed drive.

Cold Forging & Bolt Measuring

San Shing Fastech Corp., Kuei-Jen, Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C., offers the Model SWF-22D cold forging machine that uses the company’s “SCRAPFREE” technology for the manufacture of various kinds of washers. Also offered by San Shing is the SBM-35L bolt measurement machine, which obtains measurements during the bolt manufacturing process faster and more economically. Also from San Shing Fastech Corp., the SBM-35L is designed for the inspection/ measurement of unfinished and finished fastener products to ensure the intact appearance of products and that the size of each part meets with requirements. The SBM-35L is equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen interface. Inspection parameter categories include appearance, contour inspection, geometrical tolerance measurement and thread inspection.

In-Line Nail-Making Machines

In-line nail manufacturing systems from ENKOTEC A/S, Skanderborg, Denmark, can consist of a high-volume rotary nail machine with an integrated payoff, a magnetic conveyor and a thread rolling machine. In-line machines from the company incorporate numerous advantages for the nail manufacturer. The output-per-minute rate of these nail machines, when equipped with the company’s in-line setup solutions, is very high with no affect on production stability. While allowing high-speed nail production, the ENKOTEC rotary forming principle ensures highly uniform nail quality, high process stability and allows for long-term uninterrupted production. Once the nail dimensions are set, production can take place unmanned and only limited staff is required to carry out changeovers and maintenance. The nail-making machines also provide a wide dimension range with the capability to produce up to 2000 ppm. Eco-friendly machine operation with no lubrication required results in the production of very clean nails.

Thread Roller Features Die Match, Drive System & Slide Guide

The AF 61 #10 flat-die machine from E. W. Menn GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik, Hilchenbach, Germany, offers features including the ADM (Adaptive Die Match) system, special drive system and slide guide system. The ADM allows precise and continuous electronic monitoring of die match for each part produced and automatically corrects in real time for improper die match. A combination of a main servomotor together with a planetary transmission results in a high-powered drive system that provides a high level of energy efficiency. The system allows precise positioning of the machine’s ramslide during setup using a handwheel as well as high-powered jogging. The slide guide system works without lubrication to provide economy and to help protect the environment.

Dry Film Polymer Lubricants

As an industry alternative, Henkel Corporation, Madison Heights, MI, USA, offers the Bonderlube® FL series of dry film polymer lubricants. These water-based products are a sustainable response to the products traditionally offered to the metal forming industry. Bonderlube FL series dry film products offer advantages that address the shortcomings of phosphate and soap. Bonderlube FL is a one-coat, nonreactive coating that reduces process steps by half. Consequently, process time, energy and water costs are significantly lowered. The Bonderlube FL lubricant application step is less than 30 seconds, versus minutes that are required for both phosphate and soap. In addition, these polymer coatings can be applied to multiple metals and alloys. The nonreactivity of these products yields no sludge, and most of these polymer products are heavy-metal-free. Bonderlube FL products also provide good lubrication performance.

Spline Rolling Machine

ORT ITALIA SpA, Trigolo (CR), Italy, offers the RP 24 E CNC Spline Rolling Machine. Features of this machine include high stiffness of the machine frame, user friendly man-machine interface, synchronized change of production and 3D diagnostics. The RP 24 E also provides production monitoring as it controls 100% production and verifies the part conformity in real time. The machine’s working cycles are preloaded and selectable by the operator. This environmental-friendly machine uses only the energy necessary for production. Also, the hydraulic power pack has been replaced by an electro-mechanical power transmission for minimal environmental impact. The RP 24 E is completely electrical with a CNC control panel with a Siemens SINUMERIK 840 DI. The machine is free from variations of temperature due to the use of the electro-mechanical axis.

Load Monitors Rectify Problems

SK600 load monitors from Schwer + Kopka GmbH, Weingarten, Germany, use the Mandon technology operating concept that analyzes and rectifies problems. The SK600 monitor’s Mandon technology is an intelligent messaging system that automatically provides the operator with important information based on continuous observation of all process data and logical conclusions drawn. This information is also given if the operator is busy working on the neighboring machine. Whenever there is a need for any kind of intervention, Mandon makes itself known by prompting the respective message on the screen of the load monitor. Mandon gives timely advice to adjust settings.

Cold Forming Software

Sacma-Form software, available from SACMA Limbiate SpA, Limbiate(MI) , Italy, provides its users with feasibility analysis and calculation of deformation. The Sacma-Form software system facilitates more efficient and more productive fastener and precision parts cold forming

Ceramic Fastener Tooling & Dies for Airframe Components

Ceramic fastener tooling available from CTR Manufacturing Group, located in Birmingham, UK, includes the company’s specially designed ceramic tooling and dies engineered for manufacturers of airframe rivets and fasteners. These ceramic tools and dies provide an increase in overall tool life with added piece part productivity on the order of 15% to 20%, depending upon process conditions. This increase in tooling life and productivity allows significant benefits in terms of reduced costs and reduced component piece-part cost, along with increased overall equipment efficiency. CTR Manufacturing Group says that these savings provide users a significant competitive edge with reduced pricing in an ever challenging global marketplace. Quality is assured via CTR Manufacturing Group’s ISO 9001/ASEN9100 accreditation.

High-Speed Sorting Machine

The high-speed sorting machine, from Linear GS, Troy, MI, USA, is designed with parts handling and inspection carried out in a straight-line orientation to make inspection and sorting significantly easier. Through the use of asynchronous technology, the system is able to design and acquire images of fastener parts and components at any stage of the inspection process and then marry the results back in one output, thereby allowing for a pass or fail selection process. Since most parts and components will travel in a linear fashion, the design results in the ability to run a variety of part families on the same machine with a single-minute feeder change. For this reason, our standard high-speed sorting machine can be configured to process bolts, nuts, washers, stampings, plastic parts and other similar parts. If the fastener part can be fed and can fit in the field of view, the part can be inspected on the high-speed sorting machine from Linear

Simple & Effective Process Monitor

The INSIGHT is a cost-effective process monitor that allows operator setting to stop machines, thereby eliminating defective parts. Available from Anderson Controls, Inc., Elgin, IL, USA, the INSIGHT process monitor uses a monitoring technique to analyze sensor inputs from piezo, distance or 8 mm probe sensors mounted in critical machine locations. The system will stop the machine when the learned value exceeds the operator’s settable control limits. There are settable counters for production, with break and tool set points for stopping the machine when count limits are reached. Applications for the INSIGHT unit include cold heading, thread rolling, stamping presses, nail makers, assembly machines and other machines. The unit provides eight analog inputs and two digital inputs. The system features settable limits with minimum/maximum displays for limits reference, production counters including total and break, peak display for work load values and sensor function testing, speed indicator, time and date, RPM, signal waveform displayed and complete machine consistency control.

Corrosion-Resistant, Ultra-High-Strength Steel

Ferrium S53® from QuesTek Innovations LLC, Evanston, IL, USA, is a 280 ksi UTS steel for fastener and other applications. It offers much greater corrosion resistance and other benefits over other ultra-high-strength steels. QuesTek used its proprietary Materials by Design® technology to develop S53 as a replacement for cadmium-plated 300M used by the US Air Force in aircraft landing gear to reduce the cost/downtime associated with corrosion, repair and maintenance.

Robot & Transfer Cart Automate Blast Process

Guyson Corporation, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA, offers a robotic blasting system that incorporates a componentmanipulating, six-axis robot and a shuttle transfer cart to fully automate processing of tray-loads of components. The Model RB-TRR-900 is designed for precise surface preparation, shot peening and cosmetic finishing operations. The robotic blast machine is provided with a single suction-blast gun or pressure-blast nozzle that is rigidly bracketed in a fixed position inside the 42" x 42" x 42" blast chamber. The transfer cart rolls on guide rails and carries a tray full of components that is moved in and out of the blast enclosure by a precision linear

Single-Component, Low-Temp Trivalent Passivate Process

LANTHANE BLUE 126 is a high-performance, single-component, low-temperature trivalent passivate process that provides high performance (>120 hours to WR) and a pronounced blue cast. Available from COVENTYA, Inc., Oriskany, NY, USA, LANTHANE BLUE 126 trivalent passivate can be applied to all zinc electrolytes and is suitable for rack and barrel

Special Heading Oils

EXTRUGLISS® oils from CONDAT Group, Chasse-sur- Rhône, France, are designed and formulated to provide high-duty lubrication crucial to the requirements of cold heading machinery. EXTRUGLISS oils limit oil drag out.
According to CONDAT, in typical cold heading applications, approximately 90% of oil consumption occurs when oil is transported out of the machine on the surfaces of formed parts. EXTRUGLISS oils are specially formulated to run at lower viscosity to limit oil drag out. Benefits include decreased consumption and lower cost of parts cleaning. EXTRUGLISS oils are also specially formulated to allow drawing soaps and other contaminants to settle out of the oil, carrying with them abrasive metallic particles. As a result, the lubricant remains clean and provides optimum performance. Benefits include increased time between oil changes, increased die life and reduced oil disposal

Cylindrical Die Rolling Machine

The design of the MC-8 FI (V) PowerBox Kine-Roller® from Kinefac® Corporation, Worcester, MA, USA, includes a number of features that make it superior to conventional design flat and cylindrical die thread rollers. It is built around the Kinefac PowerBox structure with a fixed vertical rolling axis and overhung die spindles equipped with special spherical roller bearings. The spindles are preloaded magnetically to ensure good die match. The PowerBox also has a level of stiffness that exceeds that of most machines with cast iron structures. A 24,000 lb radial die load capacity makes it effective for rolling high hardness threads from M3 to M12. The machine uses the ‘Autocentric’ system to stabilize the blank during feeding and after rolling. During rolling, the work is supported on center by special Kine-Glide blades and lubricated with a spray rolling lubricant. This eliminates the need for a conventional lubricant system and improves die life and part cleanliness.

Chip Conveyor/Separator

The ConSep® Flex universal chip conveyor/separator from Mayfran International, Cleveland, OH, USA, efficiently handles a full range of materials and chip types while also cleaning coolant at the machine tool. The ConSep Flex combines the features of a hinged steel belt conveyor designed for optimal removal of most chips and turnings, with a scraper/drag conveyor for removing finer chips. The addition of magnetic bed technology captures ferrous fines such as machined cast iron which are removed by the scraper. The system features integrated coolant filtration and can be specified to treat light oil or water-soluble coolant. Its permanent media self-cleaning drum filter and permanent magnetic bed cleans coolant to 50 ìm, while removing up to 95% of ferrous fine particles by weight for longer tooling and coolant life.

Laser, Vision & Eddy-Current Inspection System

The Gi-360 high-speed laser, vision and new super eddycurrent inspection system, available from General Inspection, LLC, Davisburg, MI, USA, is capable of measuring and sorting out defective parts at rates up to 600 ppm. The Gi-360 high-speed laser, vision and new super eddy-current inspection system’s special 3-D capability allows quick and easy set-up and detection of circumferential defects such as damaged threads.

High-Speed Nail Feeding

The redesigned HS400 High Speed Nail Feeder, available as the Long Rail HS400 from Parts Feeders, Inc., E. Hartford, CT, USA, has been reconfigured for smoother part movement including a longer rail, new interior bowl geometry and repositioned air jets. The result is 30% faster feed rates for most nails. Users can take advantage of the extra speed of the Long Rail HS400 High Speed Nail Feeder to meet the higher-speed requirements of today’s production processes. For those users not in need of greater speed, there are still compelling advantages to Long Rail HS400. Normal feed rates can also be achieved with lower bowl amplitude and with significantly less compressed air. Lower bowl amplitude and reduced compressed air results in major energy savings for Long Rail HS400 system

Two-Roll Machine for Screws & Special Threads

The two-roll machine for producing screws and special threads, available from T.L.M. Srl of Italy, features an electro-welded steel stabilized and ground structure engineered to provide high precision in the bearing coupling for the slide. Additional two-roll machine features include optimum synchronism between the two rolls via axis board with a searching phase, a touch screen control panel with the capability to search the phase of the thread to be obtained and a program for the forward feed of the mobile roll in function of the part to be produced. Additionally, the two-roll machine has been designed with an extreme level of precision in its adjustment capabilities.

Next-Generation Software Optimizes BAF

Shop Optimization software from RAD-CON Inc., Cleveland, OH, USA, takes BAF (bell annealing furnace) efficiency to the next level. It directs shop floor activities to optimize operations and increase shop capacity. Using data from the stacking, heating and cooling outputs of RADCON’s CAPS™ software, Shop Optimization determines the most efficient use of man and machinery.

Coating Thickness Instruments

The DELTASCOPE® FMP30, ISOSCOPE ® FMP30 and DUALSCOPE® FMP40 coating thickness units from Fischer Technology, Windsor, CT, USA, offer many methods for measurement capture, more memory and extensive graphical and statistical evaluation capabilities. They now come with integrated Bluetooth® for easy data transmission. FMP gauges offer a selection of interchangeable probes.

Rotary Parts Feeder

Feedmatic – Detroit Co., LLC, Detroit, MI, USA, offers the Feedmatic R2000 Rotary Parts Feeder, which is available with basket diameters of 18", 24" and 30" as well as capacities of 300 in3, 800 in3 and 1600 in3, respectively. Features of the Feedmatic R2000 Rotary Parts Feeder include a 15" diameter center cone made from Meehanite or stainless steel, tapered roller bearings and collector ring materials of Meehanite, UHMW or stainless steel. The 15" center cone permits the use of a sufficient number of cleats or slots in the collector ring in order to enhance continual delivery of parts to the orienting feed track at a relatively low speed of rotation. This results in less tumbling of parts and less noise. The flexible R2000 feeds a wide variety of parts at up to 700 ipm. The system features variable-speed operation, reliable chain drive with torque limiter clutch, quiet running and minimal maintenance.