The Atlanta Lawyer — June/July 2013
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President’s Message
Lynn M. Roberson

Remarks of Outgoing President Lynn M. Roberson from the 2012-2013 Annual Meeting & Awards Reception

Thanks Again!

This President’ message was supposed to be a copy of my “speech” at our annual meeting on May 22. As those of you who attended can attest, however, I kept my remarks to a minimum beyond lauding our award recipients in order to keep our luncheon to a reasonable length. Our new president, Wade Watson, gave moving remarks which would be impossible to top, but I will leave you with some closing thoughts.

Serving as your president has been the highlight of my professional career. This office provides many meaningful opportunities for service and interacting with top people in the community. I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve.

My term as president was a remarkable year as we successfully made our transition through the retirements of Diane O’Steen and Mary Lynne McGinnis. The Transition Committees found us remarkable candidates in Terri Beck and Jessica Galusha. Karen English is the most recent addition to the Atlanta Bar staff and replaces long time Sections Director Tanya Windham The fact that the Bar had a good year during my term and did not completely fall apart is a testament to its strength and relevance.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve!