Cityscape — April 2015
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President's Viewpoint

Thanks to all of the city councils, mayors, city administrators and everyone else who spent time talking to and writing your legislators to help get the fuel tax passed. We all knew that this was the right thing to do, and it finally got done with your help and the great representation that we receive from the League’s legislative team. I am very aware that the $130,000 that Creston will probably receive is not a windfall, but it will certainly help in our road improvement projects. Creston is a city of nearly 8,000 people, and many of our 55 miles of streets need repair or replacement. A quick estimate shows the most needy and well-traveled of our streets would cost about $7 million to repair. If repaired all at once that would increase annual property taxes by about $175 on a $100,000 residential property. That does not include the many residential streets that were done in the 60’s and 70’s that had an estimated life span of 20 years and are now into the 40th and 50th years of their existence. At the current time, we are asking for citizens to give their input to council members and me on how they would like to proceed. What is your city doing? Email me at and let me know.<br /> <br /> The Iowa League of Cities is governed by the Executive Board which is composed of 19 officials from member cities including a president, president-elect, immediate past president, two other past presidents, and 14 directors from various geographic regions and population classifications. The board meets at least five times per year in addition to a meeting at the annual conference in September, and there are typically openings for both city officials and elected representatives. I know that I have enjoyed my time on the board immensely, and have met and made many new friends, learned a lot and have come to really appreciate all of the things Alan Kemp and the League staff do to provide knowledge to member cities. I would encourage you to apply. More information and an application is available on the League Web site at<br /> <br /> Cedar Rapids is the site of the 2015 edition of the Iowa League of Cities Annual Conference & Exhibit, which is September 23-25. I would encourage everyone to get ready to sign up for this event. There is much to be learned during the workshops, interesting exhibits by many vendors and great camaraderie with your peers. I look forward to seeing you there.<br /> <br /> Finally; please check the League Weekly, the League's weekly eNewsletter, for items of interest and watch for action items from the League’s legislative staff. There are still items on the legislative agenda that need your input.<br /> <br /> Creston Mayor Warren Woods